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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 15), by Luís Garcia

cover 15


Violence 2

While in the parallel reality made up by Western MSM "people are oppressed by Maduro's dictatorship", in the real world politicians, police forces, military forces and humble civilians (often dark-skinned) who voted for the democratically elected President Maduro are systematically purged. The assassinations and lynchings of pro-Chavistas are continuously committed in pure mafia style.


But let the US-sponsored right-wing organizations commit mafia-like crimes, otherwise prostituted journalists go wild on Venezuela, right?


For those willing to follow real reality and not made up realities, there are always alternatives, such as Telesur English. In Telesur there are coherent human beings highlighting what is wrong with Western MSM:

Western mainstream media outlets have remained silent regarding the violence waged against government supporters, left-wing activists and public servants, which many believe is an attempt to undermine the future of the Chavista movement in the country.


This Venezuelan state-funded news channel (yes, state-funded, so what?) often offers detailed lists of victims of the many campaigns of terror waged by the terrorist opposition. If Western MSM have something to say about those lists, please go on! Tell us what is wrong with the lists (full of pro-government victims).


And if there's nothing wrong with the lists, why don't Western Media share them with the Western public?


And if there's nothing wrong with the lists, why do Western Media keep accusing Maduro of crimes committed by the opposition against Maduro's supporters and even police forces?


And why don't westerners pose themselves these kinds of questions?


Probably because most of them have lost the ability to reason!


Probably because they prefer to listen arrogant ignorants like the unprofessional Jorge Ramos disrespecting Maduro and rudely throwing lists of criminals in his face:



Probably because they prefer to believe in fabricated "oppression" in Venezuela, instead of acknowledging real oppression nearby, in Honduras, a country whose freedom was stolen 10 years ago by an illegal US-backed military coup.


In Honduras, the US removed the democratically elected Presidente Zelaya and imposed unwanted capitalism, oppression and hunger, the reason why there are caravans of Hondurans (and not of Venezuelans) walking towards the US soil.





In Honduras, there are real and massive protests against the government, systematically and violently repressed by the polices forces. But westerners don't want to hear about these real protests. They only want to know about the Western-fabricated ones in Venezuela.  




In Honduras, there are people ready to fight against the US-imposed right-wing dictatorship. They are tired of it. They are outraged. And they know how to show their outrage:




Yes, yes, Hondurans setting US Embassy on fire. Well done, for 2 reasons.  First, the US violated International Law and Hondurans' rights when they militarily imposed a dictatorial regime; therefore, don't expect Hondurans to respect the International Law that is supposed to protect the integrity of the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa.


Yet, during 10 years of imposed regime, Hondurans didn't attack it, and here I move to the second reason: a few days ago the US invaded Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, in blatant disrespect for Venezuelan sovereignty and the International Law; the US opened a Pandora Box of violated embassies... from now on, dear not dear US administration, get used watching your embassies being assaulted, destroyed or burned down.


I will applaud each time it happens. And, believe me, I will not be the only one applauding... millions of revolutionary minds all over the world will applaud and celebrate symbolic attacks on US Terror State. 


Many more US embassies will burn and they must burn, burned down until nothing is left. The US rogue state invites the people of the world to do so. The US terror state only understands the language of terror, so with terror shall they be treated:



The US rogue state created the 8 years long war on Syria. The US illegally occupies one-third of Syrian territory. The US bombs factories of medicines and sponsors terrorist organizations in Syria. While stealing Syrian oil, the US imposes an energy embargo on Syria. As if it was not enough, now, the US Terror State bombs boats transporting Syrian oil in Syrian territory to be used by Syrian people:



What else? What kind of terrorist action has the US to commit in order to wake up the minds of those westerners who have lost the ability to reason?


Leopoldo López - The hero of Western MSM

For Western MSM Leopoldo Lopéz is a "freedom fighter" persecuted by the "regime" who has him as a "political prisoner". The Western MSM praise amazing deeds he never did, while forgetting all his crimes that, if committed in the US and other countries, would have led him to a life spent in a high-security prison: participation in coup attempts, calls for violent uprising days after democratic elections lost to Maduro and unanimously recognized as fair by plenty of international observers, etc.


