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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Western civilization in decline, by Luís Garcia

中国加油! 武汉加油!

(武汉加油! 中国加油!  - Come on Wuhan! Come on China!)



For weeks, I have been criticizing western governments for the lack of measures taken to stop the epidemic before too late.
I assumed they had greedy capitalist reasons to act like that, and that they were being silly because, the later they would act, bigger would be the problem and the economic losses they fear.
But now, I put all this into question.
Western democratic systems prevent efficient immediate responses from happening, due to the protection of individual freedoms.

Probably, and unfortunately, Western governments were simply being pragmatic: letting the virus being spread by their nihilistic dumb populace, waiting for the problem to be big enough to convince the same people to accept harsh restrictive measures.
That can explain why the EU and the governments of France, UK and Germany have been talking for weeks about up to 70% of the people to be potentially infected (against 0.06% in China) and about herd immunity.

And now, when finally (too late) measures like "state of emergency" are being implemented in order to assure real quarantine under a constitutional framework, the same dumb Europeans who had been traveling on holidays to Italy to catch the virus, and elsewhere to spread the virus furthermore in poorer countries, now they blame their governments for what they call "repressive" measures.

Worse, the same pro-China westerners who had been talking about a bioweapon to kill exclusively Chinese people, and the anti-China westerners who had been bashing China for a virus that, obviously, does not have a nationality, now they are joining together to blame their governments when, for once, their governments decided to take the right measures.



Some countries did excel in bashing China, like the US, Germany or Denmark). They were having so much fun being sinophobic when the epidemic was not yet a problem for themselves.
Now, on the contrary, with the epidemic already fully controlled in China and completely out of control in Europe, countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark are scandalously manipulating data to make the epidemic at home look much smaller than it is!
This is the right moment for me to call it, for instance, the Danish-virus!
Why? Look what happens to data when countries decide to stop testing mild cases for COVID-19 and focus only on serious cases:

 Denmark falsified data on Coronavirus

Then there are also new disturbing trends on social media. The very same western retards who were coming up with the most absurd conspiracy theories, now, without noticing their utterly flagrant incoherence, they are bringing brand new (equally dumb) conspiracy theories that exclude their previous theories! 
The trending bullshit is of 3 kinds.

First, what was a bioweapon to kill exclusively Chinese, now is a Jewish Kalergy Plan meant to subdue Europeans (a clearly neo-Nazi fascist perspective, though many so-called leftists are swallowing it and even spreading it).

Second, what was an epidemic supposedly mismanaged by supposedly dumb Chinese telling us only 1/50 of the real cases, suddenly became a tool to dismantle democracy in Europe.



Funny, because the same authoritarian measures that were taken by authoritarian China effectively ended with the epidemic (so the Chinese official figures were correct, after all) and, naturally, those temporary measures are now being removed.

If authoritarian measures were only temporary in authoritarian China, why would the same kind of measures stay for good in free West?
Is logical thinking still an option there in Europe, or people really abandoned it for good?
Third, what was a deadly virus about to wipe us all poor cute innocent westerners due to the mistakes done and lies told by the evil Chinese regime, suddenly, when it is spreading like wildfire in Europe and killing many,  it is no longer deadly. Not even dangerous
Now, completely downplayed by the very same sheep-like humans, COVID-19 is just flu like all the other kinds of flu; it kills only elder people or people with other pre-conditions. Chill out and rebel against your oppressive regime!
The problem is: no, it is not the same; no, there is not yet a vaccine for it; yes it kills even if you are young. Yes, it kills even if you have no pre-conditions!

off-guardian is so WRONG!

How people reach such extreme levels of incoherence? Easy, they cherry-pick data to accuse authorities of cherry-picking data to oppress them! Absurd but real!
Example 1: here (I used to be a fan of off-guardian until I read this)
Example 2: here (clever German expert Machivellianly manipulating facts to fit anti-China rhetoric) 
Again, is logical thinking still an option there in Europe, or people really abandoned it for good?

Probably abandoned for good, together with the desire for knowledge.
Now, in intellectually dead West, there's only room for dumb opinions based on extreme examples of ignorance, like the one I found yesterday.
A zombie named Liz Crokin who argues the new corona-virus is simply a cover-up for mass arrests and the NATO planned military drills to simulate the aftermath of a preemptive nuclear strike against Russia is, in fact, hahahaha, an excuse used by US dark forces to arrest some members of a weirds species named Kabala members, before they do whatever bad thing!
Video: here
Obviously, this jellyfish-like person ignores the presence of dozens of US military bases and dozens of thousands of US troops in Europe, with or without those military drills.
Obviously, she didn't notice the drills were called off, a decision that totally destroys her dumb theory. 
Obviously, she never heard about NATO sleeping cells. Who needs to send fresh inexperienced marines when they have Gladio already there, right? 
Well, in times like this, it is almost a blessing not to know English!
Meanwhile, in pragmatic, rational and truly humanistic China, there was 1 new native case of COVID-19 before yesterday, zero yesterday and zero today!

Definitely, European/Western civilization is in free fall.

Viva China, the future of humankind!

Luís Garcia, Thailand






















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