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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 19), by Luís Garcia

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Venezuelan Embassy Assaulted 

After having recognized a guy (who was even not a candidate during the last election) as President of Venezuela, and while watching its dumb plans against Venezuela falling apart, one by one, the US administration decided to play a very dangerous card: to pressure Venezuelan diplomats to leave the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington and give room to "diplomats" representing the non-elected Venezuelan non-government kind of "ruled" by Juan Guaidó, a proven US puppet! 


The Venezuelan personnel following orders from the official government (of Nicólas Maduro) did leave the Embassy, not before inviting some of their North American friends to watch over the Embassy. These friends organized themselves as the Embassy Protection Collective and remained inside the Embassy in full respect of the US law, the Venezuelan law and the International Law; if I am wrong please tell me why.


Not satisfied, the US administration continued to push, acting against International Law and US law, committing, ordering to commit and letting commit a series of crimes.


On May 8th, the same US that had attacked the Venezuelan electric grid decided to illegally cut off the electricity of the Venezuelan Embassy,  acting as a rogue state that went mad:



Many Western Lying Media opted to downplay the serious incident, reason why they didn't bother to report the fact that the electric bill was paid and that nobody had the right to cut it off:


The same happened with the water, illegally cut off, another act showing disrespect for the fundamental rights of the 4 US citizens still inside the Embassy.


The same happened with the access to food, another fundamental right of US citizens that was violated by the US authorities, who let anti-Venezuela thugs block those who repeatedly tried to deliver food to the persons staying inside the Embassy. Worse, in some cases, the very US authorities committed the crime of blocking that food while aggressing those trying to deliver it, proving once and for all that the US regime is not democratic. It is a fascist regime where authorities violate the law while preventing US citizens from acting in a lawful manner.


Unfortunately, Western sheep-like humans are indeed very sheep-like beings, to a point that nothing shocks them anymore if committed by Western rogue states.


If Russian or Chinese authorities would dare to commit such crimes, the very same oblivious Western sheep-like humans would lose their minds and would immolate themselves in frenetic acts of protest against the devil regimes... baa!


Nowadays, in the US fascist regime, US citizens can be prevented from consuming food just because of some pro-Guaidó thugs physically blocking deliverers. Nowadays, in the US fascist regime, all this happens while the police forces actually help those pro-Guaidó thugs acting against US law in US soil!



Skeptical about these statements? Well, watch how pro-Guaidó thugs blocked food deliverers while the police forces were standing by. Watch how a deliverer is aggressed. Watch how the police forces protect the pro-Guaidó thugs committing felonies one after the other. Watch how the police forces decided to force the victim (the deliverer) to leave the area. All this can only happen in a failed state where the rule of law is no longer a reality:



No, seriously, in what kind of democracy the police would aggress and arrest a bleeding veteran of war after his attempt to do something absolutely normal: to offer food to another fellow citizen? Are westerners in a collective coma or what? How can all these crimes and offenses occur with no signs of outrage on mainstream media nor on mainstream public opinion? Too many sheep-like humans around or what?



In what kind of democracy the police would arrest one of its citizens for tossing a loaf of bread into an Embassy where starving activists wait for food, and then charge her (Ariel Gold) of "simple assault + throwing missile"?



Worse, independently of having committed or not the supposed felonies, in what kind of democracy would the police forces literally sabotage food delivering to 4 of its citizens? In a democracy, that's simply inconceivable! In the US that's just normal. In the US, police forces destroy and take away baskets filled with food about to be delivered to the activists inside the embassy, proving the US is not a democratic nation. 


Precisely because the US is not a democratic state, we had the opportunity to watch plenty of footage showing pro-Guaidó thugs and others attacking the Venezuelan Embassy, breaking windows and provoking other kinds of damages, with the US police forces passively watching their crimes. And we had the opportunity to watch pro-Venezuela activists being insulted, aggressed and even sexually assaulted, again with the US police forces passively watching. All this in the US failed state, not in democratic Venezuela. 



All this is very symbolic. All this is a small scale version of what the US has been inflicting to Venezuela during the last several years: embargoes, sanctions, sieges, sabotages of the electric grid, starved people, Venezuela aggressed by US-paid mercenaries, attempted coups, etc. 


But it doesn't end here. Of course not!


Unlike its Embassy in Washington, Venezuela didn't end up invaded by American military forces. 


On May 14th, US police forces were about to invade the Venezuelan Embassy, aware of the fact that to do so would be acting against International Law. Probably, this first attempt was just a futile attempt to scare the 4 brave activists and persuade them to leave the Embassy. Futile and pathetic. Inside and around the Venezuelan embassy, what was really happening was an ideological battle between American idiocracy and knowledgable commitment standing for high and deep principles. The first ones, the creators and buyers of American idiocracy are now too far away from real reality. They can't even understand the very ideologic and humanistic concepts in question, let alone analyze them, question them or accept them!



Two days later, on May 16th, US police forces finally committed the crime they had been promising to commit, illegally invading the Venezuelan Embassy and illegally arresting 4 US citizens who committed no crime and who were Orwellianly accused of "illegal invasion of the Venezuelan Embassy" by US authorities actually doing it! Yes, absolutely Orwellian! 



Now, these friends of Venezuela face charges for what they didn't do. They invaded nothing, They were invited by Venezuelan authorities to be there and lawfully remained there.


Their actual crime is to have dared to stand against the criminal behavior and the unlawful decisions taken by the administration of the rogue state they live in...


The moment the US administration gave orders to assault the Embassy of the sovereign state of Venezuela, they opened a Pandora Box full of dangerous surprises. The US administration set a precedent. Now, it has to pay for that and it will pay for that! Look what just happened a few days after the American assault on the Venezuela Embassy: the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa (the capital city of Honduras) was set on fire




In order to fully understand what really happened during those days of criminal aggression against the US Embassy and against the members of Embassy Protection Collective, I highly advise you to watch 2 interviews Lee Camp made for his show Redacted Tonight VIP. In episode 154 he interviewed Ariel Gold from CODE PINK,  a member of Embassy Protection Collective. In episode 156 he interviewed Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, founder of Popular Resistance and 2 of the members of Embassy Protection Collective that resisted until the very last day.


Redacted Tonight VIP - [154] Embassy Protector Arrested For Delivering Food


Redacted Tonight VIP - [156] Despite Arrest, Embassy Protectors Say They Aren’t Backing Down


Another excellent resume of what happened is the article US chose 'the violent and illegal path' against peace activists, Embassy protector tell the Canary.


Finally, on May 24th, one week after the illegal invasion of the Venezuelan Embassy by the US authorities,  pro-Guaidó supporters invaded and took control of it, an act that definitely officialized the United States of America as a rogue state! A rogue state so deranged and so lunatic that even dares to choose the personnel of foreign embassies! 




(read the other parts here)


Luís Garcia, Ribamar, Portugal








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