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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Islamic Republic of Talibanistan, another US-hated US creation - MORE UPDATES

by Luis Garcia


More Updates




I know I often used the term "supremacy" to describe the conduct of US and European leaders, but the only reason I do it so often is that their supremacist conduct keeps growing bigger and bigger. It is amazing to witness the Western hypocritical condemnations of a Taliban organization created by the US in the first place.

Even more hypocritical is to blame the native Taliban for the misery and destruction inflicted by NATO invaders. Beyond hypocritical is to blame the Taliban for the existence of a few thousand Afghan collaborators now willing to leave their homeland together with the NATO invaders. 



Hypocrisy beyond definition is what we witness now. After a few days of crying crocodile tears about endangered Afghan women, suddenly, the US and its lackeys are now rising concerns about the rare-earth left behind and about the possibility that bad Russia and bad China will get it.

Probably the most appalling example of this nonsensical supremacy was published yesterday by CNN: The Taliban are sitting on $1 trillion worth of minerals the world desperately needs.



See, the US has been plundering Afghan rare-earth minerals for more than 10 years, in total impunity, keeping the profit for itself, the same way Iraqi oil was stolen with no accountability. Pure imperial plunder that didn't raise any kind of concerns among Western Afghanistan-lovers.

Only now, after having cowardly fled from Afghanistan in a Saigon fashion, the US and its vassals show concerns about China or Russia coming to grab it. The problem is, China has already been there for a long while, and, more importantly, China trades legally, openly, with signed documents, with official cooperation between 2 sovereign nations.

If Western criminal plunderers claim to see anything wrong here, their only message is actually a strong confirmation of the Western sickening supremacy I mentioned above.

Please read these: very interesting articles: 


Today, there are plenty of sinophobic and Russophobic reports offered by Western media to try to convince us that, somehow, Russia and China investing and trading with Afghanistan in compliance with international norms is worst than we the West bombing, massacring, and torturing Afghans while plundering its resources in total impunity and using its land to produce the almost total world production of opium and heroin. Yes, it makes perfect sense.

To further expose this absurdity, I will share here an example published by the Portuguese state-owned RTP.  According to this state media "in the new Afghanistan, the rules are set by Russia and China". Sure!


RTP shitty propaganda


Well, no, that is absolutely fake news. 

Yet, even if this pathetic statement were true, Russia and China, in their right as sovereign countries, decided to keep their embassies in Kabul and keep diplomatic channels open with the new Taliban power. On the contrary, the US promises to steal Afghan assets abroad, while most Western nations keep increasing the pressure on Afganistan.

Furthermore, Russia and China did not force the US (and the UK, Germany, Japan, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, etc) to run away as panicking robbers scared with the approaching sound of police sirens. 

Back to RTP's assumption, if foreign investment, trading, foreign acquisitions of local companies, foreign companies mining local resources, and so on, equals Russia and China setting the rules in this new-old Afghanistan, in that case, RTP should write thousands of articles about the US, Canada, Australia and the big European powers setting the rules everywhere else in the planet.

More, China and the US trading with each other and invest in each other countries. Does that mean China sets the rules in the US and the US sets the rules in China?


2021-08-20 16-33-26 Energias de Portugal – Wikip


More, after the austerity rules set by the EU, World Bank, and the IMF to plunder Portugal, most of the Portuguese wealth was privatized, including the power company EDP. The main shareholder is now the Chinese state-owned China Three Gorges power company, followed by a Spanish and a North American company.

Following the Portuguese state-owned media's logic, we can all conclude that in the new Portugal, the rules are set by China, Spain, and the US, right?




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"Can they help?’ A hilarious photo was recreated by a Chinese netizen - Superheroes of American blockbusters are waiting to board – mocking US fiasco in Afghanistan.








Western journalistic diarrhea continues to flow unstoppable. Everyone has some hypothetic, alledged, or highly likely Taliban atrocity to report. Moreover, all those unchecked allegations and rumors are presented as evidence to contradict the promises made by the Taliban. How convenient and dishonest!

Then, when clashes occur between the Taliban and small pockets of remaining resistance, the Western media, in an effort to reconstruct reality, report it as evidence of the Taliban's barbarism and of lack of Taliban's legitimacy and popular support. Nonsense.

Here is an example published by The Guardian, a mouthpiece of Western imperialists:

2021-08-24 20-04-07 Afghanistan reports of torture

Firstly, war is the prime example of violence, as we all know; pockets of resistance can't be neutralized with flowers and hugs. Secondly, these pockets are tiny in numbers, thus absolutely non-representative of locals' viewpoint. Actually, these pockets of resistance are supported by the defeated Western forces which, with the support of abhorrent Western media, keep selling us unspeakable crimes as remarkable good deeds:

2021-08-24 20-47-35 Child soldiers are OK if they

On the other hand, violence against civilians and death is only seen at the airport, the only spot of Afghan soil still under the control of NATO colonial forces. Being the fault of Western occupiers, the tragedies occurring at Kabul International Airport are reported in the most neutral manner. No one is to be blamed, right?

 As if all this was not the result of Western failed colonialism. Of course, it is. If it were the Taliban's fault, Western media would have made it very much clear!


Adding insult to injury, the same Westerners who have been bashing the Taliban quoting unchecked allegations, now, facing a cold-blood execution of an Afghan soldier shot dead by a German criminal (member of the NATO invading forces), use all technics possible to avoid reporting the factual truth. 

For instance, Vice lied shamelessly, affirming the German criminal who shot the Afghan soldier was an "unknown sniper" shooting "on US and German troops". If so, how come the resulting victim was not North American nor German? Absolutely shameless fake news. 


Others, like The Sun and Sky News, opted to pretend not to know what happened, insinuating a very convenient mystery around this abject NATO-German crime:


All but the factual truth is reported. At best, we get some supremacist newspeak from CNN, as reported by RT:

A CNN correspondent in Kabul, however, reported that Germans and “possibly” US Marines at the north gate of HKIA were involved in a 'friendly fire incident”"

See, so easy. Friendly fire! Western invaders are so friendly towards the Afghan military personnel trained by NATO that, when they encounter one of them, with a dark-skinned non-Western looking, just in case, they shoot him dead first and ask questions later.

With such Western friendliness, how can the large majority of Afhgans not support the Taliban?

There isn't anything friendly about this cold-blood execution. Friendly fire accidents occur between members of the same military forces. This execution was clearly an execution and not friendly fire, as the German criminal who shot the Afghan dead obviously does not see Afghan troops or Afghan lives as equals.

Does anyone doubt that, if the Afghan soldier executed by the German criminal was a blond blue-eye German-looking guy, he would not have been executed? Any doubt?

This is the awful reality. Western supremacist invaders commit the atrocities, while Western supremacist media reports alleged Taliban atrocities. All very convenient, indeed!


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Apparently, there are only male pseudo-refugees getting out of Afghanistan, some flying to Albania, that paradise on Earth where the US grooms one of the most dangerous Islamic terrorist organizations, the UÇK. Interesting.

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Excellent analysis of the big picture, by Michel Collon (in French):







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