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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

US Terror for Dummies

by Luís Garcia




General Wesley Clark exposing the US Terror State plan to invade 7 Middle-East countries in 5 years:


When Zbigniew Brzezinski went to visit the Mujahideens/Taliban in Afghanistan to show US full support of these US-created terrorist groups in the fight against a secular communist Afghanistan (military backed by the USSR):


Remember Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Aggression under George W. Bush, who planned and executed the 2003 invasion of Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein?

Here is the same Donald Rumsfeld, in 1983, in Bagdad, shaking hands with Saddam Hussein after a deal made on the purchase of US helicopters which, after filled with chemical weapons bought from humanitarian Germany, were used to mass kill Kurdish civilians in Iraq and Iranians civilians in general:


A pure admission of US barbarism by a very honest genocidal George Bush father, after the US Army's terrorist attack against an Iranian airliner, which resulted in the death of all 290 passengers and crew members, including 66 children:


Another pure example of US barbarism coming out of the mouth of a prime US terrorist, miss Hillary Clinton, celebrating the death of revolutionary leader Gaddafi who transformed Lybia into the wealthiest nation in Africa:


Mike Pompeo admitting what the CIA and, by extension, the US administration does best: "to lie, to cheat, to steal":


For those unaware of the fact Kurdish so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are a US creation:

(Full speech here.)


For those not sure about the terrorist nature of the Uighur Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP)  and Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) exploding bombs in China, the US itself imprisoned Uighur terrorists in Guantanamo and bombed them in Pakistan and Afghanistan:


The US Terror State does not hide the fact it uses illegal and dirty games to meddle with Chinese sovereignty by supporting terrorist organizations, and easily admits that the real intention of their criminal invasion of Afghanistan, among others, was to prevent the expansion of Chinese constructive presence in central Asia:


Donald Trump admitting the gangster-like nature of the US Terror State:



Donal Trump admitting the US Terror State is in Syria to "take the oil":




US official telling Australians that, if you do not submit to the US will, and if you trade too much with China, you will become our enemy:



Finally, to further help you getting the full picture, here is a US citizen explaining the basics of US interference in sovereign countries' internal affairs:




The destruction of Palestine





More US barbarism






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