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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

What did Sweden win? (Part 1), by Luís Garcia


Coronavirus Royal Kingdom


Sweden lost for many reasons. First of all, Sweden unnecessarily lost many lives who fell victim to a policy of letting elders die for the good of the economy, as I explained in a previous article.

Sweden lost because many others already won. Dozens of countries (and territories) have already reached zero actives cases (like Brunei, yesterday). Some of these countries reached zero actives cases without having lost a single life for COVID-19 (like Papua New Guinea). Those are the winners, not Sweden. Sweden is a country with ever-increasing new daily cases, thousands of deaths, and a government that will not take real measures to end with this problem anytime soon!

Sweden also lost credibility, thanks to its government's constant falsification of data, manipulation of data, and omission of inconvenient data. In one of my previous articles, I explained how Swedish authorities constantly manipulate figures of deaths by COVID-19 in order to obtain a false bell curve. Only a loser (not a winner) would feel the need to falsify, manipulate, or omit data, and Sweden does all that, as I will further explain in Part 2 of this article.


More importantly, Sweden lost because Sweden didn't win anything against any other country and, no matter how many times Western pseudo-progressives repeat their mantra "Sweden won", such religious-like behavior won't change factual reality.

Sweden lost and Sweden is still losing. Although Sweden does not test most of the mild cases (as officially admitted), it still has one of the highest rates of cases per million.

Sweden also has one of the highest rates of death by COVID-19 and, having also one of the world's fastest growth rates of deaths by COVID-19, Sweden will keep climbing this deadly ranking. 


The Swedish population is ranked 89th in the world.

Yet, Sweden is ranked 25th in total amount of cases of COVID-19.

Sweden is ranked 16th in total amount of deaths by COVID-19 (above China!).

Sweden is ranked 12th in number of cases per million (not counting micro-states). 

Sweden is ranked 5th in number of deaths per million (not counting micro-states), and it will most probably become 2nd in the coming weeks, given the fast growth.

Sweden is ranked 158th in tests per positive case (read this article to understand the importance of this figure).

So, how can all this possibly be synonymous with the widespread slogan "Sweden won"?





As it will be proved and explained in detail in Part 2, Swedish authorities manipulate the charts of new daily cases and new daily deaths every single day.

A  few weeks ago, with Sweden rising fast in the world ranking of active cases, Swedish authorities decided to also censor this figure.  As a consequence, in the coming comparisons, I will use an outdated chart of active cases (anyway, the shape of the curve is now roughly the same) and, to make comparisons possible, I will extrapolate the number of current active cases in Sweden, using the past data available in many of my articles.

Aware of all this, we can now start comparing Sweden with other nations and learn more about winners and losers


Most prophets of anti-lock-down and Swedish-policy-lovers insist on comparing Swedish figures only with the figures of big European nations that implemented lock-downs too late and too badly, This is an act of racist and dishonest cherry-picking, and a futile attempt to prove "Sweden won". Why?

Read this article of mine: Intellectual dishonesty, fundamentalism and postmodernism, and then compare it to this (UKColumn) or this (21st Century Wire).

Or at least give a look at this (outdated) chart I created for a previous article:


As you see, avoiding comparing Swedish no-lock-down with real examples of lock-downs (implemented on time) is an absolutely dishonest behavior! But fine, let's play that game.




COMPARISON 1 - We will follow 3 criteria. Any population size. Only from Europe. Only with late badly implemented lock-downs. This approach is not logical at all, I know. I only do it to match with what anti-lock-downs apologists usually select to compare with their beloved no-lock-down Sweden: UK, France, Spain, and Italy.

Table 1

Sweden is last in total number of cases and in total number of deaths, but the comparison is irrelevant, as Sweden only has 10 million inhabitants when the other 4 countries have between 50 and 70 million inhabitants. 


Sweden has the lowest percentage of deathly outcomes among the fives, the only positive aspect for Sweden in this table. Still, there's nothing special about this low percentage when several Swedish medical personal have been complaining that many people suspected of having died with COVID-19 are not being tested.

For instance, Dr. Mats Eriksson, a Swedish associate professor in anesthesiology and intensive care, says that: "Numerous patients released from hospitals then die at home, untested, and get the diagnosis of unspecified pneumonia.' (...) There is an instruction in Stockholm that suspicious deaths caused by Covid-19 shall not be further tested and therefore not included in the statistics. Yet, they should be put in a death-bag marked Infected.” 

