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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 14), by Luís Garcia

cover 14



False Humanitarian Aid has been used to promote violence in synchrony with violent and criminal "opposition" funded with dozens of millions of US dollars.


Violence is incredibly common in Venezuela but not has the West portrays it. The West never reports crimes like the one that happened a few days ago, when a Venezuelan policeman was shot dead in the streets of Caracas. What is the percentage of acts of violence with US dollars behind it? Surely high, Eva Golinger and other researchers already proved. But who cares about real facts and real reality in the West, right?


There is more than enough data to prove the US has been spending hundreds of millions of dollars in South America alone. A good part has been spent in illegal US interventions and interferences in Venezuelan, invested in NGOs, civil society organizations, criminal organizations, movements like Súmate [meaning: "get lost" Maduro], new political parties and so on, to create anti-socialism dissent and foment “regime changes" recurring to extremely violence (call it "terrorism") and even coup attempts.


As exposed by Jean-Guy Allard and Eva Golinger in their book USAID, NED y CIA - La agresión permanente (2009, in Spanish):

Through an Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI), which was established in Venezuela in August 2002, USAID has invested 15 million dollars in the political conflict in Venezuela during the last year and a half. And it plans to invest 13 million dollars more in 2010 (...). These millions of dollars fuel the conflict in the country, maintening different opposition groups alive and helping creating new organizations to continue their destabilizing plans. The beneficiaries are well known: Súmate, Sinergia, CEDICE, Red de los Barrios, Primero Justicia, Consorcio Justicia, Universidad Metropolitana, Liderazgo y Visión, CESAP, and hundreds of other political groups, NGOs and political parties that live off the money and support that come from Washington.


Primero Justicia is the political party whose presidential candidate in 2012 and 2013 elections was Henrique Capriles Radonski (he lost to Chávez, then to Maduro, respectively, in presidential elections considered fair and transparent by many international observers such as the North American The Carter Institute, as well as by the OEA). 


Henrique Capriles Radonski is famous for his many crimes and for his constant calls for violent uprisings against constitutional and democratically elected governments. Already under a Bolivarian Venezuela with Chávez as president, Capriles won several elections but never had the idea to label his own victories illegitimate or fraudulent or whatever he calls PSUV's victories. He was Mayor of Baruta from 2000 to 2008, and then governor of Miranda State from 2008 to 2017!


Unbelievable, I wonder what would Western prostituted journalists say if they had to explain how this man from the "oppressed" opposition managed to be elected so many times under the "dictatorship" of Chávez and Maduro. But they don't. Western prostituted journalists are not paid do journalism nor to be coherent!


In Chile's Pinochet, for the crime of thinking differently, socialists were electrocuted, thrown to certain death from military helicopters, tortured and killed in all the ways possible. Many thousands disappeared or were killed. In Chavez/Maduro's "dictatorship", anti-socialists like Capriles are magically allowed to participate in, and even win,  DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS? Am I missing something here or what?


In November 2008 Capriles became governor of Miranda after winning democratic elections. He took the seat that until then belonged to Diosdado Cabello, one of the right-hands of Chávez who had to hide himself during the 2002 failed coup, as the hoards of savage "opposition" members like Capriles wanted to capture him dead or alive. The coup failed.


The president Hugo Chávez and the vice-president Diosdado Cabello recovered the power 2 days later. Why, in this "horrendous" Chavista dictatorship, nobody decided to rape Capriles' wife in front of him? Why nobody decided to tortured Capriles and then throw him out of a helicopter? How does Capriles managed to win democratic elections and be a governor of a state, taking the seat of Diosdado Cabello that he Capriles, and his fellow criminals, tried to purge? Am I missing something here or what?


Capriles, abusing of his powers as mayor and governor, manages to commit all kinds of crimes, like vandalizing an embassy, destroying cars belonging to Cuban diplomats, cutting off the water and electricity supply of the Cuban Embassy and blocking it, preventing Cuban ambassador German Sanchez Otero from leaving the embassy, etc.


Come on, Capriles himself, invaded the Cuban Embassy, violenting International Law!


