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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

PART 4 - Delusional Approach: Sweden, by Luís Garcia


delusional Sweden




Much more could be said about the Netherlands, but Sweden is even a worse case. So let's move on further north, to Sweden, the land of ultimate postmodern policies and a supremacist perspective of their own place among other human beings (breathing in and out under the same sun) that shows disturbing similarities to Third Reich's concept of an Arian race:



See, in a country were many Swedish citizens openly don't take any measures at all, and where we can hear some saying "I don't really care" about the COVID-19 and the shocking lack of measures to contain its spreading, another Swedish citizen and also epidemiologist says that "the mild measures are based in the belief that people in Sweden are more disciplined than in other countries!"

Well, abundant footage proves otherwise, as we shall see. 


I would love to believe Swedes are that disciplined, but the problem is: facts prove otherwise.

How disciplined are people whose stubbornness leads them to play football matches in a country where there's a fast-growing, deathly, and almost untracked epidemic?


2020-04-11 02-04-34 Live Soccer Scores and Sport R


Yes, almost untracked! Official figures, lack of figures and official anti-quarantine policies explain it all! Please watch this video-report by our guest author Klaas Sijtsma, then we will analyze my bold accusations:



Did you notice how average Swedes really see themselves as members of a superior civilization, gifted with unique characteristics that make them exquisite specimens of some kind of super-race for whom rules and logic that work with everybody else, simply don't apply to them, almighty enlightened Swedish!?!

Oh, funny they!




Thankfully, there are exceptions! Ferrada de Noli, a Swedish professor emeritus of public health sciences, argues that "Swedes are not inherently special":

As declared by the government and public health authorities, a key component in the Swedish strategy would be some national idiosyncratic factor making Swedes abide by the authorities’ leadership, i.e., 'authorities only need to recommend, people follow.' Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Linde explained on March 30 that Swedes have 'a lot of trust' in each other and in the authorities and politicians, and that the public follows the decisions and takes personal responsibility. She repeated on April 9: 'We trust that people take responsibility.' 


Newspaper DN published the results of a survey carried out on April 9 among the Swedish people which focused on the attitudes of the public regarding 'social distancing' – a cornerstone in the authorities’ recommendations. The survey results show that – paradoxically – despite the authorities calls for 'social distancing' having successively sharpened, less and less of the people interviewed over a number of days were in favor of abiding with the recommendations.

The study then names the age-groups which 'to a greater extent break the recommendations of the Public Health Agency.' It also concludes that such 'national behavior (riksbeteende) indicates that – with great probability – the infection shall increase in the coming days.' "


Another exception is Yngve Gustafson, a professor of geriatrics at Umeå University, who, unhappy with Swedish policies and behavior, says that:

I'm very, very sad. Many people lose; many lives. At the same time, I'm not surprised. We will see infinitely worse numbers in the coming weeks." 


One more exception is Björn Olsen, also a critic of Swedish official policies. According to this Uppsala University professor and expert on pandemics:

“The pandemic is coming at us like a flood. It's like a wall of infection. We will have very high death rates in Sweden, especially in the Stockholm area, and we will see a huge increase in the coming weeks,”


As Sputnik informed us, "according to [professor] Olsen, the authorities failed to understand the severity of the situation and take precautions, and took the wrong approach from the start. In the coming two years, nearly eight million Swedes (80 percent of the population) will be infected by the coronavirus, he suggested."


To understand why are these experts so worried about the near future of their country, please visit the official website of The Public Health Agency of Sweden, and amuse/amaze yourself with the ultimate example of postmodern deconstruction of rational thinking produced by a Swedish Ministry of Health in total denial!


