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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 17), by Luís Garcia

cover17 - Guaidó


Juan Guaidó, The Puppet


Guaidó according to the Venezuelan people

First of all, a US puppet with no real career in real politics (violent uprising against a democratic system does not qualify as "doing politics") can't possibly be taken seriously. And so he was not taken seriously by the Venezuelan population. Worse. At the moment he self-proclaimed his person "president of Venezuela", without even having participated in democratic elections (not even a candidate!), 81% of Venezuelans didn't know he existed!



Second, thanks to 20 years of Bolivarianism, spreading knowledge and free access to information about people's own rights, it is too late for the US Empire to inject its dirty puppets in Venezuela. People there know their constitutional rights. They know how the democratic system is supposed to function. They are deeply committed and ready to protect the admirable democratic system they have, the reason why they don't swallow US illegal interventionism and have the right answer ready to be pronounced: "We didn't vote for you, Guaido. We're not a North American colony".



Third, despite the fact Guaidó is highly unpopular in Venezuela (I know, Western MSM say the opposite, as they were sure about Saddam's WMD that didn't exist), this traitor insists on moving around in the streets of Caracas, eventually meeting not so kind Venezuelans who (rightly) despise traitors. Thankfully, for Guaidó, Venezuela is a very democratic society (and not the "oppressive regime" he calls it) in which traitors are protected by the police (and not beaten or tortured like in Chile's Pinochet). In democratic Venezuela, Guaidó can announce his readiness to sell his country to the US and call for illegal US military intervention (although 86% of Venezuelans oppose US military intervention) and end the day saved by the "oppressive" police forces working for the "regime":



Fourth, given his unpopularity and the fact he openly proposes to sell his country to the terrorist USA, soon or later he would face Venezuelan journalists trapping him with his own illegal and silly acts. On April 30th, Guaidó led the pathetic attack against La Carlota airbase recurring to US-made and European-made weapons and... bananas. Yes, bananas. 



A few days, a Venezuelan journalist ironically asked him about the banana coup



Fifth, besides Guaidó himself, Guaidó's "revolution" was also not popular at all among Venezuelans. Compare the few hundred of supporters around him or near the airbase, during the attempted coup (April 30th to May 1st), with the immense crowds supporting Maduro's government on May 1st:



Guaidó's supporters:



Maduro's supporters:



Sixth, he was even not a candidate during the last presidential elections, let alone a winner. Of course the people of Venezuela can't see him as their president!




Seventh, the Venezuelan people saw many temporary US pawns passing by and know Guaidó will have the same place in history as the others had: the rubbish bin of history! Guaidó is a disposable pawn, of course! As always! Guaidó is taken so not seriously by his Yankee's bosses that apparently his bosses already discarded him.


After having admitted his desire to be president of Venezuela was premature (Call it premature man, the last time elections were held you were even not a candidate!), leaked audio proves Pompeo and the US administration is already planning to find another puppet to steal Maduro's seat. 


According to pathetic Pompeo, the problem will be to find the right candidate to become the president of Venezuela after the odd success of an illegal US intervention to remove Maduro. Poor him, apparently he doesn't know what to do with the forty plus opposition vultures the US keeps feeding in its cradle of potential coup plotters. 



And think about: is it normal? Is it normal to hear US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo admitting US grotesque interference in Venezuelan internal affairs? The US administration talks about it as if it was not a crime according to International Law. Pompeo, Trump, US former Embassy to the UN Nikky Halley, etc. Shamelessly and openly, they all talk about military intervention. They arrogantly talk about removing Maduro and about selecting the next dictator they would use to once again enslave Venezuelans and steal Venezuelan resources. And for Western sheep-like humans, everything is alright and "Maduro is a dictator"! Come on!



Traitor Guaidó should be arrested in a democracy or dictatorship for calling to foreign military interventions and violent coups. He lives in a democracy where his party loses elections and then go to the streets using US money to call the death of democratically elected Maduro. Actually, Venezuelan democracy is too kind to him, letting him walk free while discrediting himself. In the US he would be already arrested; probably being tortured. In many US-sponsored rogue states, we would be immediately tortured and executed. How mentally paralyzed are Western sheep-like humans to not come to this same conclusion? 


Should be arrested but no, he keeps walking free:


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Origins and Connections

UCAB - Like most of the sector of Venezuelan society opposing the Bolivarian revolution (Catholic Church, Venezuelan private media, bankers, right-wing politicians, extremely wealthy families, right-wing racist intellectuals, etc), Juan Guaidó studied at Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB), an infamous institution linked to Opus Dei and to all those who ruled Venezuelan with strong deficits of democracy and who have being fighting during the last 20 years to have the Spanish-descent minority back to power and to regain the right to enslave the remaining majority as they used to do before Chávez. 


