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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 20), by Luís Garcia

cover 20


Another failed coup 

General Figuera, double agent or traitor?

Between April 30th and May 1st, Venezuela suffered a poorly attempted coup that could only fail miserably. Although counting only with a general and a bunch of low-ranked officials chaotically organized, for those watching Western Lying Media, the attempted coup had immense support from numerous high-ranked officials that were very well organized and were about to put a certain end to Maduro's "regime".


In postmodern journalism, "journalists" often report what they wish or believe, or what they are told to report, but not what is actually happening. When such levels of unprofessionalism are consistently maintained for long periods of time, shocking contradiction and blatant reconstruction of reality are unavoidable. 


In the case of the failed coup in Venezuela, Western journalists went as far as starting to celebrate what was too far from happening, showing not only their profound lack of professionalism but also their total disconnection with reality.


As far as we can know, General Manuel Ricardo Cristopher Figuera, director of Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN) plus some 50 officials attempted to trigger a military coup from La Carlota Airbase. At the same time, a few hundred of Guaidó's supporters rioted in the streets around the airbase. Nearby, in Caracas, some 3000 persons joined a protest calling for a military coup. Juan Guaidó moved between the 2 coup stages, taking pictures and delivering delusional speeches, followed by a convicted criminal on the run named Leopoldo López.



According to Elliott Abrams (a US diplomat appointed as Special Representative for Venezuela on January 25th, 2019), the US was counting on other 3 key Venezuelan figures to implement a US-sponsored "regime change". According to Elliott Abrams, on April 30th, when the coup attempt started, their "mobile phones were switched off" and he felt frustrated with the situation. Supposedly, one of the key figures was the Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino López.


According to the US administration, the other 2 prominent figures from Maduro's "regime" were Maikel Moreno, the president of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, and Iván Rafael Hernández Dala, Commander of the Presidential Guard and of the Directorate General of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM).


Curious how the US administration has no qualms to admit its blatantly illegal interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation, no? The function of DGCIM is to prevent intelligence or espionage acts against Venezuela. The US administration had secret conversations with the head of DGCIM and, yet, there are still people on Earth breathing in and out and believing Maduro is the bad guy in this story!


The US administration admits having done so and the West is not shocked about it? Worse, some Western journalists even whined, childishly, upset with the outcome of this US interference! Come on, seriously? Can't Western audiences and Western journalists realize how ridiculous and hypocritical is their position?


According to President Maduro and many others, including Western media and alternative media, General Figuera was a traitor who had been "recruited by CIA" and who, for one year, had been masterminding the failed coup.


Maduro affirmed that were Padrino, Moreno, and Dala who informed him about Figuera's plan, one week before the coup. More, Maduro affirmed Figuera was fired and arrested on April 30th, reason why he would have aborted the planned coup. On the same day, he would have escaped and,  apparently, nobody knows where he is now. 


True or false this Maduro's version, the truth is the planned coup went on, but not as planned! Dozens of soldiers joined it, Leopoldo López showed up next to Guaidó and to the coup-plotters who carried and fired machine guns against the police forces protecting the roads surrounding La Carlota Airbase. Were they simply misinformed or were they dumb pawns purposedly drawn into the epicenter of a US-planned coup wisely counter-planned to fail? Both, maybe?


Maduro made ironic remarks about General Figuera, noticing this general was not brave enough to join the riot at the airbase. A very good point!


But VoltaireNet sees it differently. In one of its reports, it is said that General Figuera gave false statements affirming there were several high-ranked officials ready to betray their government. In that case, General could have been absent not for lack of courage, but for being a double agent sabotaging the US-planned coup he was supposed to implement, right?


Maduro and Padrino

Nicólas Maduro and Vladimir Padrino


We don't know if he was a double agent pretending to be working on turning key figures of Maduro's administration against Maduro, but it would make all sense. It might be he was truly acting against Venezuela truly trying to turn key figures against Maduro. In both cases, overconfident US intelligentsia lost intelligence and can no longer organize coups as they used to do in the past. Venezuela and the free world are surely thankful for the rising idiocracy ruling the Empire!


General Figuera, as a traitor or as a double-agent, was supposed to convince Vladimir Padriño to sell his soul to the devil and side with the criminal aggressors in Washington. Extremely odd project this one of trying to have Maduro's right-hand man betraying the Bolivarian revolution, but why not. 


With General Figuera betraying his motherland or, as a double agent, betraying the US plan to overthrow Maduro, given all the facts we know about the attempted coup, the way the coup was attempted and its outcome lead us to conclude the US played the role of a laughable victim of a masterfully planned counter-espionage attack in which US coup-plotters were led to believe they had what they did not have: Venezuela key figures genuinely supporting a US-planned coup against Maduro. Consequently, misguided Americans decided to anticipate their whished coup, basing their actions on faked information and without real support to make it happen. 


How could the US, with all the military technology and limitless budgets, possibly fall into such a trap? Good question.


