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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 18), by Luís Garcia



Sabotaged electric grid

On March 7th, 2019, an alleged cyber attack against Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant (Guris Dam) resulted in a general outage affecting more than 2/3 of Venezuela, mostly in the Western and Central provinces. Without a single piece of evidence, Western MSM immediately started accusing socialism in general, and Maduro's government in particular, of not "being able to manage a country". Strange, so well did the Bolivarian governments since 1999, even when it had to deal with US-sponsored oil lockouts and US-made electronic sabotage of their oil industry.. and now, suddenly, we are invited to believe they are no longer able to manage the national power grid? Nonsense! Let's use our brainpower and try to figure out what really happened!


US terror against Venezuela


Yes, nonsense, otherwise, can someone in the Western MSM explain how did Venezuela recover so fast from the attacks against their electric grid? The grid was attacked on March 7th; on March 9th, power had been restored to most of the country, when a second outage occurred! Once again, Maduro's government complained about cyberattacks delivered from abroad. How can he blame his government for the outage? One week after the first attack, Venezuela had fully recovered from the electric outage. How can someone accuse Maduro's government fo being unprofessional?


Furthermore, acts of sabotage are not new in Venezuela. Actually, they have been quite common in Latin American countries whose governments do not knee and do not obey US imperial orders. The US used criminal acts of sabotage on numerous occasions, trying to bend Cubans or successfully capturing Allende's Chile. 


One year prior to this recent power outage, on February 15, 2018, an explosion at Santa Teresa 3 electricity plant left most of Caracas without electricity. As always, MSM blamed Maduro's government. Maduro's government complained they were victims of sabotage coming from abroad. 


In any case, one should not forget Venezuelan has been suffering from a choking economic war, resulting in under-investment in strategic areas and a lack of funds to sustain proper maintenance and further investments. On top of it, the same US economic war on Venezuela creates fuel shortages that are also part of the problem. The New York Times explained it very well, word by word:

The sanctions have affected Venezuela’s ability to import and produce the fuel required by the thermal power plants that could have backed up the Guri plant once it failed."


All this affected the Venezuelan people in different ways. People suffering in hospitals with no electricity, food lost, etc. To sabotage an electric plant serving 80% of the Venezuelan population could only result in disaster and human suffering. But, apparently, Juaidó, The Puppet, didn't seem to be very concerned with the resulting sufferance. On the contrary! He seemed to see it as one more useful weapon in the arsenal of planned "regime change" in Venezuela. 


On the very same day (March 7th, Thursday) the electric outage happened, Juan Guaidó twitted:

Venezuela knows the electricity will return once the usurpation ends. Let's move on. During our tour in the South, we sought support to address this crisis. We will overcome the blockade of progress with mobilization. See you on Saturday in the streets!"




Three days later, on a Sunday, he conveniently blamed Maduro's government for the power outage and for not being able to handle the crisis, recalling once again for the armed forces to act against the constitution and help him and his fellow coup-plotters removing Maduro, and announcing his intention to ask the National Assembly (controlled by the opposition) to declare a state of national alarm.


Happy or not for having Venezuelans dying in hospitals due to an electric outage, one thing we can be sure about is: he was not surprised. Why not? Because the "regime change" organizations behind Juan Guaidó and his fellow mercenaries had been talking for ages about electric outages in that very same Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant.


As Max Blumenthal informed us on his article US Regime Change Blueprint Proposed Venezuelan Electricity Blackouts as ‘Watershed Event':

A September 2010 memo by a U.S.-funded soft power organization that helped train Venezuelan coup leader Juan Guaidó and his allies identifies the potential collapse of the country’s electrical sector as 'a watershed event” that “would likely have the impact of galvanizing public unrest in a way that no opposition group could ever hope to generate.' (...)

This group reportedly hosted Guaidó and the key leaders of his Popular Will party for a series of training sessions, fashioning them into a “Generation 2007” determined to foment resistance to then-President Hugo Chavez and sabotage his plans to implement “21st century socialism” in Venezuela.  (...)

Speculating on a 'grave possibility that some 70 percent of the country’s electricity grid could go dark as soon as April 2010,' the CANVAS leader stated that 'an opposition group would be best served to take advantage of the situation and spin it against Chavez and towards their needs'.”


The organization in question is called CANVAS, a US-funded group with experience on "regime changes". The memo was leaked by Wikileaks and can be read here: VZ elections. Unsurprisingly, in this memo, the names of Henrique Capriles, Leopoldo López and Yon Goicoechea are cited as "Key Players and Potential Allies". Once again, to see these persons as "political prisoners" is an example of Western irrational belief. An honest Westerner seeking the truth, soon or later, realizes they are the very opposite!



And a reasoning US citizen, soon or later, realizes Marco Rubio is a dangerous liar deeply involved with the people behind the blackout.


Rubio is a dangerous person and a liar, but he is not that clever, as he only waited 3 minutes before start twitting about the electric outage with details that no human being on Earth could be aware of, at that time, unless the power plant had been targeted by a planned act of sabotage and Rubio was well informed about it... in advance!


