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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Taiwan is Chinese for Dummies - Part 2

by Luís Garcia


Taiwan is China for dummies 2


Let's now check the Taiwanese constitution and look for further pieces of evidence proving Taiwan is Chinese, beyond any doubt! I beg your pardon. What I meant was: let's now check the Constitution of the Republic of China! You can read the full version here or here


11TH - Given the official name of their constitution, the 11th piece of evidence showing Taiwan is Chinese had to be the very official name of it: Constitution of the Republic of China! What else to say?!


12TH - The constitution was ratified by the Kuomintang during a Constituent National Assembly Session held in 1946 in Nanjing (mainland China), and was adopted one year later, in 1947, 2 years before the very creation of that delusional thing some call "Taiwanese nation".

That constitution, created by Chinese people living in China was written having in mind the control by the nationalist KMT over the whole of China, as we shall see later on. Nowhere in the document the name Taiwan is mentioned, only China is.

When defeated, KMT leaders fled to the Chinese Island of Taiwan and didn't even bother to change their Chinese constitution (meant for the whole of China) nor, at least, add the word "Taiwan" here and there... in order to fool some fools...


Long story short, a bunch of Chinese guys living in mainland China and ruling what they used to call the Republic of China, wrote a constitution for their Chinese republic (the whole of China). One day, these Chinese guys lost the Chinese civil war and fled to the Chinese island of Taiwan, which they decided to call the Republic of China (after the official name of China back then: Republic of China) and whose constitution would be the very same they had ratified in Nanjing (the capital of a China ruled by themselves till the day they were defeated).

Easy, right? No wonder I keep wondering why there are still people out there claiming Taiwan is not Chinese! Well, guys, the constitution of your beloved Taiwanese nation (Republic of China, ROC) says you are wrong!


Constitution of the Republic of China (Taiwan)


13TH - Reading the first paragraph of the Taiwanese constitution, we can find:

"The National Assembly of the Republic of China, by virtue of the mandate received from the whole body of citizens, in accordance with the teachings bequeathed by Dr. Sun Yat-sen in founding the Republic of China (...)."


As we can read, the Taiwanese constitution clearly states that the name of their national assembly is the National Assembly of the Republic of China in mainland China, not in Taiwan!

It clearly refers to an assembly whose (Chinese) members were first elected in 1947, in mainland China, and whose members met for the first time in 1948 in Nanjing (the capital city of China at that time)!


14TH - Please reread the excerpt where it is written: "in accordance with the teachings bequeathed by Dr. Sun Yat-sen in founding the Republic of China". 

See, the Taiwanese constitution refers to the teachings of Mr. Sun Yat-Sen, a very important Chinese citizen in Chinese modern history because he was one of the founders of the Republic of China! The Republic of China... the real one, for the whole of China! Don't get confused! 


If Taiwan were a separated entity and not part of China, it should have been founded by the Taiwanese, no? And Taiwanese should admire and spread the teachings of their Taiwanese heroes, right? 
So, why on Earth the Taiwanese constitution invites the Taiwanese people to learn about the "teachings bequeathed by Dr. Sun Yat-sen", a historical figure from China, that supposedly malefic nation Taiwanese were taught to hate since birth?


But sure! Please, follow his teachings! Mr. Sun Yat-Sen died long before KMT losers fled to Taiwan. He never preached Taiwanese independence! He preached the very opposite, then end of foreign occupation of China and the reunification of the whole of China (the Chinese island of Taiwan obviously included)! 

Yes, follow the words of Mr. Sun Yat-Sen and stop being the ignorant naive instruments of your own demise on behalf of the wicked interests of the most destructive force the human race ever faced (the US Terror State).


15TH - The original version of what some Taiwanese persist to call the Taiwanese Constitution was original written in Chinese, not in nonexistent Taiwanese:


R.O.C. Constitution (Source: National Archives Administration, National Development Council)








16TH - If the document we have been looking at is the constitution of Taiwan, then why there is not a single mention of Taiwan in it?

Dear readers, please do this very simple exercise: to search for specific terms using Ctrl+S and then type the terms. I already did it with some terms, and here are the results, showing the number of times each term is mentioned:

  • "China" - 17 times
  • "Chinese citizen" - 7 times
  • "Taiwan" - 0 times
  • "Taiwanese citizen" - 0 times
  • "Mongolia" - 5 times
  • "Tibet" - 5 times


You can try with other terms. As for me, the conclusions are made.

If China and Chinese citizens are mentioned all over a document where we can also find references to some Chinese autonomous provinces like Inner Mongolia or Tibet but not references to the Chinese autonomous region of Taiwan:

Firstly, those who wrote this constitution envisioned special statuses for Tibet or Mongolia, but not for Taiwan. See, stop attributing a special status to Chinese Taiwan. Your constitution never proposed it! Taiwan is simply a Chinese island, like Hainan island and others.  

Secondly, this is a parallel and non-binding constitution of China that doesn't make any reference to Taiwan because, according to those who wrote this Taiwanese constitution, Taiwan was obviously part of China and such damn obvious fact was not worth a mention in the constitution


For all those intrepid sinophobic beings supporting not only the independence of Taiwan but also the independence of autonomous provinces of China such as Tibet, Inner Mongolia, or Xinjiang, I have some questions for you.

How do you explain that the constitution of Taiwan (Republic of China), in its article 64 ( and also in articles 26, 91, 119, and 120), clearly and specifically claims jurisdiction over the territories of Tibet and Inner Mongolia? 