Somehow, the Western MSM manage to miss all the dark facts about Leopoldo López, as if their journalists were all blind, deaf, mentally retarded and had no access to the internet, Venezuelan state and communitarian media, flights to and from Venezuela, and dictionaries Spanish-English-Spanish. 


Some prostituted media, as the Portuguese state channel RTP,  go as far as inviting Leopoldo Lopéz's father to invert reality affirming unproven bullshit like "80% of the Venezuelans support Guaidó" on prime time.


In Western MSM, objectivity and facts have no value. Nowadays, to announce live on prime time, that "the sky is green" is enough for the sky to become green. Attempts to reimplement objective reality are a waste of time, given the "safe space" shields and all the other postmodern shields in vogue. 


Western politicians are going wild too. Someone in the Spanish Popular Party decided to invite Leopoldo López Gil, father of Leopoldo López, to be a candidate in the European parliamentary elections. Shamelessly,  the EU has been interfering in Venezuelan internal affairs for ages. To make things easier for the Venezuelan criminal opposition, now they have Leopoldo López Gil in Brussels, as close as possible from their European bosses. Lovely.


But let's go back to Leopoldo López, the convicted criminal who called for a violent uprising against Maduro's presidential victory, as he, Leopoldo López, was not willing "to wait 6 more years to be heard". Usually, all over the world, defeated candidates feel like not willing to wait some more years to be heard. But that's the rule of the democratic game. If you do not want to play by the rules and prefer to call for the violent overthrow of a man elected a few days ago, well, in that case, prepare your bag because the police will be soon knocking at your door. 


failed coup - morons apparently sad

(Sad Leopoldo Lopéz with sad Guaidó and policeman who sided with their pathetic failed coup, 30.04.2019)


In 2014, the book Venezuela se Respecta offered some glimpses over López's criminal background:

Leopoldo Lopez's record includes his active participation in the events that led to the coup d'état against President Hugo Chávez in April 2002. López, who by that time was mayor of the opulent municipality of Chacao, east of Caracas, took advantage of his authority to start a hunt for Chavista leaders, including the Minister of the Interior of Chávez, Ramón Rodríguez Chacín, and the revolutionary deputy Tarek William Saab, who were arrested the day after the coup by officers of the Police of Chacao led by Leopoldo López.

In a television interview broadcasted on April 12, López confessed to have led an operation that consisted of employing officers of the Chacao police to strip drivers of the keys and to cross their cars in a way that would prevent the departure of troops and prevent the tank battalion loyal to President Chávez from reaching Caracas.

Leopoldo López's conspiracy past includes his active participation in the violent protests of the so-called Plan Guarimba, in 2004. He also ignored the results of the recall referendum that favored President Chávez in 2004. 

It was this man who first called to the insurrectional plan currently being implemented against the democratic government of Venezuela, with his appeal made on January 23th for people to remain in the streets until the overthrow of President Nicolás Maduro. 'Venezuelans are obliged to demand the departure of a corrupt government'."


Example of Organized Violence - January 23th 2014 to June 2014

The call for these 6 months of violence, destruction and assassinations was made by the criminal María Corina Machado and the criminal (or "political prisoner", in Westernish) Leopoldo López. These 2 went to the streets calling for a violent uprising that should last until Maduro would resign ("la salida", "the exit" in English, as they decided to call the coup attempt).


These 2 were working on behalf of the US administration that was pushing all the opposition forces (heavily sponsored by the US administration) to stick together to finally achieve Yankee's long ambition: to end with socialist Venezuela. The name of Leopoldo López is cited in US diplomatic documents at the least 77 times. Learn more about it the article What the Wikileaks Cables Say about Leopoldo López.


