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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 5), by Luís Garcia




Freedom of expression and propaganda (1)


Let us begin with pathetic propaganda that only very well indoctrinated Western sheep-like humans can swallow: Nicolás Maduro threatens to kill US troops in case of a US invasion of Venezuela 1!

What simplistic propaganda we find nowadays in Western mainstream media.  Simplistic propaganda only for those who really have lost the ability to reason, isn't it?


First of all, why manipulate the reader's emotions with an intentionally and poorly chosen picture, showing an upset and mad Maduro, so that the (fallacious) idea of a crazy man can be injected into people's minds? Those that are supposedly right and are the owners of absolute truth, should not need to use such low blows, right?

Second: really? Do you want us to accept that, if the criminal US invades yet another country, we must blame the victim (Venezuela) and not the aggressor (USA), in case they kill enemy soldiers in their own land? Come on, if that happens, it will only be a natural consequence of the imperial aggression against Venezuela! 

Yes, they will die! More the better! All of them, if possible! And it will not only be the Venezuelan military forces that will resist and kill the aggressors, but also an entire nation proud of its sovereignty, in love with its freedom, well informed and fully committed! 


What the hell! How can "journalists" change the timeline of events like they just did here, voluntarily inverting the natural order of (criminal) action first and then (legitimate) reaction? This was just another dishonest attempt to create one more simplistic and fallacious reason to denigrate Maduro! And the most absurd part of this story is: westerners buy it!

Dear not dear Western "journalists", why don't you try to do the same about World War II and start blaming half of Europe for having killed the Nazi invaders?

Why don't you try to do the same and blame Vietnam or Laos for having been savagely destroyed and slaughtered by the United States?

 Why don't you try to blame Africans for having been enslaved, traded and killed by the Portuguese or the British?




More propaganda. What can we say about the cheap silly propaganda produced by those who have lost the ability to reason and dare to call "dictatorship" one of the most democratic nations on Earth? And that dare to disrespect the democratic electoral process (read: popular will)? And that don't know how to add and subtract two-digit numbers? There's no need to say more, just look at the figures (being aware that the Venezuelan elections are among the ones that systematically receive the highest numbers of accredited international observers, including many from the US and the EU, whose observations have never detected any serious problem):


Source 2 - Comparison of elections' turn out in several countries


More propaganda. Look at what Western MSM produce to deceive the minds of those who also have lost the ability to reason and became submissive jellyfish-like humans. Look at the despicable AFP (a French "news agency", a propaganda tool based in the French Terrorist State; yes terrorist, because it terrorizes millions in Africa, in the Middle East and in the rest of the world; and do not ask me to be politically correct because this very same French Terrorist State mistakenly uses the same term to denigrate Iran or Syria!), also producing ignoble anti-Venezuela propaganda. Do these AFP journalistic vampires think that Venezuela has no right to protect its borders from Western Terrorism? Would they write such nonsense if the same were happening at a French border?


Source 3 – Sensationalist fake news produced by AFP to criticize Maduro’s government


Seriously, what does AFP know about civil engineering or bridge construction? How do they know the bridge can't handle three or four containers full of sand? Have they done the maths? I don't think so. And the Western readers, do they swallow this pathetic and dishonest piece of propaganda? What if there were 20 trucks crossing the bridge carrying 20 containers full of sand, in a Venezuela under a Yankee-Guaidó dictatorship, would the same bridge be able to handle it? Probably yes, but not 4 containers, if these 4 containers are there, under Maduro's government, to prevent the occurrence of further crimes against public property.


And why does AFP write about the reaction (blocking the bridge) and not about the Western-sponsored criminal actions that have taken place recently and are so well documented in Part 4?

The answer is obvious: because they are wrong; and those who are wrong, usually, they deceive, they do everything they can to deceive others. They divert the attention of the public, they distort reality, they lie, they cheat, they manipulate, etc. 