How can you support the independence of those Chinese provinces plus the independence of Taiwan if, at the same time, your beloved Taiwanese nation denies the independence you wish for Tibet or Inner Mongolia, and claim those provinces as part of the Republic of China (Taiwan)?

Dear not dear sinophobic beings, here is a very taught conundrum for you to solve!

Have fun with it!


Article 64
Members of the Legislative Yuan shall be elected in accordance with the following provisions:
1. Those to be elected from the provinces and by the municipalities under the direct jurisdiction of the Executive Yuan shall be five for each province or municipality with a population of not more than 3,000,000, one additional member shall be elected for each additional 1,000,000 in a province or municipality whose population is over 3,000,000;
2. Those to be elected from Mongolian Leagues and Banners;
3. Those to be elected from Tibet;
4. Those to be elected by various racial groups in frontier regions;
5. Those to be elected by Chinese citizens residing abroad; and
6. Those to be elected by occupational groups."


16TH - Did you notice the mention of the Executive Yuan in the constitution of Taiwan? Odd, right?

The Executive Yuan was formed in 1928 in (mainland China) as the executive branch of the Chinese government. The Executive Yuan was dissolved in 1949 after the victory of the communist side in the Chinese civil war and the consequent proclamation of the People's Republic of China (the real China). 

Yes, I know, the name is still in use in Taiwan. In Taiwan, they will tell you the Executive Yuan was never dissolved. It just had to change headquarters from a Chinese city in the mainland to another Chinese city located on a Chinese island named Taiwan. Sure. And the government of Taiwan calls itself Executive Yuan, sure.

But that's exactly my point here! Taiwan is not Taiwanese! Taiwan is part of China, just as they prove when they claim to be the heirs of a former Chinese government, haha!

Taiwan is ruled by lunatic Chinese who believe the Executive Yuan was never dissolved and, therefore, ignore the true Chinese government in Beijing! Taiwan is governed by delusional Chinese losers who somehow believe to be living in the pre-1949 era, ruling the whole of China and, at the same time, claiming they "are not Chinese and Taiwan is not Chinese"! Bipolarity? Maybe.

See, how Chinese you have to be (and paranoid too) to think you are ruling the whole of China, including Tibet and Inner Mongolia, from your office in No. 1, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Zhongzheng, Taipei, Taiwan, China? Hahaha.


Last pieces of evidence for now, and for the fun of it:

17TH - Why on Earth Taiwanese streets have names of Chinese cities (like Chongqing Road), names of Chinese citizens, and other references to that nation (China) the Taiwanese hate so much?

18TH - Why the Memorial Halls of 2 former presidents of China (Chiang Kai-Shek and Sun Yat-Sen in the capital of so-called Taiwan?

For the first, I get it, the honor shall be given to a Chinese murderous traitor.

But for the second, haha, come on guys! Why do Taiwanese have a Memorial Hall to a former Chinese President who was born in China and died also in China long before the US Terror State's decision to surround an island with its 7th fleet and brainwash its inhabitants to near brain death

Haha, I really don't get it!




Finally, two interesting Taiwanese polemics that prove shit will eventually happen when you decide to make up absurdities such as an independent Taiwan


19TH - Sun Yat-sen as the father of Taiwan (Republic of China) - Of course, a Chinese man who died in mainland China long before the nonsensical proclamation of the Taiwanese nation could never have been a father of that Taiwanese nation. 

Those who made up such nonsense deeply believed they would one day reconquer the whole of China and therefore be able to idolatrize Sun Yat-sen as the father of the Republic of China (in this case, the whole of China) in their united China under the rule of a right-wing pro-US regime KMT (themselves).  But that never happened and will never happen. 

And that's why some Taiwanese tried to fix this nonsense, triggering a polemic only possible among utterly zombified beings. Read on Wikipedia:

In November 2004, the ROC Ministry of Education proposed that Sun Yat-sen was not the father of Taiwan. Instead, Sun was a foreigner from mainland China. Taiwanese Education minister Tu Cheng-sheng and Examination Yuan member Lin Yu-ti, both of whom supported the proposal, had their portraits pelted with eggs in protest.At a Sun Yat-sen statue in Kaohsiung, a 70-year-old ROC retired soldier committed suicide as a way to protest the ministry proposal on the anniversary of Sun's birthday 12 November."


20TH - Nanjing as the capital of Taiwan - Of course, a city in mainland China can't possibly be the capital city of a rebellious Chinese island like Taiwan, and I am pretty sure I don't need to explain to you why. Nonetheless, many Chinese in Taiwan see it as so because they are Chinese who still don't get they lost the Chinese civil war in 1949.

Yes, Nanjing was the capital of the whole of China under the rule of the KMT... but then the KMT lost the war and fled to Taiwan. Still, I understand this (Chinese) guys. If you are a Chinese living in the past, your capital is Nanjing. Sure it is! And in that same past, Taiwan was undoubtedly a Chinese island

Again, when someone tries to fix such absurdities, the outcome is the same, another polemic only possible among utterly zombified beings.

Read this hilarious article Schools to teach Nanjing is ROC capital: ministry published in the Taipei Times. 







Of course, Taiwan is not China, as Chiang Kai-shek envisioned, in the sense of being the headquarters of his legitimate government for the whole of China.
No, Taiwan is not China, Taiwan is part of China! 
Taiwan is Chinese!




Luís Garcia, Thailand


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