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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

"Lock-down oppression” for dummies, by Luis Garcia




I have been told by many enlightened beings that I am wrong about the lock-downs. These almighty beings call me dumb, naive and a sheep because I fail to acknowledge their absolute true-trues:

A - Lock-downs are part of a project for global oppression
The figures of COVID-19 in Western nations are over-estimated 


Lock-down Oppression for Dummies, by Luís Garcia


Fine, I am ready to admit my naivete and my dumbness, but only if those Western enlightened beings (especially Europeans)  manage to explain all these contradictions:

1 — Why didn't the masters of "lock-down oppression" start their plan earlier, as North Korea did, on JANUARY 23rd?


2 — Why were the masters of "lock-down oppression" and fakers of "over-estimated figures" trying to sell us the very opposite: herd immunity?


3 — Why, for almost 3 months, were the alleged creators of "lock-down oppression" so stubbornly insisting on not implementing those very same lock-downs?


4 — Why would communist countries like North Korea or Vietnam accept to take part in that Western plan of "lock-down oppression"?


5 — Why are countries like Austria, Switzerland, Denmark or Czechia already preparing to remove lock-downs measures, if those measures are supposed to be part of a "lock-down oppression” that came to stay?


6 - If the figures are over-estimated, and such over-estimation can be used as an argument to prove the existence of a planned "lock-down oppression", can you please explain to me the super-high figures in countries like Iran or Russia? Or even the significative numbers in communist Cuba?
Are Iran and Russia colluding with the US and the EU to create a new world order? Really?


7 — Why would the masters of the universe self-inflict losses of trillions of dollars to impose a new world order of oppression, when they already oppress and they already control the trillions and your minds, and pass laws to oppress you furthermore while you watch football?


8 — Why would the masters of the universe self-inflict the shutdown of several US aircraft-carriers and the sole French aircraft-carrier, due to COVID-19?

These are indispensable war tools in the plunder of countries like Iraq, Libya or Syria!


9 — Why would the masters of the universe decide to keep you resting at home when, since the dawn of modern civilization, the plan has always been the oppositeenslave you in the production of added value goods in private-owned enterprises?


10 — Why are you siding with neo-Nazis like Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil and right-wing jellyfishes like Donald Trump in the fight against lock-downs?



11 — Why can we see so many people in Europe and in the US sabotaging lock-downs in almost total impunity?
Why aren't they beaten up or gazed, as usually happens to real protesters in France or in the US, as we saw during The 99% protests?

Why aren't there CIA-infiltrated agents sabotaging those anti-lock-down protests, as happened during The 99% protests?

Why aren't their leaders shot death as happened to black socialist revolutionaries in the US?












12 — Why are 2 of the 5 Eyes (Australia and New Zealand) teaming up with China? Yes, with China!

They took similar approaches, got similar results and now, just like China, are preparing to remove lock-downs that, after all, were not part of a plan to oppress anyone.


13 — Why are there US vassal countries like Sweden, the Netherlands or Belgium not complying with the order to install "lock-down oppression”?
Why, if these same 3 countries are always among the first to help the US bomb, kill and rape Asians and Africans in NATO-plundering wars?
Why Sweden, a country so helpful to the rulers of the universe when it comes to frame heroes of the free world like JULIAN ASSANGE?


14 — Why do you keep using the already exposed (including by myself) fallacies of sinophobic beings like Wolfgang Wodarg, Ben Shapiro or The Colbert Report?


15 — Why do you keep misinterpreting data, seeing a “sudden mysterious disappearance of deaths by other reasons”?

Reality: people who died with COVID-19 plus other conditions are indeed counted as deaths for COVID-19. No government is denying those persons died with multiple conditions. Including them in "death by COVID-19" doesn't exclude them from "death by other conditions" (too). If you don't get what I mean here, try to find a Maths for Dummies too!

Your Pavlovian preconditioned misinterpretation: masters of the universe are denying people die from other conditions; masters of the universe are attributing all deaths to COVID-19 in order to install "lock-down oppression”. Even deaths by car accidents are included in deaths by COVID-19". Etc-baa...


16 - Why did the countries implementing  "lock-down oppression” accept humanitarian aid from Cuba, China or Russia?

Doesn't it help to eliminate the pandemics, thus undermining the project of "lock-down oppression”?


17 — Why are so-called Europeans “leftists” siding with US libertarian propaganda? Are you that Americanized? Are you that far away from real leftist rationalism?

Have you ever considered to stop listening to US libertarians and, for once, listen to Cuban or Venezuelan real socialists?



(Bare in mind the fact that the first case of COVID-19 in Venezuela was detected on March 13th)


Until I get logical answers to all these questions, I will stick to my conclusion that leftist rationalism and true socialism is completely dead in Europe!


EXTRA - If you manage to explain all these contradictions undermining your extraordinary conspiracy theory based on gullibility for cherry-picking-based fallacies, mathematic illiteracy, lack of logical reasoning, ignorance of crucial historical facts and so on... well, then I still have plenty of questions to add to this list.


Luís Garcia, Thailand








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