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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

To prove how pointless is to use US Orwellian tools, by Luís Garcia

(and how futile are FB jail badges!)



For 2 days, I have been trying to comment on the videos of Difference Frames the World (YOUTUBE CHANNEL), in order to share with them valuable information exposing John Sudworth and the BBC:


No matter what I write in the comments, with or without links, if I mention the name of my website (Nomadic Thoughts) or the title of one of my articles in a comment, Youtube automatically and systematically deletes it.
If I write something like "a b c ", then the  comment is not removed.
EXAMPLE 1: when trying to edit a comment, there's an error message. Why? Because, after a couple of seconds, my comment no longer exists. 

When I tried to edit a comment


EXAMPLE 2: I commented again, with a different text, refreshed immediately after, and, of course, my comment was no longer there.

2021-04-03 14-07-22 Is The BBC Biased Broadcasting

2021-04-03 14-07-58 Is The BBC Biased Broadcasting



(back up on VK)

My wife tried to comment too, with her own Youtube account. Same result. If my Nomadic Thoughts website is mentioned, the comments are automatically deleted.
Get it?
By using US Orwellian tools like Facebook or Youtube, we are preventing ourselves from communicating with each other.  
What for all this masochism?
Another example. Search for this article of mine "Debunking Western propaganda against China - Concentration camps for Uighurs "  on Google and on Yandex, and then compare the results.  
Actually, I already did it, and here are the results:


2021-04-03 19-33-50 Screenshot.png


2021-04-03 19-34-02 Screenshot.png

One last example of Western censorship.
Firstly, look at what happens when one tries to share an article published on
Secondly, look at what happened to SouthFront social media accounts.
SouthFront youtube channel had by far the best analyses of the Syrian conflict on the whole internet, yet you will not be able to watch any of their videos. Google-Youtube censored it all.
Of course, I am not blaming Google-Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter. I only blame the utterly masochistic users. As long as people insist on sharing their work on Western platforms instead of on Chinese/Russian/etc platforms, useful information will eventually be lost and important communication will constantly be prevented from occurring.
People's fault, not Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube fault.
But sure, keep using Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc, and, at the same time, keep sharing all your Facebook Jail badges, Twitter Jail badges, and similar stuff...
Sharing all those badges will eventually bend US tech giants...  revolutionize the Internet... and bring world peace... 
Luís Garcia 








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