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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

PART 6 - Pragmatic Approach, by Luís Garcia






Note: The figures used in this article are from April 16th or April 17th, depending on the time I introduced the data for each mentioned country, as it took me 2 days to write this article. The only exception is the table with ratios of number of tests / positive result, prepared on April 9th. 


China - Much has been said about the Chinese lockdown policies and the extreme efficiency and readiness of Chinese emergency plans that made possible to build huge and modern improvised hospitals in just a few days or to fully monitor the epidemic with state of the art gadgets like mobile phone apps or policemen helmets able to track people's temperature in realtime.



Facts show China is that strange country sending humanitarian aid to more than 90 countries, while the US is busy bullying the whole world. China is that strange country daring to send 2,000 test kits to Syria, while all Syria gets from the US is bombs, embargoes, ISIS, terror, war and death...


But well, I myself wrote several articles about China and COVID-19, so I won't try here another analysis on the Chinese great policies based on lockdown, on full monitoring and on putting people's lives before capital gains (losses). Here are some of those articles:

The Western Peril

The Western Peril 2

Western civilization in decline


So let's move on to the very telling figures and charts.

Of the 82,295 cases registered in China so far, 3342 (4,1%) resulted in death, only 1137 (1,4%) are still active and 77,816 (94,6%) recovered. These figures alone prove how efficient is an approach based on lockdown plus full tracking of the epidemic, and how nihilistic and criminal are anti-lockdown plus anti-tracking approaches in Sweden, Belgium or the Netherlands! 

For instance, look at how, in less than a month, China managed to have more new recovered cases per day than more new deaths per day. Then compare it to the conscious genocidal of elders (and others) taking place in Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands!




Many in the west, in a pure exercise of obscurantist xenophobia, affirm not to trust on Chinese data, while trusting in baseless guesses of up to 50 times more real cases and deaths in China. Let's admit this nonsense for a minute. 

Even if true, 57 times 50 equals 2,850 imagined cases per million in China, still far from the 11,582 cases/M in San Marino (Europe), 10,941 cases/M in New York state (USA) or 3,864 cases/M in Spain.

Even if true, 2 times 50 equals 100 imagined deaths per million in China, still far from the 1,061 deaths/M in San Marino, 591 deaths/M in New York state or 402 deaths/M in Spain.

See, even making up figures backed by thin air, you still have to admit China does and did immensely better than delusional westerners in third-world West. 


One last point about China. Do you remember when pro-terrorist delusional Hongkongers brainwashed by US regime change organizations (like OTPOR, CANVAS, and others) were calling for China-HK border shutdown amid COVID-19 Outbreak?

Well, what about doing it for real now?

Look at was is going on now in the Chinese city of Hong Kong and in the rest of China:

China mainland - 1107 active cases, 0,8 per million

Hong Kong - 529 active cases, 71 per million

Taiwan - 234 active cases, 10 per million

Macau - 29 active cases, 45 per million

Yes, please! Close the border and don't let brainwashed Hongkongers infect the rest of China!




Thailand - Thailand, where I currently live, is a very interesting case, as it was the first country after China to have a confirmed case of COVID-19 on January 13th

For almost 2 months, until March 5th, Thailand had only had 43 cases, of which 1 resulted in death (on March 1st), 20 had recovered and only 12 were still active. The efficiency of Thai measures is therefore undisputable.

March 4 - Active cases


For 2 months, Thailand didn't have an outbreak. On the other hand, in a period one month, countries like France, Italy or Spain already had serious outbreaks and dozens of thousands of cases! 

Among others, one of the reasons was the fact that Chinese from Thailand and other Chinese immediately took the necessary measures to stop the spreading, sacrificing their own businesses and jobs. Right next to where I live, there's a Chinese area for Chinese tourists. On early February, almost all Chinese businesses with Chinese owners, Chinese employees, and Chinese customers were closed. 2 months later, as you can see from these pictures I took yesterday, they are still closed:



As for 99,9% of westerners working, living or on holidays in Thailand, the very opposite can be said. In this very touristic area of Pattaya, only the recent government ban forced westerners-owned bars to be closed, and some even defy the ban. As for the Westerners' behavior, a few days ago 99,9% were still not wearing masks not taking any precautions, in clear contrast with Thais and other Asians in Thailand.




On March 5th, a second wave of cases emerged, with many cases of COVID-19 detected in tourists arriving from countries like the UK, Italy, France, Denmark, Sweden, the US or Germany, and in many others Thai persons working in the very important industry of tourism. This second wave was not a surprise, given the nihilistic behavior of most westerners in denial here. 

