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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Sinophobia, Russophobia, and Western chauvinism at the Olympics [Part 2]

by Luís Garcia






In reaction to the best performance ever at the Olympics, the president of the Portuguese republic made a speech in which he managed to portrait the stealing of athletes from Africa and Cuba as an example of Portugal championing the integration of foreigners in a country where hordes of nationals flee from the economic devastation provoked EU and IMF austerity too seek jobs in France or elsewhere. Better than all previous alchemists, the Portuguese president indeed managed to transform bullshit into gold, undoubtedly an amazing achievement. 

Previously, the Portuguese Olympic committee also bragged about having outperformed their expectations, which was to obtain 2 medals, after having invested 18 million euros in this Olympic campaign!. When you set the bar too low, success is always assured, but even though Portugal got 4 medals (best result ever), only one was obtained by a Portuguese, so Portugal is still behind its own goal and behind nations like San Marino (3 medals) or Kosovo (2 medals).

Man Assad

In fact, Portugal has as many medals as Syria (1 bronze), but Syria only sent 6 athletes after the 10 years of Western-imposed wars and embargoes, crimes against humanity in which Portugal proudly participates. Extremely anti-Cuba Portugal is celebrating 1 Portuguese medal plus 3 stolen from Africa and Cuba, while Cuba with 13 medals (6 gold, 3 silver, and 4 bronze) has no reason to celebrate because their best performance was 31 medals (14 gold) at Barcelona 1992.

The Portuguese president is so aware of the lack of value of these stolen medals (read part 1) that he had to come up with some newspeak to reconstruct reality in a self-indulging speech of a Western nation in total denial. Because no, there is nothing about integration here, let alone successful integration to be proud of. Fidel Castro rightfully used to label brain drain as theft. In my view, the same applies to what happened yesterday. 

Yesterday, Pedro Pichardo, the multi-medalist and Cuban world champion won the gold medal in Men's triple jump but did it for Portugal, not for Cuba. Pedro Pichardo was born in Cuba, from a Cuban family, became a professional athlete in Cuba, won many medals for Cuba until the age of 22 but, suddenly, one day he became Portuguese and now wins medals for Portugal.

Pedro Pichardo

His process of naturalization took only a few months, in disrespect of the Portuguese law, a decision that was very criticized by the Portuguese former triple jump recordist Nelson Évora who, by the way, is also not Portuguese (natural of Ivory Coast) despite having won a gold medal for Portugal at Beijing 2008. In his favor, his process of naturalization underwent the very time-spending normal steps.

On the contrary, the Cuban athlete got his Portuguese passport as one gets a train ticket in Lisbon. But well, he deserved it right? After all, if we were to believe in his words, he abandoned his Cuban nationality because evil Cuba wanted him to be trained by professional coaches, while he wanted to go back to his original coach, his father. Because the Cuban committee disagreed, somehow the injury he got while training in Cuban is the fault of the regime, who god knows why apparently produces the best athletes in the world to then induce injuries on them, as Pichardo affirmed, to destroy their careers. Very much plausible motive, yes, no doubt. 

Thankfully, his father contradicts Pichardo's version admitting they betrayed Cuba because he (the father) wanted to live in rich Europe. He admitted he had planned to move to Sweden, but then he thought he didn't like the cold weather and the snow and, eventually, decided to settle down with his son in Portugal.

No one admits it but the tragic reality is simple: money! This Cuban athlete betrayed Cuba for the millions he can get competing in events like the Diamond League, free from having to share it with other fellow athletes in communist Cuba. By serving chauvinist and capitalist Europe, he can pursue his dream (and of his father) and become a super-wealthy individual in an atomized Western society. Congratulations!


At least he can do so, unlike the not-so-intelligent Belarusian sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya who most probably betrayed her country in exchange for some peanuts. According to her teammates, her behavior in Tokyo was strange from the very beginning. Always alone, locking herself up, many phone calls with foreigners. Nothing new under the sun but, when a person does not know the history of this type of situation, she easily fell into what most probably is just another typical US-sponsored propaganda stunt.

The US has mastered this art for decades and continues to do so. Yet, as always, the sponsor of such negative PR campaigns couldn't care less about the pawn it picked for this latest anti-Belarus campaign and, as always in the past, this poor delusional naive woman will be forgotten and betrayed by those who promised her the paradise.

As I said, nothing new under the sun, just look at how the US used and abused Kurdish to then dump them. Look at what barbaric South Korea and the US undergo to produce the so-called North Korean dissidents who, one by one always end out fully exposed and their lies fully debunked. 

Please read Let's mourn the Kurdish faith/fate!.





This week, the British champion of shameless propaganda, The Economist, decided to inform us that the superb Chinese training centers are so "secretive" that even the most sinophobic lying media in the whole universe (The Economist) got exclusive access to that "factory" and its anti-journalists were even allowed to take high-resolution pictures of the victims of Chinese world-class sports facilities.

