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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Let's mourn the Kurdish faith/fate!, by Luís Garcia

Let's mourn the Kurdish faith.jpg


One week ago, Turkey finally started its very expected and necessary operation against NATO-created SDF occupying the Eastern Euphrates. Yes, pragmatically necessary. Let's try to understand how the pieces of the puzzle match each other:

- Several days before the beginning of the operation, the US removed NATO check-points near the Syrian-Turkish border. Kurds complained; the US said they should not fear anything; a few days later, betraying the Kurds, the US said yes and Turkey started the operation.

- US State Department, Trump, and the Pentagon contradict each other all the time, showing the lack of organization there.

- Trump tweeted absurdities implying he doesn't give a shit about the future of the Kurds (what a surprise!).

- Iran and Russia wisely condemned the attack as being against International Law but did nothing to counter it.

- US and Russia opposed a European proposal for a UN resolution against the Turkish operation; the US allows Turkey to go on; Russia wants Turkey to go on, as a way to put pressure on Kurds.

- The level of organization of US troops withdrawing southwards and of Turkish incursions showed a high level of preparation and coordination, nothing was to happen by chance in the area of the Turkish "buffer zone" under implementation (although the US did not prepare itself for the outcome in the southern part of FDS "Kurdistan", as we will see later).

- Initially, Russia kept inviting Kurds to negotiate (with Syria) the end of their pathetic dream of a "Kurdistan" over Syrian stolen land.

- Putin insists that Syria must be cleared of any foreign presence: 

All who have illegitimate presence on a territory of any state, in this case, in the Syrian Arab Republic, must leave this territory. This applies to all states in general. If the future legitimate leadership of Syria says that it no longer needs the presence of the Russian Armed Forces, this will also apply to the Russian Federation, of course,” Putin told Al Arabiya, Sky Nеws Arabia and RT Arabic broadcasters ahead of his visit to Saudi Arabia."

- Russia assures the world that it is in permanent contact with Turkey, to be able to supervise the Turkish operation and, even more important, to avoid clashes between Syrian forces and the Turkish forces in the north.

- The Kremlin rules out potential conflict with Turkey in Syria, which implies they are fully aware of Turkish intentions, as a result of the many meetings they had during the last several months. 

- Russia officially asked the Turkish side and its allied forces to restraint and not recklessly enter an open war with Syrian forces (although Putin knows they won't).

- Israel and Saudi Arabia condemn the Turkish operation and amusingly promise to help the Kurds, a clear sign that Turkey is not playing the same game as them.

- Finland, Norway, France, and Germany stopped selling weapons to Turkey. The Netherlands summoned Turkish ambassador. UK, Germany, and France ask Turkey to stop the operation. The EU threatens Turkey with sanctions. Volkswagen has decided to delay a decision on building a 1.3 billion-euro car plant in Turkey. Etc.

- Erdogan declares he will never stop no matter what anyone says and threatens to flood Europe with 3.6 million refugees.

- For the second time in 3 days Erdogan said something completely different from what he used to say about Syria (when he was fully committed with NATO in the plan to overthrow Assad):

Our anti-terrorism operations in northern Iraq and Syria never target these countries' territorial integrity and sovereignty rights"

- Assad continues to argue that the conflict will only end when Syria regains full control of all its territory.

- Assad, in an extremely peaceful and patient manner, decided to continue waiting for Syrian Kurdish to start reasoning.

- Assad does not need to attack SDF, saving SAA lives, avoiding possible confrontation with NATO forces and preventing further damage to the Syrian image, as we all know that the ultimate sin in the Western Orwellian view of the world is to attack poor lovely Kurds.

- Turkey, as a NATO member,  can handle it, without fearing serious reaction from the West. The EU threats of sanctions are pathetic and not to be taken seriously; Western media are locked in a conundrum: the "heroic" FSA being attacked by "evil" Assad in Idlib is the same FSA now attacking Kurdish SDF in collaboration with the Turkish Army. 

- Iran offers to mediate the negotiations between Syrian Kurds and Turkey.

