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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Taiwan is Chinese for Dummies - Part 1

by Luís Garcia


Taiwan is China for dummies


This article is dedicated to my fellow countryman and friend Paulo Rodrigo, with whom I had an interesting conversation in 2017 on this very same issue. That conversation was the initial inspiration that led to the creation of this 3-parts article.


Taiwan is not even a country, yet many are lead to believe (or want to believe) it is an independent country. But, before getting into the historical and political details, let's try an analogy here.


Imagine there was a 2-sided civil war in France and, at the end of it, all the members of the loser side would leave the French mainland and seek refuge on the island of Corsica, the sole part of France still in their control.

Imagine there was a 2-sided civil war in the UK and, at the end of it, all the members of the loser side would leave the British mainland and seek refuge on the Isle of Man, the sole part of the UK still in their control.

Imagine there was a 2-sided civil war in the US and, at the end of it, all the members of the loser side would leave the US mainland and seek refuge on Long Island, the sole part of the US still in their control.


Obviously, such attempts to seek refuge would be futile. As humankind's history taught us over and over, the winner gets it all. Those seeking refuge in an island belonging to the country in question would eventually be captured or killed. Anyways, the obvious outcome for the 3 conflicts I imagined above would be: the winners of the civil war, independently of their political beliefs, would gain political and military control over 100% of the territory of that country. Unless someone would show up and decide to interfere.


Imagine that, at the end of that supposed French civil war, a then almighty China would interfere, sending one of its powerful fleets to surround the island of Corsica still occupied by the remaining losers of the French civil war, thus preventing the winners of the French civil war (weak, exhausted and starving after years of war) from righteously regain control over the island. 

Outrageous right? A China with a far stronger navy preventing French nationals from accessing a French island, thus preventing them from giving an end to the civil war? Wow, how would they? How would the Chinese dare act so viciously, interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign France in such a despicable manner? 


Well, the Chinese never acted in such a reckless manner, and probably never would.

But guess what? The US did, in the Chinese island of,  yes, you guessed, Taiwan




Watch the next 3 short-videos below to get an idea of what happened back then:






The US rogue state was then talking about an undetermined status for the Chinese island of Taiwan as if there were any doubts! And seriously, to ask Japan about Taiwan's future status? How come? What did they need to ask from Japan?

For example, did someone ask defeated Germany what to do with the status of the part of France until then occupied by the Germans? Did someone ponder if occupied France should reunite with free France or, by US caprice, become a new nation, vassal of the US, heavily armed with US weaponry pointing at free France, and in which people would be brainwashed from birth to hate free France?

And what if the US would have decided to do the same with Poland, the Czech Republic, and so on?


Nonsense, right? The very contrary happened. Defeated Germany, not only had to abandon every country it occupied during WWII but, worse, Germany lost part of its own historical territory to Poland. Nonetheless, somehow in the hyper-wicked US logic, the Chinese island of Taiwan, after the defeat of occupier Japan, instead of being given back to its owner, should be classified as a place with undetermined status. Why?


Even worse, 7 years after the end of WWII and 2 years after the end of the Chinese civil war, an utterly inadequate Treaty of San Francisco, negotiated by one of the most despicable criminals of the 20th century (John Foster Dulles), was signed between the US and its vassal state of Japan. 

In that parody of treaty between a rogue state and its new vassal, it was decided that the "legal status of the island of Taiwan is temporarily undetermined, it would be resolved at a later time in accordance with the principles of peaceful settlement of disputes and self-determination!"

Yes, you read it right: imperial genocidal Japan, one of the losers of WWII and former occupier of a Chinese island, met a third nation (rogue USA) to conclude that the status of a Chinese island was "temporarily undetermined", due to "disputes and self-determination".






Fast-forwarding to current reality, let's try to understand why Taiwan is Chinese, beyond any doubt! 

1ST - Look at the official name of Taiwan, according to the very autonomous government of Taiwan. Its official name is "Republic of China". If you don't believe it, visit the website

The original name, in traditional Chinese, is 中華民國, which literally means Republic of the Chinese nation or Republic of China. Did you notice the original name is not in Portuguese, Swahili, Uzbek or Taiwanese... but in Chinese? Did you notice it is written using the traditional Chinese characters? Traditional like in showing a link to Chinese tradition?