If we analyze what Valentin Vasilescu (a Romanian military expert) said, it might be easier to understand what probably happened and understand the reason why the Trump Administration was so overconfident and the Western MSM were so sure about a coup that what not happen at all. 


Vasilescu affirmed the American would, in normal circumstances, use their surveillance program know as Echelon to collect and analyze Venezuelan Armed forces' communications in search of potential officials willing or ready to make part of a coup against the Venezuelan government. Somehow, several months ago, the Echelon surveillance program was blocked in Venezuela and it could no longer collect data potentially useful for the coup in the making.


Venezuela doesn't have the technological means to prevent Echelon from intercepting and collecting communications, but it happened. If so, somebody else did it. Vasilescu believes Russia or China were behind the electronic blockade, but he can't prove his assertion, and nobody will ever confirm it.


With no means to collect data for the preparation of its planned coup, the US administration had to go back to the old days and physically infiltrate CIA agents in the Venezuelan Armed Forces.


The Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN), aware of the US plans (How? Did General Figuera, head of SEBIN at that moment, inform the Venezuelan government as a double-agent would have done? Or were the Russian or the Chinese who informed the Venezuelan government?), activated a counter-espionage plan, falsely presenting high-ranked officials as traitors ready to participate in the US-dreamed coup. These officials, with time, would lead the US spies to believe that there were enough traitors to implement the coup. The Venezuelan counter-espionage tactics went as far as faking leaks from officials supposedly traitors, then offering the leaks to be published by local mainstream media (that are radically anti-Maduro).


The US fell into the trap and prematurely activated the plan to overthrow Maduro on April 30th. That was precisely what the Venezuelan government was praying for: an induced US-planned coup condemned to fail as a way to first, win time and be ready for a real one; second, discredit the criminal oligarchy and its puppets of "regime changes"; third, humiliate the US in the international arena as a pathetic super-power unable to deliver a proper coup against a far weaker nation. 


Unaware of the fact they had been led to act as the jesters in a court, US politicians, when faced with the reality, didn't know how to react or what to say. Lovely to watch the Empire appalled and speechless! 


The Western Manipulative Media that had received orders to amplify and spread the extension and intensity of what was not happening, continue to act as if the coup was happening. So pathetic! Some of the less senile Western journalists were smart enough to mention "uncertainty" and "contradicting reports", but none of them working in major Western MSM were able to see the big picture and understand they were all trying to report, step by step, a coup that was not even happening. Lovely!


Guaidó, criminal on the run López and other puppets were also too far away from everything, completely oblivious, left with no clue about what was really going on. Look at their faces:


Guaidó The Puppet & López The Criminal On The Run

Juan Guaidó & Leopoldo López 


During 3 consecutive days, I spent dozens of hours following live the coup that never was. I watched live broadcasts of several TV outlets from the Western World, from Venezuela (private and public) and from non-submissive countries like Russia. I focused my attention on Portuguese RTP,  one of the major TV channels in my motherland and property of the Portuguese state. Portugal has a vast community of emigrants in Venezuela and, like Spain, is in the vanguard of Western Orwellian propaganda against Venezuela. The bank that stole 1.5 billion dollars from the Venezuelan government (Novo Banco) is also Portuguese. 


During 2 days, RTP journalists kept insisting the "revolution" (coup) was about to happen, Some of their journalists were there, in Caracas, a few minutes by car from the immense demonstrations organized by Maduro's supporters, but they didn't see it. Portuguese journalist Hélder Silva was there, in Caracas, in the same square Guaidó made his empty promises to a few hundred of his followers. He reported live from Caracas, expressing his support to the illegal attempt to overthrow Maduro, clearly excited with the idea of watching Venezuelan being victim of an international crime. All this instead of reporting the truth backed by hard proofs.


Hélder Silva (RTP) is the guy wearing a pink shirt, on the top right, taking photos with a pocket camera


RTP journalists in Lisbon kept talking about "huge crowds of Maduro supporters" and about a "majority of Venezuelans siding with Guaidó", but they were unable to provide footage to prove their odd certainties. Ironically, from what they broadcasted, everybody could see the streets around La Carlota Airbase practically empty; the majority of the 32 million Venezuelans supposedly "siding with Guaidó" were absolutely invisible in their own footage. 


The best RTP managed to do was to use a photo of a huge pro-Maduro demonstration as the cover of their website during the failed coup, next to sentences and articles transmitting the manipulated idea that the photo had been taken in one of those huge yet invisible pro-Guaidó demonstrations. The problem is the picture shows plenty of symbols that have nothing to do with Guaidó and his criminal opposition: portraits of Hugo Chávez, Nicólas Maduro and Simón Bolívar, and flags of Cuba and PSUV (Maduro's party): 


2019-05-01 15-17-31 Screenshot.png


At the end of the second day, when it was already too damn obvious the US-planned coup had failed, RTP journalists were still talking about "uncertainty in Venezuela". As if they had decided to refuse reality. They were not the only ones. I witnessed the same in other Western MSM!