More propaganda. More shameful, vile, unscrupulous propaganda. Propaganda in the form of recycled images from other conflicts and countries, later published as supposed pieces of evidence of crimes supposedly committed by the Venezuelan armed forces, the very same kind of shameful manipulation made against Syria during the last 8 years.

This trash-journalism helps to prove 2 points at once: first, Western Media do not feel ashamed to tell flagrant lies; second, if it is necessary to forge pieces of evidence against Venezuela in a country where there are hundreds of private anti-government media and where dozens of Western MSM interfere and attack the local government, one is lead to conclude that they can't find any true evidence of crimes committed by the government forces, that is to say, no evidence the Venezuelan government is oppressing or repressing its people:


Sources 4, 5, 6, 7 - 4 examples of forged pieces of evidence against Venezuela


You kind find more examples in this article published by Venezuelanalysis: Constructing "Venezuela" Protests: a Photo Gallery 8.


More propaganda. Extremely poor people “picking through trash for food” is something everyone can easily find in the streets of Lisbon, Jakarta or Bangkok, and the same is true in the USA, all countries that do not suffer embargoes, imagine if they did! Yet, manipulative journalism shows Venezuelans “picking through trash for food”9 as evidence of failed socialism in Venezuela...


It's much more common to find this level of poverty in capitalist countries or vassal states of capitalist countries than in socialist states, the reason why a reasoning mind can easily conclude that the tweet above is a perfect example of a malicious and misleading Western (dis)information.

For instance, with a little bit of honesty, they could easily find poverty in the supposedly rich nation of Canada:


Source 10 – Evidence of poverty in Canada


Another type of propaganda is to talk about millions of Venezuelans fleeing to Colombia. Nonsense! Just search about real numbers and surprise yourself: you have been fed with a naked lie. The best (worst) Western Lying Media like Reuters can do is to predict chaos and horror in Venezuela: Four million Venezuelans may live in Colombia by 2021: minister11. Sure, 4 million, or even more, may leave Venezuela if US rapes and totally destroys Venezuela with total embargo and tomahawks. So what? Just more of the same US terrorism! Nothing else!


Another type of lack of freedom of speech is when one is not being allowed to say that many are fleeing the Yankee drug wars in Colombia and going to Venezuela. Don't CNN or BBC know it? How come? Haven't they heard about an international organization called the UN? The UN has the figures; Western sheep-like humans only lack the will to know those figures.


Source 12 – Data on the number of Colombian emigrants in Venezuela




Another kind of bullshit propaganda against Venezuela is to "report" the most absurd examples of nonsense, without providing any sources, in order to supposedly "protect the sources". But there's so much evidence of child soldiers fighting in so many conflicts, armed and supported by the West... why do they make up a false example of child soldiers supposedly forced to fight in Venezuela?


Source 13 – Reported nonsense 


An expert on reporting absurd nonsense about Venezuela or Cuba is the US senator named Marco Rubio, always ready to lie in order to protect the interests of US Imperialism in general and the interests of the Miami mafia in particular.


Source 14 – Marco Rubio lying


Let's expose the grotesque lies of this liar.

First, Trump doesn't care about Venezuela. What he wants is to steal its oil, gold, and diamonds. And, as always, to destroy successful socialism to then say he proved that "socialism always fails". We, the West, should be tired of this criminal recipe... but, apparently no, not yet. 

Second, there is no mass emigration from Venezuela to Colombia, and if there were, it would be the fault of the last seven consecutive years of Western economic war against Venezuela. To prove it, we have all the official indicators demonstrating the Bolivarian Venezuela to be an exceptional example of a society able to improve the standards of living for all human beings living inside its borders (read: The Chávez Administration at 10 Years: The Economy and Social Indicators 15 and Venezuela cumple las Metas del Milenio 2010 16). To prove how guilty is the West of most economic problems Venezuela is suffering, there's an immense amount of serious investigative work (links to part of it can be found in the article Venezuela for dummies17). I would definitely recommend you to read the book The visible hand of the market - Economic warfare in Venezuela (2012-2016)18.