- Clumsy Erdogan stated that Russia affirmed to be supporting the expansion of Turkey’s operation into the Syrian city of Kobane. Russia denied, of course. This incident alone proves that there are hidden agreements between the Syrian allies and Turkey to use the Turkish need for a "buffer zone" as a way to pressure Kurdish to abandon their dreams, although it is necessary to correct the erroneous interpretation of tactless Erdogan who can't understand the difference between Russian pragmatically needing Turkey as a chess piece (right) and Russia literally supporting Turkish invasion of Syria (wrong).  And by the way, this kind of intricated geopolitical arrangements are never to be made public, you obtuse Erdogan!

- And so on...


All this leads us to conclude that Turkey is now very far from the position it held at the beginning of the conflict when it was the prime aggressor plundering the totality of Aleppo industrial complex or even shooting down a Russia aircraft.


Turkey has been facing economic aggression from the US. Turkey bought Russian S-400 and is building the Turkish Stream with Russia. Turkey complains of Syrian advances in Idlib but doesn't fight back, even when witnessing a Turkish Army convoy on the way to Khan Sheikhon being bombed and stopped by the Syrian forces. Turkey is redeploying its subordinated FSA terrorist groups from Idlib to Syrian "Kurdistan" to fight the SDF.


It is clear now that Turkey will be the indirect Russian/Iranian chess piece that will pressure neurotic Kurdish SDF to make the final decision: to leave Eastern Euphrates peacefully, giving it back to Syria (the legitimate owner), with Iran and Russia as negotiators or, to be military defeated and temporarily occupied by Turkey, with Russia and Iran coming later to negotiate the Turkish withdrawal, so the SAA will finally be able to control the whole country. That's the last scenario I proposed 10 months ago on my article, scenario 3C:  USA abandoning the Terrorist-ISIS-Kurdish colonization of Syria, really?.


Actually, because stubborn Kurds took too long to decide, both things are now happening. Part of "their Kurdistan" is being handed over Syrian forces, peacefully, and part is now occupied by Turkish forces.


The conflict is clearly reaching its end, with the US abandoning its project sarcastically known as "Assad must go".





Here, very clear, the true nature of Kurdish-SDF terrorists blackmailing the world and threatening to liberate their fellow terrorists from ISIS:

Securing ISIS detention centers or chasing sleeper cells is not our priority. We are solely focused on fighting Turkish aggression and protecting our people from it. World can handle ISIS issue if they really care about it." (Rojava Defense Units)


I remind you that Kurdish-SDF is in control of thousands of ISIS members in their jails, and there are dozens of thousands of ISIS members' relatives living in Kurdish-SDF-held areas.


I remind you ISIS already started a new wave of terrorist attacks, including in Raqqa a few days ago, where the Turkish Army WAS NOT present NOR bombing anything. If they were released, Kurdish-SDF did it.


I remind you that there's a long list of cases of Kurdish-SDF and ISIS working together.


And so I ask you: are you among those standing for terrorist Kurdish-SDF, just because they are now being attacked by the criminal Turkish Army?


Watch this:


Not yet convinced about the recklessness of the Kurdish forces? Check RT's analysis on Trump guesses:

The Kurds "may be releasing some" of their Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIL/ISIS) prisoners specifically to get the Americans involved, Trump speculated. Earlier, a senior commander of the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces, the main Kurdish military force in the region) did say guarding IS prisoners will no longer be "top priority" in the face of the Turkish offensive. Separate Kurdish-sourced reports said hundreds of IS-affiliated prisoners already escaped when prisons came under Turkish fire."


So, let's stop crying for Kurdish-SDF-NATO who have been raping the peaceful multi-ethnic multi-religious secular Syrian state and read, watch and analyze a lot of information.


Let's start with a very clear recognition of US duplicity towards an organization considered as "terrorist" by the US, Turkey and many European states: the PKK. The US considers PKK to be a "terrorist organization" in Turkey, while actively rebranding it inside Syria to kind of cover up the obvious: US-sponsored and armed in Syria (YPG/YPJ/ SDF) what they consider to be a "terrorist organization" in Turkey (PKK). 