Still, thanks to the very good measures taken by the local authorities, testing an average of 50 persons for each confirmed case, even after the beginning of exponential growth in mid-march, Thailand only still has 2,643 cases and 43 deaths.

If we compare Thailand with France, a European country with roughly the same population and the same size, the differences are is staggering:

  • France is #4 in number of COVID-19 cases, Thailand is #50;
  • France has 147,863 cases, Thailand has 2,643;
  • France has 17,167 deaths, Thailand has 43;
  • France has 20,9% of recovered cases, Thailand has 56,6%;
  • France has 263 deaths per million, Thailand has 0,6;
  • France has 2,265 cases per million, Thailand has 38;


So, where is the first-world and the third-world again? 


2020-04-16 20-48-49 Thailand Coronavirus  2,672 Ca




Vietnam - Vietnam (with 97 million people) can have a low rate of tests per capita but, because Vietnamese cases are also concentrated in small specific areas, and it has only 268 cases,  a low rate of tests per capita there does not necessarily mean a bad job done by the Vietnamese authorities. On the contrary, they have very high rates of tests per capita if only the populations of the affected areas are taken into consideration.

In Vietnam, authorities make 400+ tests to get a single positive result. The idea is to isolate possible clusters and stop the spread by implementing intensive testing. On the other hand, in super-cool Sweden, authorities consciously don't give a damn, testing only a few and ignore most, deliberately putting at risk the weaker (poor, ill, elder). As a result, Vietnam got its first case on January 23rd but, so far,  only has 268 cases and zero deaths.

See, intensive testing absolutely for free (including foreigners) does make a huge difference in Vietnam!

To make it easier to understand the importance of the super-high ratio of number of tests / positive result in Vietnam, please compare it with the ratios found in other countries:



While, in Sweden, pseudo-progressive health authorities had been promoting the spreading of the virus, in communist Vietnam, very innovative measures were taken. Here is an example:



Like Thailand, Vietnam had 2 distinct waves of COVID-19, but with even more telling characteristics.

The first wave, with cases imported from China or related to Chinese cases, occurred between the first detected case on January 23rd and the 16th case detected on February 13th.

By February 25th, all the 16 persons previously infected with COVID-19 had recovered, in an unprecedented 100% rate of recoveries!

It is amazing how so many in the West praise the murderous Swedish policy of let infect and let die, and none of them praises Vietnam for their amazing work! Today, Sweden still has only 3.2% of recovered cases! On the contrary, when they mention Vietnam, it's to attack it for the sole crime of being a "communist country like China": 



During the period that went from February 14th to March 5th, zero cases were registered in Vietnam, proving that Vietnam had managed to be the first country in the world to fully control a COVID-19 epidemic. 

Unfortunately, a second wave started on March 6th, with cases being imported from Western nations, thanks to the arrival of western tourists and Vietnamese living in those Western nations already experiencing their out of control epidemics. This point alone proves how Europe and North America are truly responsible for the global pandemic, not China!

Once again, brave communist and pragmatic Vietnam is proving to the world how well-prepared they are to fight and irradicate epidemics. By today, Vietnam only has 70 active cases and zero deaths:

  • 268 cases, 0 deaths, 73.9% recovered cases;
  • 3 cases per million;
  • 439 tests / positive result.






As I explained before, many countries around the world started to implement their quarantine measures after the first case (Angola) or even before that (Mozambique).

It is pointless by now to keep arguing about how wrong the Swedish/Dutch/Belgian anti-quarantine, anti-testing are.

Much more interesting is to share here raw data (figures and charts) from opposite examples in Africa, Asia, South America, and Oceania, to end once and for all with the pathetic Swedish myth

But first, look at these figures and charts again:



  • 11,927 cases, 1,203 deaths, 3.2% recovered cases;
  • 1,181 cases per million, 119 deaths per million;
  • 6.5 tests / positive result.


  • 33,573 cases, 4,440 deaths, 21.2% recovered cases;
  • 2,897 cases per million, 383 deaths per million;
  • 3.6 tests / positive result.



  • 28,153 cases, 3,134 deaths, 0.9% recovered cases;
  • 1,643 cases per million, 183 deaths per million;
  • 4.2 tests / positive result.





Palestine - The biggest victim of Western terror and Israeli terror sponsored by the West, suffering a forced criminal lockdown for more than 70 years. Thankfully, humanistic China sent them 10,000 test kits and other kinds of humanitarian aid. 

  • 374 cases, 2 deaths, 16.8% recovered cases;
  • 73 cases per million, 0.4 deaths per million;
  • 59 tests / positive result.