See, according to The Public Health Agency of Sweden, Swedish parallel reality goes like this:

  • How is COVID-19 transmitted? - You can decrease the risk of transmission by keeping your hands clean and avoiding touching your face, and by keeping a distance from people that are ill.
  • Who is at risk of developing severe illness? - Since the virus is new, we have limited knowledge about which groups might run a higher risk of developing severe illness, or how much higher the risk is for them. Available data from the ongoing outbreak indicate that old age is the most prominent risk factor.
  • If one person in a family is ill, does the whole family need to stay at home? - No, as long as siblings or other members of the family do not show symptoms of disease they can go to school, preschool or their workplace. In families where one or more people are ill, it is very important to be alert to any signs of illness.
  • Who should be tested for COVID-19? - The healthcare services in Sweden prioritise the following groups:
    • Hospitalised patients
    • People that work in healthcare or elderly care, with suspected COVID-19.
      Anyone who is ill with symptoms of cold or flu should stay at home in order to minimize the risk of passing the illness onto others. This group will not be prioritised for testing.
  • How many people are ill from COVID-19 in Sweden? - Until March 12th 2020 all suspected cases among people travelling from affected areas to Sweden were followed up with sampling and contact tracing. From March 13th 2020 the following groups are prioritized for sampling:
    • Hospitalised patients
    • People that work in healthcare or elderly care, with suspected COVID-19.

This means that the number of reported cases is lower from March 13th, and that the number of cases before and after the change of sampling routines are not comparable.

  • Do face masks protect against transmission? - Face masks are used by healthcare staff when they are in close contact with patients and need to protect themselves against respiratory droplets, which is one way that COVID-19 is transmitted. However, face masks are not needed in in the community. The best way to protect oneself and others in daily life is to maintain social distancing and good hand hygiene.
  • Who should stay at home? - If you feel ill with symptoms including a runny or blocked nose, cough, or fever you should avoid contact with other people. This also applies if you only feel a little bit unwell. Do not go to work or to school. It is very important not to risk passing the illness to anyone else.
  • Can COVID-19 spread from a person who is infected but does not experience any symptoms? - There are reports of transmission of COVID-19 from people without any symptoms of illness.
  • Can the virus be transmitted during the incubation period? - Available data shows that the coronavirus spreads when patients are ill with symptoms and around the time of falling ill. From what we know now, transmission does not seem to occur during the incubation period.


As you can see from the video-report and from this FAQ about COVID-19, Swedish authorities are clearly against a comprehensive tracking of COVID-19 of the kind we have seen in Asia, Africa, South America, and even Europe. 

The plan still is to flatten the curve with measures that provenly promote the opposite. Swedes insist on a murderous policy already abandoned by other stubborn governments, like the British, which eventually realized their initial greed-minded approach would cost too many lives.

Sweden will definitely bet all its chips in a dark-age pre-technological-era "solution", the herd immunity, which basically means: let it spread all over the country, decimating the weaker ones, while sparing the strongest and the fittest, by allowing the latter ones to infect the former.


Another solution would be to protect all groups and minimize death but, unfortunately, that is the efficient quarantine China did. Superior Sweden would never knee to the point of learning from a China perceived as inferior

There's plenty of data from China and other Asian countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal) to learn from, but, precisely because the postmodern rulers of Swedish xenophobic Arian-like race do not acknowledge the existence of such countries, Swedish Health Authorities affirm "there's no data" and "we are in new territory".  


Still, Swedish authorities admit the virus exists and "keeping a distance from people that are ill" is a good measure.

The problem is: how can reasoning Swedes know who is ill and who is not?

Swedish authorities say "anyone who is ill with symptoms of cold or flu should stay at home in order to minimize the risk of passing the illness onto others. This group will not be prioritized for testing."

So, should Swedes keep a distance from these people potentially carrying COVID-19? If these potential carriers shall stay at home without ever being tested for COVID-19, what about their relatives sharing the same houses?

What happens if relatives get infected but stay asymptomatic? Given the anti-quarantine policy, these new asymptomatic carriers are free to go spread it in bars and schools that are not closed! They can go visit old ill grandma to kiss her and hug her, only to infect her with COVID-19 and make of grandma a serious symptomatic case destined to die!

Unnecessarily, grandma will die too early because their special super-rich super-modern super-cool super-progressive Swedish society see elders as disposable beings (as we shall see later in this article), denying them what should be prioritized for them, while prioritizing the resources to those younger nihilist Swedes who are precisely infecting them!


Swedish Health Authority clearly states that "from March 13th 2020 the following groups are prioritized for sampling: hospitalised patients people that work in healthcare or elderly care, with suspected COVID-19."

