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Nomadic Thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - الأفكار البدوية - Pensées Nomades - 游牧理念 - Pensamentos Nómadas

Nomadic Thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - الأفكار البدوية - Pensées Nomades - 游牧理念 - Pensamentos Nómadas

VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 3), by Luís Garcia




Millions can be seen, in photos and videos, supporting Maduro, the democratically elected Venezuelan President. If a westerner believes himself to be well informed by his Orwellian propaganda machine, can that westerner explain the reason why none of these images are shown in Western Lying Media?


And no, westerners cannot afford to say that all these lies and manipulated disinformation are the fault of Western Lying Media! Or the fault of the Imperialism!


No, the fault is yours Western sheep-like humans. You ask and beg to be deceived, over and over again!


As Noam Chomsky argues, me have now more propaganda and manipulation than ever before but, at the same time, never before we had so much information and so easy access to information. Therefore, the conclusion can only be one, a very simple one: the responsibility for this Orwellian situation we live in, in the West and its client states, lies on the intellectually laziness and on the hypocrisy of those willing to be deceived.


A great researcher and fearless freedom fighter, Professor Tim Anderson, sums this up very well in a single montage:


Instragram de Tim Anderson


The populace watch the footage and then, unconsciously but also consciously, interprets it the way they were conditioned to interpret it.


The media tells them peaceful French demonstrators brutally beaten by deranged French policemen are "hooligans", and the populace concedes.


The media tells them that one of the countries with the highest levels of freedom of expression (freedom to even call for illegal coups or to call for the death of elected presidents) is a horrible repressive regime, and the populace concedes.


But let's go back to the crowds supporting Maduro and the Venezuelan government, democratically elected half a year ago. The democratic process and the immense support the Venezuelan gave to Maduro, once again, has not been televised. The masters of Western manipulation willingly omitted all these facts and, as a natural consequence, the Western populace didn't notice the Bolivarian revolution moving forward. 


I remember that in 2012, during the anti-government demonstrations in Portugal, there were, altogether, more than half a million persons. And what did the media tell us at that time? They told us it was nothing but a minority of Portuguese troublemakers trying to screw things up instead of going to work.


If 500,000 persons out of 10.5 million represent a voiceless and lazy minority, what can you tell me about demonstrations with a few thousand anti-Maduro protesters (sometimes tens of thousands, on special occasions) in a population of 32 million Venezuelans? Is your math failing dear westerners? Or is your reasoning failing? I bet both are failing in Western submissive and gullible minds.


That's why they swallow figures of "80% of Venezuelans supporting Guaidó", scandalously made up by the Portuguese state channel RTP. Why tell the truth, and check it out, when you can make it up without suffering any consequences or without having the populace complaining about it, right? Good for you deceivers and deceived ones! Bravo!


Now let's go back to the footage about Venezuela.


If tens of thousands of anti-Maduro protesters, out of 32 million, are so important for RTP (and its fellow Western Lying Media), why was RTP not showing empathy towards 500,000 anti-government protesters (out of 10.5 million) in Portugal, back in 2012?


If tens of thousands of anti-Maduro protesters, out of 32 million, are so appealing for Western consciences, why the hell the West does not show any interest for the many millions demonstrating in favor of Maduro's government?


Knowing that, in Portugal and in the rest of Europe, there's no shortage of internet connections to access tons of pictures and videos proving what I just stated, an honest person, fair and wise, is forced to conclude that: RTP, CNN, BBC, DW or France24 lie all the time. They lie, manipulate, hide and deceive on purpose. And the Western sheep-like humans swallow it, deeply, incredibly deep, because they are indeed sheep-like humans.


Look at these images showing millions of Maduro supporters (and don't tell me these images showing millions of pro-government supporters are "propaganda of the regime", otherwise I will answer: your images showing thousands of anti-government protesters are propaganda of the Western Imperial Regime):


Tim Anderson


Tim Anderson






No need to keep sharing what any person, intellectually decent, can easily find on their own with a mobile phone (or a PC) and a basic internet connection (Europe and North America are not exactly deserts like the Sahara, so there's no excuses).


Just take a look at Tim Anderson's Instagram account and similar ones!

Just take a look at Abby Martin's Twitter account and similar ones!

Just take a look at Grayzone channel and other similar channels on Youtube!