Furthermore, "Republic of China" was exactly the name used by the Kuomintang (KMT) to refer to mainland China when the Kuomintang was in power in mainland China. When they lost the war to the communist side (Communist Party of China, CPC), mainland China became the People's Republic of China and KMT-occupied Taiwan became the Republic of China. As simple as that!


2ND- Let's give a look at the flag of Taiwan (Republic of China) from 1949 until today, and compare it with the flag of mainland China from 1928 to 1949.

This was the official flag of mainland China between 1928 and 1949, under Chiang Kai-shek's KMT rule:


Chinese flag 1928-1949


And this is the official flag of Taiwan since 1949 when Chiang Kai-shek and his fellow KMT members sought refuge in Taiwan after being defeated in the mainland:


Taiwanese flag 1949-present


Furthermore, this flag was first used in 1912 as the mainland China navy flag. Chinese navy flag.


3RD - The official anthem of Taiwan is called National Anthem of the Republic of China (中華民國國歌 in traditional Chinese), and it is exactly the same as mainland China's anthem between 1930 and 1949 when mainland China was ruled by the KMT.

Furthermore, the lyrics of the Taiwanese national anthem were adapted from a 1924 speech by Sun Yat-sen, a Chinese politician and a historical figure of the Chinese republicanism for both sides, the right-wingers (who fled to Taiwan after having lost the civil war) and the communists in power in mainland China. Sun Yat-sen served as the provisional first president of China after the end of Imperial China.



4TH - The national seal of Taiwan (Republic of China) is the same as the mainland China national seal used between 1929 and 1949 (the period during which it was also called the Republic of China):


National Seals of the Republic of China


5TH - Ethnically, the Chinese island of Taiwan is more Chinese than China, if we use the erroneous senses most Westerners give to the words "China" and "Chinese". Unlike the French concept of "nation-state", "China" is a "civilizational nation". According to this Chinese concept (virtually unknown in the West), to be Chinese means, in a few words, to live in a Chinese (civilization) manner, and doesn't have anything to do with ethnicities.

Unaware of such a concept, aggressive, interventionist, and often arrogant Westerners dare to claim Tibetans and Uighurs are not "Chinese", thus calling for the independence of resources-rich provinces of China inhabited by people that, yes, are not ethnically "Chinese" (Han) in the Western sense of the word "Chinese".


Back to Taiwan, yes, Taiwan is more "Chinese" than China. Why? Let's compare the demographics of Taiwan and mainland China, and find out which one has a higher percentage of Han-Chinese (the "real" Chinese in an ethnicist nation-state logic). Taiwan:


Ethnic groups in Taiwan


Mainland China: 


Ethnic groups in China


With 91,7% of Han Chinese in mainland China against 95% of Hand Chinese in Taiwan, the latter is definitely more "Chinese" than China!


6TH - According to, there was, in 2018, 907,000,000 people in China using Chinese Mandarin as their first language (L1) plus 178,000,000 using it as their second language (L2). Given the Chinese population in 2018 (1,427,647,789 people), Chinese Mandarin was spoken by almost 76% of the Chinese citizens.

In Taiwan, there was a total of 19,580,000 speakers of Chinese Mandarin (L1+L2), or 83%. Again, Taiwan seems to be more "Chinese" than China. 

As for Taiwanese, it has zero speakers for the very simple reason there is no such language named Taiwanese


7TH - Look at the script in use in Taiwan. Unlike mainland China, whose government for practical reasons modernized the written system now called simplified Chinese, in Taiwan traditional Chinese is still in use. The word traditional before Chinese says it all. The Chinese people in Taiwan are so attached to the long Chinese tradition that they don't even want to get rid of their traditional Chinese script. 


8TH - The persons who created the government of Taiwan were all Chinese, born in China, and citizens of China. Actually, they were governing the whole of China (or at least claimed so) until the day they lost the civil war! They never called nor considered themselves Taiwanese. In truth, they hoped to be able to reverse their defeat and rule the whole of China again, one day. That's how far they were from being Taiwanese. They were simply Chinese who ran away from their headquarters in the Chinese city of Chongqing (capital of the Nationalist Government, at the very heart of mainland China). None were Taiwanese.