Third, Colombia and the US are not "key" countries in the fight against drugs, but rather key countries in its production and proliferation. There's no shortage of evidence about it, but drug trafficking is not the subject of this essay. Venezuela smuggling drugs into the US, really? Ok, sure, tell me how, where, when, done by who? The proofs, please! Lying is easy. Accusing is easy. And the situation is particularly hilarious when the one accusing Venezuela of smuggling drugs into the US is a member of the Cuban community in Miami and a candidate to rule the US, the very same country that profits the most from the heroin produced in Afghanistan and the cocaine produced in Colombia or Peru! What an imbecile this Marco Rubio. And imagine how dumb must a Western sheep-like human be to swallow all these pathetic lies!


Fourth, "our hemisphere"? Really? Look how imperialism comes out of his mouth, so openly, so naturally! And the lobotomized Westerns don't even notice it!


What "our hemisphere"? Your "Imperial USA" has a seat at the UN, not your "hemisphere".


In that hemisphere, there are dozens of countries that, according to the United Nations Charter, are supposed to be independent and sovereign! What a fool this Rubio is!

Oh, really, Maduro is supposedly asking Russia to establish (legal) bases in his country. Sure. So what? Where's the problem? Doesn't my homeland (Portugal) host several Yankee military bases? Doesn't the US have more than 800 bases in at least 144 countries? Isn't the US building new military bases in Colombia? 

Come on, the US has numerous illegal military bases occupying countries such as Cuba or Syria! But for the Western sheep-like humans, somehow, everything is just fine! Come on, how come Western human beings fail to detect such obvious incoherencies? Such blatant double standards?


Fifth, Hezbollah in Venezuela is a lie unless Rubio can prove it's true. Good Luck. But, if it were true, what would be the problem of having Maduro giving "operating space to Hezbollah" (a Lebanese Party with several seats at the Lebanese Parliament)? And what's the problem of having Venezuela hosting troops from its ally Iran? A really dangerous problem would be to have the US invading Venezuela and building colonial military bases like the ones they shamelessly built in Afghanistan, in Syria or in Iraq. Come on, how can Western sheep-like humans not notice such glaring incoherence?

Last two examples of ridiculous Western propaganda about nonexistent "conflicts" at the border mixed with plenty of Western interventionism, and unauthorized use of the Red Cross logo to disguise terrorism and interventionism as "humanitarian aid":


Source 19 - Unauthorized use of the Red Cross logo


Available footage shows us the "opposition" vandalizing and burning everything they can find, with unnecessary use of extreme violence, throwing Molotov cocktails, etc. Instead of calling it vandalism and extreme violence, Western Lying Media prefer to lie and call it oppression of peaceful protesters by the evil regime:


Source 20 - Lies of colonial media


When facing such obvious evidence of Western Lying Media lying, I wonder: are Westerners still able to reason? To think logically? Can we still find some reasoning minds in the West? Sure we can, but only a few, a tiny minority. A tiny minority of marginalized voiceless beings lost in that Orwellian dictatorship of imposed consensuses and of institutionalized truths. No, I'm not talking about North Korea, I am talking about Europe and North America.


The others, the immense majority of westerners, they blindly and submissively swallow the most pathetic and grotesque lies. For instance, some weeks ago RTP, a Portuguese television channel, reported a gross lie affirming (without any proof, since it's a gross lie) that the Venezuelan government "closed several Venezuelan private media"! Unbelievable. And what did Portuguese sheep-like humans do? They baaed and then they said "amen".

If you make part of the first group, if you honor the truth and if your brain is still functioning properly, please read essays like this one: Venezuela in the middle of a media war, a prelude to a plain war? 21


If you make part of the second group, I believe you are a lost cause. But I hope you can prove me wrong. I really do!




Freedom of speech, right. Let's talk about freedom of speech.