And, if you think you haven't seen enough footage of pro-Maduro protesters, please take your time and check the content of articles published by Venezuelanalysis. Here's a wonderful example:


Or look at the footage published by Telesur:


No, there's no excuse! As Vltchek wrote:

It is not because the public in the West ‘doesn’t know’, but because it does everything it can in order not to know. Or if it knows or suspects, it makes sure to act as if it is ignorant. For its own selfish interests. For its own privileges."


A true journalist has to show both sides of a story in the most impartial way possible.


But the prostituted Western Lying Media do, with Venezuela, what they have been doing for years with Syria:


They show recycled images (of Palestinians massacred by Zionists to portray alleged massacres of civilians by the Syrian Arab Army).


They completely censor all the footage showing hundreds and thousands of Syrians civilians and Syrian soldiers savagely tortured and massively executed by the terrorist "rebels" armed by the West and financed by Western tax-payers.


I have shared this kind of content dozens of times in my articles. Go read them and analyze them if you feel like.


Journalism that chooses a side and only shows that side, and makes things up, and lies, and manipulates, and cheats, like in the cases of BBC and CNN, is not journalism! It's propaganda, Orwellian propaganda!


Self-respecting Western journalists should read the Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists and try to respect it, doing the exact opposite of what they have been doing in their coverage of the Western Aggression on Venezuela.


Self-respecting Western journalists should not ignore the constant massacre of Syrian civilians by the savage US Army. 


Self-respecting Western journalists should not ignore the terrorist chemical attacks committed by the US Army in Syria, as the recent one that killed 50 civilians:



Self-respecting Western journalists should stop publishing events that never took place, like the made up chemical attack in Douma, Syria. Many other and I said so, and proved so: it never happened. Now, almost a year later, some Western media are finally admitting it was staged.


Self-respecting Western journalists should not ignore the fact that 10 million Yemenis are being literally starved to death and that an entire country (Yemen) is being criminally destroyed by the US, the UK, the UAE and Saudi Arabia when, at the same time, they are reporting some thousands of Venezuelans suffering from "hunger" (read: limited access to food due to Western sanctions and embargoes, the very same set of countries guilty of starving Yemenis to death, the very set of same countries willing to deliver "humanitarian aid" to the allegedly "starving" Venezuelans). On this topic alone, Western Lying Media raped half of the Munich Declaration.


And then, think about it, dear westerners: why Western Media do not show pro-Macron protests in France? Because it's almost impossible to find such exquisite thing, right? Right!


Almost all those protesting in France, do it against Macron and not for Macron. Hundreds of them have savagely been wounded and beaten. Yet, the prostituted Western Media do not mention any oppression or repression or lack of freedom of expression there, and they even dare to say anti-Macron protesters "disrespect the French democratic order"! They are the beaten ones, but they are the ones disrespecting the democratic order? How comes!


Basically, there’s only anti-Macron protesters in France. If we were to believe Western Media, we could say: there’s only anti-Maduro protesters in Venezuela. In that case, we would have 2 countries with people protesting against their leaders. In world with reasoning human beings, obviously, both subjects should be treated equally. Unless one side would be worse than the other. And yes, anti-Maduro protesters burn people alive and destroy hospitals and universities. No doubt they are the worst!


Moreover, unlike France, in Venezuela there’s anti and pro-government protesters. Even assuming they have equal numbers (which they don’t, the pro-government protesters outnumber by far the anti-government protesters), the only conclusion an honest journalist could possibly come up with would be: what a great democracy, where there’s room for different and even opposite perspectives!


But the truth is: Western Lying Media see nothing wrong about France savagely oppressing its people, while they call Venezuelan government an “oppressive regime”, knowing it has an immense peaceful support in a country where the outnumbered opposition endlessly commits clear acts of savage terrorism. In conclusion, Western Lying Media support savagery and terror!


French policemen savagely beating unarmed civilians


In Venezuela, where pro-government protests have dozens of times more participants than anti-government protests, there's no Western journalists to film abundant pro-government protests.


In Venezuela, yes, there are huge crowds of pro-government protesters calling for peace, asking the government to put an end to violent anti-government protests, to put an end to anti-government vandalism and to put an end to the attacks against the democratic order perpetrated by anti-government protesters.