María Corina Machado worked in close collaboration with several other coup-plotters, including the US Ambassador to Venezuela William Brownfield and US Ambassador to Colombia Kevin Whitaker. Other active participants of this US-sponsored attempt to "regime change" were the powerful Gustavo Tarre, Ricardo Koesling, Henrique Romer, Robert Alonso, Diego Arria, etc. Leaked conversations between these and other individuals leave no room for doubts about the clear plan to remove Maduro and the clear plan to make Venezuela suffer and burn as a way to get Maduro removed. 


Here are so examples of leaked emails exchanged between Corina Machado and other fellow coup-plotters:

  • Corina Machado to Henrique Romer: "With this support, that of the European Parliament, the State [USA] and the American Senate [USA] doing what was promised, the international lobby is at its best since the beginning of the fight."
    "That being the case, we will continue to encourage the agitation of all young people, and especially students, with these efforts."
  • Corina Machado to Gustavo Tarre: "Kevin Whitaker [US Ambassador to Colombia] has already reconfirmed his support and indicated the new steps. We have a checkbook stronger than that of the regime, to break the international safety ring (...)"
  • Corina Machado to Gustavo Tarre: "Streets, more ungovernability, the action of activists in the Metro [subway], Metrobus, Bolivarian high schools, public universities, everything, we will invade (...)"
  • Corina Machado to Diego Arria: "We have to clean up this mess, starting with the head, taking advantage of the global situation with Ukraine and now Thailand, the sooner the better."
  • Corina Machado to Diego Arria: "(...) I think the time has come to join efforts, make the necessary calls and get the funding to annihilate Maduro and the rest will fall by itself."
  • Burelli Pedro Mario to Diego Arria: "(...) we go for everything and with everything, against everything. We have the [US State] Department, the [US] embassy, and now the [US] Senate sanctions are coming."
  • Burelli Pedro Mario to Diego Arria: "Let's take the streets of the country, including the [presidential] palace streets, as we should, and encircle that son of a bitch. We have people in Miraflores thanks to friend Bocaranda, every step will be useful when the time comes."
  • Ricardo Koesling to Roberto Alonso: the image below

2019-06-03 18-02-29 Venezuela se respeta.pdf - Ado

  • Etc. 


This messages exchanged by the opposition leave no room for doubt: they work with foreign agents, they admittedly follow US orders, they call for the destruction of public property (schools, subway, universities, etc.), they call for the death of their elected president, they admit being funded by Western governments, they prove to be behind the 2014 pre-planned uprising,  etc.  


Westerners don't know what it's going on in Venezuela because they do not want to know, because they have lost the ability to reason!


A supposed "peaceful protester" supposedly "repressed" by the "regime"

(A supposed "peaceful protester" supposedly "repressed" by the "regime")


The victims - During this period of extreme violence convened by the Venezuela opposition and sponsored with US dollars, 43 persons died and 878 suffered injuries. 


In this article, you can find a list of 41 one of them, with detailed information about each victim, including photographies: Conozca los 41 fallecidos por las protestas violentas opositoras en Venezuela: La mayoría son víctimas de barricadas.


victims 2014


43 people died, 35 of whom were killed by violent groups of the Venezuelan opposition, while 8 people died as a result of possible disproportionate use of force by the police forces.


Even if the policemen who killed 8 people while on duty... while defending public property and the safety of all those aggressed by the violent opposition, were all founded guilty of having committed murder, anyway, their fatal "crimes" correspond to 18,6% of the total. The other 81,4% were committed by the opposition. Knowing the violence had been convened by the leaders of the opposition and by the US/EU interference, how can't someone possibly blame Maduro's government for all the deaths and violence that took place during those 5 months?


Well, easy, prostituted journalists and prostituted members of AI and HRW only have to turn off rational thinking (if they still have it). And so do most of them. For weeks, the covers of virtually all Western Newspaper offered shocking and manipulative titles, constantly reminding us Maduro was massacring its people... and nothing else.


Maduro massacres, white is black, war is peace and the sky is green, right?


Let's now talk about the destruction, clearly done by the opposition and not by the police forces. The Western MSM don't like so much this topic, as it is much harder to manipulate it and accuse the polices forces (of a socialist nation) of having destroyed plenty of public property used for social purposes, right?