Laos - One of the last communist states on Earth, and one of the last to get its first confirmed case.

  • 19 cases, 0 deaths, 10.5% recovered cases;
  • 3 cases per million;
  • 52 tests / positive result.



Cambodia - One of the poorest countries on Earth where most cases came from a religious meeting in Malaysia. 

  • 122 cases, 0 deaths, 80.3% recovered cases;
  • 7 cases per million;
  • 49 tests / positive result.


Nepal - This very poor nation was one of the first to have a confirmed case of COVID-19 and, just like Vietnam, it has a super-high ratio of tests per each case found positive. The consequences are obvious:

  • 16 cases, 0 deaths, 12.5% recovered cases;
  • 0.5 cases per million;
  • 236 tests / positive result.


Jordan - Sure it is a faked state built over stolen Syrian land by the British, and currently is no more than a US mega-military base in the heart of Middle East from where many USA/ISIS/NATO/al-Qaeda terrorist operations against Syria come from but, still, they are doing a much better job than their terrorist Yankee bosses:

  • 401 cases, 7 deaths, 62.3% recovered cases;
  • 39 cases per million, 0.7 deaths per million;;
  • 48 tests / positive result.


Brunei - A tiny rather conservative Muslim nation with complexes of inferiority, located in northern Borneo, that I had the pleasure to visit a not long time ago.

  • 136 cases, 1 death, 79.4% recovered cases;
  • 311 cases per million, 2 deaths per million;
  • 66 tests / positive result.


The Maldives - Another tiny Asian nation with very positive results, despite the fact it is a very trendy touristic destination (the first confirmed case was a French tourist, who dared to spread COVID-19 to south Asia on March 7th!). 

  • 23 cases, 0 deaths, 69.6% recovered cases;
  • 43 cases per million.


Iraq - Despite the fact it is currently fighting an anti-occupation war (viva the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units!) against NATO-members terrorist nations like the US, UK, Germany, Poland or Spain... Iraq clearly outperforms all those evil nations in the tracking and fight against COVID-19.

  • 1,415 cases, 79 deaths, 57.4% recovered cases;
  • 35 cases per million, 2 deaths per million;
  • 23.6 tests / positive result.


Malaysia - Malaysia was having the epidemic pretty much under control until the spike caused one month ago by some moronic religious leaders and their equally moronic followers. Nonetheless, the situation is still under control, with results extremely more positive than those of super-rich and far less populated Sweden. 

  • 5,072 cases, 83 deaths, 52.2% recovered cases;
  • 157 cases per million, 3 deaths per million;
  • 14.1 tests / positive result.


Iran - Despite the criminal and genocidal sanctions imposed against Iran by the US Terror State and its vassal states, Iran is a very modern and industrious nation capable of producing its own test kits, and has scientists capable of carrying their own researches on COVID-19.

  • 76,389 cases,  4,777 deaths, 65.4% recovered cases;
  • 909 cases per million, 57 deaths per million;
  • 3.3 tests / positive result.


North Korea - The country by far with the wisest policy over COVID-19 epidemic. In late January, while quarantine measures were still being implemented in China, North Korea decided to temporarily close its borders to foreigners, just as it has previously done during other epidemic outbreaks like Ebola.

As a result, until today, North Korea has zero cases of COVID-19. 




About 10 days ago, there were 2 Nazi-like French doctors arguing on French TV that African human beings should be used as guinea pigs for experiments on vaccines to cure their superior race. According to these 2 monstrous racist pigs, "we should do this study in Africa, where there are no masks, no treatments, no reanimation.”



Besides their despicable racist and colonial ideas, these 2 doctors were objectively wrong about Africa's response to the COVID-19 epidemic, a continent where the right measures were taken even before the outbreaks and where the African Union is organizing a campaign of 1 million tests throughout the continent.

Despite the plunder by terrorist nations like France that still plunder and military occupy parts of Africa, many African nations, namely African nations occupied by the French Terror Army, are doing much better in preventing the spread of the epidemic and in treating those already affected. 

So, Nazi-like French doctors with fucked up intellects, please perform your Nazi-like testings (based on profit) using your fellow French citizens who are dying like flies from COVID-19, and leave Africans alone, as this lady rightly pointed out:





  • 81 cases,  5 deaths, 55.5% recovered cases;
  • 10 cases per million, 0.6 deaths per million;
  • 25 tests / positive result.



  • 314 cases, 2 deaths, 60.5% recovered cases;
  • 21 cases per million, 0.1 deaths per million.



  • 48 cases, 2 deaths, 62.5% recovered cases;
  • 3 cases per million, 0.1 deaths per million;
  • 16 tests / positive result.