But in this case, in a very illogical manner, and in clear violation of the Munich Declaration, the prostituted Western Media have nothing to say against vandals disrespecting the democratic order! Can someone explain me why? Are Western "journalists" covering Venezuela journalists, or are they agents of manipulation working for the Western propaganda machine? I think the answer is obvious.


Terrorist Venezuelan opposition bombing Venezuelan policemen


Did you watch it? Yes? So tell me, does it make any sense to say French civilians are just troublemakers and that the Venezuelan people are oppressed?


No, it doesn't.


But this it's not the fault of Western propagandists. No! It's the fault of Western sheep-like humans who do not realize the deception, because they have lost the ability to reason. And because they actually like to be deceived and prefer to avoid the inconvenient truth: their high standards of living are supported by the plunder and rape of the rest of the world, including, if possible, Venezuela!


Western media say that the majority of Venezuelans supports the non-candidate non-elected Guaidó, and the Western sheep-like humans buy it. Math? Facts? Logic? Who cares!


In the West, nobody cares. In the very same West behind the Venezuelan "crisis", westerners only care about one side, the side their governments and elites funded and helped create, shamelessly interfering with the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. And Western media only give voice to that discredited side.


In the West, nobody wants to know; nobody wants to inform.


If I'm wrong, why nobody show pictures of pro-Maduro burned-alive and killed, public universities completely destroyed or tons of food burned? Why? Because all these crimes were commuted by your beloved criminals you call “opposition”? So, where's the wonderful Western freedom of information?


Private cars burning in Paris is caused by "vandalism"; entire public universities, public hospitals and public subway stations burning in Caracas are great achievements of your "freedom-fighting" protesters? What do you mean? Freedom in the sense of getting rid of what socialism has to offer? I see...


Books with dozens of evidences of anti-Maduro terrorism sponsored by the criminal Western Empire:


Images and videos of terrorism perpetrated by anti-Maduro "protesters":


1. Attempt to burn alive a pro-government citizen:


Full story here: 


2. Orlando Figuera burned alive by "peaceful" opposition demonstrators:



Full story here:; and here  


3. "Peaceful" protesters launching rockets: 



Full story here: 


4. "Peaceful" protesters burning and destroying 50 tons of food:


5. "Peaceful" protesters destroying and burning voting machines:



Full story here: 


6. Two Venezuelan policemen beaten and then forced to walk naked by the "peaceful" opposition:



 Full story here: 


7.  "Peaceful" opposition cutting down trees in public street to block them:


But let's go back, once again, to the "information" produced by Western "journalists". If they are "information" and not propaganda, why do they take a side? Don't they know that information is supposed to be impartial? And don't you know that information is supposed to be impartial? Can you notice how biased is the Western "information"? Why can’t westerners reason accordingly and stop buying it?


The Western media are openly and shamelessly cheering for a US coup in Venezuela! And they only speak to terrorists without explaining their terrorist past (such as Guaidó, their "hero" of the moment).


And there's worse, there are even those who change their profile photo on Twitter and Facebook, as Reuters did some weeks ago, as The Economist did, that pitiful neoliberal propaganda pamphlet that spends its time attacking the real left in Venezuela (truly socialist, revolutionary and democratic left):




How lovely! A Yankee media interfering with the Venezuelan democracy, clearly supporting Guaidó and comparing him to the Statue of Liberty (Statue of Slavery?). Then tell me stories about RT! Tell me that RT's hyper-rational analyses on the Orwellian reality people endure in the US are synonymous of "Russian interference"!


Sure! RT interferes in US politics, and the sky is green, and I'm Santa Claus, and one plus one equals three... sure!


In resume, "information" in the West is outrageously untruthful, manipulative, biased and it's in love with Western terrorism, but it lives or survives thanks to the ads that, in one way or the other, is published to manipulate the populace (while collecting their millions of euros and dollars painted in red with the blood of Yemenis, Libyans, Syrians, Afghans, Venezuelans and others).


Westerners have the right not to watch advertising propaganda or pseudo-journalistic propaganda, but they insist on doing so. They insist on willing to be deceived and manipulated. Otherwise, there's no lack of great journalistic work produced by honest human beings, absolutely committed to human dignity and life. I give you some examples of books to read:


Eduardo Galeano:

Noam Chosmky:

Naomi Klein

Ignácio Ramonet:

Luis Britto Garcia:



(read the other parts here)


Luís Garcia, Bang Sarai, Thailand




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