Caracas Subway- The criminal opposition surely doesn't like public services. One of its main targets was the subway system of Caracas, mainly used by low-income classes. The criminal opposition damaged 6 trains (three of Line 2 and three of Line 3) and 10 subway stations, destroying escalators, CCTV cameras, gates, fire systems, windows, furniture, etc. Other 95 units of Metrobus were damage. The Metrobus Operations Center in Altamira Square was burned down and destroyed. Twelve Metrobus routes were affected by the violent attacks know as "guarimbas". 200 users and 40 employees were injured. Subway stations in many rich areas are constantly besieged.


National Power Grid - Two regional headquarters were attacked in Carabobo State. 23 vehicles damaged all over the country. Attempted sabotage in 2 electric substations (Los Olivos and San Cristóbal).


CANTV, the state-run telephone and internet provider  -  A telephone exchange was destroyed and seven vehicles were burned in Morán, Lara State. Communication tower vandalized in Barquisimeto, Lara State. Two trucks with mobile communications equipment attacked in Maracaibo, Zulia State. A customer service office attacked in Santa Elena, Lara State. A radio station attacked in Caracas. 

These are just a few examples of the many crimes committed by the opposition. The list goes on and on and on and on. Universities, governmental buildings, sports facilities, public hospitals vandalized and destroyed. Dozens of tonnes of food of social aid burned. 5000 of trees cut down,  30 hectares Warairarepano National burned down. Everything is allowed. The criminal and terrorist opposition in Venezuela could drop an atomic bomb over Brussels or Washington, and yet, the US and European politicians and journalists would continue to call them "peaceful protesters, persecuted victims of Maduro's regime". 


Here is some footage of their terrorist attacks on public infrastructure:



(public property destroyed)



(Supreme Court destroyed)



(Public University UNEFA burned down)



(Public University UNEFA burned down)


I could share here hundreds of pictures and links, but it is all freely available online, and the examples of Western-paid terror in Venezuela are almost endless. Search it yourself. It is very easy. 


As you can clearly see from the footage, terrorist opposition of European descent can't stand watching the money made with Venezuelan resources being spent to create public buses, public hospitals, public schools or public universities with which the others can finally cease to be poor, sick and uneducated. The ultra-racist and supremacist castes of European descent can't stand watching the liberation of their dark-skinned slaves; they can't watch their slaves of the last 5 centuries being well fed, healthy and educated.


That's why Capriles and López are wrong and Maduro is right. That's why Guaidó is backed by the mightiest war machine humankind ever saw, while Maduro is backed by the overwhelming majority of Venezuelan people. That's why, one month later, Leopoldo López was finally arrested!


That's why Western sheep-like humans are wrong on Venezuela. They find it reasonable to protest, week after week, in France, for an even better social welfare state (Yellow Vests and friends) but, most of them, are against those building a (better) social state in Venezuela, and they side with the imperial warmongers in Washington. "Baa"...


To be convincing, and knowing they are lying, Venezuelan private media, Western MSM and their fellow social-media trolls need to use dirty tactics such as recycling footage then showed as "pieces of evidence" of their lies. "Images from Syria, Egypt, Brazil, Spain, Chile, Colombia and other countries have been recycled by newspapers and digital media to fraudulently depict Venezuela's conflict.".


And so, a pro-independence protest in Catalonia becomes a demonstration against Maduro:




A religious event becomes a demonstration against the government:




Events in Argentina and Spain become events in Venezuela:




On February 26, 2014, a Spanish journalist named "Alfonso Merlos", working for the Spanish newspaper La Razón ("the sixth-highest circulation among general-interest Spanish dailies"), twitted a set of pictures showing a woman seriously injured. According to his twit (later removed), the woman was a victim of the "Venezuelan extreme-left government":


liar Alfonso Merlos


He was lying, of course. The pictures had been uploaded on Instagram, one day before, by a US citizen named Gabriella, who decided to show the injuries inflicted on her by her boyfriend. Read: Girl Badly Beaten By Boyfriend Shares Her Story & Photos Of Her Injury.