For those in West ready to reply arguing that PKK does not equal SDF, please explain me this:

(Full speech here.)
(backup on VK)


Exactly, the US admittedly rebranded PKK (as SDF) to be a disposable tool to attack Syria.


Disposable? Yes, Disposable. Look at what the US State Department now says:



Now, let's give a look at some flags and symbols :










KURDISH SDF -  (NATO's creation)



KURDISH YPG/YPJ -  (NATO's creation)






Zionist entity known in the West as "ISRAEL"



FSA - (NATO's creation)



No room here to analyze all the terrorist organizations that make/made part of FSA and, anyway, a well-informed person surely knows all about their horrendous crimes. For instance, Jaish al-Islam, one of the most vicious organizations on Earth, famous for their unspeakable crimes against Syrian civilians in Ghouta. A well-informed person shall remember Western media praising them at the time Syrian regained control over Douma (Ghouta) in the outskirts of Damascus. A well-informed person shall remember the priceless role of Russia, the nation that was able to negotiate the withdrawal of these barbarian monsters out of Douma, in direct opposition to NATO-USA behind the very creation of those same monsters. 




Now, dear reader, please take a look at these pictures and draw your own conclusions (on the fundamental contradictions of Kurdish alignments over time):


FSA flag, Turkey flag and Erdogan portrait in Afrin:

afrin 2.jpg

In that place, Kurdish had previously installed a portrait of their hero Abdullah Öcalan, later removed by FSA when they took control of Afrin:

afrin 3.jpg













Think how ironic is this last picture: "Kurdistan" flags together with  FSA flags... and the names of the main cities occupied by Kurdish that are RIGHT NOW under FSA/Turkey attack! Interestingly absurd, no?


Not sure about it? Do you want to check very recent footage of Turkey-backed FSA near Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) waving their flag:


Or Turkey-backed FSA entering Sulouk with their flag:


Convinced now? I hope so!


In any case, let's see what we can conclude from all this visual mess above.

- All of them (Turkey, Israel, FSA, SDF, al-Qaeda, ISIS) had an enemy in common: the brave sovereign nation of Syria!

- All of them, during the entire conflict or during parts of it, got direct support from the US to pursue their aggression on Syria.

- Many of them, in different periods, fought together against Syria or against each other inside Syrian territory. 


For instance, multiple times we witnessed FSA (backed by Turkey) and SDF (Kurds) fighting together against Syrian SAA. That means 2 NATO-sponsored organizations illegally present in Syria, attacking Syria, and yet, overwhelmingly supported by ignorant Western sheep-like humans.


Even when FSA and Turkey were attacking Afrin (held at that time by the SDF), the FSA and the SDF were teaming up in Deir-ez-Zor against Syrian SAA! Yes, they did so. Check data about it!


So dear not dear Western sheep-like humans, the US, as always, paid US-created criminal organizations to rape a country (Syria)... Later, as always, the US made them fight each other. Later on, the US, as always, betrayed and abandoned them all... Meanwhile, Western sheep-like humans kept swallowing the Western narrative of "Assad is a genocidal monster", "Assad is bad" and "Assad must go".



Kurdish, where are they? Who are they?

Where do they want to stay? Why?

Who is manipulating them? With what objectives?

Yes, so many questions being asked now about the Kurdish. Many already bothered to answer all these questions, so I will just share their articles:


Syrian "Kurdistan", where is it?



Did you pay attention to the Syrian land historically inhabited by Kurdish? Good.


Now check the Syria land they occupy together with US, UK, and French terrorist armies:

Kurdish-Empire 2.jpg


Did you notice that SDF occupies far more land than the Kurdish historical area?


Did you know they are not the majority even in many of the locations inside their historical area?


Did you know that while using the excuse of fighting ISIS, they wiped out and plundered entire villages and towns of Arabs, Chaldeans, Assyrians, etc., inside that yellow area?


Did you know most of Syrian oil fields and gas fields are in the southern part of that yellow area, never inhabited by Kurds and now occupied by Kurdish-SDF-NATO?


Did you know Iraqi Kurdish leader Barzani used to praise ISIS, before this terrorist group started slaughtering Kurdish in northern Syrian (dispensable beings in John Kerry's "Plan B" for Syria: bring ISIS to slaughter Kurdish in Syria as an indirect way to conquer Syrian land from Assad)?


