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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Sinophobia, Russophobia, and Western chauvinism at the Olympics [Part 3]

by Luis Garcia









Deepak Kabra, an Indian judge, openly racist and sinophobic, admitted on Twitter is an unsportsmanlike desire to prevent China from getting gold medals. According to him, "Someone should stop [China] from a clean sweep", as if there were anything odd about a big nation obtaining many gold medals.

What is definitely odd is the lack of gold medals for the Indian nation. In 25 presences, India got 10 gold medals, as much as tiny Georgia (7 presences) and tiny Estonia (13 presences), with an average of 0.4 gold medals per Summer Olympic event. Even North Korea, with only 10 presences, got 16 gold medals. Cuba, with a population 123 times smaller than India, got 86 gold medals in 21 presences. 

With roughly the same population as India, China got 262 gold medals in 10 presences, i.e. 26.2 gold medals per event, a rate 65.5 higher than the Indian rate. 


WeChat Image_20210731143659.jpg


Without any surprise, the Indian judge delivered what he had promised in 2019, helping to steal a gold medal from China, in favor of its fellow QUAD member Japan. Even the most ignorant being on Earth can see that the Chinese athlete got 14.07 for a jump slightly better than that of the Japanese who got 14.90. Later on, the Chinese athlete got 14.9 for an equally superb jump, while the Japanese athlete got 14.7 for a totally missed jump! When you sum up these absolutely unfair scores, the Japanese, despite his huge fail, comes in first and gets the gold! Deepak Kabra delivering what he had promised!





Purposely and totally missing the point, sinophobic and dishonest CNN whines about Japanese athletes facing Chinese nationalists. Wrong! Firstly, wrath is probably too strong to qualify the Chinese reaction. Secondly, the "wrath" was caused by the flagrant injustice Kabra had promised to deliver, and it has nothing to do with nationalism. CNN's pseudo-journalist is absolutely unobjective here, thus offering us the sickening nationalism and wrath she mentioned. Simply deplorable.  


CNN rubbish

Japanese athletes face Chinese nationalists' wrath after beating China at Olympics (CNN)


If you bother to read the whole article, you will find out that this unprofessional racist pseudo-journalist goes even further, portraying the Chinese victims of Japanese barbarism during WWII as the bad guys, while the barbarian Japanese are portrayed as victims of the strong memory the Chinese people still have about the barbarism the Japanese imposed upon them. Again, absolutely deplorable!

Please read Redacted Reality - The Japan you refuse to acknowledge. 


Anyway, many throughout the world still have their eyes wide open, and some of them have a really good sense of humor:


Content made on Kapwing


Content made on Kapwing


Content made on Kapwing


Content made on Kapwing





First of all, let me visually introduce the superb athlete Arina Averina is. Watch her astonishing performance at the most recent European Gymnastics Championship:



Back to the Olympics, and just as it happened to the above mentioned Chinese athlete who lost the gold medal to the disastrous Japanese performance, Arina Averina, despite her pristine performance lost the gold to an Israeli athlete who committed errors like this:



Thankfully, some real journalists already bothered to expose this flagrant robbery. Please read:  





"No politics at the Olympics" is a lie and we all know it. What the IOC really means is "no politics by the countries we do not see as equals".

So, for instance, the US-originated kneeling used as a pathetic symbolic excuse to actually not to do anything relevant concerning racism in the US is officially allowed by the IOC. 


Megan Rapinoe kneels before the bronze match


Another US athlete was able to do this without any sort of condemnation by the IOC:




Yet, when 2 Chinese athletes came to get their gold medals wearing Mao Zedong pins, the IOC decided to open an investigation:


Chinese athletes at the Tokyo Olympics are under investigation for wearing pins that honor communist leader Mao Zedong





The result of living in a (Western) postmodern and dystopia civilization in collapse is very well illustrated in this video:




To further expose this omnipreent sinophobia, here is a set of Western reports about Tokyo 2020.

For instance, supremacist US sports channel ESPN, after an interview with renowned feminazi Megan Rapinoe, boldly asked its readers if "Are the Olympics too easy for US women’s team?" The answer came shortly after, with a 3-0 defeat against Sweden in the opening match, Eventually, the too good not to win Americans, came in 3rd in the Olympic female soccer tournament. After the polemic it created, eventually, ESPN changed the title of its report to Are Olympics too easy and too small for women's soccer?




Eventually, the gold in the women's Olympic football tournament went to Canada, with a team that included a non-woman.

Still in Canada, to get a gold medal conquered by a Chinese-born athlete was not good enough to certain sinophobic Canadians. Exposing how seriously deranged is the Western parallel reality they live in, some decided to argue that China has to review its one-child policy, which no longer exists, in order to prevent further losses caused by the adoption of potential gold medalists by Western families, thus avoiding discontentment of savage Chinese nationalists! Yeah, they went this far, literally or by implying it! China haters know no limits: 


Growing bolder, The Daily Beast decided to attack Chinese netizens for something absolutely normal in the West!


