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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Propagated Fake News VS Untold Reality, by Luís Garcia

Propagated Fake News VS Untold Reality


Propagated Fake News

So much information is available about the terrorist nature of the White Helmets. Overwhelming amount of facts proving that they are the very opposite of what they pretend to be and of what Western Corporate Lying Media pretend to believe they are supposed to be:


The White Helmet exposed, by Vanessa Beeley



And yet, 99% of the footage used by the Western Corporate Media to lie to us about the war in Syria comes from the White Helmets. Worst, most of the people in the West and all over the world continue to buy the outrageous humanitarian lies White Helmets tell and spread.

Just give a look to what most of the people say in reaction to this recently staged rescue proposed by the White Helmets:



And now look carefully at the pictures they shared (click on the pictures for full-sized version):


picture 1


picture 02


picture 03


And watch this video:


fake rescuing


As always:

  • a child can be found at the center of the picture (no adults are rescued by the White Helmets);
  • nearby, there's an Everest of rubble to be climbed by the White Helmets members;
  • several White Helmets members are taking pictures instead of helping;
  • several White Helmets members are doing unrelated and not urgent things such as drinking water;
  • several White Helmets members are just chilling out;
  • the rescued victims have no broken legs or arms or head, etc;
  • the rescued victims have no sign of skin perforated skin as a result of the explosions;
  • a rescued victim miraculously comes out of a mountain of rubble alive and white no serious injuries;
  • the rescued victims are all covered in white (check the videos and pictures from Yemen to understand how fake is this white 'rubble dust' always present in the White Helmets staged footage;
  • etc.


Amazing right? Not that much, if you analyze their videos and pictures in detail. The pattern is obvious: their footage is all staged and it not that professional!


These White Helmets tweet shows just one of the most recent staged lies. We saw plenty during these years of Western aggression on Syria.

Why this one now? Why more of the same ridiculous lies, again?

Well, because of the upcoming reconquest of Idlib by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) against the cocktail of al-Qaeda, Ahrar al-Sham, Jaish al-Islam and all the other dozens of Western-sponsored and Gulf States-sponsored shades of terrorism that, all together, are Orwellianly known as "Syrian freedom fighters", "Syrian rebels" and so...


Just give a look at the list of terrorist organizations that were taking part of the Free Syrian Army (the "rebels" according to mainstream media) in September 2017, according to a statement published by members of the very same Free Syrian Army:


FSA's shades of terrorism


Why now?

I insist: a new campaign of lies is being prepared to convince the pleb with the very same kind of lies Corporate Lying Media spread during the liberation of Aleppo.

Corporate Lying Media called it the "destruction of Aleppo", but plenty of footage available online proved them outrageously wrong.

You want a clear example? Here is one:




So get ready for the next brainwashing campaign about the "evil regime" and the "criminal Assad". And don't be surprised to find a second version of a postmodern crap called Civil March for Aleppo.


Untold Reality 

Done for now with the parallel false reality most of the people take as 'reality', I would like to elaborate on the real reality of Yemen shamefully ignored by the Western Corporate Lying Media and systematically censored by Facebook, Youtube, Google, and Twitter.


Years of barbaric destruction of defenseless Yemen, and yet nothing or almost nothing about it in Western Corporate Lying Media.

US Terror State, UK Terror State, Saudi Arabia Terror State, UAE Terror State, and other terror states have been persuing the total destruction of Yemen.

They have been destroying as much as they can of Yemen infrastructures. They have been killing and starving Yemenis to death for more than 3 years in all ways possible (bombing, embargoing, etc.).

Yet, little or nothing is said. Is it normal? Yes, it is. In an Orwellian reality as the one we live in, it is absolutely normal.


In this Orwellian realm, real and despicable tragedies - the fault of real genocidal regimes such as the US or Saudi Arabia - are not televised.


In this Orwellian realm, faked tragedies staged by the terror organization named White Helmets are constantly broadcasted all over the planet.


A few days ago the world was talking about the massacre of Yemeni children in a bus, by the Saudi Arabia Terror State. Great! Finally!

But well, that is less than a tiny bit of the tip of the iceberg. Nonetheless, and because you probably heard about this particular tiny bit of the tip of the iceberg, I propose you to consider watching the following videos showing the unspeakable aftermath of the Saudi terror constantly imposed over the powerless Yemeni civilians:


Video 1

Video 1

(alternative link:


Video 2

Video 2

(alternative link:


Video 3

Video 3

 (alternative link:


Video 4

Video 4

  (alternative link:


Video 5

Video 5

  (alternative link:


Video 6

Video 6

  (alternative link:



I remind you that Saudi Arabia constantly buys billions of dollars of modern (and very lethal) weaponry from the US, the UK, Canada, France, Spain and many other European countries.

I remind you that all these despicable Saudi crimes against humanity are made possible thanks to our will in the West to profit from it!

I remind you that many Western politicians have no problem at all to admit and even be proud of their weapons trade with Saudi Arabia:


Manuel Valls, French Prime-Minister at the time of the interview

 (select subtitles - auto-translate - English)


I remind you that more of the same has been happening for more than 3 years.

You know nothing or little because little or nothing is said about this real reality.

And also because too much is said about parallel faked realities of Bad Assad and Bad Putin and Bad Kim Jong-Un and Bad Nicolás Maduro, leaving no space to real reality.


Just think about: even if all the things you heard about Assad and the Syrian government were true, and knowing (at the least from now on) that equally unspeakable crimes have been committed in Yemen for more than 3 years, how can you explain that every single media outlet tells you all the time about plenty of horrible things committed by Assad and the Syrian 'regime' and nothing about none of the countless crimes being committed in Yemen?

Shouldn't crime be equal to crime? Shouldn't horror be equal to horror? Shouldn't genocide be equal to genocide


And then, on the top of it, why the allegations about Assad / Syrian government crimes are almost only based on unverified data from a terrorist organization called White Helmets or from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British organization based in the UK observing nothing nowhere and with zero correspondents in Syria?


How comes the Western Corporate Lying Media systematically ignores all the available data about the aggression on Yemen?

There is plenty of graphic content! Real graphic content like the videos above. Thousands of videos. Dozens of thousands of pictures. Yemeni media and some other Middle-East media constantly share it!

But no, no reaction from the Western Media.

Worse, constant censorship on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook of the real news informing about the aggression on Yemen.

If you have a brain, a properly functioning brain, all these incoherences can't possibly make sense to you.

No, something must be very wrong with our Western societies when most of us believe in poorly staged rescues in Syria (of victims with zero injuries and white cream spread over their faces), while most of us never heard about the 3 years long aggression on Yemen!


Do you want to start learning about the Saudi-US-UK-UAE aggression on Yemen?

Wonderful. Here are some links that can be helpful:


Again, this is ridiculous faked White Helmets footage from Syria:


Syrian/Russian bombs spreading white cream over children's skin

faked White Helmets crap

(click on the picture for full size)


Again, this is the untold and unspeakable real daily reality in Yemen:


US bombs used by Saudis to massacre Yemeni children

(More here:

(click on the picture for full size)


Luís Garcia




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