Did you know that, from the very beginning of NATO proxy war against Syria, 8 years ago, Assad sent Kurdish forces inside SAA to fight the Turkey invasion from the north?


Did you know they were originally on the Syrian side against NATO aggression?


Did you know they naively sold themselves to the US in 2014, with the vain promise of receiving that yellow area in which they would establish their "Kurdistan" (or Israel 2.0, to be more accurate)?


One more map:

Kurdish-Empire 3.jpg


If Turkey were to finish the implementation of the planned "buffer zone" (blue color), look at what would happen:

Instead of dropping the weapons and let the real owners of that land (Syria) send its army (SAA) to protect every single Syrian citizen (Kurds included), stubborn Kurds would lose PRECISELY the areas where they were historically present!


Yes, the orange area (area historically inhabited by Kurds) is wider than the planned Turkish "buffer zone", but you must not forget that most of the Kurds live in the main cities right at the border with Turkey (inside the "buffer zone" Turkey wants to implement).


If you prefer, assuming Turkey would finish implementing their wished "buffer zone", Western progressive morons would be supporting the creation of a Kurdistan in a part of Syria where there's almost NO presence of Kurds. Is there anything more absurd than that?


Western progressive morons would be de facto supporting NATO's occupation of Syrian energy resources... and sand... and nothing else! Wait, and supporting a faked state of Syrian Kurdish who left their hometowns in the Syrian-Turkish border to go live in tents camped in the middle of the Syrian desert!


A wise Western and all the other persons in the world should do the opposite and stand with people like Penny Giorgalis Stafyla,  who wrote:

Please don't mourn for the Kurdish SDF militia. These are their "heroic achievements" until now in the Syrian sacred soil:
Destroyed and put down in all Syrian flags in public buildings and closed all state institutions.
They did an alliance with the US enemy and allowed him to establish military bases in order to target the advanced positions of the Syrian army .
The did without any sense of shame a public alliance with the Israel.
They were targeting Syrian security centers, especially military security forces in the city of Qamishli.
They were burning large areas of strategic agricultural crops, especially wheat in order to risk Syrian food security.
They took with American support the control of all oil wells and cut the oil supplies to the places of control of the army in order to contribute to the tightening of the siege on Syria.
The stolen Syrian oil was sent to the Israeli enemy.
They protected the leaders and elements of ISIS retreating and fleeing from the strikes of the Syrian army."


And listen to wise words from the Syrian authorities:

What the so-called "SDF" don't know, is that the U.S attempted to use them as a bargaining card with the Syrian government, and the Syrian government had warned them multiple times that no one will protect them but the Syrian Arab Army.

They refused all efforts of reconciliation with the Syrian Government, then called upon the Syrian Military to go to war to protect them all while they are openly attempting to annex regions of Syria.

The solution is simple and clear, all those who surrender their weapons will be protected by SAA. Let's remember who stopped the Turks at al-Bab, who stopped the Turks from Khan Sheikhon, and who liberate its lands regardless of Turkish military presence or not.

Ultimately, every inch of Syria will be liberated, but Syria will not go to war to protect those who declared their open hostility toward SAA, and their plans to annex parts of Syria to create their so-called own state."


And realize that only Syria always protected Kurds, and would continue to do so, if at the least Kurds would open their eyes COMPLETELY:


So far, they didn't. Not completely, as we will learn later. Actually, just a few days ago, their eyes were completely shut. Stubborn Kurds were still preferring to be martyrs of an empty struggle.

They were still preferring, first, to accept a Turkish invasion from the north and, second, to open the door to a military solution with Syria rather than to accept the conditions for a diplomatic solution with Syria:


They were still preferring to spit on Syria's flag, the only nation that always protected them, the only nation that treated them as equal citizens and the nations that, over time, welcomed an immense amount of Kurdish refugees victims of endless persecution in Turkey.


Finally, 2 days ago, on October 13, Kurds started to cede. We will check it at the end of the article. Before that, let's check another perspective of the conflict, the perspective of clueless West.