Why? Because some rather outspoken Chinese netizens showed strong discontentment after China lost a gold medal to the Japanese in table tennis, a sport seen by the Chinese as their sport. Sure, too harsh language was used, and even the Chinese authorities had to intervene deleting the most offensive posts, but come on, that's something that happens every day in the West: despicable sinophobic posts made by Western supremacists! 


Then, there was New York Times (NYT) going totally nuts. Somehow, the sinophobic stenographer working for the NYT finds it strange that a nation (China) seeks sporting success.

(If you can't read it, here is a backup)


Even worse, the NYT decided to lie, accusing the Chinese authorities of seeking such success at any cost, implying subjugation of its youth as slave-athletes forced to obtain gold.




For having the same kind of world-class sports facilities the US brags about, China is accused of having a sports machine or a factory of medals. The implied supremacy is appalling, to say the least. 

Going totally nuts, the NYT stenographer blames China for relying "on a system that puts tens of thousands of children in government-run training schools. Many of the young athletes are funneled into less prominent sports that Beijing hopes to dominate".

Firstly, define "less prominent"? Does it mean sports Western nations would like to be good at but damn Chinese dare to train to be better at? Seriously?

Secondly, what is wrong about "Beijing hopes to dominate" those sports?

Finally, the way the sentence "tens of thousands of children in government-run training schools" was framed implies some level of exploitation that only a very biased sinophobic can come up with. Because, honestly, if you give it a second thought, that is what other nations in the West do, used to do, or dream to be able to do! Yes, the Chinese government provides its people with public facilities in which they can excel and make their dreams true. Bravo the Chinese government!


Again implying some sort of exploitation, the pseudo-journalist affirmed that "a growing number of middle-class parents were unwilling to hand their children to the state for grooming as athletes". To hand to? Seriously? As if they were cattle? To back such a serious accusation, where are the evidence?

For deranged sinophobic Hannah Beech, children being trained in wonderful sports facilities somehow is not evidence of Chinese development. For her, it is out of the question that Chinese children, by their own initiative, aspire to be successful sportspersons. Sure, why not.

The problem is, there was a 13 years old Brazilian girl who won an Olympic medal. Is there a problem if the exploited children are Brazilian? Worse, where is the NYT outraged reaction to what this Brazilian politician suggested:


A Brazilian politician suggested 13-year-olds are old enough to work if they're old enough to win Olympic medals


Imagine what Western media would have written about China and the CPC if these appalling remarks had been said by a Chinese politician? 


More. What about the Japanese children taken away from their parents to get gold medals to please the Japanese imperial royal family? Anything? Momiji Nishiya, at the age of 13 won the first-ever women's skateboard gold medal at the Olympics. Funa Nakayama, at the age of 16 also got a medal in the same sport. Anything about Japanese authorities exploiting Japanese children to get gold medals in less relevant sports?

No, apparently, if the exploited children are Japanese, there is no exploitation of children, while irrelevant sports are no longer irrelevant. On the contrary, Times told us that "Japan’s Momiji Nishiya, 13, made history". Ah, OK.


And what about the European football giants taking children out of Africa and South America all the time, even giving them French or Portuguese nationalities, thus preventing Africa national teams from being great. For instance, look at Messi, who was only 13 years old when he was taken away from his family and forced to hard labor in Barcelona, thousands of kilometers away from his Argentinian motherland. Anything about all this?





Extremely racist South Korea offered us what we could expect from them: racism, prejudice, ignorance, lack of empathy, grotesque non-journalism. According to the South Korean TV channel broadcasting the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, Ukraine is Chernobil, the Italians are the (US-created) pizzas, Norway is salmon, Haiti is enraged black guys, Romania is Dracula, Indonesia is lack of Covid-19 vaccines (with a map showing Malaysia instead of Indonesia), and so on.

Shocked? I am not. 



Just to confirm the bigotry, "the Korean marksman Jin Jong-oh has criticized the International Olympic Committee for allowing a member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to compete and win a gold medal in the 10-meter air pistol event, saying: “How can a terrorist win first place"?" 



Why call a member of a branch of the Iranian Armed Forces a terrorist? To please his US master? What do these nonsensical and abject accusations have to do with anything? 

To be a terrorist, you have to commit acts of terrorism. To find armed forces committing acts of terrorism, he did not need to look that far. If he wanted to criticize real terrorist armed forces, he should begin by exposing its own South Korean terrorist army:






If was not for the Western demonic tactics of stealing gold medals from Chinese athletes, China lead in the gold medals ranking would have been indisputable:




Here are the sad gold-medal slaves oppressed by the CPC in its gloomy factories of baby-athletes. Look at them, look how miserable they seem to feel, utterly dull and sad, right?



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