Note that elders are not considered a proprietary group. A few lines bellow, we are informed that "available data from the ongoing outbreak indicate that old age is the most prominent risk factor." So, why not prioritize testing on elders?

Probably because inhuman Swedish Health Authorities seem them as too old and that those elder Swedish citizens who built the country, who fought for the country and who spent dozens of years working to sustain the now-declining Swedish welfare state... do not deserve to live, enjoying being alive as they couldn't do before when they were younger and had to work and take care of those now abandoning them...

Oh, inhuman Sweden! Oh, ruthless Swedish society ruled by young narcissistic nihilistic beings, you have so much to learn from a wise Chinese society where the elders are the most respected and revered members of the society! 


According to the newspaper Aftonbladet, "patients in Sweden with a “biological” age of over 80 years and people between 60 and 80 years of age with multiple illnesses will now be de-prioritised from intensive care in the event of a lack of space."  See!?!

More, according to professor Ferrada de Noli:

The authorities have been repeating for weeks that the paramount aim of their strategy is to protect the elderly. But 40 percent of all victims were infected in homes housing them. And while no testing has been provided to the personnel taking care of these elderly, the virus has reached one third of Stockholm nursing homes. The vast majority of Covid-19 deaths in Sweden corresponds to people aged over 70.

Furthermore, areas in the Stockholm region inhabited mainly by immigrants with lower socioeconomic status are overrepresented among those infected by the virus. It is the worst in Rinkeby-Kista (the suburb referred to by Trump in his renowned quote “Look what happened last night in Sweden”) which exhibits the highest rate per capita (48 per 10,000). In social-privileged areas, e.g. Kungsholmen, it is only nine cases per 10,000. On March 16, an independent organization of Somali physicians revealed that at least six out of 15 fatalities that occurred in Stockholm were of Somali origin.

Further measures detrimental to the elderly’s odds partly consist in new instructions to doctors as to how to prioritize the selection of patients to be treated in intensive care units. Clearly, patients of a biological age 8o or over should not be prioritized. The same regarding people 70-80 years old who have a significant disease in more than one organ system. Neither should people aged 60-70 who have similar failure in more than two organ systems be eligible for intensive care.

The above rules are to be applied in situations where there are not enough critical beds. But even if the authorities have now made efforts to increase bed availability, Sweden was, according to EU statistics, the country in Europe with the lowest number of curative care beds in hospitals. Local mainstream media reported that during the 90s Sweden dismantled most parts of their field hospitals which had been kept in case of major catastrophes. Other measures affecting the elderly is that all planned operations (e.g. cancer, etc.) have been canceled. The number of operations decreased by five thousand during the previous week alone.


See? Neo-liberal Sweden kept dismantling their old welfare state while continuing to collect taxpayers' money. And now, when faced with a pandemic to which they are not prepared (thanks to their self-inflicted destruction of the healthcare system), they punish those who contributed the most (the elder) to sustain their healthcare system! 

Unbelievable! Yes, unbelievably criminal and inhuman!

Unbelievable approach, yes, no doubt, but that's exactly what Swedes are doing now, and that's what non-Swedish delusional westerners are praising Sweden for!


Non-Swedish delusional westerners (read the comments to this post) are praising Swedish nihilistic policy that is resulting in a genocide of elders, poor ones and weak ones, and they don't even notice how incoherent are Swedish authorities!

Swedish authorities inform in their official website that "there are reports of transmission of COVID-19 from people without any symptoms of illness", only to contradict it a few lines below, arguing that "from what we know now, transmission does not seem to occur during the incubation period."

What is the incubation period? Isn't it the period between the moment one gets infected and the moment one starts to show symptoms of illness?

So, can or can not an asymptomatic carrier infect others? They can't affirm both as they did! 


In backward communist Vietnam, authorities make 400+ tests to get a single positive result. The idea is to isolate possible clusters and stop the spread. In super-cool Sweden, on the other hand, authorities consciously don't give a damn, testing only a few and ignore most, deliberately putting at risk the weaker (poor, ill, elder).

As a result, Vietnam, with a population of 97 million people, got its first case on January 23rd but only has 265 cases (55% recovered) and zero deaths.

