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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 4), by Luís Garcia



Lies and deception at the border


As if this Machiavellian recipe to commit crimes in total impunity hadn't been used and reused over and over again, and while the victims are always the ones being blamed for the inflicted crimes (Daraa, Syria, 2011; Kyiv, Ukraine, 2014, etc.), the US decides to use in Venezuela the very same recipe of:

  • Committing crimes against a weaker state, which, precisely because it is weak and threatened with a military invasion by the US, would never commit the crimes they are accused of (it would be suicidal);
  • Ordering the Western Lying Media to manipulate footage and, while showing true images, reverse the narrative (Western Lying Media also do it voluntarily);
  • Hoping that the local forces, in the exercise of their duty to contain the imposed violence, will be forced to injure or kill someone, so that the US can obtain the “humanitarian reason” to intervene.
  • If the US can't obtain that "humanitarian reason" to intervene (that is, if local forces do not respond physically to prevent the destruction of public property or even the death of police officers, as it happened in Ukraine in 2014), US, Israeli or local snipers will probably receive orders to kill dozens of people (Venezuela 2002, Syria 2011, Ukraine 2014, etc.).

On the subject of the deaths in Venezuela caused by CIA-sponsored sniper attacks in 2002, read the book Abril Golpe Adentro 1 (in Spanish) and watch the documentary Llaguno Bridge - Keys to a Massacre 2.

The amazing thing is that, no matter how many times the US repeats this barbaric and criminal recipe, Western sheep-like humans swallow it without thinking, without questioning, without asking if it makes sense, without asking if there are factual pieces of evidence of what BBC or CNN tell them!! No, Western sheep-like humans say "baa" and they move on, absolutely sure that Chávez, Yanukovych or Assad ordered the killing of peaceful civilians!


And the Western sheep-like humans do not notice that, as in Benghazi (Libya) or Daraa (Syria) or recently in Nicaragua, it is the "peaceful protests" (criminals paid by the American interference) that provoke armed conflicts:

Source 3 - Masked men shooting at the border of Venezuela and Colombia

But well, look at them the Western sheep-like humans, insisting on saying "baa"; look at them, closing their eyes for real crimes and real suffering. Western sheep-like humans are so away from reality and are so sure CNN, BBC or DW tells them The Truth that, while gullibly swallowing anti-Venezuela propaganda, they have no idea of the manslaughter US and its allies are committing right now in Yemen!

Source 4 - We support the Yemeni people against the crimes of the Saudi coalition

Source 5 - Charter for Compassion – Yemen

Source 6 - Propagated fake news vs untold-reality

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth many thousand more. Footage of the horrific reality Yemenis live in is never shown on Western MSM. Of course many can't handle shocking graphic content but, in a world where staged scenes of gruesome horror (like in Game of Thrones) help to normalize and even romanticize violence, and given the worldwide acceptance of Game of Thrones' graphic violence, it shouldn't be hard to find conscious human beings ready to watch real footage of Yemenis suffering7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. But it is indeed hard to find such human beings.

Back to the Western sheep-like humans, they have no idea about the massacres taking place right now in West Papua (Indonesia).

And Western MSM tells us absolutely nothing about fallen brave men like Yustinus Murib, a Papuasian leader who fought for the freedom of his people, killed and displayed as a hunting trophy by the genocidal and barbaric Indonesian Armed Forces:

Source 13 – picture of Murib displayed as a hunting trophy by Indonesian soldiers

Westerners know nothing about the systematic massacre of human beings in Papua because they don't want to know anything and because they lost the ability to reason. These supposed "humanitarian champions" prefer to support nonexistent causes and to close their eyes and brains to all the crimes against humanity perpetrated by their own countries (Western interventions in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Honduras, Venezuela, etc.).

But, in truth, no, they are not humanists, and they have absolutely no empathy for human beings being tortured, beaten up, raped, enslaved, slaughtered, almost trampled as ants, from Congo to Papua, from Yemen to Libya, from Bahrain to Nigeria.

