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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

What libs actually mean when they say what they say, by Joyce Tan




Let's analyze a prime example of white supremacist liberal (lib) speech, in order to better understand the differences between what  libs usually say and what they actually mean:

📌 What they said: "I'm a part of this group to learn about China (not something too many Americans are into)."
📌What they actually mean: I'm the better American, I'm so humble and willing to learn here, you should be thankful.

📌 What they said: "I am a teacher. I'm passionately protective of my students. I had Asian students, I protected them from bullies."
📌What they actually mean: I am this wonderful teacher who is special because I'm protective of my students, especially towards Asian ones, even though that is supposed to be my job, to begin with, anyway, but I'm special.

📌 What they said: "I have no doubt I will be treated respectfully in Asian countries but that's not the case for EVERYONE though. There is TONS of racism against black people in some Asian countries."
📌What they actually mean: We the white libs are definitely special, I know, that's why I urge you to treat the rest equally, as you are racist towards black people who we have systematically treated unfairly, but you Asians should be more tolerant.

📌 What they said: "That's not the American I am."
📌What they actually mean: Again, I'm special don't you get it? I'm aware of the fact that we Americans are terrible, but I'm SPECIAL!

📌 What they said: "I was just surprised to see Asian people making fun of us as I've never encountered this before."
📌What they actually mean: I'm surprised because you don't seem to fit into the typical Asian that I'd encountered that sits at the corner quiet as we take the lead. That's unacceptable, but I'm going to pretend that other Asians are nice unlike you, faked Asian!

📌 What they said: "I have enough sense not to take it personally (I know that MANY Americans can be jerks, and our foreign policy/history is abysmal).
📌What they actually mean: I'm already special enough to be aware, instead of being thankful, you attack me, I'm just pointing out that Asians can celebrate success without mocking Americans, because that's just wrong, even though we literally instigated wars, terrorism and cause plenty of death globally. You should know better to not behave like us, OK?

📌 What they said: "Why does "fighting back" entail making fun of others? I'm amazed by China's rise. I would be too proud of my people and my country to worry about anyone else."
📌What they actually mean: You really should know better as I apply this double standard, you are not allowed to speak like us. Most importantly, you shouldn't hurt my feelings, even though I'm completely lacking any ability to be self-conscious, and realize the crap I typed is actually insulting.

📌 What they said: "I'm done interacting with such a bitter (person)."
📌What they actually mean: I'm better than you, see I'm happy up here on my very tall moral unicorn horse.

📌 What they said: "Unlike the average "Anglo-American", I actually speak Spanish and French and write them correctly. "
📌What they actually mean: Look at me me me, the world peacekeeper lib who is better than my countrymen.

📌What they said: "Correcting people's English is what I do online when someone is being a jerk to me. Is it obnoxious/rude? 100%. Is it 'stopping low'? No."
📌What they actually mean: I'm smart and know it is rude to do that but I'm doing it to you only because you are being rude to me. Oh, hey, I can do this, but you can't make fun of America. (What the actual fuck, lmao).

📌 What they said: "People in Mainland China will never act this way."
📌What they actually mean: Confirmed, definitely, you are not Asian/Chinese I expected you to be. Go sit at a corner and reflect, be a good Asian/Chinese.

📌 What they said: "I assume you are an immigrant to the US and have maybe been mistreated by white people and are taking out your hurt/resentment on me. Even though not justified, I understand, and on behalf of anyone who's been unkind to you, I'm genuinely sorry."
📌What they actually mean: I know, I know, you are just misbehaving because of 'circumstances' that I have imagined in my head, here my apologies, as I am the bigger person, I forgive you.

If you made it until here, your brain is probably fried by the self-centered all about me crap.

Also to have realised that:

"Me me me you serve me" is not the same as "me me me I serve myself first so I don't become a burden to others".

Clearly libs can't tell the difference.


Thank you for making it this far though. Hope you have enjoyed the ride. See if you can spot other libs spilling this kind of pathetic and nonsensical insulting.


Feel free to share below!




Here is the full interaction between the lib in question and me:


Let's see the prime example of supremacy white Libs. 🤣🤦 - What they said: "I'm a part of this group to learn about...

Posted by Joyce Tan on Friday, January 15, 2021



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