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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Islamic Republic of Talibanistan, another US-hated US creation

by Luis Garcia

Flag of Talibanistan


After 20 years of plunder, torture, serial killing, and all sort of crimes against humanity, Anglo-Saxon imperialists and pals left Afghanistan without achieving the official goal: to get rid of the Taliban the US had created to transform Afghanistan into the USSR's own Vietnam.


US Army Terrorist firing a cannon with an Afghan citizen tied tied to it

US Army terrorists firing a cannon with an Afghan citizen tied to it.


During the cold war, the US, with the support of the Vatican, of European cultural institutes, and of Nazi Germans (rescued by the US and brought to South American safe havens like Colonia Dignidad) created Christian extremists groups to destroy all social progress and undermine socialist policies, using death squads, torture, imprisonment and assassinations of all leftists and progressive forces, in order to achieve the political genocide of South America left. 

The same happened in Asia where the US, with the support of European organizations and the Saudis, created Muslim extremist groups to destroy all social progress and help portray communism as the ultimate evil. In 1965 in Indonesia, millions of socialists, communists, and Chinese were massacred (read Indonesia: Archipelago of Fear, by André Vltchek). In Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and the US brought dozens of thousands of fanatic freedom fighters to supposedly help liberate the nation from evil communism, a calculated plan to frame the USSR with their own Vietnam, which did not invade Afghanistan but was invited by communist Afghanistan to fight the mujahideen invasion. This is not my opinion, this is Zbigniew Brzezinski's own confession:

The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border of Afghanistan, I wrote to President Jimmy Carter: We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war.” 


The same happened in Chechenia, for the same reason (to dismantle Russia), and in the Serbian province of Kosovo (Albania), where the same US and same Saudi Arabia supported the terrorist organization UÇK. 

It is not by coincidence that, in the current Western war against Syria, we can find Albanian UÇK terrorists fighting against the Syrian army, or US/al-Qaeda-supported terrorist groups like the Turkestan Islamic Party spreading terror not only in the Chinese Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region but also in Idlib, Syria, and so on. To have a better understanding of how Western nations (USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, etc) played a major role in the creation of this religious fundamentalism meant to destroy communism and socialism throughout the world, please read Washington Bullets by Vijay Prashad 


Today, Western media whines with crocodile tears in supposed concern for Taliban atrocities and the flood of refugees they imagine will happen, as if the pace with which the Taliban forces conquered the country with almost no resistance and plenty of peaceful agreements and surrenders were not good enough evidence of people's support for the Taliban. Yet, when the US and Saudia Arabia implemented fundamentalism in Afghanistan, Western politicians and Western media were all for Muslim extremism:



Brzezinski And The Mujahideen Boys


Besides Western media, there was also the film industry, namely Hollywood and its blockbuster Rambo III in which primitive Western propaganda somehow managed to glorify the very same Islamic extremists the West pretends to hate while vilifying USSR for daring to fight against Islamic extremism in Afghanistan.



It even reached the videogames industry:




Since the US criminal invasion of Afghanistan, the US Terror Army fought the Taliban, made peace agreements with them, fought them again, reached further agreements with the Taliban to unite forces against the also US-created ISIS, only to end out fleeing in despair (and after 1 trillion-plus dollar wasted), leaving their Afghan puppet/allies in Kabul totally hopeless, which is not a problem because anyway, those who were until now in power came from the Northern Alliance that used to be the resistance against the original US/Saudi/Taliban invasion of Afghanistan. If they end out being the US puppet to fight against other US former puppets (the Taliban) only helps to further expose the idiocy of those suffering from the Kurdish Syndrome. Please read Let's mourn the Kurdish faith/fate!


Let's mourn the Kurdish faith/fate!, by Luís Garcia


The US claims to have well-prepared the Afghan forces, supposedly by providing the 300,000 strong national army with modern equipment and good training. Well, looking at the pace with which they were defeated, the training was anything but good. As for modern weaponry, the world has seen more convincing lies.

According to GlobalFirePower, landlocked Afghanistan was protected by a modern army owning zero jet fighters, zero tanks, and zero self-propelled artillery. For instance, tiny Slovenia has 44 tanks and 8 self-propelled artillery. The Syrian Army, after 10 years of war, has 3740 tanks, 528 self-propelled artillery, and 208 jet fighters. So, modern Afghan army where?

Sure, they had 193 helicopters, 48 transport planes, and 1000 plus armored vehicles, but those are not meant to wage war. Such equipment is more appropriated for the transportation and relocation of military personal, which is exactly how the Afghan army used it, running away as fast as possible from any potential confrontation with the Taliban.

Here is an example from Kandahar:



Furthermore, they ended out losing that modern equipment to the Taliban, in exchange for some lost motorbikes captured by the US-sponsored traitors. 