But what do they say in Western Lying Media and Venezuelan Coups-Plotters Media about Capriles?


Right, Capriles is "persecuted by the regime", arrested as a "political prisoner". Sure. 


Abusing of his power as Mayor of Baruta, he had his municipal police forces participating in the coup. He actively participated in illegal actions such as blocking a military base, creating conditions for teams of snipers to act (to kill civilians at distance) and participating in the attacks and aggressions against chavistas' politicians. Again, the Western MSM and Western governments call him a "political prisoner". Sure. 


Western Lying Media constantly crying rivers of crocodile tears for the "oppressed Venezuelans", telling us over and over that criminals like Henrique Capriles or Leopoldo López are victims of state persecution. Surprisingly (or not), during the 2-days regime of Pedro Carmona (2002 coup), leftist deputies, governors, mayors and even ministers were aggressed, humiliated and arrested.


For instance, in the state of Tachira, the house of the governor was invaded and vandalized by the opposition who had lost Tachira in democratic elections to the new governor Ronald Blanco La Cruz (pró-Chávez), who was brutally aggressed and then arrested.


Tarek William Saab, a deputy of the National Assembly was arrested by the criminal opposition. The same happened to Ramón Rodríguez Chacín, Minister of Justice. And so on.  


Prostituted Western Media and perverted organizations like Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International saw nothing, investigated nothing, reported nothing, exposed none of the crimes committed against "Chavistas" and against "Chavistas" politicians ... Shameless Western world!


Capriles Radonsky and his fellow criminal Leopoldo López, during the 2002 coup, ordered police forces to invade, loot and vandalize government buildings, the state TV headquarters and many other state institutions, but that's just fine for Western media always selling us these 2 as brave "freedom fighters".


Meanwhile, police forces following the orders of the coup-plotters massacred 50 pro-Chávez protesters, and injured 400 more, committing the very same crimes they falsely accused Chávez of having committed 2 days before.


In a report published in 2003, shameless Amnesty International Orwellianly dared to announce the numbers of victims without mentioning they were injured or killed by forces involved in the failed coup and by foreign agents with links to the Mossad. Worse, in the same report, Amnesty International shamelessly implied Círculos Bolivarianos (pro-government) were behind the violence and attacks on journalists. The very opposite happened and it is well documented. AI smeared the victims and whitewashed the crimes of the opposition. Shameless AI!


During and after the 2002 failed coup, Western prostituted media (specifically the Portuguese prostituted RTP I was watching back then) kept telling us Chávez had massacred many people (lies completely dismantled) and NEVER, never told us anything about the real massacres committed by the coup-plotters surrounded by millions of people asking Chávez to be brought back. Shameless Western MSM, always siding with criminals and with all sorts of illegality...


Henrique Capriles e Juan Guaidó during "Operation Freedom" rally in Caracas on March 27, 2019

Capriles and Guaidó


In the previous parts, I already shared many examples of extreme violence (read "terror attacks"). Undeniable and shocking examples of executions and mass destruction by the opposition are widely available online, for those willing to know the truth, for those rare beings daring to seek the truth.


In Venezuela, thanks to the many millions illegally spent by the US, dozens of groups get the training, the money and the equipment they use to commit all those crimes,  There's no room here to describe all the crimes committed by all the criminal groups. But I can share with you a very clear example: the auto-proclaimed Resistencia de Lechería and its terrorist actions. A picture is worth a thousand words; I would add that a video is worth a million words. There's no way to describe those actions. You have to witness those with your own eyes.


Watch this, members of "Resistencia de Lechería" attacking passive police forces with rockets:


(more here)


Watch this, a pro-government citizen, member of the Colectivos, killed by a mortar launched by members the terrorist group Resistencia de Lechería. His body was then set on fire and, eventually, desecrated:




One more example of the horrendous crimes committed by the opposition occurred on April 11, 2017, during another US-sponsor round of coup attempt. In that day, opposition armed gangs attacked the Maternal and Child Health Hospital Hugo Chávez. These opposition criminals set the hospital on fire, with 54 children and newborn babies inside!


