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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 9), by Luís Garcia



The US Intervening and interfering everywhere

First of all, let me remind the reader the arrogant US is the all-time world champion on the categories of Intervention and Interference. The US has done it and still does it all the time, all over the world, audaciously killing presidents, shamelessly bombing presidential palaces, illegally investing millions (through NED, USAID, etc) in brainwashing campaigns to push citizens of other countries towards "regime changes", sponsoring genocidal massacres of millions like in Indonesia in 1965, cowardly invading dozens of countries with false excuses to totally dismantle their societies and transform them into primary resources slave-producers, etc. Unfortunately, to humankind, the list of criminal and often terrorist US interventions and interferences around the world is absurdly long. 
Furthermore, most US past interventions and interferences around the world, are not even secret and are very well-documented and proven facts thanks to the constant release of declassified documents by the US State Department.
For instance, in June 2017 the US state department finally released "declassified U.S. government documents on the 1953 coup in Iran. The volume includes fascinating details on Iranian, American and British planning and implementation of the covert operation" that successfully removed the democratically elected socialist government of Mossadeq (a US-UK crime known as Operation Ajax).
As Malcolm Byrne pointed out:

The publication is the culmination of decades of internal debates and public controversy after a previous official collection omitted all references to the role of American and British intelligence in the ouster of Iran’s then-prime minister, Mohammad Mosaddeq. The volume is part of the Department’s venerable Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) series.

For decades, neither the U.S. nor the British governments would acknowledge their part in Mosaddeq’s overthrow, even though a detailed account appeared as early as 1954 in The Saturday Evening Post, and since then CIA and MI6 veterans of the coup have published memoirs detailing their activities." 

As you can see, this criminal US-UK intervention in Iran was even not a secret before the documents became publicly available. This is just an example. I could but I will not introduce thousands of other examples. Visit and to start digging the truth, if you wish to do so. There's no excuse for Western ignorance about all these crimes. Most Westerners opt to not know so Western Terrorism can carry on enslaving billions to collect the money required to artificially sustain and maintain Western's privileged standards of living. Let them be arrogantly ignorant!    
Another example of US criminal interference happened 16 years ago in a country neighboring Iran: Iraq. In a memo that was written by Bush's Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld 1 year prior to the US invasion of Iraq, there's a recipe on how to start a war in that country using fraudulent excuses:
How start?
  • Saddam moves against Kurds in north?
  • US discovers Saddam connection to Sept. 11 attack or to anthrax attacks?
  • Dispute over WMD inspection?
    • Start now thinking about inspection demands.

Surprise, speed, shock and risk."

Other more recent examples of US criminal interventions occurred not far from Venezuela and, just like the previous examples, the plans were to destroy leftist democratic governments in Latin America and assure no leftist forces would be left alive to retake the righteous control of those nations.
In 2009, when Manuel Zelaya proposed a democratic process to review the Constitution of Honduras and add what is already common practice in Germany (no limit of mandates for the countries' "ruler"), the US penetrated Honduras with its troops and removed Zelaya. 
During the same year, a very similar US intervention took place in Haiti:

Then Westerners wonder (or not) why Haitians beg for the bad, imperial and expansionist Putin to counter-intervene in Haiti (read ‘Long live Putin!’ Haiti opposition protesters burn US flag, demand Russian intervention).
Even more recent is the aggression on Nicaragua, where the US tries to sabotage a truly democratic and socialist government, using the very same old tactic of injected protests and propaganda. The US accuses the government of committing oppressive acts it doesn't commit against those paid by the US to indeed oppress Nicaraguan people. And to make the scheme look plausible, of course, the US counts on Western MSM to lie, deceive, manipulate, omit and recreate a parallel reality, just as they do with Venezuela and Syria.    
In spite of being incredibly overused, the criminal US tactics and MSM lies continue to be very effective. Worse, not only they keep interfering and intervening, but they show themselves proud of the illegalities they commit and even talk loudly about it: 

Even worse. Their agents of criminal interventions and interferences can be caught with weapons in Haitian territory and admit they were in a "US government mission", only for the very same agents to be escorted to the nearest airport while complaining of the VIP-like treatment they got. In a normal world, they would be arrested and interrogated. In the US, they would be mentally and physically tortured with no access to lawyers or medical care. In Haiti's part of US "backyard", US agents are caught and kindly sent back to the US! 