Westerners are not humanists and, apparently, they don't know what "empathy" is, given the fact that, when some stubborn monster like me mentions true genocides happening somewhere, this monster hears them saying "I don't have time for this" or "that's not my problem", or "we can do nothing", or "it is too far away from here", or "they are black" or "Asians, who cares". Basically, what most Westerners really mean, when they pronounce this kind of nonsense is: Let them all die, I don't give a shit about non-westerners or non-Caucasians suffering and dying!

Wrongly and foolishly, westerners only feel "sad" for what their beloved Big Brother orders them to "feel". And, poor them, they are so gullible, so spongy for emotional quibbling, so receptive for the simplest and dumbest propaganda ever made! 

Westerners know nothing about true massacres and true crimes against humanity because they refuse to search, to investigate and to read/see/hear the tons of data available about all those crimes and massacres! Westerners refuse independent journalism produced by honest and committed people (like John Pilger14) who risk their own lives to inform us about real human suffering systematically censored or omitted by Western Lying Media.

That's why most westerners never read and will never read essays like Southeast Asia Terribly Damaged but Lauded by the West 15, in which André Vltchek informs us that:

“In West Papua – hundreds of thousands of people have already died, also under the Indonesian genocidal occupation, which is fully supported by the West, because Papua, like Borneo (which is known in Indonesia as Kalimantan) is getting thoroughly plundered by multi-national companies, of course under the careful supervision of Indonesian military forces. Horrors like the state-sponsored ‘trans-migration’ policy, designed to make people of Papua a minority on their own island, are ongoing and relentless. The people, who have lost everything under the occupation, are forced to convert to Islam, and they are also forced to abandon their way of life and their land. What Indonesia does in West Papua is nothing less than genocide. It is not only the killing and rape, of which its military could be accused of. The plunder of Papuan resources is as deadly for many other reasons, it is as if the force would be used to ‘open up’ vast parts of the Amazonia or Orinoco basins in South America – areas inhabited by indigenous tribes that have never come in contact with the outside world. Even the most insane right-wing presidents of Brazil or Venezuela (of the past), would never dream about such brutal genocidal undertakings (although this may change under the fascist presidency of Bolsonaro in Brazil). In West Papua, dozens of fragile cultures are disappearing. People who have never come into contact with the ‘outside world’ are being forced out of their rainforest, as trees are cut down and mining companies, backed by the Indonesian armed forces, ransack the land. Defenseless tribal people are dying from diseases and hunger, at the same time as corrupt Indonesian officials and businessmen are burning money in Jakarta’s overprized malls, as well as in Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong. And now, thousands of Western tourists fly into West Papua, to Raja Ampat, which is becoming an ‘in place’ for diving!"



Let's go back to the recipe. If westerners had read the book I mentioned above, and if they had watched the documentaries I suggest in this book, and had applied logical reasoning to their research, I wouldn't need to add anything else.

Since 2013 (the beginning of the full-scale economic war on Venezuela), many researchers and alternative journalists have been publishing articles and essays with plenty of evidence, documents, and arguments that can easily debunk and totally destroy, once and for all, the monstrous propaganda campaign waged against Venezuela, the horrific terrorist attacks against Venezuelans and the very economic war on Venezuela.

But no, just like with the coup in Ukraine 2014, the westerners are willing to be deceived and are anti-humanitarianly ready to support terrorists and accuse their victims of being "terrorists": 

Source 16 – Ukrainian police forces violently attacked by “peaceful” opposition

Policemen attacked and burned with flammable military substances whose flames can't be extinguished, while the aggressors were "protesting peacefully" against the democratically elected "dictator" already at the end of his term.

Beating, gazing, kicking and punching policemen who were trying to protect public property in a passive manner... and the Western sheep-like humans saw a regime oppressing "peaceful protesters"? How? But yes, Western sheep-like humans did swallow this shitty manipulation. Yes, they did!

Do you want to see more? Here's more:

Source 17 – Ukrainian police forces violently attacked by “peaceful” opposition

More here18 and here19. There is no lack of footage of "peaceful protesters” (supported by Obama's terrorist regime, as John McCain and Victoria Nuland proved and admitted) injuring and killing "oppressive" Ukrainian policemen.