George Washington University - Guaidó participated in two postgraduate programs in public administration at George Washington University, USA, where he learned neoliberal ideas from the Venezuelan economist Luis Enrique Berrizbeitia who "previously held the position of Executive Director in the International Monetary Fund as representative of Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, and five Central American countries." No wonder one of the first things Guaidó promised after having declared himself President of Venezuela was to take out a loan with IMF. On January 25th, Reuters reported:

Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaido, who has proclaimed himself interim president with U.S. support, is considering a request for funds from international institutions including the IMF to finance his interim government, two sources said."


CANVAS - In 2007, Guaidó and other students from private reactionary universities (the so-called “Generation 2007”) started to get training from US-funded "regime change" organizations like CANVAS, with the financial support of oligarchs like Pedro Burelli. This organization is behind the training of thousands of people around the world to serve US illegal interferences in non-submissive nations. The people behind this seriously dangerous organization have mad ideas and have no qualms when it comes to present them, like 2010 Srdja Popovic's idea of sabotaging Venezuelan main damn, affecting 70% of the country’s electricity grid, precisely what we witnessed a few weeks ago in Venezuela! No, there are no coincidences in the US's international acts of terror. 


Yon Goicoechea - Another puppet from the "Generation 2007" and colleague of Juan Guaidó is Yon Goicoechea,  who headed the campaign against the most democratic thing a citizen can participate: the 2007 constitutional revision. He became famous when the Venezuelan government declined to renew the license of RCTV, a television network deeply and directly involved in the 2002 coup. To compensate him for his attacks on fundamental rights of the Venezuelan people and crying out for a coup-plotter channel, Goicoechea was rewarded with Cato Institute’s Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty, plus a $500,000 prize, enough money to buy plenty of C4 and machine guns for their murderous "democratic" uprises. 


As Dan Cohen and Max Blumenthal reminded us of:

Friedman, of course, was the godfather of the notorious neoliberal Chicago Boys who were imported into Chile by dictatorial junta leader Augusto Pinochet to implement policies of radical “shock doctrine”-style fiscal austerity. And the Cato Institute is the libertarian Washington DC-based think tank founded by the Koch Brothers, two top Republican Party donors who have become aggressive supporters of the right-wing across Latin America.


Yon Goicoechea was for a long period the most prominent figure of Generation 2007. Probably too prominent. Probably the reason why the US decided to illegally intervene in Venezuela using another puppet, Guaidó, as the chosen president. Eva Golinger, in one of her books, exposed many Goicoechea's links to US "regime change" organizations and to the Venezuelan oligarchy. For instance:

Goicochea traveled several times to Washington to meet with representatives of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the International Republican Institute (IRI), led by John McCain, and USAID, as well as the AEI [Albert Einstein Institution] and CANVAS. Goicochea traveled several times to Spain, Sponsored by the FAES foundation of former President José María Aznar, and to other countries, receiving funds from the United States as well as from neoliberal foundations such as Konrad Adenaeur.

Goicochea traveled to Bolivia during 2007 and 2008 to work and train the Cruceñista Youth Movement, the right-wing movement in the Santa Cruz area, Bolivia, known for its racist, violent and divisive attitude and actions. In May 2008, Goicochea was in Ecuador, training and encouraging the formation of a right-wing student movement in that country, Manos Blancas, to counter the socialist policy of Rafael Correa's government.


As you see, Yon Goicoechea gained experience in Bolivia, a country the US tried to balkanize in 2008-09, and in Ecuador, where the US made several attempts to remove Rafael Correa between 2008 and 2010. That's valuable know-out necessary to do more of the same in Venezuela.


Yon Goicoechea & Juan Guaidó

(Yon Goicoechea & Juan Guaidó)


Pedro Burelli - Guaidó is a violent protester backed by the Venezuelan oil oligarchy exiled in the US since Chávez rightfully nationalized Venezuelan oil. One of his sponsors is Pedro Burelli, a Venezuelan oligarch based in Washington, "who was once Head of Latin America to the J.P.Morgan Capital Corporation", and was on the border of directors of PDVSA before Chávez nationalized it. Guaidó has daily phone calls with Burelli! Burelli has direct contact with the US administration, which he admitted in an interview podcasted by former CIA director Michael Morell. You can listen to the podcast here.


OTPOR! - OTPOR is a Serbian "regime change" organization backed by many US institutions like USAID, NED, NDI, IRI, IAE, Freedom House and others. Guaidó and his fellow coup-plotters are trained and guided by OTPOR personnel. OTPOR propaganda and actions successfully managed to get rid of Slobodan Milošević, as the US had ordered.