Interventions and interferences in Venezuela
Overconfident after having received information (probably erroneous, we will analyze it in the 15th part of this series) about the existent of an important number of high-ranked military personnel ready to betray Maduro's government, in January 2019 the US administration finally ordered the implementation of the "regime change" planned one year before. 
On January 23 (anniversary of a 1958 uprising that overthrew a military dictatorship in Venezuela), apparently coming out of nowhere, Juan Guaidó declared himself President of Venezuela without having been elected. Actually, not even a candidate in the presidential elections that had taken place 8 months before.
Unknown by 80% of Venezuelans, being the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela as member of the opposition with the majority in that assembly (what an amazing thing to be found in a supposed dictatorship), and following the orders of his Yankee bosses who for many years groomed him in US soil (we will learn more about it in the 14th part of this series fully dedicated to Guaido's past), Guaidó auto-proclaimed his person the President of Venezuela and was immediately recognized as so by the US administration and by several of its client states.  

- 80% of Venezuelans didn't know who Juan Guaido was until the US declared him president of their country last week! -...

Posted by LEE CAMP on Saturday, February 2, 2019
As Sergey Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, righteously noticed: 
The fact that US immediately recognised the self-proclaimed “interim president” of Venezuela is a tell-tale sign that they are directly involved in creation of a dual power situation. This is another gross interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state."
From the very beginning of this latest US interference in Venezuelan affairs, it was precisely too obvious the US was "interfering". To create a parallel power, out of nowhere, in a country with already too many problems, was surely not an attempt to do any good there. 
The US has no good intentions toward socialist Venezuela. On the contrary, the US has plenty of reasons to destroy this great example of living socialism and plenty of resources to potentially plunder in its territory. 
Furthermore, the levels of greediness and madness among the US administration and the North American corporations are so high that they can't even hide their vampire-like faces, ready to suck the blood of Venezuelans and the Venezuelan oil. Actually, they proudly admit they interfere in all ways possible: diplomatic interference, economic sanctions, embargoes, electric sabotage, funding both peaceful and terrorist opposition. And they intervene with all they can and want, delivering, for instance, "nails & wire for barricades" disguised as humanitarian aid:

Or infiltrating their agents among the fabricated and violent protests the Western MSM Orwellianly label as "peaceful":

Then we have the sadly comic opportunity of witnessing US MSM actually making very bad jokes about US interference and US intervention in Venezuela. There's no limit for US arrogance. They sabotage the economy and peace of a rebellious country, they proudly admit they are doing so, they make jokes about it live on their own MSM, and we are supposed to swallow it? Not me, I will never swallow their crimes, I will never swallow their criminal lies and I will never swallow their outrageous arrogance and lack of empathy towards the victims of their own crimes. But I would barf If I were to watch their televised terror-praising jokes for too long. 
Other Orwellian bullshit we were supposed to swallow was the nonexistent Russian intervention on US elections. Thankfully, as Lee Camp stated:
The Mueller report is done and it is not recommending any more indictments and it shows no collusion with Russia and it has made our mainstream and half our politicians look like idiot conspiracy theorists worse than when they all did the WMD chacha." 
Thankfully, the truth came out and we can all expose servants of the Terror Empire (aka the USA) like the vile Rachel Maddow. She deserves this and much more:

But let's not be naive. These incoherent beings, even after having been exposed for having lied about "Russian interferences" that never took place, and even after having been seen celebrating real US interferences in Venezuela, they will continue with their perverted and hellish rhetoric. After the ultimate self-humiliating scenes we watched, Rachel Maddow goes on with their sickening attacks on Russia.
And other North American prostituted "journalists" and prostituted politicians will continue to interfere in Venezuela affairs, including calling live on TV for the assassination of Maduro! No no, don't blame Trump, you simple-minded Western sheep-like humans.
FoxNews broadcasted it, but the guest was a former Bill Clinton adviser who literally said: "He [Maduro] needs to understand that a bullet to the forehead may be his way out of Venezuela"!
If you don't believe, please watch it:

Let's be honest. Nobody with a functioning brain can deny we are dealing here with blatant US intervention and US interference in Venezuela. And let's not forget there's plenty of conscious US citizens aware of the crimes their country is committing against Venezuela. Read, for instance, these two brilliant articles written by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, two of the bravest US citizens defending Venezuela and who are currently trapped inside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington with no access to water, food and electricity:
Certain of the US interference/intervention, let's look at how the US does it.
To begin with, Yankees do it so carelessly and with such contempt towards non-US citizens, that they can't even spell the name of their puppet correctly. Look how Trump wrote "Guaidó" just a few days after his self-proclamation as President of Venezuela:

2019-02-07 18-15-38.JPG


Yankees show no respect whatsoever for Venezuelan sovereignty and for International Law. As a consequence of the US illegitimate decision to recognize its puppet Guaidó as President of Venezuela, the legitimate government of Venezuela decided to cut off diplomatic relations with the US and, consequently, gave 72 hours for the US diplomatic mission in Venezuela to leave the country.
The US refused to take its diplomatic personnel out of Venezuela, acting as a pariah state that doesn't care at all about International Law. Worse, according to US secretary Mike Pompeo, Maduro was already a "former president" with no "legal authority to break diplomatic relations" with the US! How convenient!
How easy: you pick a new puppet-president for a given country, then you don't play according to International Law because you no longer recognize the legitimate president and, finally, you order your puppet-president to "beg you" to start a military invasion (as Guaidó is doing now) to bring the all nation back to Stone Age! Brilliantly pathetic... and illegal!
2019-01-24 09-30-39.JPG
Even worse, the US threatened Venezuelan with bellicose language to convince Maduro's government not to do what they have the right to do: forcefully (yet peacefully) remove from its own territory the US citizens overstaying after the end of the 72 hours ultimatum. US bellicose language implied US citizens are special human beings with special rights and, if anyone in Venezuela would dare to grab an arm of a special being to pull him out of the US former embassy in Caracas, again, US would surely disrespect International Law and would retaliate with a full-scale war. 
To prevent the escalation, bullied Venezuela waited patiently. Doing so, Venezuela showed us another kind of US intervention: North Americans can illegally stay in a sovereign nation as long as they wish, with their backs protects by US military interventionism. And the government of the nation in question has no word to say on that matter, or else...
Or else the US will do what its administration already decided to do with or without that pathetic excuse: to attack and invade Venezuela with its Terrorist US Army. No one hides this intention anymore. They even meet with their chosen Venezuelan puppets to discuss how to do it, and then proudly announce it on MSM:
Against International Law, US high-ranked military personnel go even further and call for the Venezuelan Army to betray its own government and its own nation, and to join forces with the US aggressor:

Thankfully, after 20 years of Bolivarianism, Venezuelan citizens and Venezuelan military personnel are very well informed about US criminal past, they have a very good memory of the crimes the US inflicted upon their nation during the last 2 decades and are absolutely committed to defending their nation's sovereignty and a country were people (and not corporative greed) come first:

As always, the few low-ranked falling in US Machiavellian tactics of deception, poor them, they ended out betrayed and abandoned in some forgotten street of Colombia with no food and no shelter:
And what to say about the illegal interferences of the grumpy old woman named Europe in the internal affairs of sovereign Venezuela? Well, once imperialistic and bullier, always imperialistic and bullier.
A few days after the nonsensical Guaidó's self-proclamation as President of Venezuela, al-Jazeera informed us that:  

Spain, France, Germany and Britain have given embattled Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro an ultimatum, saying the nations would recognise opposition leader Juan Guaido as president unless he calls elections within eight days.

'If within eight days there are no fair, free and transparent elections called in Venezuela, Spain will recognise Juan Guaido as Venezuelan president', Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said in a televised announcement on Saturday."