Burkina Faso

  • 542 cases, 32 deaths, 41.7% recovered cases;
  • 26 cases per million, 1,5 deaths per million.



  • 407 cases, 12 deaths, 31.4% recovered cases;
  • 2 cases per million, 0.06 deaths per million;
  • 19.7 tests / positive result.




Venezuela - Despite the fact Venezuela is a prime victim of US terrorism in all forms possible (terrorism, economic terrorism, embargoes on food and medicines, sanctions, oil blockade, military siege, etc). Right now, US Terror State is again preparing to invade Venezuela, while its Terrorist in Office (Trump) offers 15 million dollars for the head of democratically elected Maduro and prevents products to fight COVID-19 from reaching Venezuela, and while IMF comes with a fucked up project to get rid of Maduro using COVID-19 excuse!


  • 197 cases, 9 deaths, 56.3% recovered cases;
  • 6.9 cases per million, 0.32 deaths per million;
  • 10,7 tests / positive result (not bad, but could be much better if the criminal US and the criminal EU could stop terrorizing Venezuela with medical embargoes!).


Cuba - The great humanistic and communist nation that dares to export doctors instead of bombs (like the US Terror State does), continues to be humanistic and communist, despite 70 years of US biological attacks, terrorist attacks, embargoes, sanctions, attempts of invasion, the kidnapping of Cuban and hundreds of attempts to kill Fidel Castro... Cuba is still the most humanistic nation on Earth, sending humanitarian aid to faraway US vassal states like Italy, and to neighboring countries like Argentina, while the same US Terror State does all it can to inflict death by COVID-19 in Cuba.

  • 814 cases, 24 deaths, 18.6% recovered cases;
  • 72 cases per million, 2 deaths per million;
  • 17.8 tests / positive result.


Saint Lucia

  • 15 cases, 0 deaths, 73.3% recovered cases;
  • 82 cases per million.



  • 9 cases,  1 death, 44.4% recovered cases;
  • 1 case per million, 0.2 deaths per million.



  • 16 cases,  0 deaths, 50% recovered cases;
  • 222 cases per million.



  • 502 cases, 9 deaths, 57% recovered cases;
  • 145 cases per million, 3 deaths per million;
  • 13.5 tests / positive result.





Finally, let's check the 2 most-affected nations in Oceania, both considered Western nations, given the ethnical composition of their populations. It is interesting to notice that those who blindly insist on praising Sweden for its murderous and inefficient policies over COVID-19, do not notice that there are 2 nations named Australia and New Zealand whose tough quarantine measures led to a fast control of the epidemic.

On the contrary, when, for instance, the authorities in New Zealand decided to close down the country, they were accused by many in the West of implementing oppressive measures against their own people, and of locking foreigners in a giant jail named New Zealand. 


Well, guess what? The measures worked very well (as in China)!

And so, as in China, authorities in New Zealand are preparing to ease the quarantine measures.

And, after all, New Zealand is not a giant jail for foreigners. They can already leave the country.


All this goes to show how moronic are those in the West who wish to see quarantine measures as evidence of oppression! No, quarantine measures are not a synonym of state oppression because such measures are temporary (as China and New Zealand just proved). On the contrary, the more Western conspiracy theorists sabotage their governments' quarantines, the more the quarantines will last in their countries!



  • 6,468 cases, 63 deaths, 58% recovered cases;
  • 254 cases per million, 2 deaths per million (like China);
  • 53 tests / positive result.


New Zealand 

  • 1,401 cases, 9 deaths, 55% recovered cases;
  • 291 cases per million, 2 deaths per million (like China);
  • 39 tests / positive result.





2020-04-16 14-20-09 April 16 - US VICTIMS - Excel



2020-04-16 14-44-22 April 16 - AFRICA - Excel (Pro



2020-04-16 15-05-22 April 16 - EXTRA - Excel (Prod



2020-04-16 15-23-41 April 16 - U.S.A. - Excel (Pro



2020-04-16 16-25-11 April 16 - TOP 25 - Excel (Pro




In the first part of this great speech, Michael Parenti (addressing a different issue) explains why so many westerners are now praising Swedish policies while avoiding seeing opposite examples like Vietnam: 



Around the minute 53 of this same video, Parenti explains why this delusional behavior does not make sense, comparing it with what a German acquaintance of his confessed. That person, who experienced WWII in Germany, realized the Nazi war propaganda was delusional and false by noticing that Germany was always winning, yet, their won victories were occurring increasingly closer to Germany and, eventually, only inside German territory... if you get what he meant.


Luís Garcia, Thailand








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