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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Why I adore Trump, by Luís Garcia


the us terror state


Why do I adore Trump? Simple. Unlike terrorist Barack Obama, awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for having invaded several nations using Muslim's Brotherhood terrorist branches of al-Qaeda and ISIS, Donald Trump does not deceive the world.

Unlike Barack Drone-Bombing-Obama, a monster claiming to be an angel and sold on MSM as an angel, Trump is the true face and the true voice of US Terror State. 

Unlike terrorist Obama, Trump is genuine and represents its country for what it really is: a criminal terrorist rogue state

He accurately represents his nation, talking and acting like a pirate, a gangster, a thug, a criminal, and a terrorist.

Bravo Trump! Thank you, Trump!




The US Terror State, led by Donald Trump, is a rogue criminal terrorist state because all it does is to commit crimes against humanity and acts of terror in total impunity. 

The US Terror State and dozens of its vassals call for a ceasefire in Syria over coronavirus epidemic, in one more attempt to help US-created al-Qaeda "rebels" getting time to recover and reorganize, but, on the other hand, when Russia proposed declaration aimed at stopping sanctions amid coronavirus crisis (targeting Syria and other victims of US terror), it was rejected by the US Terror State and some of its vassals (UK, EU, Ukraine, Georgia).


The US Terror State uses its mechanisms of terror to continue to impose a murderous inhuman blockade on Cuba, as a delivery of COVID-19 aid from Alibaba chief was aborted due to US sanctions.


The US Terror State obliges its vassal states, like Bulgaria and Romania, to commit crimes against humankind. Professor Tim Anderson explains

"A great evil is being perpetrated by the Trump regime against the people of Iran. Lorries packed with medical supplies destined for Iran, to fight Coronavirus, are being stopped by Romania & Bulgaria obeying US sanctions & economic warfare on Iran."

As if it was not enough, while blocking COVID-19 aid to Iran and Venezuela, the US Terror State continues to threaten Iran and Venezuela with invasion and war.


The US forces its European vassal states to close airspace to Russian humanitarian aid to Italy, forcing it to make a longer flight and land in Rome instead of Milan, due to lack of fuel. 

At the same time, its vassals in Brussels working for the EU and NATO, do all they can to Orwellianly portrait Russian and Chinese humanitarian aid as aggression, invasion and attempts to sow division among a "union" that is not there (read Western arrogance is a very dangerous virus).


The US Terror State applies a murderous blockade to Venezuela, preventing this brave nation from acquiring what it needs to fight the COVID-19.

As if it was not enough, Trump, the chief of the gang (AKA the US administration) now offers a $15 million reward for the capture of the President of Venezuela, after having accused the Venezuelan administration of being what the US Terror State administration is: a narco-terrorist organization.  

As if it was not enough, the US Terror State is preparing to invade Venezuela by land (using Colombia) and by sea (using Curaçau island, an infamous colony of the US vassal state of the Netherlands). 

As if it was not enough, IMF, on of the branches of US administration mafia, proposed a loan to Venezuela over COVID-19, with this very mafia-like condition: elected President Maduro has to resign and cede power to one of US Terror State agents of terrorism in Venezuela: Juan Guaidó.


Gangster Donald Trump insisted on having a UN resolution calling the COVID-19 as "Chinese virus", but all he got was 14 countries out of 15 refusing it (including its vassal states!).

Dumb Donald Trump and his criminal administration insist on imposing illegal sanctions to countries like Russia, only to be ridiculed when New York receives Russian humanitarian aid that includes ventilators produced by a firm under US Terror State sanctions.




Despite all this, I insist, I honestly adore Trump!

I adore criminal Trump because, thanks to him, the US can finally be officially shown for what it is: an enterprise of organized crime, a syndicate of organized crime, a mafia, a terrorist organization!


Look how his mafia-like government threatens the company 3M better than any member of the Italian mafia syndicate of organized crime known as Comorra would ever do:

2020-04-06 22-27-41 Screenshot.png

So easy!

📌 we are the bosses, we have the weapons, we have the power and the will to force you, 3M, to kneel and give us all the masks. Don't force me to shoot you, I am tough but kind. Just do the right thing and cooperate. Give me the masks! Fuck everybody else, fuck the world, fuck humanity, fuck allies, friends and foes, the masks we keep them all for us!


So easy for Trump to call Brazilian joker Bolsonaro and order him to give up shipments of masks and tell him to let it be diverted to the US Terror State instead. 

So easy for gangster Trump to divert shipments that were about to be sent from China to France.

So easy for gangster Trump to divert 200,000 masks that were supposed to be sent from China to Germany via Thailand. After all, Thailand is a US vassal with US military bases all over its territory. 




And he doesn't care, he is proud of his Comorra-like deeds.  

Really, look at this speech:




📌 "We need the maskssss", and that is all that matters. I prolonged the "s" to prepare you, dear not dear journalists, for the not so shocking words I am about to pronounce.

📌 "We don't want other people getting it", including those dumb Europeans working for us in NATO think tanks based in Brussels labeling Russia/China humanitarian aid to Europe as "invasion"; including all those dumb Europeans we send to fight our wars of plunder and barbarism in Afghanistan and Syria; including all allies, all friends, all enemies, and all our victims; including brainless Hongkong terrorist "freedom fighters" who constantly ask us to bomb them to oblivion in the name of freedom. 

📌 "that's why we were instituting a lot of Defense Production Act", implementing a Korean War-era law to force American companies to produce materials that might soon be in short supply. Our enemies like Russia or China send us masks when we need, but we will just prevent every nation in the world from acquiring masks because we have the guns to subdue you and the power to break your legs. 

📌 "You can call it retaliation because that's what it is, it is a retaliation". We are kind gangsters, we believe in god and we go to church on Sundays. We prefer to kindly ask everybody to give us all we want and need, even if others need it too, even if others need it more than we do, even if those "others" are our friends, because, guess what, we do not have friends, we are thugs, we are tough, we take what we need or we break legs, then we pray to Saint Corleone, at night, and ask him to forgive our necessary sins.

📌 "If people don't give us what we need for our people, we gonna be very tough. And we have been very tough". We the mafia, we don't deal with silly progressive shit like human rights, international law, diplomacy, mutual-aid or humanism... that's for progressive pussies and for communists. We are very machos, we don't mind saying "please" before asking you to give us the masks you depend on to stay alive and healthy, but you have to give it to us. You give it to us or "we gonna be very tough". We gonna break German legs, Brazilian legs, French legs and all the legs of our dear not dear friends who refuse to cooperate and who force us to be tough when we prefer not to be. it is your fault, not our fault.

📌"Usually we don't have to use it, but we have used of plenty, starting out more and more, unfortunately, and it works... very well..." 


See? He doesn't give a fuck for allies (let alone foes or nations victims of US terrorism).

He actually admits his gangster behavior and he is really proud of it!

I admire him for that!  I insist, I adore trump!




And then, funny Yankees. So much energy and effort spent on being thugs, gangsters, and criminals, to end like this:






Luís Garcia, Thailand







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