Their logo in Serbia was a black hand with a white background (and also vice-versa). In Ukraine, the same logo but with an orange hand. In Georgia again the Serbian logo, but with the inscription in Georgian. In Kyrgyzstan the same, but with a rose hand. In Egypt, in Russia, in Iran, in Armenia, in Belarus and in so many other countries where Gene Sharp-like colored revolutions and springs were attempted or even implemented, you can trace back OTPOR's links by checking the logos used by the movements injected from abroad. Right now, in 2019, the victim is Argelia with a red hand. 




And yes, there's Mano Blancas (White Hands) in Venezuela, whose logo is an open white hand with black background (sometimes with the word "UCABistas", a reference to the religious right-wing university mentioned above, or "JAVU", a reference to a violent students' movement) or the same old Serbian logo but with the 3 colors of the Venezuelan flag.


OTPOR Venezuela


In 2005, the American AEI brought 2 Serbians (Slobodan Dinovic and Ivan Marovic) to Venezuela to teach students how to weaken and disorganize power and how to build and handle a movement. In 2006, the students' movement trained by Gene Sharp, US Colonel Helvey and the OTPOR experts had its first organized action with the "Plan V", during the December presidential elections, but they weren't very successful. "Plan V" was replaced by another action named "Movimiento Cambio" ("Change Movement" in English), also unsuccessful. Success finally came in 2007, with the movement led by Yon Goicochea protesting against the government when this one declined to renew the license of RCTV. In October 2007, four Venezuelan students were sent to Belgrade to receive intensive training with OTPOR's experts: Ronel Gaglio, Geraldine Alvarez (UCAB), Rodrigo Diamanti (UCAB) and Eliza Totaro (UCAB). And so on. The connection between Venezuelan youth "opposition" and OTPOR, created by the US to dismantle and rape Serbia, is more than obvious. 


Leopoldo López - Leopoldo López is one of the main mentors of Guaidó. On Part 16 about the violent opposition, I already exposed the true criminal and terrorist nature of Leopoldo López. Like Leopoldo López, Juan Guaidó was directly involved in the 2014 "guarimbas" that resulted in great destruction of public property and in the death of many Venezuelans. 


Guaidó and López, February 12, 2014

(Guaidó and López, February 12, 2014)


Yes, Guaidó was there with Leopoldo López when this criminal called for a violent uprising against the democratically elected Maduro.


Yes, Juan Guaidó actively participated in the 2014 violent uprising:



Guaidó's Agenda

Guaidó's agenda is a very simple one, and it is not his own. As previously said, he wants to bring IMF in, selling Venezuelan democracy to this organization known for its dirty tactics used to steal and enslave entire nations with austerity measures, privatization and shock therapies. For instance, read Enough Is Enough, written by Davison L. Budhoo, a former IMF employee.


Guaidó officially informed the world that he plans to sell Venezuelan oil to foreign companies, namely US companies. Any doubt about it? No, he would not be president to serve the interests of Venezuelans. As he admitted, he would be president to serve foreign interests!


He admittedly despises socialism and affirms he is ready to do anything he can to get rid of socialism, even knowing the socialist PSUV party came to power thanks to a democratic process. He is not focused on the democratic process, he is focused on power as a mean to get more power (and money). His sick ambition and anti-socialism feelings are so great that he admitted he would be ready for Syrian-like bloodshed as a mean to get rid of Maduro!


Like his mentors Leopoldo López and Henrique Capriles (who invaded Cuban Embassy during the 47 hours coup in 2002), Juan Guaidó manifests profound anti-Cuban feelings and ideas. Despite the fact both Venezuela and Cuba benefited immensely from their close relations and partnership, Guaidó declared that, as president, he would stop exporting oil to Cuba, joining the club of those who want to prove "Cuban communism doesn't work" by strangling it! 


In one sentence, Guaidó's agenda is nothing but the US agenda of conquest, plunder, slavery and destruction of the planet in the name of private "national interests". The only ones who can't see it are Western sheep-like humans!


Learn more

An easy and entertaining way to start digging out Guaidó's dark past and his undeniable links to the US criminal machine of illegal "regime changes" is to watch the interview of Lee Camp with Dan Cohen (Redacted Tonight VIP, episode 142) and also the episodes 230 and 231 of Redacted Tonight (also hosted by Lee Camp):



If you really want to learn in detail who Juan Guaidó really is, there's a superb article written on January 29th by Dan Cohen and Max Blumenthal. You can't afford to miss it:


Guaidó is nothing more than the 2019 version of Carmona, who in 2002 led Venezuela during the 47 hours of a US-sponsored and oligarchy-sponsored coup. The main difference between the 2 is that, so far, Guaidó ruled the country for less than zero seconds! 


carmona guaidó



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