Sweden has the lowest percentage of recoveries, thus also the highest percentage of active cases among these five. Sweden manages to recover fewer patients, so Sweden loses on this one.


In cases per million, Sweden is the second after Spain and one for the worse in the world. With one of the world's highest increases of new daily cases per million, Sweden will surpass Spain in the next few days, becoming the number one among these 5, and continuing to climb the world ranking. Sweden is a bigger loser on this very important indicator. 

Even in absolute numbers, Sweden has now, day after day, the second-highest number of new daily cases in Europe, only after Russia. For instance, today Russia had 7790 new cases (1st), while Sweden had 1481 (2nd). In comparison, France, Italy and Spain, with many times the population of Sweden, only have a few hundred new daily cases!


In deaths per million, Sweden is already 5th in the world and 4th among these 5 countries. Yet, given the fact Sweden has one of the highest daily increases in deaths per million in the whole world, in the next few weeks, Sweden will probably become number 2 in the world (after Belgium), and number 1 among these 5 countries. So, once again, Sweden is a bigger loser in the most important indicator. 


In tests per positive result, Sweden is one of the worst in the world (158th), with a staggeringly low figure of 6 tests per each positive result, equal only to the poorest countries on Earth (Ivory Coast and Central African Republic have 7, Bangladesh and Nigeria have 6, Moldova and Mali have 5). 

Naturally, Sweden is the looser among the 5 selected countries. 


To further understand how much Sweden is losing against this group of 5 Western European nations, let's now have a visual perspective of it.


Swedish charts:

(Chart for active cases is the last one I saved. Sweden no longer provides this data)


British charts: 

(UK no longer provides the data about active cases)


Spanish charts:

(Spain no longer provides the data about active cases)


Italian charts:


French charts:




COMPARISON 2 - We will now change one of the previous 3 criteria, and keep the other 2. Countries with similar population sizes (instead of any). Only from Europe. Only with late badly implemented lock-downs. Fitting these 3 criteria we have Portugal (10 million), Greece (10 million), Switzerland (9 million), and Chechia (11 million). Sweden has 10 million inhabitants. Several other European nations fit the three criteria, but no need to compare Sweden with all of them, as the coming conclusion would be roughly the same. 

Table 2

Not much to say here. Sweden loses by far in all the 8 indicators. Sweden has 18 times more cases than Greece. Sweden has 27 times more deaths than Greece.

Switzerland already recovered most of its cases. Czechia is close. Portugal and Greece are on the way. On the other hand, Sweden still has most of its cases active. Sweden also has the worst percentage of deaths. Loser

Sweden has a third-word-like ratio of tests per positive result. On the other hand, Greece and Czechia are already in the safe zone (at least 50 tests per each result positive).  Again, Sweden loses

Even a racist supremacist European who only cares about European cases and only does comparisons between European nations has to admit that Sweden lost. Sweden lost big!


Portuguese charts:


Swiss charts:


Czech charts:


Greek charts:



COMPARISON 3 - This one is The Comparison to be done if one dares to be honest and coherent. In order to evaluate how good or bad the Swedish approach is, the comparison must be done with objective and fair criteria.

So, firstly, Sweden has to be compared with countries with roughly the same population (not with countries with far bigger populations like the US or Germany). 

Secondly, if one wants to obtain a global perspective, it is wrong to only compare the Swedish approach with European examples. Virtually all Swedish approach's supporters compare Swedish policy with the policies of France, Italy, Spain, or the UK. I dare to compare it with countries from all the continents. After all, we are all humans, aren't we?

Thirdly, all Swedish approach's supporters compare Swedish no-lockdown policy with the policies of countries that implemented their lock-downs too late and/or too badly. I dare to compare it with the policies of countries that implemented real lock-downs. I dare to compare it with the policies of countries that implemented it right after the first confirmed case or even before the first confirmed case (like Papua New Guinea).

For this comparison, I selected Cuba (Latin America, 11 million), Laos (Asia, 7 million), Tunisia (Africa, 12 million), and Papua New Guinea (Oceania, 9 million). Sweden is a European country and it has 10 million inhabitants.

