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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 16), by Luís Garcia




International Community

How many times a day is the expression "international community" pronounced on Western Mainstream Media in a dishonest manner? How many times is this expression used by Western MSM to refer only to the US and its Western client states? Too many times. Too often. 


If one takes the time to compare enough Western news and reports, the conclusion is simple and obvious. In Western MSM newspeak,  "International community" means:

  • USA, Canada, Europe, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea. 
  • Sometimes it also includes parts of South America and a few other obedient US client states.


A map with the countries that do NOT recognize the State of Palestine shown in grey, and those who recognize the State of Palestine shown in green, is a perfect illustration of the Western concept of "international community":



In conclusion, the manipulated and manipulative concept of "international community" we constantly hear on Western MSM refers to 30-50 countries in a world where the UN recognizes 193 as sovereign nations. The math is definitely wrong.


And what about semantics? According to the Oxford Dictionary:

 The international community: [phrase] the countries of the world considered collectively."


Interesting, the world considered collectively, not partially. I definitely agree with the definition provided by the Oxford Dictionary, but most of the Western journalists, by incompetence, brainlessness or obedience, do not seem to agree.


It is very common to read and hear Western MSM journalists affirming the "international community" condemns Palestinians for having launched rockets against Israel, forgetting that most of the countries actually condemn the occupation of Palestine by the Zionist apartheid regime.


Worse, the same Western MSM journalists tend to omit the fact that, when the UN Assembly is invited to vote on Palestine-Israel issues, systematically, the US and Israel vote in favor of Israel, a few abstain, and almost all the other countries vote in favor of Palestine. On those occasions, it would be approximately correct to use the expression "international community". But in those precise occasions, Western MSM tend to get silent. 


According to biased and Orwellian Western MSM, the "international community" considers "Assad a criminal", accuses Maduro of "oppressing its people", condemns China for its "invasion of Africa", sees Russia as an "expansionist nation", etc. But in all those examples of mediatic manipulation of reality, "international community" refers to a group of nations that, combined, have a smaller population than China alone!


In the case of manipulative condemnations against oppressed Palestine for daring to resist Zionist apartheid, and knowing both China and India recognize Palestine, the twisted version of "international community" represents half of the Indians (1.339 billion) and Chinese (1.386 billion) combined, both recognizing Palestine! And of course, China and India are not alone on this issue!


If one wants to apply the expression "international community" to a set of countries instead of all "countries of the world considered collectively", the first option should not be the US plus its richer client states, but rather the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). The Non-Aligned Movement counts with 125 members and its currently Secretaries-General is Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela.


125 countries are more "international community" than the US plus 30 or 40 vassal states without independent foreign policies. With countries like India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt, Bangladesh or Pakistan as full members, and China or Brazil with observer status, NAM represents the overwhelming majority of human beings, many victims of crimes, enslavement and plunder committed by the Western World that labels itself as "international community". 


My conclusion is that the problem with the Western definition of "international community" has nothing to do with maths or semantics. Only with exceptionalism, racism and supremacism. The supremacist westerners, used to see as sub-humans all the Africans, Asians and Native Americans they raped, tortured, killed and enslaved (and continue to enslave and kill with economic neocolonialism), can't possibly accept to include those nations in the concept of "international community", a concept born from a Western perspective of deep civilizational exceptionalism and racial supremacism.


Supposedly, in that weird parallel reality most westerners live in, Guaidó should be seen (at the least by westerners) as the real president of Venezuela, the less pathetic argument being: a few dozen US vassal states plus some fascist regimes in South America say so!


Well, nonsense! The only international organism intitled to recognize (or not) governments of sovereign nations is the UN. All those nations illogically recognizing a non-elected non-candidate as president of Venezuela are governed by morons who don't even understand International Law. If they are not happy with the decision Venezuelans made in May 2018 (when they elected Maduro), they can always complain, somehow, pathetically, during a UN assembly.


They can propose some pathetic measures to force Maduro out of Venezuela presidency. Please, go on. The majority of nations on Earth are with Venezuela, so nothing will be changed (and by the way, Russia and China have veto power to block nonsensical crap of that kind).  


The UN recognized May 2018 presidential elections as clean and fair. So did OEA, whose majority of members, following US orders, illogically recognize non-elected Guaidó. If those few dozens of US client states in Europe, South America and East Asia are not happy with the way things are done at the UN or how the International Law works, they have a very easy solution for their problem: leave the UN, stop abiding by International Law and become rogue states! Voilá!


As all Western MSM, Wikipedia is also a fan of data manipulation as an efficient tool of propaganda and brainwashing:


Did you notice something strange on the map? Yes, the countries in blue are roughly the so-called "international community" plus the South American fascist regimes, but that's not strange.


According to Wikipedia, the light grey means "no statement", the dark grey "neutral" and the red is used for the nations supporting Maduro. This intentional misinterpretation of data leads to naive human beings and sheep-like humans believing Maduro has less international support than Guaidó. Wrong, wrong and wrong.


Only 2 colors are possible: blue for those nations that, despite being UN members, opt not to recognize the government of a UN member despite the fact the government in question is recognized by the UN. Cognitive dissonance, post-modern opinions, mental retardedness? I don't know and I don't even care about the reasons behind their illogical behavior. Let them be.


All the other nations that show support to Maduro, do support Maduro.


All the other nations that said nothing about, by default, recognize Maduro, as they can't possibly recognize other than the one the UN recognizes. 


All the other nations that affirmed to be neutral in the dispute between Venezuela sovereignty and US illegal interference (whose current face is Guaidó), they probably do so fearing US sanctions or US embargoes or US bombs. Nevertheless, if they affirm to be neutral in this latest US aggression on Venezuela, as UN members, they will also continue to recognize, by default, the one the UN recognizes.