Yes, 54 children and newborn babies inside, about to be burned alive by the same people Western Lying Media call "oppressed peaceful protesters"!


According to Venezuela's Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez:

We were attacked by violent groups that showered us with stones and sharp objects (and) then burned a large amount of garbage from the hospital – the smoke penetrated inside the premises," 




For a long period, the hospital had to be protected by members of the Circulos Bolivarianos (labeled as wild savage criminal leftists by Western Lying Media) in order to remain open. 


Believe it or not, after more than 2 years, the page of this hospital on Wikipedia (Spanish) doesn't have any information about this crime, proving once again Wikipedia is all but fair or impartial. Wikipedia is incredibly biased. In the same page, there is "information" about the poor conditions felt in the hospital in 2018. Sure, and what about the reasons behind it? What about years of artificially-imposed hyper-inflation of medicines and medical equipment? What about the Western sanctions on medicines and medical equipment? Shame on Wikipedia!


Beating up pro-Chavistas who don't want to strike; attacking businesses of those who don't want to go on strike; to build barricades to prevent people from going to work; setting fire on the entries of poor neighborhoods so pro-government civilians can't go to work; shotting dead civilians for daring to break the barricades of illegally enforced strikes; provoking accidents with oil and wires put on the barricades, where people die strangled in the wires or in consequence of accidents with their vehicles slipping on oil...


All this has been happening systematically, over the past seven years. All this is scandalously omitted by our pro-terrorists Mainstream Media. Worse, the overwhelming majority of the people killed, who then appear on the Western MSM "lists of victims of Maduro's oppression", are precisely the victims of these acts of opposition terrorism and of other equally horrendous crimes: people burned alive, killed with rockets while driving vehicles, etc. All Chavistas, of course.


Never the Western Media informed the Western audience (they also don't want to know) about all these acts of terrorism. They never took the side of these many thousands of Chavistas dead or mourning their lost relatives.


And they always call "repression of the regime" to the too mild and peaceful police forces' attempts to put an end to the blatant terrorism. Police and military personnel are killed and wounded in grenade and bomb attacks, in broad daylight, without even fighting back or defending themselves. Yet, for that fundamentalist Western MSM, Maduro "oppresses" and end of the discussion! Sure. 


Ultimate irony: when, in the West, genuine strikes are convened and organized by leftist political parties and leftist citizens, often the MSM call them lazy anarchists and ask them to go back to work: when wealthy Venezuelans impose "strikes" (by closing their own factories and businesses), at the same time right-wing terrorist organizations commit all the crimes listed above, the very same MSM scream out loud and cry for the right of right-wing Venezuelan millionaires of European descent to enforce strikes recurring to massacres and vandalism, and preventing native Venezuelans and black Venezuelans from exercising their constitutional right to go to work!


Vile arrogant schizophrenic Western World!


I'll give you one more example of right-wing terrorism in Venezuela: the Manos Blancas (White Hands), a Venezuelan "students movement" formed in 2007 and funded by US agencies like the Albert Einstein Institute that brought the Serbs Slobodan Dinovicy and Ivan Marovic (Otpor!'s "regime change" experts) to implement Gene Sharp's ideas and plans for Venezuela. The face of the group in 2007 was Yon Goicochea, a specialist in Sharp techniques.  Manos Blancas are known for their acts of urban violence, but they go much further than that, using psychological war of disinformation and manipulation, and that is precisely what I want you to be aware of.


I wanted to bring your attention to the fact that there's is, in Venezuela, many cases of US interferences sponsoring terrorism disguised as student and youth insurrections. Worse, this faked and injected insurrections are then romanticized by Mainstream Media... and westerners swallow it!