Where is Western freedom of expression when the West prevents socialist and pro-Maduro South American countries (Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, etc.) from expressing themselves in international forums convened by the US and its vassals? Call it Orwellian consensus, instead!

Where is freedom of expression in the United States, if people go to jail for expressing support for Maduro's government?


Source 22 – US citizens arrested while protesting in favor of Maduro’s government


Where is the freedom of expression in the United States when a Canadian journalist defending the truth about Venezuela is prevented from entering US territory?


Source 23 - Canadian journalist prevented from entering US territory


Where is Western freedom of expression when thousands of people and/or organizations supporting Maduro's government are completely censured? Yes, Twitter itself (an US corporation, directly interfering with Venezuela's politics) admits to have erased24 accounts of people and/or organizations that, according to the official statement of this Yankee corporation (which spies on us and delivers our private data hand in hand to its criminal government), supposedly “appear to be engaged in a state-backed influence campaign targeting domestic audiences” or were engaged in a “state-backed influence campaign".


What do this Orwellian accusations mean? Is Twitter arguing that Venezuelans have no right to tweet their support for the Venezuelan government? Can’t Venezuelan citizens have links to the Venezuelan government? What is wrong with that? In the US, there are millions of citizens with all sort of links to the two criminal organizations called Democratic Party and Republican Party.  Twitter doesn't seem to be worried about it. Furthermore, Venezuela is an independent nation; any measure Twitter takes to censor pro-government Venezuelans and influence the levels of popular support qualifies as foreign intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. Shame on Twitter! 


Source 25 – Twitter took down 2,000 accounts located in Venezuela




Censorship, right. Let's also talk about censorship.


What do you have to say, dear reader, to the fact that Venezuelan Telesur and Russian RT were prevented from following the Lima Group's meeting (about intervening and interfering in Venezuela) in Canada? Come on Western "free world", where's your loudly proclaimed "free world"? What have you done with the Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists 26? Where are the United Nations Charter and the International Law you helped writing and creating?


You can't explain it, can you? After all, the censors are those who call themselves "democratic" and "free", and who wrongly accuse the Venezuelan government of "censoring" local media. Whoops, what a mess, right? For more information on this issue, read Russian and alternative media denied access to Venezuela meeting in Canada 27.


Seriously, look how the Government of Canada responded to Venezuelan Telesur's request28:


            “Thank you for your interest in the 10th ministerial meeting of Lima Group in Ottawa. This email is to let you know have NOT been accredited as media.”

No explanation whatsoever! Amazing and inexistent Canadian freedom of expression!

Then let the West tell us myths and tales about censorship in Venezuela, when the West censors a Venezuelan state media and prevents it from following and reporting a meeting where Western states and their South American client states were going to discuss their plan to force a coup d'état in the very same Venezuela!


Source 29 – Contradictions of Western supremacism


And Western sheep-like humans swallow this? Really? Wow, you Western sheep-like humans, you swallow all these contradictions without noticing anything wrong? Really? Don't you notice here a fundamental contradiction? A grotesque lack of logic and lack of seriousness? Don't you see how unscrupulous are the Western Lying Media? Come on...


I insist, where is Western freedom of expression when the West censors a Cuban newspaper's article about Venezuela that was shared on Facebook?


Source 30 – Cuban article blocked by Facebook


Where is freedom of expression when the West censors numerous YouTube videos, Facebook publications and tweets that do not fit in with the Western rhetoric and that provide plenty of evidence of Western terrorism in Syria, Libya, Venezuela and throughout the whole world?

Check these articles of mine and see how much content has been deleted (censored) by YouTube (Google), Facebook and Twitter (3 U.S. corporations):

  • White Helmets, humanists or terrorists?31
  • Extermínio nuclear, sim por favor!32(in Portuguese)
  • O quão a Amnistia Internacional adora o terrorismo na Síria33 (in Portuguese)
  • A RTP, SIC, TVI, CMTV e companhia são apoiantes do terrorismo na Síria!34(in Portuguese)
  • And many others.