In conclusion, Wikipedia manipulates data to produce a lie! There are countries recognizing non-elected Guaidó, but they are a tiny minority (in blue). There are other countries abiding by International Law, respecting Venezuela sovereignty and therefore recognizing Maduro's government. These (all the other colors) are the vast majority and represent the overwhelming majority of human beings alive! 


As Robin Monotti Graziadei pointed out in a very clear manner, 44 countries (23%) recognized Guaidó . Consequently,  149 countries (77%) did NOT recognize Guaidó. The vast majority of nations on Earth stand for the legality and for Venezuelan sovereignty:



Let's check and analyze some examples of international support for Maduro's government, almost all of them Machiavellianly omitted or censored by Western MSM for not fitting the fake official truth imposed in the West.


African Union - The African Union has 55 members, more than all the members of the hypocritical Western concept of "international community" combined. With an official statement, the African Union, representing 1,2 billion human beings, expressed its support for President Nicolás Maduro. As the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry informed on January 31th, 2019:

Deputy Chairperson of the African Union, Thomas Kwesi Quartey, has sent a message of solidarity with the people of Venezuela and of support for constitutional president Nicolas Maduro."


1,2 billion people officially supporting Maduro and US/European MSM ignore it? 


1,2 billion people officially supporting Maduro and Western MSM keep saying the "international community" (read, as Oxford Dictionary invites: "the countries of the world considered collectively") condemns Maduro for things he didn't do? What does all this mean? Isn't Africa part of the World? Aren't citizens of African nations human beings? What is wrong with the West?


I tell you what is wrong with the West: racism, supremacism and several other isms.


In this twisted and sickening Western view of the world, Africans do not count as people because they are black; Asians do not count as people because Asian men look like women and the Asian women are better fitted for sexual slavery; Native Americans do not count as people because we keep them in natural zoos and the European ruling Latin America are there to follow our orders, not to open their mouths. 


In that twisted reality sure, no doubt the so-called "international community" (the few left from the racist purge) is an international community.


A few more examples of countries supporting the democratically elected government of Venezuela and President Maduro:


Chad and Serbia - On March 1st, 2019, President Nicolás Maduro met with Chadian Ambassador Ngote Gali Koutou and with Serbian Ambassador Danilo Pantovic:


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El presidente de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, @nicolasmaduro, recibió este jueves las cartas credenciales de los embajadores Ngote Gali Koutou, representante de la República del Chad; y Danilo Pantovic, representante de la República de Serbia. También, el jefe de Estado recibió este jueves en el Palacio de Gobierno al excelentísimo señor Jan Harfst, representante residente designado por el Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo ante la República Bolivariana de Venezuela. En un acto que se celebró en el salón Sol del Perú del Palacio de Miraflores, el Mandatario nacional estuvo acompañado por miembros del gabinete ejecutivo, invitados especiales, así como la Primera Combatiente de la República, Cilia Flores. De esta manera, el Gobierno Bolivariano, cuyas riendas las lleva el presidente Maduro, sigue ampliando sus relaciones con el mundo, consolidando con la verdad la Diplomacia Bolivariana de Paz, de cooperación y la diplomacia del mundo pluripolar.

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Iran - Iranians showing support for Venezuelan during a rally backing the Islamic Revolution on its 40th anniversary:



Greece - Protesters in the streets of Athens denouncing the alleged unrest in Venezuela as being a US-backed plan to overthrow Maduro:



Palestine - Palestinians waving Venezuelan flags in solidarity to Venezuela, a country also victim of Western aggression:



Syria - Refugees victims of the 8 years long Western terror war on Syria showing their support for Maduro in front of the Venezuelan Embassy in Damascus:



Uruguay - Tabaré Vázquez,  the President of Uruguay, declared to be against US interventionism in Venezuela, despite the fact Mike Pence had asked him to recognize Guaidó as president of Venezuela: 



Lebanon - Michel Aoun, the President of Lebanon, met the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, reaffirming his country's support for Venezuela_



China - Unlike what Wikipedia affirms in its list of countries supporting Guaidó, China clearly didn't distance itself from Maduro's government. On the contrary, China is the most committed country in delivering humanitarian aid to Venezuela to counter Western genocidal embargo; deployed a military mission to Venezuela and sent Zhao Bentang, Director General for Latin America of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to meet Maduro in Caracas:



Russia - Maria Zhakarova and Sergei Lavrov have consistently reassured Russian strong support for the legitime government of Venezuela and constantly criticize the US administration for the illegal nature of its interference in Venezuelan internal affairs: Read what Lavrov said on May 1st, 2019, in reaction to the failed coup attempt on April 30th: 

It was indicated that the continuation of aggressive steps is fraught with the most serious consequences. Only the Venezuelan people have the right to determine their destiny, for which dialogue between all political forces in the country is needed, and for which the government has long called for. Destructive pressure from outside, especially force, has nothing to do with the democratic process." 


No matter what Guaidó says or believes, denying the Russian and Chinese support for democratically elected Maduro, the real reality is still there! If he is in denial, let him be. Anyways, his opinions or interpretations of reality are worthless:

They [Maduro's government] do not have any international allies; it is not true that Russia and China are with them. That's a great fallacy. No one is with them."


The new non-aligned block, in a world divided into 2 blocks by Western-imposed choice, is becoming a reality. Delusional members of the Venezuelan "opposition" having mental troubles and the US stubbornness on pursuing with their crimes against Venezuela not only will not prevent the new non-aligned block from growing bigger and stronger, but are actually speeding it up!



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Luís Garcia, Bang Sarai, Thailand








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