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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 13), by Luís Garcia

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Humanitarian Aid 

Every serious publication on "humanitarian crisis in Venezuela" should definitely include a resume of what was exposed by Max Blumenthal, Anya Prampil and Alfred Zayaz at a side event at a UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva on March 19.


To leave no doubt about their intentions, the title of their presentation was “Humanitarian crisis in Venezuela: Propaganda vs. reality".



During the 40 minutes presentation, the panel provided very clear evidence that: 1st, the "humanitarian crises" in Venezuela is exaggerated by Western MSM; 2nd, the "humanitarian crises" happens in result of the actions of those supposedly willing to deliver "humanitarian aid"; 3rd, it is not true Maduro's government is to be blamed for the "humanitarian crisis"; 4th Maduro's government actually does what it can to counter the "humanitarian crisis" inflicted on the Venezuelan people by foreign powers.


As the Russian ambassador to the UN affirmed, during the Security Council meeting that took place following the beginning of the (failed) coup in January 2019:

It is no secret that the current economic crisis is provoked by the countries that are the first to cry on behalf of the Venezuelan people.”


Western governments may lie and propagate lies their Western sheep-like humans easily swallow. That's fine. But one must not forget the world is composed of far more nations than those in North America and the EU. In the remaining countries (the majority, by the way), there's plenty of people not swallowing this latest Western "humanitarian aid" paranoia. 



They don't swallow it because they saw and have plenty of evidence about the true nature of Western "humanitarian aid" for "regime change" or for "Arab Springs". For instance, they know and they can prove Western "humanitarian aid" for Aleppo (late 2016) was to be delivered to organizations classified as "terrorists" even by the same West governments trying to give them "humanitarian aid". And they can prove the Western "humanitarian aid" intended to be delivered to terrorist organizations spreading death and destruction in Syria included weapons that are not humanitarian aid. Weapons in the hands of internationally recognized terrorists can only help spreading more death and destruction, which is in total contradiction with the concept of humanitarian relief.


Venezuelans are aware of these facts and do not want to be the next victims of Western "humanitarian aid" of smuggled weapons to trigger bloody civil wars. Actually, Venezuelans already caught Western "humanitarian aid" trying to introduce materials to be used in violent uprisings or even in a civil war


As we witnessed during the pathetic attempt of coup d'état on April 30, US and European weapons smuggled into Venezuela were used by coup-plotter to shoot life ammunition against the police and military forces defending the sovereignty of Venezuela:




So no, thank you but Western "humanitarian aid" no!


This kind of bellicose "humanitarian aid" would only lead to violence, death and destruction!



So, dear not dear US administration and its obedient vassals, forget about your "humanitarian" aid being delivered to Venezuelans. 


But, if by any chance I am wrong about your "humanitarian" intentions, in that case, please deliver it somewhere else. 


For instance, you, the US administration, you could repack the refused "humanitarian aid" and give it to the victims of the wild capitalism you injected in Honduras after the 2009 coup d'état you executed there! Since you interfere and actually control Honduras administration, it would be a piece of cake to make your "humanitarian aid" enter Honduran territory. 


Moreover, it would make a lot more sense to have the US sending humanitarian aid to Honduras (instead of Venezuela), as it is well known that a part of the migrants of the caravans trying to reach the US is precisely composed of Hondurans, precisely running away from the US-imposed capitalism that always brings poverty!


Or even better, send you humanitarian aid to Yemen where, according to The New York Times, 85,000 Children in Yemen May Have Died of Starvation. But you need to multiply your humanitarian aid hundreds of times, as the number of people in need there, thanks to US-UAE-UK-Saudi state terrorism, reaches 14 million.


Or bring it to Congo. Or to Nigeria, Borneo, Papua, Sudan or to so many other hopeless victims of Western economic terrorism and Western military terrorism.


I know, bring it to a country named Peru, so close to Venezuela, where extreme capitalism created an abundance of miserable and desperate human beings living in absolute poverty and surrounded by a collapsing and totally poisoned environment (All consequences of utopian capitalism, right?).


According to The World Counts:

Every second a person dies of hunger. Right now, more than 1 billion people suffer from hunger. This means that 1 in every 6 people on Earth don’t get enough food to live a healthy life. This year 36 million of these people will die of hunger!"


Every second one person dies of hunger, many of them in North America and Europe, most of them in plundered and enslaved countries victims of North American and European turbo-capitalism. So why do Westerners suddenly care so much about "starving Venezuelans"?


You should know the answer by now. 


Back to the Venezuelan crisis, it is true many people suffer now from the lack of certain products and medicines, but in Venezuela, there's no need for "poisoned aid" as professor Tim Anderson rightly labels the US supposed "humanitarian aid":



On February 14, a few weeks after the beginning of this latest coup season, Telesur reported the arrival of at least 64 containers with twenty-five million euros-worth of humanitarian aid. 933 tons of medical supplies sent by "Cuba, China, Russia, Palestine, Turkey, among others".


"Over 22,570 units of spare parts for medical equipment, 192,000 kit for diagnostic tests and "more than 100,000 kits for cytology" were included in the shipment," added Telesur.


We have here clear evidence proving Western MSM lie when they accuse Maduro of refusing humanitarian help and, consequently, being "responsible" of many deaths. Wrong, absolutely wrong. Liars!


In a few years under Bolivarian socialism, the Venezuelan healthcare system went from a third world level to a decent and modern level, and the many millions that never had visited a doctor in their lives, now they can do it anytime they need, not far from their home's door. 


It is true that many hospitals are now empty, but not due to mismanagement, lack of doctors and nurses or inadequate equipment. No. Hospitals are closed or empty because genocidal West inflected a criminal blockade on Venezuela, preventing this country from acquiring medicines and all the other materials necessary to run a hospital.


