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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Prof. Zhang Weiwei

[Great Minds]


Zhang Weiwei





Zhang Weiwei Liberal democracy may be right for the West- but would be wrong for China





Impossible "dialogue" between prof. Zhang Weiwei and 5 arrogantly ignorant Western pseudo-intellectuals (plus 1 insane Westernized Libyan woman, employee of NED, WB, U.S. Department of State, and other US criminal organizations) who know nothing about anything, only know how to regurgitate Western lies, prejudices and misconceptions, believing they understand China better than a Chinese scholar and are thus entitled to scold him for all the hideous crimes of evil CPC, and blablabla... These 6 lunatics together, behaving as a fanatic religious and righteous mob ready to set on fire and heretic outsider, proved very well why the West is a sick civilization, intellectually dead, thus in risk of civilizational disaster. Prof. Zhang Weiwei understood very well it is better to do nothing and let them continue that suicidal path. 

Note: among the paternalistic supremacists, the one who portraits himself as a profound admirer of Chinese culture (read: dumb pedantic orientalist) is no other than Bernard-Henri Lévy, a so-called "French philosopher" but in fact a dangerous terrorist and an international criminal directly involved in the genocidal crimes committed by al-Qaeda in Syria and in Libya (among other equally serious crimes against humanity).






The Chinese Way




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Youtube: 张维为The Chinese Way by Zhang Weiwei

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- The China Wave: Rise of a Civilizational State

- The China Horizon: Glory and Dream of a Civilizational State






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