And now compare it with what just happened at the border between Colombia and Venezuela:

Source 20 – “Peaceful” opposition attacking the police forces protecting the border 

Yes, always the same. French policemen torturing and injuring peaceful protesters, and shooting "rubber bullets" at point-blank range to kill, and attacking unarmed civilians with grenades... all of this is reported as French uncivilized hooligans misbehaving and burning stuff, even when the images show the precise opposite. No matter what is going on in France, the Western Lying Media will tell the opposite and the Western sheep-like humans will swallow it.

Source 21 – French policemen torturing peaceful protesters

Source 22 – French policemen threatening to shoot protesters at a very short distance

Source 23 – French policeman attacking unarmed civilian with a grenade

In Venezuela, pro-coup thugs spreading gasoline over the trucks of supposed humanitarian aid, buildings, and bridges, and attacking and injuring the police forces with Molotov cocktails, grenades, and fire... and the pathetic Western Lying Media call it "confrontations" and "incidents"!

No, really, just look at what has been happening at the border with Colombia:

Sources 24, 25 – Opposition-staged operations, in an effort to blame Venezuela's government

And now what, dear Western sheep-like humans, who were confronting who? The footage clearly shows that the police acted in a passive manner and did not confront anybody, only tried to protect public property. The footage clearly shows that some Venezuelan thugs were the only ones attacking and destroying!

Where's that damn "confrontation"? I can't find it. Western Lying Media reported some 300 injured and 4 dead. Sure, but whose fault?

If it were the police's fault, and if the Western media could prove it, Western Media would surely spend the next few months showing the alleged pieces of evidence. If they don't show it, it's because they don't have anything to show. In fact, they don't even accuse the police directly (Because they know the police forces are innocent, right?)! No, they only imply lies (police fault) and omit real facts (opposition’s fault).

As always, if the Western Media don't talk about the responsibility for the deaths and injuries, it is because they know the injuries and deaths were originated by the savage acts of the terrorist "opposition", to whom they provide full anti-journalistic support, just as happened during the 2013-14 terrorist "protests" in Venezuela)!

Amazing how Western Lying Media can call these deaths a result of the “oppression" inflicted by the “regime" upon its people! And even more amazing is that human beings in the West, alive and breathing normally, believe such pathetic propaganda.


And if they show a "martyr" of the regime, burnt out, poor him, they deliberately "forget" to inform you that the poor guy burned himself while spreading gasoline over trucks (of supposed humanitarian aid) set on fire by the same "martyr" and his fellow terrorists. 

Western Lying Media also forgot to conclude that, if there are tons of images of "peaceful" protesters throwing Molotov cocktails, grenades and rockets against the police and setting trucks on fire with gasoline, the "regime" can never be blamed for what happened and, in this case, the "martyr" is not a martyr but a criminal!

And they forget to apologize to the Venezuelan government for slandering it so shamelessly. And to apologize to the public for lying to them so shamelessly when they accused the "regime" of having produced a "martyr".

And they forget to apologize and admit that there are no images of police attacking anyone with fire, but being attacked with fire, so that, to speak of a "martyr of the regime all burnt", is like talking about Vanuatu winning the World Cup... and not mention the 5 Brazilian titles!

Source 26 – “Peaceful” protesters seen with gasoline containers

Western sheep-like humans do not draw their own conclusions based on what their eyes witness because, inside their brains, there's no data processing. Otherwise, they would realize that there are no confrontations in Venezuela. And if there are injured people, it is because the "opposition" uses hazardous materials to protest "peacefully", materials such as grenades and rockets, and they set trucks on fire with gasoline, and they might use military chemicals that, when set on fire, the fire produced can't be extinguished, as we witnessed during the EuroMaidan (And I wonder where do they get military chemicals from? From China? From Russia? Or rather from NATO members, the ones now threatening to invade Venezuela?

Source 27 –  Evidence of false flags in Venezuela

But well, for the Western media, it's all confrontation and oppression; vague "violence" and vague "incidents", without ever being pointing fingers to the real criminals (the "opposition"). By default, Western Lying Media simply concluded that were the Venezuelan authorities the ones who set fire to the trucks of "humanitarian aid". 