I wonder,  aware of all this, how can someone insist on mourning the Kurdish faith-fate? Apparently, most Westerners can, even knowing they have been supporting FSA (and variations of it) since the very beginning of the US-NATO aggression on Syria:

d4f0281b69ce0668bb15b85c0356493a (1).jpg


I wonder where are now the morons who created that utterly pathetic movement called Civil March for Aleppo and who always praised FSA in Idlib while incoherently calling for an inconceivable faked "peace" of "everybody dropping their weapons"?


Where is now their leader, Anna Alboth, simultaneously supporter of "peace" and of the FSA? How are those human-sheep now dealing with the situation, locked in the conundrum of being supporters of the "brave Kurdish" and of the "revolutionary FSA" now killing "brave Kurdish"?

Anna Alboth and FSA


So, don't you see?

It is the very same FSA you morons!

FSA supported by Turkey attacking Syria: "brave fighters!"

FSA supported by Turkey now attacking Kurdish SDF: "monsters!"

Oh really? Give me a break!


And more, why are Western delusional populace showing sympathy towards their leaders who promise sanctions against Turkey? Why don't they blame their French troops and their British troops for their illegal and criminal establishment of military bases in the Syrian soil, now encircled by Turkish and Syrians?


Why don't they hear a wise person like Mark Sleboda, in order to reach the obvious conclusion: NATO-member Turkey is simply invading the US/France/USA NATO invasion of Syria?


NATO is the problem, the West is the problem! They are the invaders! FSA is a pack of terrorist organizations, sure, but how dare you, supporters of FSA, to complain about what they do now?


Worse, how dares the New York Times and other Western lying media, RIGHT NOW, to accuse Russian Airforce of bombing 4 "hospitals" in FSA-held Idlib? Seriously? Whitewashing FSA's image, right now? And again, to smear Russia using old lies? Really?


Even worse, how dare Western postmodern-like thinkers to come with absurdities such as arguing that the "good" FSA should distance itself from the Turkish aggression against the Kurdish?


Or even revolt against Erdogan, as if FSA, the Turkish Army and Erdogan were not all part of the very same thing? 


afrin 2.jpg


Oh man, Westerners lost all connection with reality... they don't get it! FSA is the West, no matter what they do now. Kurdish SDF is the West, no matter what they endure now. The only solution is for Westerners and all their terrorist organizations to leave Syrian soil for good!


What's going on now with Turkey insisting on establishing their "buffer zone" and with Syria finally regaining control of strategic spots inside Syrian "Kurdistan"? Well, let's try to figure it out.


First of all, Syrian authorities affirm they fear to fall in direct conflict with Turkey. Well, no true, they do not believe so, they know there's very little chance to happen such conflict, but they pragmatically have to say so, in order to completely distance themselves from the currently "bad Turks".


The idea is to show themselves to the world what they really are: the ones truly able and willing to protect Syrian Kurds. And if Assad protects the Kurds, if SAA even "risks" a war with Turkey to protect Kurds, well, in that case, dear not dear Westerners, stop criticizing Assad and the Syrian forces. Yes, your hated Assad is the one who will save your beloved Kurdish traitors.


But well, to act as so, Syria really needs Turkey attacking the Kurds and temporarily stealing Syrian Kurdish cities from Kurdish SDF, the only way to make stubborn Kurds change their minds about their chimeric "Kurdistan". 


And so yes, Turkey had to move in, even after having delayed it numerous times due to false promises by the US to implement a "buffer zone" together with Turkey.


In resume, the Turkish move, if fully implemented, would follow these steps:

1 - To conquer 2 cities inhabited by Kurds: Tall Abyad and Ras al-Ayn;

2 - To conquer 100 km length corridor in between these 2 cities;

3 - To advance 30-35 km southwards to implement the first section of their "buffer zone";

4- To widen the buffer zone eastwards and westwards until reaching Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) and Qamishli, also largely inhabited by Kurds;

5 - To conquer those 2 other cities;

6 - Enter further south and conquer Al-Hasakah, 60km away from the Turkish border, also a city with a large Kurdish community.