Golinger and Allard exhaustively explain how obscure American agents (and of other nationalities) are behind the numerous cases of terrorism disguised as irreverence in Venezuela and in other parts of the world. They also draw attention to the ultimate incoherence: the US administration sponsors dissent abroad, in clear examples of illegal interventionism; at the same time, at home, the US chases down and eliminates any kind of legal dissent against its fascist regime. Here is an excerpt from the book:

The creators of the successful and “super-technological” campaign of Obama joined forces with other agencies in Washington to design the perfect strategy. They combined two new forces in politics - youth and new technologies. It was a combination capable of achieving what for several years had made life difficult for the CIA: [to be able to inject] regime changes in countries that are not subordinate to the interests of the United States, without showing Washington's envolvement. The “Manos Blancas” student movement in Venezuela, funded and formed by US agencies, plus the anti-communist protests in Moldova, the demonstrations against the Iranian government and the latest virtual protests against President Chávez are all examples of this new strategy. New technologies like: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others are the main weapons, and traditional media, such as CNN and its affiliates, help exaggerate the real impact of these movements by promoting false and distorted opinions about their importance and legitimacy."


Think about it. And read the book USAID, NED y CIA - La agresión permanente if you can. If you can't, the content of this book is a powerful reason to motivate you to learn Spanish.


Example of Organized Violence - Abril 2013 

Between 14 and 21 of April 2013, plenty of public property was destroyed and eleven persons were killed as result of the so-called “guarimbas” or "arrecheras", words to describe urban violent actions committed by the opposition to destabilize and provoke chaos. This guarimbas were convoked by Henrique Capriles Radonski, who lost the 2012 presidential elections and did not accept the results. Capriles, considered a persecuted hero in the West, had no qualms to invite Venezuelans to burn down the country and kill other fellow Venezuelans supporting the government. And so they did.


The 11 persons killed were all supporters of Maduro's democratically elected government. Some of them were children. The 11 persons were all killed by opposition's terrorists who can't accept democratic results. 

victims 2013

On April 14, Luis Eduardo García (24 years old) was shot dead while peacefully protesting with other revolutionary youngsters against Capriles' call for violence. Also on April 14, José Luis Ponce Ordóñez (45 years old), Rosiris Reyes (44 years old) and Johnny Pacheco (37 years old) were shot with guns, dying later from the injuries. They were protecting a public hospital (Centro de Diagnóstico Integral, in Piedra Azul) under the attack of opposition terrorists. 


On April 15, Rey David Chacín González (11 years old) Johan Hernández (22 years old) and María Victoria Báez (12 years old) were killed why peacefully celebrating the triumph of the Bolivarian Revolution. 13 others were injured in the attack. Also on April 15,  Gerardo Rico (39 years old) was violently attacked by Capriles' supporter. He died on May 8, in a hospital. 


Keler Guevara a police officer (PNB) was shot dead while on duty. 


Hender José Bastardo Agreda (21 years old) was shot dead while driving a motorbike. Henry Rangel La Rosa (32 years old) was shot dead while celebrating Maduro's victory right in front of his house. 


All these lives lost are worthless for vile Western MSM apologists of savages "regime changes" in Venezuela and elsewhere.


All these lives are worthless for the US and European governments financing Capriles and his fellow criminals!




To prove socialism does not work, the US and some European nations sponsor those who sabotage and destroy the great achievements of the socialist revolution in Venezuela.


Vile West will never change!


The list of public property and public services destroyed during those days is immense, proving the terrorist opposition is not pleased to witness the national wealth being spent to increase the standards of living of those who had nothing under US-allied colonial-minded fascist governments. 


The criminal opposition destroyed, vandalized or set on fire at the least:

  • 35 buildings of Barrio Adentro, a national social welfare program established by Hugo Chávez;
  • 2 hospitals;
  • 9 governmental institutions:
  • 3 PSUV (Maduro's party) headquarters;
  • 3 CNE (National Electoral Council) headquarters;
  • Building belonging to 18 alternative and communitarian media;
  • 39 headquarters of Misión Mercal, PDVAL and Casas de Alimentación, 3 food supply networks created by Hugo Chávez to democratize people's access to food.