Not a single word about what usually comes inside the trucks with "humanitarian aid" provided by the same country openly supporting the criminal Venezuelan “opposition". The same US that usually brings weapons and ammunition inside their trucks of "humanitarian aid”, as we witnessed in 2016 in Aleppo.

No, no explanations, no historical comparisons. Only close-ups of burning trucks, to avoid showing the true criminals and to prevent the Western sheep from noticing that the trucks were burning on the Colombian side of the border!

Source 28 – Aid trucks burned by opposition gangs to blame Maduro

And no mention of the fact that Venezuelan policemen were seriously attacked by thugs on the Colombian side, being Colombia a US client state where the US has several military bases.

Western media omitted many important facts. Yet, there was no shortage of Western journalists on the Colombian side of the border. For sure they know who set the trucks on fire. For sure they witnessed the Venezuelan police forces forming passive human shields to protect public property and the national territory while being attacked with fire coming from the Colombian side!

How come westerners don't see what the footage shows?

No, seriously, go to London or Washington and attack the police forces with Molotov cocktails, grenades or rockets. Attack the House of Lords or the White House with all that and kill some British or American policemen. Then let me know how it ended up! And do not forget to order Western media to call you "a peaceful protester", to define your terrorist attacks as "protests", to call "oppressors working for the regime" to the police officers you wounded or killed and, finally, to conclude that what happened there were mere "incidents" and clashes".

Seriously, if you truly swallow the journalistic trash the Western Lying Media have been feeding you with... go on, do it yourself in your own country. Copy-paste what has been done by "peaceful protesters" at the border between Colombia and Venezuela. Good luck with that!




Back to the Western journalists, please show me a single image of the Venezuelan police forces mistreating peaceful protesters or kindly shut up! Look at what is happening in France, and then show me something of the kind, if you can, occurred in Venezuela under Maduro or Chávez! Good luck!

Go ahead, try to find a video or photo of Venezuelan policemen savagely beating defenseless civilians as we see every day in the "democratic" terrorist state known as France:

Source 29 – French policemen savagely beating defenseless civilians

In the meantime, I'll show you how the American police forces treat civilians in their country. Look here30, here31, and here32, and a playlist here33, in case the reader is not aware or convinced about the systematic abuse of force by the US police forces.

If the Western sheep-like humans were not the brainwashed puppets they are, they could use something they use every day (YouTube) and find that there are thousands of videos available showing the Orwellian oppressive forces of the Yankee regime beating and sometimes even killing unarmed civilians, peaceful protesters, etc.

Or showing barbaric "Syrian" jihadists financed by Western tax-payers torturing Syrian civilians or massacring hundreds of Syrian soldiers at once.

Or showing Yemeni schools bombed by Saudi Arabia with the help of the United Kingdom and the same USA that "wants" to deliver “humanitarian aid” to embargoed and attacked Venezuela (that, by the way, already received 933 tons of true humanitarian aid34, with no preconditions, from China, Russia, Cuba, and other countries).

Yes, Western sheep-like humans behave like brainless puppets! Damn it!

Poor Western puppets who swallow the shitiest calls for barbarism! They have lost their ability to reason!  In the 21st century of fiber-optic, internet and smartphones, somehow, they can't see the blatant barbarism that takes place in the USA, Indonesia or Saudi Arabia. They don't see it because they were not told to see it and because they also do not want to see it!

Westerners, if they had a minimum of decency, common sense and humanism, they would read John Pilger's articles like The war on Venezuela is built on lies 35.

But most westerners, who had such characteristics, already lost them all... The topic of the day, for a Western sheep-like human, is what the MSM daily impose, using hyper-sensationalist and figurative hammers to figuratively smash their empty real heads.

Western sheep-like humans don't analyze nor discern anything. All they understand nowadays is a figurative "baa", all they do is to pull down their figurative pants, and all they say is "Amen!" 



(read the other parts here)


Luís Garcia, Bang Sarai, Thailand







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