Girl Badly Beaten By Boyfriend Shares Her Story & Photos Of Her Injury


Two days before Alfonso Merlos' lies, a Venezuelan man died in Pueblo Nuevo. According to North American, European, South American (Brazil included) and Venezuelan private media outlets selling us another coup attempt in Venezuela, the 33 years old man had been shot dead by Bolivarian National Guard forces firing buckshot pellets (among other also false versions). 




Again, they were lying. The man died in the building he was assaulting with other fellow thugs when he lost balance and fell from a high height. Nobody shot anything against him; there were no police forces throwing tear gas on his direction; nobody touched him:



And so on; search for the rest.  As you can see,  everything is permitted when it comes to smear democratic socialism.


Example of Organized Violence - April 6th 2017 to July 2017

Like in 2013 and 2014, violent protests, looting and opposition-organized uprising resulted in enormous destruction and death.  From April 6th until July 27th, at the least 131 persons died. The Western Mainstream Media, as always, blamed Maduro. As always, they were lying. 


The story is basically the same as in 2013 and 2014, but with a higher number of deadly fatalities. If you want to learn more about the victims of 2007 uprising, you can check these 4 detailed lists (3 articles and one documentary). The articles and the documentary present different numbers, but it is no mistake, they just cover different periods of time and the data was still being collected at the time some of the lists were published:


These lists are more comprehensive than previous ones and provide detailed information about the victims and the murderers. Instead of just informing if the victim was pro-government or anti-government, these lists explain if the persons killed were protesting or not, how were they killed, if they could be identified with one of the sides or not, etc. There's also information about the police officers who killed anti-government protesters while on duty and fighting murderous uprising. The Venezuelan government gave the names of the police officers arrested and waiting for trial, proving how open and democratic is Venezuela.


Infographic produced by Telesur English:




Let's see what the numbers tell us:

  • Only 5 of the 124 victims were killed by polices officers.
  • 5 of the victims were police officers.
  • 12 victims could be clearly identified as Chavistas (pro-government).
  • 30 were bystanders, victims of opposition violence.
  • 49 were killed in the protesters, victims of opposition's violence or accidental deaths of those protesting violently.
  • 10 were killed in the barricades created by the violent opposition to block Chavistas.
  • 13 were killed during the acts of looting perpetrated by the opposition, victims of opposition's violence or accidental deaths of those looting.


So, in 124 deaths, we have 5 police officers (4%) killed by the opposition, 5 members of the opposition (4%) killed by the police and 114 deaths (92%) caused by opposition's violence (pro-government, unknown, neutral or opposition members).


In 124, we have 5 persons (4%) killed by the police and 119 persons (96%) killed as the result of opposition's violence. How can we possibly blame Maduro's government for the deaths, violence and destruction that occurred in 2017?


victims 2017


We can't blame the Venezuelan government for the deaths caused by a criminal opposition that doesn't respect democratic results and convene violent actions. Even the 5 persons killed by the police forces, those deaths occurred in a context of organized criminality destroying public property and killing innocent civilians, as would have happened in Germany, in the US or in Japan!


Yet, according to Western Lying media and their manipulative narrative, Maduro's government and only Maduro's government is to be blamed, no matter how many millions of US dollars are behind it; no matter how well armed with grenades and explosives was the criminal opposition; no matter how many hospitals, universities, buses and tonnes of food were vandalized, destroyed or burned by the criminal opposition.


The West is blind because the West wants to be blind and because the West is (also) guilty of all this violence.


In 2019, several Venezuelans died as a direct consequence of this last coup season. Always the same sad and unnecessary story. 


It is time for westerners to open their eyes and prevent their criminal governments from supporting the slow-motion genocide inflicted upon the brave Venezuelan people. If not, soon the world would be irreversibly divided into 2 blocks. Venezuela and other bullied nations like China, Russia, Iran or Syria will prevail and will be in the right block and on the right side of history. Westerners don't...



(read the other parts here)


Luís Garcia, Bang Sarai, Thailand








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