The EU sent observers to the Presidential elections that took place in May 2018, who found nothing wrong. The EU, as the Orwellian dictatorship it is, might not appreciate acknowledging how democratic Venezuela is, but their dissatisfaction can't be translated into ultimatums and threats against Venezuela. International Law is there to prevent this kind of bullying. Sadly, Imperial Europe, like the Imperial US, does not give a shit about International Law and the international institutions (like the UN) it helped create. 
When I say "Europe" I mean almost all Europe, not just its heralds of neoliberalism, but also their twin brothers from the faked leftist parties with whom they constantly share political power to obediently fulfill the orders received from the International Economic Dictatorship based in the West. 
There are exceptions, sure, but the Western Lying Media, also obediently, omit and censor any kind of dissent in the West. Read what EuropeanLEFT published 3 days after Guaidó's self-proclamation:
The Executive Board of the Party of the European Left (EL) expresses its absolute rejection of the coup d’état attempt in Venezuela. An attempt sponsored, subsidized and instigated by the Trump administration, (mired in internal problems) that seeks to impose a “president in charge”  who suit them. This action, in addition to being contrary to the Constitution of Venezuela, is nothing more than an interventionist ruse to justify a military intervention commanded by the United States, after the unilateral coercive measures (sanctions)."
But let's go back to European interference and European attempts to intervene. According to RT, on February 11, "a six-member European delegation that sought to meet with self-proclaimed Venezuelan ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido is being expelled from Venezuela after being accused by Caracas of coming with “conspiratorial purposes”.
Can you imagine the other way around, a Venezuelan delegation arriving in Brussels to meet with a self-proclaimed European ‘interim president’ trying to put an end on the real dictatorship ruling the EU? Can you guess the consequences of such kind of acts in Europe? No? Well, André Vltchek can, and that's precisely what he did in one of his assertive twitters:
Venezuela kicked out/deported group of EU MPs who came to meet with treasonous US puppet Guaido. Pity they did not get arrested. In many 'democracies' they would be treated as terrorists; trying to overthrow government. Enough of lecturing, Europe!"
What were they expecting? The same EU that constantly lies about Russian imaginary interferes in European affairs wanted to have its agents walking free in the streets of Caracas openly interfering in Venezuelan affairs? Give me a break! And Western sheep-like humans do not find all this illogical and strange? Poor hopeless Western zombies! 
And what about the prostituted European politicians, do they understand the full implications of their acts? Apparently no:
They entered a sovereign nation to openly commit illegalities (even if they don't see it as so); they landed in an airport controlled by the legitimate Venezuelan authorities but, once out of it, they started recognizing another non-elected parallel power? Luckily for them, they were not arrested, only sent back to their dictatorial EU. What an amazing dictator Maduro is... not!
Three weeks later, the government of Venezuela announced the German ambassador as ‘persona non grata’ for having interfered in its internal affairs when, together with other European diplomats, he went to Caracas Airport to meet with Guaidó, who had just returned from his Latin American tour (Strange dictatorship in which coup plotters can go back home without being arrested, and can even meet foreign agents helping him prepare new coup attempts!) .
In an official statement, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry explained:
Venezuela considers its unacceptable that a foreign diplomat … plays a public role on its territory, which is more typical for a political leader, who clearly supports the conspiracy agenda of the extremist parts of the Venezuelan opposition."
Apparently, European can't learn from there own mistakes or it is too arrogant to respect the sovereignty of non-Western nations! And they will never learn.
After this incident with the German ambassador, many others followed. Given the constant political and economic bullying coming from Europe, Venezuela has no other choice but to distance itself from imperial Europe. Venezuela must be pragmatic, as Maduro has been saying lately. The sooner Venezuela gets rid of Europe, the sooner it can start working on solutions to neutralize the negative consequences of this undesired but rather imposed divorce. While working on new economic partnerships to substitute Europe, Venezuela will surely suffer, temporarily. Submission would make sufferance last forever!
Back to the US interference, the US chose a non-elected president for a sovereign state and they find it absolutely normal. Mueller Report proved all the allegations about Russian interference in US elections were false, but US politicians are still crying about it. To close the circuit, the US demands Russia and other sovereign states allied with Venezuela to not "interfere" in this nation (i.e., to stop having normal and legal relations with the legitimate government of Venezuela). Moreover, the US threats Russia and China for their continuing support of Venezuela, and its Secretary of Armageddon named John Bolton goes as far as complaining the Russian and Chinese actions implicate "serious consequences" to Donald Trump's plans (Note: not serious consequences for Venezuela, the US doesn't give a shit about Venezuela), naively admitting the US is, as always, protecting their private "national interests" in the Latin American aggressed nation.

Some of the vampires behind those private "national interests" are too excited to keep their mouths shut, like Chevron and Halliburton, already cheering for US intervention in Venezuela:

US companies can't wait to start plundering Venezuela. Neither does Marco Rubio:

Neither does John Bolton:

As professor Tim Anderson rightly points out, "Venezuela it's not just the oil" and there's much more to plunder there:

And so the US will keep injecting weapons into Venezuelan territory to free the enslaved resources the US corporations dream about. According to Democracy Now:
McClatchy is reporting Venezuelan authorities have uncovered 19 assault weapons, 118 ammunition cartridges and 90 military-grade radio antennas on board a U.S.-owned plane that had flown from Miami into Valencia, Venezuela’s third-largest city. The Boeing 767 is owned by a company called 21 Air based in Greensboro, North Carolina. The plane has made nearly 40 round-trip flights between Miami and spots in Venezuela and Colombia since January 11, the day after Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro was sworn in to a second term. Bolivarian National Guard General Endes Palencia Ortiz said, “This materiel was destined for criminal groups and terrorist actions in the country, financed by the fascist extreme right and the government of the United States.” This comes as the United States is openly pushing for the toppling of Maduro’s government."
Give a look at the seized weaponry:

While the US administration keeps aggressing Venezuela in the diplomatic realm, backed by the Western MSM lies and manipulations in the realm of Orwellian propaganda, and while the several US war machines (Pentagon, CIA, etc) try to smuggle weapons into Venezuelan territory, another big war is being waged against Venezuela: the economic war of sanctions, embargoes and frozen assets. 
The US thug administration stopped buying Venezuelan oil and tries to force the rest of the world to do the same, threatening both allies and enemies with severe consequences if they don't accept its illegal orders (yes, illegal, only the UN has the power to do so, not the US, 1 of the 193 UN members). 
According to Reuters, "The United States is considering imposing financial sanctions that could prohibit Visa Inc, Mastercard Inc and other financial institutions from processing transactions in Venezuela", struggling the already weak Venezuelan economy victim of harsh sanctions and embargoes imposed by the US against International Law.
According to RT, The Bank of England blocked the Venezuelan government from withdrawing $1.2 billion worth of Venezuelan gold.
Also according to RT, "Citigroup [decides] to sell Venezuelan gold after Caracas misses buyback deadline due to US asset grab".
In the West, everything is allowed to economically try to kill Venezuela!
More, in my homeland, the Southern European Vassal State of USA (aka Portugal), the owners of a new bank named New Bank (Novo Banco in Portuguese) apparently are nor tired of playing dirty games. Novo Banco was created to replace BES, a bank that disappeared in the aftermath of the last global economic crisis, together with plenty of money. Government bailouts and all sorts of tricks were used (like over the planet) to steal and enslave the plebe. Now, the target is Venezuela. 
According to Telesur, Portuguese Novo Banco "kidnapped US$1.726 billion which were meant to purchase medicines, food and supplies". RTP, the Portuguese prostituted state media, reports it in a manipulative and dishonest way that leads the Portuguese plebe to believe Maduro is making it up and that poor Portugal is being a victim of Venezuela's madman. The Portuguese government clownishly denies any involvement or responsibility, arguing it has no power to influence Portuguese banks (although the Portuguese government bailed out banks during the global crisis). Actually, what the Portuguese government can't do is explain why a Portuguese bank steals money from Venezuela. And neither can Portuguese prostituted state TV (RTP). 
The list goes on and on. Western Lying Media and Western sheep-like humans accuse Maduro of being incompetent and socialism of being ineffective. In truth, as Maduro keeps insisting, the problem is the economic war on Venezuela: the U.S. government blockade is an arbitrary action that has allowed bankers to grab more than US$30 billion from the Venezuelan people so far.
Furthermore, the US plans to illegally give Guaidó's Gang access to at the least part of the US$30 billion stolen from the Venezuelan people so these US-trained Venezuelan criminals could buy US weapons to help the US invade and plunder Venezuela. Brilliantly criminal!
The US administration believes to be above the Venezuelan constitution, above the Venezuelan people, above the UN Charter and above International law. But they are wrong. They can bully but they can't conquer Venezuela and Venezuelans by stealing all they have. And by the way,  it will not be that easy to fully implement this mad plan:
The U.S. seized Venezuelan assets but will have trouble handing them to Guaido. The main asset is CITGO, which owns refineries and gas stations in the United States. But CITGO is deep in debt. Its refineries depend on the heavy oil from Venezuela. If might well go into bankruptcy in which case the debt holders will take it over. At least 49.5 % will go to the Russian company Rosneft. The legal process will take years.
Yet, some stolen money might be already in the hands of Guaidó's Gang. According to Jorge Rodríguez, Venezuelan Minister of Popular Power for Communication and Information, $1 billion was transferred to bank accounts owned by the Venezuelan opposition. 
There's yet another kind of interference, the sabotage of the Venezuelan power grid using electronic warfare and terrorist attacks on infrastructure, an issue to be analyzed separately on part 15.

Many other kinds of interferences and interventions are taking place in Venezuela, but well, there's no room here for all of them, and I guess you got my point! 



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Luís Garcia, Bang Sarai, Thailand







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