With Kurds out of these cities, displaced, forced to go camp somewhere in the desert, the US-Kurdish project of a "Kurdistan" will surely die.


Fortunately for the future of sovereign Syria and of stubborn Kurdish traitors, 2 days ago, Syria decided to enter the game so, by now, we can already be sure that the Turkish "buffer zone" will never be fully implemented. 


Syria opted to stop watching without acting and "accepted" a temporary agreement with the Kurdish. Of course, as Assad and Putin always insisted, Syria will not accept any other outcome than the control of the totality of the Syrian territory as recognized internationally (implying that, eventually, Golan Heights occupied by Israeli Terror State shall be liberated too).


But for now, psychotic blind stubborn Kurds insist on refusing such an outcome. They only want SAA to enter and install a Syrian "buffer zone" protecting the Kurds from the Turkish "buffer zone" currently being implemented.


Assad pragmatically "accepted" it, because it is time to act now and, anyway, Kurdish have no leverage and their wish doesn't make sense anymore, as we shall conclude. No need for Syria to convince Kurdish to abandon all the territory now, they will abandon it anyway. 


For now, in a very peaceful and diplomatic manner, after having patiently waited for 2 years, Syria "accepts" the Kurdish terms and the Syrian forces are "allowed" to enter parts of Syria occupied by SDF and NATO, taking control of strategic cities and military bases (already happening at a very fast pace) until now occupied by the military forces of the 3 main terrorist states on Earth: USA, France and the UK. 


But dear reader, don't think the Kurdish SDF understood what is really going on. A few days ago they were still proposing absurd agreements with Syria, such as abandoning NATO's support in exchange of a fully autonomous Kurdish state with an independent army to be funded by the Syrian government! Yes, yes, they proposed so:


It is true that now they are letting Syrians enter the northern part of their chimeric Kurdistan, but, apparently, they continue to believe they will keep the rest (the south, desertic but with plenty of gas fields and oilfields), and they keep waiting for some miraculous force to come and rescue them from this current nightmare.


But who? Well, I don't know... USA? NATO?  European progressive morons? Zombies? Aliens? Whatever! Let the dream!


US and NATO surely not! 

Trump already confirmed the US will remove all its troops from Syrian "Kurdistan" and is no longer interested in this vicious criminal game the US started 8 years ago. 


Assad and the Syrian forces are already in control of several strategic points like military bases, the Euphrates Dam, several towns and some of the cities Turkey planned to conquer (al-Hasakah and Qamishili). All this in less than 48 hours. During the next hours, SAA is expected to reach Ayn al-Arab (Kobani). On the other hand, since the beginning of their Operation Peace Spring, Turkish already finished step 1 (to conquer Tall Abyad and Ras al-Ayn) and will soon finish step 2 (100 km wide "buffer zone"). 

2019-10-15 17-24-28 Map of Syrian Civil War - Syri




The US officials, because they were sleeping during the last several months while Turkey, Russia and Iran were building relations and planning a different outcome for the Syrian war, one week ago, when they finally gave green light to Turkey to start their operation, they (the US officials) might have thought that moving their troops southwards would be enough. But does it make any sense to expect such an outcome (like the Kurds, going into the desert to do who knows what)?


What could the US and its NATO allies do there? Keep stealing Syrian oil and gas? Sure.

Protect the displaced Kurds? OK, why not. 

It would not change the life of average Americans, so why not for the US.

But what about the Kurds?


Let's be serious, what could they possibly get from it? They already lost 2 of their main cities to the Turkish. The other 3 will be secured by the Syrians but, if Kurds insist on occupying the remaining southern lands east of the Euphrates, Syrians could perfectly say:

"OK, sure, but we will do as Turkey did, we will force you out of  Ayn al-Arab, al-Hasakah and Qamishili and kindly invite you to go live in our desert that you insist on occupying! Good luck!"  


In other words, of course it doesn't make sense for Kurdish to insist on not accepting a FULL military withdrawal. Apparently, they still don't get it. 


The US administration got it:

We have American forces likely caught between two opposing advancing armies, and it’s a very untenable situation,” 

“There is no way they could stop 15,000 Turks from proceeding south.” 


