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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

PART 3 - Delusional Approach: Northern Europe, by Luís Garcia





Northern Europe


Several weeks ago, some countries in northern Europe, like Denmark, were shamelessly lying about China, and having great fun being sinophobic or spreading sinophobic misinformation

On the other hand, when northern European countries like Sweden went on denial mode and took criminal measures to help spread COVID-19, often bashed Chinese state-owned media reported such nihilistic Swedish decisions in the most professional, neutral and honest manner: China Daily, Global Times. We will get into this Swedish nihilism later in the next part. 


Several weeks ago I was criticizing certain northern European countries like Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden for their conscious nihilistic cheating and their criminal anti-quarantine measures that are putting many lives at risk. Weeks later, some understood how wrong they were and partially changed their policies, but stubborn Sweden didn't:



In the Western world, many insist on praising Sweden or Iceland for the greatness of their disastrous murderous policies.


In the case of Iceland, I dare to ask to all those delusional libertarians (not confound with anarcho-socialists): what do you find great about the Icelandic approach to COVID-19 pandemic?

It is true that during the last few days, Iceland (that had its first confirmed case on February 28) is finally experiencing a decrease in new daily cases and an increase in new daily recoveries. Great, it means the active cases are decreasing. Very good news for Iceland.


But so do the figures in Venezuela, a country suffering (also) a medical embargo by the US and the EU! Venezuela got its first case 2 weeks later, on March 13th. Yet, after only 175 total cases, Venezuela is also experiencing a decrease in active cases! In the meantime, Iceland, with a population 100 times smaller than the population of Venezuela, already reached a number of total cases 10 times bigger than the Venezuelan number: 1,689!


So, what's so great about the Icelandic approach? Super rich Iceland ranks 172nd in population, 55th in total cases of COVID-19 and 5th in cases of COVID-19 per capita! Does this discrepancy look great for you?

Why so many Westerners insist on praising delusional social-democratic Iceland instead of real pragmatic socialist Venezuela? Too much US/EU vicious propaganda deeply embedded in your brains, right?


2020-04-12 19-16-32 Iceland Coronavirus  1,689 Cas




Oh arrogant Belgium, just like the arrogant Netherlands and arrogant Sweden, how dare you to claim your anti-quarantine measures are better than quarantine measures? Better by what measure? By what standard? How can it be better when all indicators show the exact opposite? 


A friend of a friend sent me this picture showing Belgians, a few days ago, not giving a damn about COVID-19:



Well, let's analyze Belgium figures to find out how suicidal and murderous is Belgium's delusional approach.

Belgium, with 11.5 million inhabitants, has 3,600 deaths by COVID-19.

China, with 1.44 billion inhabitants, has 3,339 deaths by COVID-19.


In Belgium, during the worst day (3 days ago), 496 persons died with COVID-19.

In China, during the worst day, 150 persons died with COVID-19.


Belgium has 2,558 cases per million and 311 deaths per million.

China has 57 cases per million and 2 deaths per million.


Any doubt? Ah right, your Western sense of civilizational supremacy and your acute level of sinophobia tells you to not trust the figures provided by the Chinese government?

OK, no problem.

Let's change the tactic. Let's compare Belgium with 2 other fellow EU member-states with very similar populations (Greece, with 10.4 million people, and Portugal, with 10.2 million people).


2020-04-12 21-54-05 Coronavirus Update (Live)  1,8


Belgium has twice the cases of Portugal and 15 times more cases than Greece. In one single day, Belgium had more deaths than the total of Portuguese deaths by the same COVID-19.


Do you still have doubts about the absurdity of Belgium anti-quarantine policy?

Well, OK. What about the fact that tiny Belgium - 80th biggest population in the world -, is 10th in total cases, 9th in cases per million and 5th in deaths per million?



Well, much more can be said about delusional Belgium, but all that is similar to the Netherlands, so let's move on to the latter, a nation whose moronic and clearly retarded prime-minister calls the Dutch policy of denying reality a "smart lockdown".

Smart in the postmodern sense of it does NOT work.

Smart as opposite to dumb Chinese lockdown that provenly was the most successful measure ever taken by humankind to achieve what never happened before: to stop a new epidemic in only 2 months! 