And even when the show had already ended, mainstream media's "experts" on International Politics or on Geopolitics could not figure out they had been fed by faked data provided by misguided US administration (their real boss). Blinded by their fundamentalism against alternative media and against Venezuela, they were, as always, preventing themselves from accessing information that could easily open their eyes and make them stop playing the foolish.


All these Western pseudo-journalists and pseudo-experts on international politics are so immersed in their little obscurantist world and so focused on their petty task of spreading Orwellian rhetoric against all those who do not submit to the Empire of Chaos and War, that they can't possibly realize how manipulated they are and how ridiculous they look in the eyes of awake human beings. 


Neither the Western media nor the Venezuelan puppets, let alone the criminal US administration, understand why the Venezuelan people support the Bolivarian Revolution and why the US will never succeed in its attempts to overthrow Bolivarian governments in Venezuela.


The only way for the US to take full control over Venezuela and its resources is to carpet bomb this brave nation as they did to Laos in the 60s, and then invade it and finish the genocide recurring to US Army dead squads slaughtered the remaining Venezuelans. But such a crime can't be done in the 21st century (not that there is no desire on the part of Western supremacists) of worldwide real-time information, international institutions like the UN, anti-imperial forces growing stronger (Russia, China, Iran, etc), Cuban wisdom, Bolivarianism, etc.


As it is not possible to commit sudden and massive genocides, the US is doomed to fail for the reasons Ángel Guerra Cabrera summed up:

The reason is that the revolution has deep roots in Venezuelan history and culture: Bolivarian, African, indigenous, peasant and worker struggles. It was cultivated with care by Hugo Chávez and his followers. The magisterium that the commander carried out from his weekly program Hello President, in his speeches and with the example of his life remained firmly rooted in the hearts and minds of Venezuelans. We cannot forget the practice of empowering the masses not only with the vote, but also with their influence in deciding the direction of the transformations. That is why Venezuela resists and why Trump and his puppets fail. Betrayals, like that of the head of Bolivarian intelligence, are not new in times of revolution nor do they change the destiny of any liberating enterprise.


I recommend you to watch this magnificent summary produced by redfish about some of the reasons mentioned by Ángel Guerra Cabrera and about their obvious consequences:



Going back to Vasilescu analysis, this military expert argues that none of the nations bordering Venezuela (Guyana, Colombia, Brazil) have the necessary military means to invade it by land, and the geographical characteristics and lack of roads are not favorable in case of a ground invasion of the Bolivarian nation. 


A traditional invasion with US marines landing in the shores of Venezuela would easily become a second Vietnam-like quagmire. Venezuelan troops are fully aware of this fact and sing it loud:



To avoid such military quagmire, Vasilescu argues the only option left to the bellicose USA to military conquer Venezuela without killing its dozens of millions of inhabitants would be to organize a considerable coalition with its vassal states members of NATO.


The coalition would need to begin their intervention by delivering a systematic campaign of massive bombings against the infrastructure of the whole nation. Done so, they would have the required conditions to subdue the Venezuelan people and install a Pinochet-like draconian dictatorship, where all kinds of horrendous crimes would become again a reality; kidnapings, torture, the assassination of those resisting the US-imposed terror, etc.


But there's one problem: if the US destroys the entire Venezuelan infrastructure, neither the US nor the prostituted Western media will be able to claim humanitarian reasons as the reasons for Western willingness to intervene and “help the poor starving Venezuelans". The U.S. would have material conditions to gain physical control of Venezuela, but the humanitarian farce and the media farce would fall apart.


As a result, the real reason for Western terrorism against Venezuela would be definitely exposed: to destroy a good and successful example of socialism. Yes, because what we have seen so far in our media is the exact opposite: they want to convince us that socialism does not work and that Venezuela suffers from hunger not because it has been the victim of years of Western sanctions and terrorism, but because supposedly socialism does not work.


So, like Cuba, Venezuela would only fall if the insane West would eliminate all Venezuelans. 

Like Cuba, the US needs to end with Venezuela, to get rid of a bad (good) example of socialism.

Like Cuba, the US, because it cannot decimate the entire population of Venezuela, behaves like a vile vulture ripping pieces of meat apart, attacking Venezuela with sanctions, embargoes, sabotage of infrastructure, creation and sponsorship of terrorist groups, etc. 

Like Cuba, Venezuela will continue to be the victim of the infinitely vile behavior of barbaric West.

Like Cuba has never fallen, Venezuela will never fall!


Well, without evidence confirming or disproving anything about General Figuera, let us follow the official version and accept that Figuera was indeed a traitor and that the remaining three figures only pretended to support him in order to help sabotage the US plan and counterattack, leaving the Empire appalled and stunned. 


After all, let's not forget the US administration, on May 8th (one week after the failed coup), lifted the sanction it had imposed on General Figuera when he has the head of SEBIN.



(read the other parts here)


Luís Garcia, Ribamar, Portugal








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