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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Islamic Republic of Talibanistan, another US-hated US creation - UPDATES

by Luis Garcia







Just to prove how great was our guy previously ruling Afghanistan.


As always, the criminal plunder USA will steal the resources of its victim, just as they currently do with Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, and Iran.

The good side of it is that, by stealing Afghanistan, the US will further push Afghanistan towards trustable China. 


Great news, from the mouth of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Yes, please, do not recognize the government of the Taliban who conquered the whole country without a fight and is often welcomed by the local populations. 

It makes much more sense for the UK to recognize Juan Guaidó as the president of Venezuela, despite the fact that he was not even a candidate. Yes, Boris Johnson, keeps exposing the vicious nature of British foreign policies. 

China will thank you later. 


In a very objective and pragmatic manner, China calls the world in general and its rebel province of Taiwan, in particular, to learn from the Afghan example and understand what really means to be a puppet-ally of the US Terror State. Taiwanese delusional authorities see it the other way around


Chaos and panic at the airport, overcrowded planes, and the tragedy of people falling from a plane. In all aspects, far worse than Saigon. 




EU leader Germany self-humiliation in Kabul while pretending to be a significant power. Simply ridiculous. 



US-trained Afghan army trying to steal the very few planes it owned. Shameless, and one more reason for the Afghan population to support the Taliban. 





Most Western media and governments are blaming the Taliban for a wave of refugees that does not exist. We have witnessed millions of Afghan refugees fleeing their country because of the war and destruction terrorist NATO imposed upon them. Bad Iran alone still hosts roughly one million of them. That was the real cause for the existence of Afghan refugees: good barbaric West bombing and killing Afghans indiscriminately! What we see now is a tiny group of thousands of Afghan collaborators seeking political asylum in the West. 



The same happened in 1975 in Saigon, a few thousand political asylum seekers hurried into US helicopters, while the remaining 49 million Vietnamese were celebrating the end of US occupation. Now, according to the footage available, among 40 million Afghans, a few thousand are also trying to leave. Let say, to simplify the math, that there are 4,000 trying to leave: that would correspond to 0.01% of the population of Afghanistan. And, even if they were 40,000, that number would correspond to only 0.1% of its population. The numbers and the reasons behind the numbers are very clear: there is not an ongoing refugee crisis.


Those who argue otherwise, like despicable CNN propagandist Christiane Amanpour in an interview with a Taliban authority, trying to frame him with a supposed contradiction between the Taliban claims of self-liberation of Afghanistan and the footage showing Afghans desperately trying to flee in fear of the Taliban is an utterly simplistic and pathetic fallacious argument:


CNN rubbish propaganda


Western idiocy goes even further when the US administration decides to ask for China to accept some of the refugees




China obviously refused for very logical reasons:

- These are not refugees but rather collaborators of US imperialism just like those thousands of Honk Kong traitors now seeking political asylum in the UK.

- Even if they were real refugees, China does not have to come and rescue victims of Western state terrorism.

- China has good relations with the Taliban and it is not willing to jeopardize such relations to please the US failed imperialism.

- Servants of the US empire probably do not want to go to China anyway, as they were taught to hate China.


As for the Taliban forces, they officially promised peace, amnesty, rights ‘within Sharia law’ & a narcotics-free Afghanistan. Furthermore, the Taliban deny the thin air-backed Western allegations of women forced to stay at home or to marry Taliban fighters (Western propagandists recycling their own grotesque lies already used to bash China on the Uighur issue) and promise they will have women in their government. 




Unlike vile Western media and their cliche allegations, Taliban claims are backed by real evidence and clear footage:



Back to the refugees' crisis issue, if it were true, a gigantic international operation would be required to rescue 40 million Afghans from the evil hands of the Taliban. Among the most outspoken anti-Taliban is the UK government, which has spread countless lies during the past few days. 


2021-08-18 14-00-00 Screenshot.png


Yet, assuming the UK government is saying the truth about its will to rescue 5,000 supposed Afghan refugees, and taking into consideration there are only 193 sovereign nations on this planet, if all of them show as much altruism as the UK, only 965,000 would be rescue from evil Taliban during 2021. At this pace, and not counting the local fast-paced population growth, it will take 40 years to free all the victims of Taliban's backwardness. 

The figures simply do not add. The West is either lying on this issue or, before too late, some extraterrestrial forces will have to join us in this anti-Taliban humanitarian quest!


Anyway, "if you don't want refugees, stop creating them."




When will people in US vassal states like Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania or Georgia understand their lives are worthless and their only real purpose is to be used by the empire as disposable tools?







Definitely, most are missing the core points in this conflict, and it is not just Western media. Russian media outlet RT is committing the very same mistake over and over. Yes, we got it, the Taliban are bad.

But what about explaining to your audience that the US and its partners in terror like the UK created the Taliban to offer USSR their own Vietnam. Because honestly, For RT to broadcast Afghans protesting in London and Washington against the Taliban and demanding the US and the UK to re-invade their country, this is serving Western agenda with manipulation of facts, omission of other facts, and blatant humanitarian propaganda. 

If the issue was women's rights, everyone should be blaming the US for having created the Taliban in the first place. 

If the issue was women's rights, everyone should be blaming the US, the UK, Canada, and other Western nations for selling tonnes of weaponry for the #1 supporter of terrorism in the world where women literally have no human rights: Saudi Arabia! 

If some thousands are trying to flee and cry in despair claiming the Taliban want to kill them, provoking chaos at Kabul's airport, and every media including RT are blaming the Taliban for all that, does it mean we should also blame the victim Vietnam (instead of the aggressor USA) for what happened in Saigon in 1975? Isn't the pattern obvious enough?
I guess the explanation is simpler: most Westerners lost the ability to reason...


Here are very telling tales of 2 worlds or, to be more precise, tales of a 2-blocks world. In one side, pragmatic and rational China:

On the other side russophobic, sinophobic and imperialistic EU uncapable of hiding its supremacist and imperialist ideology:


Here are some truly alternative views, thanks to CGTN:


Here is the list of US lackeys which until now had thousands of their nationals participating in the plundering and indoctrination of US-invaded Afghanistan:


2021-08-19 21-05-49 Screenshot.png


Here is an iconic image of German pro-NATO-terrorism anarchists calling for the arrival of more Afghan political asylum seekers they Orwellian decided to call refugees, as if warmonger Germany hadn't already enough paid-1-euro-per-hour slaves from Syria or Afghanistan who fleed their homelands because of the devastation imposed by NATO member like Germany!


2021-08-19 21-07-24 Screenshot.png










Very much related to this Afghan/Taliban issue is this superb video by BoyBoy, who never miss an opportunity to make very strong political statements using humor and sarcasm:



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Senile Biden being senile:








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