Furthermore, the nowadays inevitable term "camps" had to (somehow) be fitted into this propagandistic false report. Why? Simple, because the word is there to imply the concept of concentration camps, thus helping to shape the Western collective image of China as a land of multi-purpose concentrations camps where all sorts of crimes against humanity would supposedly take place in the way they actually take place for real in US concentrations camps. Just think about Guantanamo!

Please read Debunking Western propaganda against China - Concentration camps for Uighurs.


Credibility below zero here and, seriously, at this point, only sheep-like humans volunteering to be brainwashed can continue to swallow such racist and chauvinistic nonsense.


Just in case the Chinese get the most gold medals, the US already has many plans B, C, and so on. One of them is the old tired cliche of dissidents testifying anything the US administration wishes to hear after having paid to hear what it wishes to hear. The most famous examples of this are the fully debunked North Korean dissidents who, after being kidnapped and having spent months being mentally and physically tortured in barbaric South Korea, eventually tell all sorts of convenient contradictions in exchange for money and fame. 

Please read North Korean defectors debunked.


The problem is, an American friend of mine, former Olympic champion, whose name I won't be able to disclose due to confidentiality reasons, sent me an email today explaining how at least 100% of the US athletes in Tokyo are doped. Aware of this super reliable evidence, we can conclude with a very high level of certainty that the US actually won zero medals in this edition of the Olympic games.

See how easy it is?

Done! Nailed! 


In Australia, informed its audience that the Chinese 14 years old Hongchan Quan did not smile after obtaining gold, implying unsatisfaction from a zombified product of the above-mentioned children-abusing gold-medal-seeking secretive factories:


The problem is... lying supremacists are lying! Pure lie! Pure fake news! Pure propaganda! They said the very opposite of factual reality. Just look at this:




To select a picture in which the athlete is not smiling, when there are tonnes of footage from the event showing her smiling is just pure lying propaganda. But guess what? It works! Most people living in Orwellian Australia will never check, will never realize, and will further increase their sinophobia. You get what you look for!

Please read Western sick complex of superiority!

But guess what else? The actually selected, cropped, and used a frame from the very moment the athlete was about to dive (long before winning the medal, as these Australian liars were implying), the reason why she is not smiling but rather looking down. Looking down at the swimming pool she is about to dive in. Simply outrageous!

2021-08-06 18-00-00 Screenshot.png

These are evil minds serving the Western sinophobic propaganda machine. Period!

Content made on Kapwing


Many in the US, including US Olympic athletes, believe that innocent Russian athletes were not punished enough for the conspiracy Russia was a victim of (Russian samples at the World Anti-Doping Agency labs manipulated by who knows who for which reasons).

Russian conspiracy or anti-Russia conspiracy behind the alleged manipulation of Russian samples many years ago, what matters is that Russian athletes at Tokyo 2020 have nothing to do with it and are nonetheless being punished with interdiction of using their national flag, country name, and national anthem.

Finding the Russian outfit too similar to the Russian flag and the Russian athletes' faces too Russian, CNN decided to make justice, blurring them:










The US-led Western barbaric machine of war and plunder produces countless refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, etc. The US-sponsored coups against democratically elected socialist countries like Haiti or Honduras produce many more. Yet, few in the West wonder why most refugees arriving at the concentration camps the US administration prepares for them at the US-Mexican come from Honduras and not from Venezuela or Cuba!

Concentration camps for migrants in El Paso, USA, 2019:

U.S. Border Patrol agents register migrants at a processing center in El Paso, Texas. (Photo: Mani Albrecht/U.S. Customs and Border Protection, via Getty Images)


The West produces such refugees, the West comes up with Orwellian ideas such as the Refugee Olympic Team, to whitewash its own crimes against humanity with supposed care for the refugees it created.

Yet, it is up to the Chinese to dress up those refugees competing on Japanese soil.

2021-08-06 18-53-23 Chinese clothing brand Hengyua

The West is only there for the picture, as those despicable supremacist humanists I often found in Indonesia, Cambodia, or Laos taking selfies with (supposedly) starving dark-skinned children to then post on Facebook as a way to prove their humanity...


Then we have countries like the US bragging about the foreign minorities included in their Olympic team, with special mention to the Hmong athlete who won a gold medal. Sure, great, but why can´t the US get gold medals from their own minorities (Native Americans)?

In China, the reality is totally different. Firstly, China can't bring minorities from invaded countries because China does not invade countries.

Secondly, China does not need to do it. In China, minorities were not victims of cultural genocide as the ones genocidal France committed in Brittany and in all the other European kingdoms it absorbed. In China, minorities have their vibrant cultures very much alive, lately wealthier and healthier thanks to the CPC (or CCP for illiterate Westerners).

And so, it is not with surprise that one finds out that a member of the Kazakh minority living in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region got a gold medal for China

Luckily he was born in China and not in Australia, Canada, or the US, where we would be now kept in some reservation (zoo for humans), as far away from gold medals as any minority subdued by uncivilized Europeans can get. 

Nonetheless, some deranged folks in the West actually proposed to include non-existent Uighur refugees in the Refugee Olympic team. As if Uighur didn't have access to great Chinese training facilities or were somehow not allowed to practice sports in China!


Western dementia









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