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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

White Helmets, humanists or terrorists? (1/3), by Luís Garcia

White Helmets, humanists or terrorists 1-3



The White Helmets according to the White Helmets and the mainstream media

The White Helmets or the Syrian Civil Defense (as they are wrongly denominated, given the fact the second has existed for decades but is controlled by the Damascus’ government) are pure as a newborn baby, they are part of an NGO which doesn't get funds from any state in order to maintain its neutrality and impartiality.

Its members are honored doctors, confectioners, painters, tailors, professors, engineers, and sellers who left their noble occupations for an even nobler cause: to save human lives from the clutches of the bloodthirsty al-Assad


White Helmets Heroes


As you can see in the montage above, they all have trimmed beards that transpire decency and inspire trust (you have to retain this detail in mind).

Their specialties include carrying pneumatic hammers on their backs with which they unearth victims of bomb-barrels from the bloodthirsty al-Assad and running in slow-motion while carrying on their laps children who are the victims of the "bomb-barrels" (regular "bombs' in Western newspeak) from the bloodthirsty al-Assad.

This slow-motion movement is always captured from an angle relative to the camera allowing better illumination than a professional studio and posteriorly processed for more than 2 hours in a updated version of Photoshop.

In their free time, they also stage first aid and rescue missions, while using makeup on falsely injured people.

But we will get there in the second part. Now let’s watch the trailer of a documentary by Netflix (about the White Helmets) which makes even a pro-Assad executioner break into tears even after death and buried under the ground:   



And, to avoid accusations of partiality, here you have 2 slideshows with 20 photos each, yes, 20 photos of heroes moving in slow-motion while saving little children. And no, the photos are not from Hollywood. According to the White Helmets and Western mainstream media, the scenes were apparently recorded in Aleppo. 


Slideshow 1





You can click on the photo below to see it in high resolution and then, please, tell me if what I see on the white portion of the poor child’s face is powder from the debris caused by al-Assad bomb-barrels …or Nivea creme poorly spread on his face? I'm really confused:




I’m not saying (for now) that these photos are staged, but I don’t cease to be amazed by the big contrast between war photos by the White Helmets, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, the Free Syrian Voices, the Mayday Rescue or the Syrian Network for Human Rights in one side, and the real war photos by the Syrian pro-government on the other side.
There’s a difference which bothers me: on the photos by the White Helmets and friends, the victims are all painted in white powder and red blood. Very white white powder and very red red blood. And both of them are in enormous quantities.
But that is all! The consequences of the bomb-barrels of the bloodthirsty al-Assad don’t go beyond this. 
However, when I see the photos and videos of the victims of the rockets and chemical weapons dropped by the heroic liberator rebels, I see maimed children, broken skin with exposed flesh, exposed bones, yellow blisters provoked by the toxic gases, etc.
And, for my own astonishment, on these photos and videos, the powder isn't as white nor as abundant. The blood isn't as red nor as abundant…
But, well, I must be paranoid, a guy who, according to some Western sheep-like humans, is paid by the Kremlin and Damascus to spread fake news through his blog which (almost) no one reads, and through his Facebook account with less than 100 friends, causing tiny or no harm to Western official truth-truth.
Going back to the White Helmets, my favorite aspect about them is their super-heroic avenger capacity of detecting – with only their eyes and the flavor of the air – Russian Sukhoi SU-24 planes on the sky, which are then followed, by these brave men... walking.
Their objective? To unearth little children with pneumatic hammers, victims of the completely random bombardments when Putin wakes up with diarrhea or torticollis.
When there are not Russian fighter jets, there are Syrian fighter jets controlled by an al-Assad who adores wasting the last Syrian barrel-bombs for no reason and who wishfully ignores the fact that the Syrian people have been starving for years thanks to the humanitarian economic embargo by the US, the European Union and the remaining vassal States of the Empire.
Well, these are the things a guy learns by watching the Little Aljazeera (AJ+) which is financed by the same Qatari humanitarians who distribute millions of dollars in armament between the Syrian opposition and the Islamic State.
In another strike of impartiality, here are 3 excellent videos from AJ+ on the White Helmets:


How These Ordinary Citizens Became Heroes Of Syria


Syria's White Helmets 


The White Helmets Are Saving Syria From Within


Did you see the White Helmet heroically rescuing Omran Daqneesh? Ah, what good people they are, these White Helmets, they were also the ones who performed this epic rescue! But was I out of my mind when I wrote the article FAKE NEWS – poor little boy in an orange seat! 


FAKE NEWS - tadinho do puto da cadeira laranja, por Luís Garcia


On a more serious tone, here is a list of characteristics attributed to White Helmets (by themselves):

  • They are financed by donations coming from private people;
  • They don’t receive donations from States, in order to maintain themselves politically independent;
  • They are a “ferociously independent” NGO;
  • They are neutral and impartial, having as their single objective to alleviate human suffering;
  • They don’t make distinctions between injured people from the 2 sides of the conflict;
  • They saved several tens of thousands of lives;
  • They are present throughout the country, in more than 100 different localizations;
  • They are pacifists, humanitarians, solidary;
  • They are voluntaries coming from various professional areas;
  • They are Syrian;
  • They don’t use nor carry weapons with themselves;
  • They provide civil services to almost 7 million people;
  • Etc.
  • Oh, and they deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.


Please visit the official page of the White Helmets and read the marvelous achievements they attribute to themselves:


Without a doubt, a very beautiful story, this White Helmets' fairy tale. But I propose, based on the extensive quantity of available facts (which I will share here), to disagree at least 100% with this angelical version of the White Helmets. 


Luís Garcia 


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