Here are 2 of the 634 modern M1117 Armored Security Vehicle the US left behind as a gift for the Taliban:



Here are some helicopters, also a US gift for the Taliban:



In exchange, here are some motorbikes the Taliban forces lost for the US-backed almighty modern Afghan army:



But well, at the same time (3 days ago) the Biden administration was still claiming to have well-prepared their Afghan partners to deal with situations such as a siege of Kabul, the US was sending  3,000 soldiers to rescue Americans in a hurry to get out of there (plus Canada, and also the UK with 600 special forces), was reducing the US embassy personnel only to the minimum requirements (whatever that meant 3 days ago) and, even more telling, temporarily relocating the US embassy into the international airport of Kabul.


Content made on Kapwing




While in the West, journalists (read Atlanticist stenographers) opted to talk about tragedies to come, waves of refugees, snowball effects, Taliban committing massive massacres and all sorts of lies and hyperbolic nonsense, the reality was too different and changing too fast for Western journalists to hold on much longer with such lies.

The Taliban forces, driving bicycles and motorbikes, conquered most of Afghanistan in the last 7 days, a pace that gives no time for the massacres and refugees the West and its Afghan collaborators were trying to sell us. These facts alone are evidence of non-violence and people's acceptance of the Taliban's rule.

In fact, many cities and provinces were handed over peacefully, with meetings and agreements. Most police and military forces evacuated, surrendered, or changed sides. For most citizens, daily life didn't change during these 7 days of fast-paced advancement of the Taliban forces. There is enough footage to prove it.


Helmand province peacefully overtaken by Taliban forces:



Afghan army peacefully withdrawing from Kandahar, allowing the Taliban forces to control it without a fight:



Footage from of Taliban presence in a market area in Herat:



Then, even more impressive, we could see people like this traffic policeman (wearing the necessary white banner) continuing their daily life, now under the Taliban. Otherwise, all the same, street markets, sellers, costumers, people driving their vehicles:





The totally opposite nature of Western and Sino-Russian reactions to the recent events in Afghanistan is itself very telling evidence of a Western world in decline and of Russia and China on the rise. 

While denying Taliban advancements towards Kabul, the US was actually hurrying up to leave before too late. When it was no longer possible to hide the Taliban eminent victory, US vassals like Sweden or Denmark promptly decided to close their embassies in Kabul. 

On the contrary, Russia did not find any reason to close its embassy, in a clear sign that diplomacy and dialogue with the Taliban are the Russian weapons of choice. Ironic when we know the US created this religious extremism in Afghanistan with the sole purpose of inflicting pain on Russia (USSR). While nations like the UK and Germany talk about incoming instability in the region, "Moscow doesn't see a single fact that would suggest a Taliban threat to Russia's allies in Central Asia."

China went even further, daring to meet with the Taliban forces before their last week's fast-paced reconquest of Afghanistan. 


The US government, on the other hand, when confronted with the certainty of a Taliban victory, came up with the ultimate examples of hypocrisy,  arguing that a government that comes to force achieved at the barrel of a gun would lack legitimacy, as if that was not exactly the case in the dozens of coups the US performed all over the planer to install obedient and murderous military dictatorships. Recently in Bolivia, a US-backed military coup against Morales resulted in the death of hundreds of civilians; The US immediately recognized the murderous coup-plotters. Recently the US attempted a military coup in Venezuela. And so on, as the list of US Terror is endless.


Govt that comes to force in Afghanistan at barrel of a gun will lack legitimacy: US State Dept


In a similar tone, the EU threatened the Taliban with "isolation":



Sure, why not! Wonderful, the west decided to "isolate" Talibanistan. China and Russia will not and, just in case the Taliban had any remaining doubts on which side to turn (West or East), the West itself indicates the option is the East. Russia and China are surely pleased with such Western involuntary kindness.

In a pointless but very telling exercise of self-containment, rather too talkative European interventionists are instead demonstrating a very odd silence: 



Observing at distance the West shooting itself in the foot, China surely appreciates what it sees.




On July the 28th, 10 days before this last week of Taliban fast advancements, Chinese officials and Taliban meet in Tianjin, China.

Without any sort of military adventurism, and ready to collaborate with forces based on very different ideologies, China did not waste time and promptly started diplomatic talks with the de facto leaders of Afghanistan, paving the way to undo one of the blockades for the Chinese developed and Asian integrations installed by the US in the region. No, it is not my opinion, it is a well-known US-admitted fact.


Chinese officials and Taliban meet in Tianjin as US exits Afghanistan


Two very good (bad) reasons for the US criminal invasion of Afghanistan were to block what later became known as the Belt and Road Initiative and to be in control of a country bordering West China where to inject US/al-Qaeda-backed terrorist organizations like the Uighur TIP. Just listen to the US colonel explaining it all in detail:



With this (not so) surprising meeting, the Taliban obtained international recognition from a world super-power even before their official conquest of political power in their country.