The figures in the Netherlands are very similar to Belgium ones and, therefore, equally horrible. Check again the table above. Both had their first cases in February and had enough time to learn from the Chinese example, yet they didn't, and so the results in the Netherlands are ever-growing cases and ever-growing deaths, with an incredibly low rate of recoveries (1,1%) when compared to rates of Senegal (52%), Venezuela (48%), Iraq (43%) or Burkina Faso (33%):


2020-04-12 22-53-13 Netherlands Coronavirus  25,58

2020-04-12 22-53-35 Netherlands Coronavirus  25,58

2020-04-12 22-54-29 Netherlands Coronavirus  25,58


So, let's see how the Netherlands got to this horrible situation, about to do what Belgium already did: to surpass China in the total amount of deaths by COVID-19?

Ignoring Chinese knowledge, expertise, and experience, the moronic Dutch prime-minister argues that lockdown does not work. Nonsense, it works very well as we saw in China.

More, he argues that, even if a lockdown were to be implemented, it would take a year or longer to achieve success. Again, a lie, as in China it only took 2 months, and a contradiction, as he claims lockdowns do not work!

More, he dives in a total postmodern speech, arguing that, even with a successful lockdown, the virus might resurface once the measures are revoked! How? Only if revoked too early.

But you can always try the Chinese way: revoke it at the right time.

And what about the Dutch anti-lockdown policy, doesn't it promote the spread of the virus in a more obvious way than a hypothetical miscalculated revoke of lockdown would do? 


The number of cases per million in the Netherlands is 85 times higher than in China. The number of deaths per million in the Netherlands is 80 times higher than in China.

Yet, somehow, the Dutch government believes that the right approach to the epidemic is to sabotage lockdown with a Dutch post-modernism called "smart-lockdown":

  • Maximum of 3 persons visiting another one!
  • Social gathering is prohibited, but the measure does not apply to schools!
  • Gatherings limited to 100 persons
  • COVID-19 tests only for those with symptoms
  • If one has symptoms, the advice is to stay at home with the family!


So, what if an infected person, with an asymptomatic case of COVID-19, visits another one?

What if an infected person, with an asymptomatic case of COVID-19, goes to school?

By which standards is waiting for the resulting new cases to show symptoms an efficient measure to stop the spread of the virus? 

By which standards is keeping confirmed cases with groups of relatives an efficient measure to stop the spread of the virus? 

What about the Vietnamese way of investing in plenty of tests on all persons related to confirmed cases (showing symptoms or not) as a way to track the spread of the virus and avoid the creation of new clusters? The Dutch smart lockdown is dumb enough to do the precise opposite of the Vietnamese pragmatic approach!

With a pragmatic approach, Vietnam, although its first case occurred more than one month before the first Dutch case, it still has 260 cases and zero deaths. The Netherlands, with a population 6 times smaller than Vietnam, has 25,587 cases and 2,737 deaths. In Vietnam, more than half of the cases already recovered. In the Netherlands, roughly 1%. 

The Dutch smart lockdown is definitely not smart at all, and what is happening in Dutch colonies like Sint Maarten (1,166 cases per million, 210 deaths per million) or Aruba (862 cases per million) only confirms so!


For more data on the murderous and delusional Dutch policy, please watch the second half of the following video:



The last point I want to add about the Dutch policy is: if you, inspired by some irrational sinophobia, do not trust the Chinese government figures, how do you feel about Dutch government figures? 

As the Dutch prime-minister reassured us, they refuse to test persons without symptoms and are letting the virus spread, apparently unnoticed.

I say "apparently" because, well, we might have indirect ways to notice it. In the Netherlands, on average, during the first week of April, 3000 persons die. These kinds of figures are incredibly stable and the variations from year to year usually are very small. Except for this time.

During the first week of April 2020, around 5000 persons died. The increment of 40% this year is incredibly shocking and only a very exceptional event might explain such an odd figure. 

Is there something incredibly exceptional going on now, related to human death?

Yes, of course, and it is called COVID-19!


Talking about COVID-19, over the same period, were registered other 881deaths officially attributed to COVID-19. My point is:

- Although Dutch figures are already horrible when compared to Chinese ones, the laisser-faire measures in place promote the undetected spread of the virus;

- In some Dutch municipalities, the weekly death toll exceeded the average twofold and even fourfold;

- Too many people are strangely dying now in the Netherlands;

- Yet, all I hear from the West is "I don't trust the Chinese numbers"...

- How come?



Luís Garcia, Thailand








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