On the other hand, Sweden, with a population of 10 million, and where the first case occurred one day later, has 10,948 cases (8% recovered) and 919 deaths!






And that's not all. Swedes also cheat, a lot! Not only their figures are already horrible, but worse, they openly cook their figures. In a recent article published by RT citing Swedish experts, we could read:

To assess the injury-epidemiological consequences of the Swedish strategy is also difficult due to unreliable statistics. On the one hand, the reported 'infected cases' is solely based on tested cases, chiefly done only at hospitals; the real number of Swedish cases remains unknown. On the other hand, the death toll reported on a daily basis does not represent the real number of fatalities of that day, as the Public Health Agency claims they receive scores of death reports days after deaths occurred.

In addition, according to a Swedish associate professor in anaesthesiology and intensive care, Dr  Mats Eriksson, 'Numerous patients released from hospitals then die at home, untested, and get the diagnosis of unspecified pneumonia.' He also noted 'There is an instruction in Stockholm that suspicious deaths caused by Covid-19 shall not be further tested and therefore not included in the statistics. Yet, they should be put in a death-bag marked Infected.’ ” 


More, according to Sputnik News, the Swedish "state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell warned that between 5 and 10 percent of Stockholm residents may be infected. This implies a much steeper infection rate than the roughly 9,000 nationwide cases confirmed so far."


See, in the most nihilistic manner, Sweden chose the path of unnecessary death. They could do like pragmatic humanistic China and invest all the money and human resources in technology, planning, and measures to minimize human sufferance and human death. But Sweden didn't.

It's so much easier to activate denial mode and, backed by delusional policies, pretend reality is not like it is. It is so much easier (yet utterly criminal and inhumane):

-to just refuse to implement comprehensive testing;

- to purposely ignore most of the cases;

- to sabotage scientific data analysis by reporting cases with very big delays and discrepancies;

- to send infected citizens back home where they will infect other human beings before dying unnecessarily;

- to refuse to test people who died with clear symptoms of COVID-19, in order to falsify its statistics with artificially low figures;

- to falsify figures and, at the same time, to vaguely classify not tested cases (with deathly outcomes) as "infected";

- to be aware of Swedish statistics pointing to up to 10% of infected citizens with COVID-19 and insist on not testing, in order to keep the official version of 0,1%.


The consequences are shockingly dramatic and the conclusions are obvious: Swedish society is very arrogant, seeing itself as a superior exception when it is not! As Swedish professor Ferrada de Noli concludes:

The Swedish experiment is flawed. Either it’s not emphatically true that Swedes are so voluntarily obedient or the recommendations from the authorities are considerably insufficient – besides being non-coercive. The drastic increasing death toll in comparison to neighbouring countries speaks volumes."


And don't be surprised if you continue to get shocking and illogical reports from exceptional Sweden.

Don't be surprised if you continue to learn about appalling facts of this kind


Sweden Coronavirus

Funny Sweden where, apparently, during the weekends, people don't die of COVID-19.

Do you notice the pattern? For 3 weekends in a row, since the number of deaths by COVID-19 in Sweden started to spike, Swedes don't die on Saturdays and Sundays. 

During working days, life (death) goes back to normal, following the pattern of a fastly increasing rate of deaths by COVID-19.

What happens with those Swedes who do die on a Saturday or on a Sunday? Surely ignored, with their deaths forgotten for good, as the next Monday's figures clearly don't include them. The figures for all Mondays simply follow the predicted increase in deaths. 

Absolutely despicable, but a reality in Sweden.


So, dear not dear delusional westerners praising Swedish criminal policies, in your opinion, how reliable is Swedish data when compared to Chinese data? 


I know delusional westerners who praise Swedish criminal policies, when faced with statistics backed official data, turn on postmodern denial mode and see Swedish under-estimations as being "over-estimations" (read the comments to this post), but facts are facts:









While I prepare the remaining 2 parts, please read this superb and sarcastic attack on Western delusional mindset written by Amie Blomquist, a Swedish citizen living in China:



Facebook immediately removed her post but, thankfully, there's Chinese state-owned CGTN to counter Western censorship!


Luís Garcia, Thailand








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