China transformed the sole source of terrorism bordering China into a granter of border safety. China gets another partner to trade with and where to invest. 

From China, the Taliban will get the development of new infrastructure, in clear contrast to what the US brought: the destruction of infrastructure. 

China will finally have the southern BRI corridor cleared from North American nihilistic sabotage.

On top of all this, China inflicts a masterstroke of international diplomacy upon the collapsing USA. By actively supporting one of the most conservative and fundamentalist Islamic forces on the planet, China not only blocks Uighur terrorism for good but can also prove to the most fundamentalist Muslim nations that the Western accusations of Chinese persecution of Uighur Muslims do not make any sense. Ironically, China ends out allying itself with the country where the US-Saudi grand anti-communist project started, which will make it even more difficult for the Saudi propagandists in countries like Indonesia or Malaysia to convince the local population of the evilness of communist China. 

It is a win-win-win-win for China!


On this interesting China-Afghanistan-USA geopolitical game, the British writer Tom Fowdy wrote a very interesting essay: A new Great Game is afoot in Afghanistan, as China hosts the Taliban and eyes a key role in the country’s future. I highly advise you to read it. 





No matter how many times Anthony Blinken and Biden claim this is not another Saigon, this is actually worst than Saigon. Yesterday I wrote: "Today, if the US-sponsored government of Kabul does not resign and hands over power to the Taliban in a peaceful manner, tomorrow Kabul will look like a Saigon 2.0."



A US helicopter, yesterday, landing in the US Embassy in Kabul. Isn't it familiar? Look:




Nonetheless, Biden insisted on an alternative version from a parallel reality:



And so did Anthony Blinken:


'This is not Saigon': Blinken says Afghanistan is different than Vietnam

('This is not Saigon': Blinken says Afghanistan is different than Vietnam, CNN)


See, until yesterday, US puppets like Czechia were talking about one week to evacuate, while the US was talking about relocating the embassy to the airport, and so on. Yet, an attentive observer looking at the events on the ground would easily conclude otherwise. For instance, yesterday (August, 15th), a few hours before the fall of the US-backed Afghan regime, Kabul was already fully besieged:


2021-08-16 22-49-24 Screenshot.png


Before yesterday, the Taliban forces were already at the gates of Kabul:



So, anyone with a functioning brain concluded that nope, it has to be today (yesterday), or else, Saigon 2.0.

Actually, there is now a mix of both. Exactly as I predicted, the president resigned yesterday. Later would be too late. In exchange for peaceful surrender, the Taliban allows the US to play around with the airport and (try to) avoid a second Saigon. Although the Afghan army surrendered on time to avoid a military confrontation in Kabul, it was (it is) too late to avoid madness at the airport.

Probably Anthony Blinken is right, this is not another Saigon because it is already much worse. This epic moment will be remembered not as Saigon 2.0 humiliation, but as Kabul humiliation, a much bigger trauma for US imperialists! 


'This is manifestly not Saigon'."   (Anthony Blinken)


I don't know, but overfilled Afghan planes crashing just on the other side of the border, in Uzbekistan, already makes it sound worse than Saigon. 


Uzbekistan Confirms Afghan Air Force Plane Crashed In Border Area, Details Being Studied


I don't know, but when "People Fall to Their Deaths from Departing Plane amid Chaos and Desperation", that makes the situation in Kabul surely worse than that of Saigon. 


People Fall to Their Deaths from Departing Plane amid Chaos and Desperation at Afghanistan Airport: Reports


Look at the footage from Kabul airport. In comparison, Saigon looked like a picnic!


Content made on Kapwing


Probably the reason why US propagandists like Jennifer Cafarella from asked the US personnel occupying Afghanistan to censor themselves, avoiding collecting evidence (potentially useful for the rest of the world trying to understand this war). How ironic!

The problem (for enemies of the truth like her) is that plenty of Afghans presented us with tonnes of evidence, using US social media like Twitter and Facebook. Again, how ironic!



Thanks to the Afghan people not complying with the US calls for censorship, we could witness what was really going on there:







Once again, the US could not prevent the spread of the truth. Thankfully, the truth is prevailing. Despite the Western media efforts to sell this past week as barbarian Taliban doing barbaric things towards Armageddon and oblivion, a constant flow of footage confirms us the Western media are lying. 





This timelapse starts on July 2th, when the US Terror Army handed over Bagram's military base to the US-puppet Afghan forces. On August the 15th, Taliban forces captured Bagram. After almost 20 years of training, the US-puppet Afghan forces lost this infamous US military base in only 44 days. 

Content made on Kapwing



Content made on Kapwing




Look at how delusional West perceives the Taliban victory. The West never learns, repeating the same apocalyptic and sensationalist lies:


Luis Garcia







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