A few minutes after the blackout, when (supposedly) nobody knew absolutely nothing about the reasons for the lack of electricity, Marco Rubio was able to describe with astonishing precision what had just happened. As the Minister of Information Jorge Rodriguez noted:

Just a few minutes after the sabotage against our electrical system, he said: 'Reports of a complete power outage all across Venezuela at this moment. 18 of 23 states and the capital district are currently facing complete blackouts. Main airport without power and backup generators have failed.'

But look at one very important thing that this man mentioned and has to do with what we're goin to explain immediately: 'backup generators have also failed.'  How did he know specifically where the aggression was targeted? (...) How did he know that the backup generators, as he called them, couldn't work, if nobody knew about that just a few minutes after the criminal attack?"


Think about it!



It is obvious that those behind the sabotage had the intention to damage the image of Maduro's government. In the US, officials immediately accused Maduro and his colleagues of “incompetence” and “mismanagement”. Nobody was interested in learning more about the power outage (probably because they already knew everything about it); they only wanted to attack and smear Maduro, as expected.


But Maduro reacted promptly, Venezuelan technician fixed the outage very rapidly, and 2 days later (March 9th), things were coming back to normal when a huge fire engulfed Sidor transforming substation in the state of Bolivar. Apparently, something else had to be done to further damage Maduro's image and help Western prostituted journalists portraying him as a dumb moron eating bananas.



 A few days later (March 14th), another substation was engulfed in fire in the state of Miranda. As if, faced with the efficient reaction of the Venezuelan authorities, the saboteurs had decided to continue with their acts of sabotage in order to prove their (wrong) point.



More than 2 weeks later, on March 25th, Venezuela suffered a second major electric outage, "with Venezuelan authorities denouncing a cyber attack similar to the one they claim caused a major blackout on March 7th, targeting the computerized system of the electric grid."


Again, Venezuelan suffered a cyber attack.

Again, Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant (Guris Dam) was targeted, with three transformers set on fire.

Again, more than 2/3 of Venezuela was left without electricity.

Again, the Venezuelan authorities and technicians were very efficient. As reported by Venezuelanalysis:

However, this time electricity was restored to Caracas within three hours and to the rest of the country after several additional hours when a second alleged attack took place at 9.50 pm. Reports emerged of a fire affecting three transformers in the Guri Dam switchyard, which then took out the San Geronimo high voltage transmission line."


Yes, you can conclude that it was more of the same. But do not forget Marco Rubio knew in advance what would happen with that "same" event. 


Transformers in the Guri Dam set on fire


One month after the second round of cyber attacks and acts of sabotage, the Venezuelan authorities arrested 5 suspects and informed 14 persons more are suspected of having participated in the attacks. One of those 14 persons is Jesus Landoni, ex-security chief of the Guri Complex who apparently left Venezuela and went to the US on April 8th, and who allegedly is now living "in a US Air Force official’s house".


By the time I was writing this article, most of what happened during the attacks was already investigated, understood and explained in detail:



During his 75 minutes speech in Moscow on May 21st, Venezuela's Ambassador to Russia Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa gave detailed information about the electric outages that occurred in March. For instance, he recalled the fact that never in the history of humankind, 20 generators malfunctioned simultaneously. It can happen to 1, although it is a very rare occurrence. Two generators malfunctioning simultaneously is incredibly odd. Statistically, it would be impossible to have 3 or 4 generators malfunctioning simultaneously. All the 20 generators malfunctioned simultaneously is, by itself, evidence of sabotage! 


Watch the full speech to learn more about the outages and other key issues like the many billions of euros stolen by European banks, preventing Venezuela from using its own money to buy medicines and medical equipment in the  European market:



In a world where plenty of sheep-like humans in the US, Europe and elsewhere continue to believe in the fake story of "Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election" after the Mueller Report has already concluded it was fake... in a world where US media and US officials insistingly accuse Russian of having "inserted malware that could sabotage American power plants, oil and gas pipelines, or water supplies" without providing any single proof... somehow, we have The New York Times and other media outlets calmy informing us, and therefore admitting, that the US does so in Russia:

The United States is stepping up digital incursions into Russia’s electric power grid in a warning to President Vladimir V. Putin and a demonstration of how the Trump administration is using new authorities to deploy cybertools more aggressively, current and former government officials said."


Amazing, no? Western sheep-like humans and all the other human beings alive are constantly invited to believe in unproven assertions about Russian interfering in the US undemocratic system or about Huawei spying god knows what! Western sheep-like humans, going against basic logic, swallow it. And then, when we have Americans proudly affirming they do interfere in Russia and they do deliver cyber attacks against Russia and they do commit acts of espionage in Russia... there's absolutely tranquility about it among the usually paranoid westerners, as if they were living in a kind of dystopian blissfulness...


Every time something similar happens, I get more and more convinced that Westerners have definitely lost the ability to reason. But that is the subject of this article.


The subject is electric outages in Venezuela, possibly orchestrated by the US administration or by someone paid by the US administration to do so. I know, the skeptical reader is still waiting for hard pieces of evidence proving the US administration's fault. So do I.


But, in the meantime, I remind you of 2 facts: first, the US administration was demonstrably involved in acts of sabotage and electronic warfare that occurred during the oil lockouts of 2002-03 in Venezuela; second, American officials and American media proudly admit the US commits cyber attacks against the Russian power grid. Knowing so, how could someone be surprised with the US committing cyber attacks against the Venezuelan power grid?




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Luís Garcia, Ribamar, Portugal








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