To learn more about the tactics and excuses used to censor dissent, please read the three articles I wrote about the unstoppable censorship on Facebook:

  • Censorship on Facebook35
  • Fuck Facebook, fuck Zuckerberg36
  • Orwellian Facebook37


And here is one more evidence that Facebook went mad, grossly censoring everything and everyone who dares to resist, including my Facebook page for this website Nomadic Thoughts. In January, this page of mine, with more than 5500 followers, suddenly, without any notification, was deleted by Facebook. If you don't believe me, check it:


Source 38 - My Facebook page censored


Just a few days ago, Twitter suspended the account of a Venezuelan I used to follow. Please check what a Twitter account looks like after Twitter's decision to censor it:


Source 39 - Venezuelan account suspended by Twitter


Do you want more examples of alternative media being censored or attacked by Western freedom of speech? Check how Western Puppet Guaidó and his fellow coup plotters call for the censorship of alternative Venezuelan media like Venezuelanalysis40:


Source 41 – Document published by the faked Guaidó’s Embassy to the OAS


Poor coup plotters, they go wild when confronted with facts and arguments! Our Portuguese grandparents, who taught us that "those who are right, shall not fear anything" were far wiser than the overwhelming majority of modern-day Portuguese sheep-like humans.


In a true democracy, even if you lie, you shouldn't be censored. The US loves to brag about its First Amendment42, about "freedom of expression" and other "freedoms". So why don't they stand up for the very same principles in Venezuela? And why does the US support this Guaidó who calls for the censorship of those who disagree with him and of those who endlessly expose the crimes of the terrorist "opposition" of which Guaidó himself is a member?


This crazy traitor named Guaidó really reasons as a true dictator. Did you read it? Guaidó demands the media call him "president", while Maduro must be mentioned as the "self-proclaimed President" of Venezuela! Seriously? 

And Western sheep-like humans swallow this guy? Amazing.




Twitter/Facebook/Western bullshit "freedom of speech" is implemented through the elimination of accounts owned by Venezuelans and foreigners supporting Venezuela? Really?

Come on dear westerners, in democracy, can we have or not different opinions? 

In real democracies like Russia or Venezuela, yes, people are allowed to have different opinions. But, apparently, in Europe and in the US, people are no longer allowed to express different opinions. In the West, only official absolute truths are allowed; only Orwellian consensuses are allowed. White is black, ignorance is strength and, very well trained citizens, when listening anti-Venezuela or anti-Syria propaganda, they obediently answer with a cute "baa"!


Yes, Orwellian absolute truths. Yes, a dystopian consensus. Because everything else is censored, blocked and erased so that the Western sheep neither sees nor knows anything. Then please tell me stories about North Korea, while I fall asleep. European and Yankees are so mentally tortured, with this powerful and effective Orwellian imposition of consensuses, that they end up believing North Koreans are the brainwashed ones and not themselves!


And by the way, the consensual idea westerners have about "North Korea being a land of brainwashed Koreans victims of government-imposed consensuses" is a perfect example of the many Orwellian consensuses reigning in the West, don't you think? Western North-Korean-like consensus about North Korea, the kind of consensus we probably will not be able to find even in North Korea! How ironic, no?

Westerners believe everybody thinks the same in North Korea and submissively swallow everything the North Korean "regime" imposes... well, if that's true, we could arrange a perfect marriage between Westerners and North Koreans!


And by the way, between Europeans and Thais! Yes, I'm 100% sure about it! The Thai regime imposes or tries to impose absurd consensuses over every single aspect of life in Thailand! Yet, westerners love Thailand as a tourist destination and, therefore, self-impose reality filters in order to not see what happens in Thailand. For China, the same westerners use some sort of augmented reality gadgets that make them see inexistent problems of the same kind of the existing problems they pretend not to see in Thailand. Yes, poor neurotic West!



(read the other parts here)


Luís Garcia, Kota Kinabalu, Borneu, Malaysia








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