According to RT,  Joshua Landis, director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma goes even further :

The Syrian government is going to try to go across and get the oilfields, the gas fields that are so crucial for Syria’s economic wellbeing,” he said, adding that they also want to take control over prime agricultural land and the Tabqa Dam, which the Americans and the Kurds have held."


Yes, it is over,  the game is over.


But European leaders, like the Kurds, still don't get it, forcing Erdogan to ask these European fellow members of NATO the obvious question:

Are you with us or with terrorists?"


Certain European leaders go as far as seeing the opposite of what is happening. The 8 years-long war in Syria is coming to its end, and in the way it should end, I mean, with a total victory for Syria!


But for blind old senile Europe:

"The EU condemns Turkey's military action, which seriously undermines the stability and the security of the whole region, resulting in more civilians suffering and further displacement and severely hindering access to humanitarian assistance,"


Even retarded Trump already got it:, come on!

Do people really think we should go to war with NATO Member Turkey? Never ending wars will end!"


Obviously, the "Kurdistan" game is completely over:



Still, the US is the US and now the US will surely punish Turkey for the basic error of judgment they the Americans committed. For months, the US postponed its promises of a Turkish "buffer zone" to be done in collaboration with Turkey, pushing Turkey towards an agreement with Russia and Iran.


To calm down Turks and avoid to lose them completely (in NATO), the US administration thought that to allow Turks to do their "buffer zone" would be enough to settle down their differences. Of course not, you dumb US officials. The game was far more complex.


Only now the US administration understands all the implications: the US must leave all its troops from Syria, and for good! The US was fooled, not necessarily by Russian, Iranian, Syrian and Turkish skills on geopolitical chess, but surely because the US administration was sleeping and it is ruled by incompetent retarded beings who hate to realize how humiliating is their current situation!


And so, the US administration finds that it is fair to punished Turkey with heavy sanctions for having started what the US had allowed them to start! Somehow, in US' logic, to punish Turkey is like a therapy necessary to forget how humiliating for the US is the outcome of a Syrian war they decided to start!


Turkey will be punished for doing what the US gave them the authorization to do; Iran is heavily sanctioned by the same US that abandoned the 5+1 agreements. In both cases, US' reaction is completely absurd and unfair, a lesson to be taken seriously by both US friends and US foes:

- Don't trust the US as an ally or partner;

- As friend or foe, don't trust US' words;

- Don't do business with the US;

- Don't sign any kind of deal with the US.

- Do like Syria!


And Syria will be punished too, symbolically, for the errors and crimes the US itself inflicted upon Syria. Trump ordered all US troops to leave Syrian "Kurdistan" but will illegally keep its military base of al-Tanf, in southern Syria, with the absurd excuse of "monitoring ISIS". Pure imperial arrogance...

2019-10-15 14-37-07 Trump  We will withdraw our tr


But Syria will win, Syria is about to attain full victory.


How symbolic! Syria coming out victorious thanks to the precious help of Russia, Iran and the Hezbollah will have great consequences. Syria would be the inspiration for Venezuela, Yemen, Haiti, Nicaragua and all the other nations oppressed by the Imperial West (the US and Europe). Oppressive West is falling and their victims now know they can count on Russia, Iran and China to help them get rid of their oppressors. Oppressors completely out of touch with reality like the UK.


Or like France, whose leaders insist on staying in "their" military base near Ayn al-Arab (Kobani), as if it would make any sense for a NATO member to risk war with another NATO member (Turkey) for not obeying the orders of NATO's boss (USA) to leave the damn military base located not in France, not in the US, not in Turkey... but near the city of Kobani in Syria! 


Viva Syria!


P.s.: For those willing to understand the real geopolitical games behind the Western aggression on Syria, and focusing on the now "trending" Kurds, I propose Thierry Meyssan's 3-part essay "ALL THAT IS HIDDEN FROM YOU ABOUT TURKISH OPERATION "SOURCE OF PEACE".
It is an extensive and detailed resume of "The Kurdish Question" not to be missed:


Luís Garcia, Jomtien, Thailand







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