Worse, as declared by Venezuelan Ambassador to Russia Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa, 1,5 billion dollars belonging to the Venezuelan government and deposited in a Portuguese bank to purchase medicines and medical equipment in Europe,  were stolen by Portuguese Novo Banco


Confronted with all these horrible facts, how dare Western MSM in general, and Portuguese MSM in particular, to blame Maduro for the death of thousands of Venezuelan who didn't get proper medical treatment? Have they all lost the ability to reason?


If not, if westerners haven't lost the ability to reason, in that case, they should force their governments to stop with this genocidal embargo and send genuine humanitarian aid as Chinese did again a few days ago. 


According to Sputnik:

A second Chinese cargo plane carrying 71 tonnes of aid including medicine arrived in Caracas on Monday as part of a “humanitarian technical” cooperation agreement between President Nicolas Maduro’s government and Beijing."


And in case you missed it, very recently, the Chinese government offered medical supplies, a medical team,  US$800,000 in cash and 10.000 tonnes of rice to help the victims of Cyclone Idai that ravished Zimbabwe. Ohh, devil Chinese creatures, always trying to help hopeless human beings without asking anything in return! How dare they! No wonder we, the West, experts on humanitarian bombs, humanitarian wars and faked humanitarian aid, hate so much the Chinese and boldly call them the "yellow threat"! Yes, yes, shame on us the West!


In any case, sovereign and independent Venezuela has all the right to refuse humanitarian aid, genuine or not. Venezuelans remember how the US went to Haiti to "help" the victims of a hurricane and, suddenly, the US was militarily occupying Haiti. 


But even if Venezuelans knew nothing about US military humanitarianism, why couldn't they refuse humanitarian aid? Why can't they refuse humanitarian aid? Why do Western MSM do so much noise about it? Why all this faked empathy for suffering Venezuelans when there's always so little empathy for the billions right now suffering in countless manners, all over the planet?


Why all this faked empathy for suffering Venezuelans, now, when we do remember how little some Western MSM cared about the 2010 Israeli vicious attack against a flotilla carrying humanitarian relief that was supposed to reach Gaza?



Why all this faked empathy for suffering Venezuelans, now, when we do remember how scandalously some Western MSM manipulated the facts and recreated a narrative in which the unarmed volunteers ended up portrayed as the "aggressors", while the terrorist Israeli soldiers who killed unarmed civilians became the odd "victims" of their own illegal assault on a civilian flotilla, in international waters, and carrying humanitarian aid?



I could not end the subject of "Venezuelan humanitarian crisis" and "refused humanitarian aid" without mentioning the ultimate dark irony. Sure Venezuela refused faked bellicose "humanitarian aid" offered by the US, now in 2019. But the USA also refused Venezuelan and Cuban humanitarian aid in 2005, when many people lost their lives, victims of the exceptionally devastating Hurricane Katrina.


According to The Guardian, in 2005:

An offer of aid from the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, which included two mobile hospital units, 120 rescue and first aid experts and 50 tonnes of food, has been rejected (...)"


The same happened with the proposed Cuban aid, as Shane Quinn reminded us many years later:

Cuban leader Fidel Castro offered to ship over 1,600 doctors and dozens of tons of medical supplies to the US’s affected areas. Considering the decades-long terrorist attacks perpetrated against Cuba by US governments, in addition to a crippling embargo, it was a noble gesture by the Castro government."


In his essay for Mint Press News, Quinn gave us a hint for the reasons behind the US administration decision to refuse genuine aid in times of catastrophic human tragedy:

Surely Cuba’s vital aid to Pakistan (and others) in its hour of need did not go unnoticed by US President George W. Bush. However, it had already been deemed more important by his administration to preserve the superpower’s prestige rather than protect its own citizens."


Of course the US couldn't let a socialist nation and a communist nation help saving lives of US citizens, as it would be an extremely inconvenient proof that socialism and communism are not what US propaganda always told us to believe.


The US has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in Contras, in terrorist attacks, in the Operation Mongoose, in acts of sabotage, in invasions, in genocides, in coup d'états, etc., all over Latin America and in the rest of the world, to be able to (wrongly) prove socialism and communism "do not work". How in the world would the US administration open the gates of truth to save mere several thousands of disposable human beings, many of them black?


Fidel Castro resumed it very well:

The American government’s pride dictated that their own citizens had to die on the roofs of their houses, or on the roofs of hospitals from which no-one evacuated them, or in stadiums, or in nursing homes where some of them were given euthanasia in order to prevent a horrible death by drowning. That’s the country that portrays itself as ‘a defender of human rights’."


Fidel Castro was not exaggerating, as Naomi Klein proved years later in her outstanding analysis on the US imperial machine of capitalist terror: The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.


In this book, Naomi Klein exposed the true murderous and inhumane nature of the US Empire. Here is a glimpse of the many inconvenient truths about Hurricane Katrina she unraveled in The Shock Doctrine:

The work was extraordinarily slow, and bodies were left in the broiling sun for days. Emergency workers and local volunteer morticians were forbidden to step in to help because handling the bodies impinged on Kenyon's commercial territory. The company charged the state, on average, $12,500 a victim, and it has since been accused of failing to properly label many bodies. For almost a year after the flood, decayed corpses were still being discovered in attics."


Many people suffered and died in avoidable circumstances. A truly socialist state cares about its people and when there are humanitarian catastrophes, people must come first, no matter the economic price, as Hugo Chávez proved us during the Vargas tragedy in 1999. 


In an inhuman and vulture-like society as North Americans unfortunately live in, money comes first, no matter how many people unnecessarily die. So be it, but you the bloody US administration leave Venezuela alone and mind your own genocidal businesses...



(read the other parts here)


Luís Garcia, Bang Sarai, Thailand








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