9TH - The Kuomintang (KMT) and the people led by the Communist Party of China (CPC, not CCP!) fought each other in a civil war lost by the KMT but, during the Japanese occupation and WWII, the 2 parties joined forces to fight the Japanese invaders, and the reason for such politically odd collaboration was very simple: they were all Chinese!

KMT was a Chinese political organization that went as far as being the ruling power of the whole of China. What else did they need to be considered as Chinese living on a Chinese island after having being defeated?


10TH - China was one of the 50 UN founding nations, in 1945, then ruled by the KMT. Four years later, at the end of the Chinese civil war, the CPC rose to power and the former KMT government (of China) fled to Taiwan. Naturally, the UN would have to recognize the new government of China, as it always does when there is a successful coup or a successful overthrow of the ruling regime in one of its member states. But it didn't.


The rogue US state goes far beyond that, recognizing its moronic puppet Juan Guaidó as president of Venezuela (although he was not even a candidate), but that's a different issue


What matters is that from 1949 on China was being ruled by a new communist government. Yet, because of the US rogue state's vile stubbornness, the UN didn't recognize the new government for a long while.  China would have to wait for the independence of many countries occupied by Western powers, in order to have its voice heard in the world's arena. 

From 1949 until 1971, the Chinese seat at the UN was occupied by the government of Taiwan under the name of the Republic of China. What else has to be said to prove the Chinese island of Taiwan and its Chinese inhabitants are Chinese when we know they were, for 22 long years, the very representatives of China at the UN?

Thankfully, historical justice was finally made in 1971 with the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 that decided to give the Chinese UN seat to the legitimate and sole government of China, the one ruling from Beijing. 

The US and Japan voted against it, of course.


From 1971 on, the diplomatic relations between the rest of the world and China sharply moved from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the People's Republic of China:






In conclusion, the US rogue regime illegally intervened in the affairs of sovereign China, taking advantage of the fact communist China was exhausted and didn't like war, unlike the US rogue state.
The fanatically anti-communist US rogue state took advantage of its immense firepower superiority to steal Taiwan from China, installing itself in that Chinese island and utterly brainwashing its Chinese inhabitants to hate China. 
Westerners very often see themselves as the good guys, defensors of human rights and whatever they tergiversate about. Nonetheless, they are the ones invading defenseless nations like Iraq, imposing murderous embargoes in countries like Venezuela, inflicting genocidal coups like they recently did in Bolivia, bringing slavery back to countries like Libya, or beheading children for the fun of it as Australians proudly did and do in Afghanistan
Yet, these very same Westerners persist in ignoring their own barbaric crimes and in accusing countries like Russia or China to be what they are not!
Peaceful China has all the right to use all the means of force necessary to regain control over its island of Taiwan filled up with US weapons, but it doesn't do so!
How come Westerners call China imperialistic and aggressive when, besides invading no one, China doesn't even fight to get its own island back? How come dear not dear sinophobic sheep-like humans in North America, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, or Taiwan? How come?


Communist China wishes, and it will, in due time, regain control over its island... peacefully, unlike the terrorist members of NATO that invade countries to plunder their resources in the most illegal and barbaric manners. 
As for the utterly brainwashed traitors in Taiwan, it's very simple, keep the land, not the people or, as they say in Chinese Mandarin, 留岛不留人!
And no, don't say I am being cruel or making an apology for genocide because I am not doing so! I am not doing so because the argument is not about genocide, it is about assuring Taiwan is Chinese territory and, if some Chinese don't like the fact, they can always move out. They can go live in the US, the UK, France, Australia, or in any other terrorist country of their choice!
Of course, Taiwan is not China, as Chiang Kai-shek envisioned, in the sense of being the headquarters of his legitimate government for the whole of China.
No, Taiwan is not China, Taiwan is part of China! 
Taiwan is Chinese!




Luís Garcia, Thailand


Taiwan is Chinese for Dummies - Part 1










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