Here is some footage showing vandalized infrastructure: 


Centro de Diagnóstico Integral de Palo Verde.jpg

(Centro de Diagnóstico Integral de Palo Verde, a hospital for emergency medical services)


centros de salud.jpg

(several clinics)


Consultorio Médico Popular, Estado Barinas.jpg

(community health center in Barinas State)


public buses, Miranda State.jpg

(public buses in Miranda State)


Several headquarters of the PSUV party burned and

 (3 PSUV headquarters in Barinas, Táchira and Anzoátegui)


These are just a few examples of the many crimes committed by the opposition. The list goes on and on.


All these crimes against humanity and against the fundamental rights of Venezuelan human beings are labeled by the Western MSM as "peaceful protests". Am I missing something or, once and for all, should we all start calling them Western Prostituted Media?


In the US and EU, committing such crimes would certainly result in many years of imprisonment.


In Venezuela, nobody can't be arrested or even stopped, otherwise perverted and vicious Amnesty Internacional accuses Maduro's government of "excessive use of force", "policy repression" and "crackdown on free speech". So do Western MSM. 


But the Venezuelan people who had endured 20 years of endless sabotage, terrorism and aggression are tired of all this US-sponsored violence. Look what they have to say:


Venezuelan voices 1.jpg

(Nicolás Maduro, we ask you for justice to be done)


Venezuelan voices 2.jpg

(We ask for justice; arrest fascist Henrique Capriles)


But the Western MSM omit and censor this side of the story, silencing the true victims of the conflict.


In the West, prostituted "journalists" and Lying Mainstream Media shamelessly invert the narrative and present the aggressors as victims, in order to convince the Western sheep-like humans to feel empathy towards criminals and terrorists, as they do with the Syrian conflict: "baa"...


They lie ostensively, they manipulate information about certain events, they recycle footage from different conflicts, they omit essential information, and so on.


All this was done in 2013 to divert the Western populace attention away from the opposition' attempt to reenact the 2002 failed coup. In 2002, the US and Venezuelan white elite didn't manage to corrupt Chávez, so they tried to force him out. In 2013 Chávez was already dead. Maduro (unfortunately for the imperial US) won the presidential elections, so the only option for the US rogue state was to do more of the same: another coup attempt.


Again failed, but not the last one. They have been trying over and over.


The last attempt occurred only 1 month ago, on March 30, 2019.


In the 2013 failed coup, the idea was to generate generalized chaos from April 14 on: after the results of the presidential elections (Nicolás Maduro won, Henrique Capriles lost). Capriles and his party had already planned to not recognize Maduro's victory. They knew in advance they would not win, and they decided in advance they would react violently. These are the guys European MSM label as "oppressed" by the "regime"!


With violence and chaos widespread, a psychologic and mediatic campaign would be implemented to make people question the results of the last elections (the same kind of injected violence implemented in 2002 to make people question the legitimacy of Chávez's government). That would temporarily (or permanently) discredit Maduro's public image (as happened to Chávez's public image in 2002), open the door of a coup attempt or a civil war (like in 2002). If necessary, the US Army was ready to intervene militarily (as it was in 2002) and fully implement the latest dictatorship in what the US administration calls its "backyard".


The Venezuelan Intelligence Service (SEBIN), since at the least October 2012, was investigating the people behind the destabilizing plan for the upcoming elections and known by its creators as plan Conexión Abril. Behind this plan to provoke chaos as a way to implement a "regime change" coup were, among others, Raúl Isaías Baduel (former Minister of Defense) and Antonio Rivero (leader of Voluntad Popular, one of those groups funded by the US). Antonio Rivero has links to other US-sponsored groups of "youth insurgence" such as Juventud Activa Venezolana Unida, Movimiento 13 or Operación Libertad. 


Tracy Timothy Hallet


On June 5, 2013, after being arrested by the SEBIN and accused of being involved in the preparation of this failed coup, a US citizen named Tracy Timothy Hallet (35 years old, born in Michigan) was forced to leave Venezuela. If Venezuela were a dictatorship like Pinochet's Chile or a terrorist rogue state like the US (I am thinking about Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and other US chambers of terror), Tracy Timothy Hallet would have been harshly tortured and, eventually, killed. 


But Venezuela is not, no matter what Western sheep-like humans think about it!



(read the other parts here)


Luís Garcia, Bang Sarai, Thailand








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