Table 3

When Compared with nations from poorer parts of the world, Sweden loses by factors of hundreds and even thousands. It's an offense to compare the completely failed Swedish policy with the policies of countries that had no deaths, 5500 times fewer cases per capita, 7000 times fewer cases, or 110 times more tests per positive result than Sweden.

More than overwhelmingly defeated,  Sweden is defeated by truly socialist countries, defeated by Cuba victim of a longterm Western embargo (Sweden takes part in that outrageous crime), defeated by countries far poorer, defeated by countries far less developed, defeated by countries with far lower HDI.

And yes, Sweden was overwhelmingly defeated by countries populated by non-caucasian people in non-European nations, probably the reason why so many in the West do not compare Sweden with such countries. Many in the West may consider themselves enlightened humanitarian beings who even perform useless silly actions like kneeling for BLM but, when comes the time to take serious conclusions, most never take non-Western non-white nations seriously. From left to right, consciously or unconsciously, supremacy feelings and sense of civilizational superiority reign in Western minds! 

Besides the 4 mentioned countries, many more could have been selected to arrive at the same conclusions: Belize, Saint Lucia, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Venezuela, Mali, Brunei, Burundi, Mauritius, Togo, Fiji, Timor-Leste, Myanmar, Syria, and so on. 


Cuban charts:


Tunisian charts:


Laotian charts:


Papuan charts:




COMPARISON 4 - This time we go the other way around, comparing Swedish no-lock-down with other no-lock-downs. Thankfully, not many countries opted to implement such a murderous policy. Only very few countries fit this category. Belarus is one of them, and the perfect comparison, as it is a country with the same population as Sweden and located on the same continent.

Others no-lock-down countries implemented temporary, progressive, and dynamic lock-downs on specific parts of their territories whenever they found a cluster of cases. These policies (South Korea, Japan, etc.) can't be compared with pure lock-downs like those of Sweden or Belarus.

The closest we can get to other examples of no-lock-down are the cases of countries that only implemented lock-downs in a specific area (Qatar, Doha Industrial Park), in specific cities (Saudi Arabia, in the 4 cities of Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, and Ryadh) or in specific states (Brazil, in 2 of its 27 states: Santa Catarina and São Paulo). So, these are the 3 other countries I selected.

The US would partially fit the criteria, as lock-downs were only implemented in 8 of its 50 states, in Clark County (Nevada) and in Kansas City in (Kansas). Furthermore, restrictive measures were not implemented in all states

Table 4

Of course, we can't compare Swedish total cases with those of Brazil and Saudi Arabia, countries with much bigger populations. But we can notice how disastrous are the no-lockdown policies in those countries!

Belarus, with the same population as Sweden, has more cases than Sweden, but that is not a victory for Sweden, as tomorrow Sweden will surely surpass Belarus. 

Only when comparing it with Qatar, we can say Sweden wins. Qatar has only 2,8 million inhabitants, but far more cases. Qatar loses, only to prove no-lock-downs lose!  Qatar, with 84441 cases, even loses to superpopulated China (83293 cases)!

In total deaths, Sweden loses, second after Brazil (with a population 21 times higher than Sweden).

In percentage of recoveries, percentage of deaths, and percentage of active cases, Sweden loses against the other 4, and by a big difference. 

In cases per million, Sweden also loses, 3rd after Sweden for 1 more week, and then it will be second after Qatar. Yes, Qatar is the big loser by far. Qatar loses particularly when compared with lock-down examples from Comparison 3, again proving how disastrous no-lock-down policies are!

In deaths per million, Sweden loses, by far. 

Finally, on tests per positive result, Sweden shows the average for no-lockdown examples. All 5 examples have extremely low ratios, so they are all losers. All of them lose, by far, when compared with lock-down examples from Comparison 3.


I find particularly interesting the fact that, even when compared with a European nation with the same population and no-lock-down, Sweden still loses on all fronts! Yes, not yet on total cases and on cases per million, but it will, very soon, in the next few days, thanks to the decrease of new daily cases in Belarus and the sharp increase of new daily cases in Sweden.


In resume, Swedish no-lock-down policy loses to all types of policies, even to its Belarusian twin!

Said so, I dare to ask: what did Sweden win after all?


Brazilian charts:


Saudi charts:


Qatari charts:


Belarusian charts:




Luís Garcia, Thailand










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