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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

France, neoliberalism and COVID-19 - The Best Friends, by Luís Garcia


France, neoliberalism and COVID-19 - The Best Friends, by Luís Garcia


In this essay, I propose you to compare 2 indicators in different continents and countries: cases of COVID-19 per million and also the death by COVID-19 per million. The idea is to expose the very high correlation between neoliberal policies and COVID-19 tragedies, plus the insanely high correlation between rogue France and COVID-19 tragedies.


Let's start with the latter, exploring one more dark aspect of French shameless colonialism. Yes, France, that terrorist nation that bombs countries like Syria, Mali, Chad, Ivory Coast, or Libya in total impunity, although very supportive of the balkanization of China (Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan), dares to continue to occupy and steal the resources of plenty of nations and territories all over the planet:


French Colonies


As if all the crimes of the French terror state were not enough, inside (read this and this) and outside its borders, that rogue state apparently also can't contain an epidemy in the territories it shamelessly plunders.

What do I mean? Let's look at the continental rankings for the highest rates of cases of COVID-19 and of deaths by COVID-19, and check what is going on in the French colonies:



Everyone knows the situation of the COVID-19 epidemy in Metropolitan France is horrible. With the 22nd biggest population in the world, France ranks 5th in total cases with 2,479,151 persons already infected.

Furthermore, France ranks 2nd in the number of active cases, with 2,233,787 persons currently infected (more than 10% of the world total active cases in a country with 0,8% of the world population)!

Among all sovereign nations, France also ranks 21st in total cases of COVID-19 per million inhabitants, and 15th in total deaths by COVID-19 per million inhabitants.

Still, the worst is to be found far, really far away, in many nations and territories occupied by the French regime!




In Oceania, among 23 countries and territories, French Polynesia ranks 1st in cases per million, with a rate 57 times higher than the second place, Australia. 

French Polynesia also ranks 1st in deaths per million, with a rate 10 times higher than the second place, also Australia. Finally, and although with a population 100 times smaller than Australia, at the current pace, French Polynesia will eventually surpass Australia in total cases of COVID-19!

And then, there are 2 more territories occupied by France in the region: Wallis and Futuna and New Caledonia ranked 4th and 5th in cases of COVID-19 per million inhabitants.


In Africa, among 58 countries and territoriesMayotte ranks 1st in the number of cases of COVID-19 per million, while Réunion ranks 7th. Both are still occupied by the French regime.


In South America, among 14 countries and territories, French Guiana also ranks 1st in the number of cases of COVID-19 per million!


In North America and the Caribbean, 4 of the French colonies in the region show up in the top 15 of total cases of COVID-19 per million. It is true that some of the Dutch colonies in the region (Aruba, Sint Maarten, and Curaçau) perform worse than the French colonies of Saint Martin, Guadeloupe, Saint Barthélemy, and Martinique but, once again, we find the same trend: France and COVID-19 being best friends!

There's also a British colony on the top 15, Turks and Caicos, placed in between the 4 mentioned French colonies. 


In Asia, thankfully there are no longer (political) French colonies!

No more colonies and, by the way, the former colonies of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam are in the world tops of fewer cases, fewer cases per million, and so on! So much could the French rogue regime learn from its poorer former colonies if it was not such an arrogant and supremacist society! 




Now let's compare the performance of neoliberal countries (the West and its vassal states all over the planet) on one side, and the communist/socialist countries victims of constant Western aggressions (in the form of embargoes, sanctions, stolen money/gold in London or New York bank accounts, naval blockade, propaganda, etc). 


Few talk about it, but despite the fact countries like Portugal, the UK, Belgium, the US, France, and many other Western rogue states shamelessly freeze the assets of the Venezuelan government abroad, Venezuela is able to cope with and control very well the COVID-19 epidemic, being by far the South American country with the best performance.




Then you have tiny communist Cuba, sabotaged, embargoed, and aggressed for 60 years, yet able to be a world leader in biotechnology applied to medicine, showing some of the best statistics for COVID-19 in the whole of North America and the Caribbean (Cuba has 12 deaths by COVID-19 per million inhabitants, against staggering 979 in the US).



Despite all the aggressions and all the evil dystopian propaganda against Cuba produced by Western right-wingers and Western pseudo-leftists (the most vicious), Cuba not only survives but actually thrives, and excels in medicine and in free medical aid to the most disfavored in this world. 

On that issue, please learn about the Brigadas Médicas Cubanas Henry Reeve. Here's a link for Wikipedia in Spanish. Wikipedia in English is too busy making up faked news about "oppressed" Uighurs, so they didn't find time to create a page about these brave Cuban medical brigades.

By the way, the vile tool of Western propaganda named Wikipedia, not only uses the most disgraceful Western MSM liars as "sources" cited on its articles but actually blacklists the best and more honest alternative media out there, like the great TheGrayzone. Yes, Wikipedia is just another dirty herald of Western vicious propaganda. Yes, it is!




Back to Cuba, despite being a very small country under a claustrophobic siege imposed by the bellicose West, this brave nation manages to create vaccines to fight COVID-19 and help the poorer.

The problem is, most don't know anything about the 3 Cuban vaccines because Orwellian West wants the world to buy Western expensive rubbish-like vaccines. 

Even worse: criminal UK regime and pals shamelessly do all they can to sabotage the Cuban vaccines, including stealing crowd-raised funds meant to support those vaccines! Yes, they did so!





So, let's look at the figures proving that, despite all odds, socialist nations perform far better than neoliberal capitalist ones. 

In North America and the Caribbean, the worst-ranked country is, of course, the US Terror State. Worst-ranked in all the following indicators, and followed by other neoliberal places like Canada and the European colonies in that hemisphere. On the other hand, communist Cuba and socialist Nicaragua have these figures:



In Asia, the numbers talk by themselves. The top 15 of the most affected countries is filled with rich and poor countries that embraced capitalism, neoliberalism, austerity, privatizations as the ultimate models to govern a nation. 

In the top of less affected Asian countries, besides COVID-19-free North Korea that wisely closed its borders to foreigners on January 23rd before having the first case, we can find several socialist/communist nations: Laos, Vietnam, China, Syria, Yemen, and so on, with figures thousands of times smaller than of those countries in the top of most affected ones!

Is there anyone surprised that even countries like Syria and Yemen - for many years victims of barbaric Western aggression -, actually perform better than the US, Canada, or Europe? 



In South America, we find the same story. Socialist countries showing the best performances, especially Venezuela under years of terrorism, sanctions, embargoes, coup attempts, economic war, and other types of barbaric crimes sponsored or committed by the US Terror State and its European vassals. 

Bolivia doesn't count as a socialist country during 2020 because its people were victims of 1-year US-imposed NAZI dictatorship which expelled Cuban doctors and nurses, triggering what was beyond any doubt a clear example of one more US-orchestrated deliberated massacre of human beings.



Even in less-affected Africa, we can find a pattern, with neoliberal states like South Africa performing incredibly badly, while socialist nations like Eritrea perform rather well!


And then, finally, we have Europe, the cradle of capitalism, and a continent where neoliberal murderous policies (implemented by both center-left and center-right prostituted parties) have been successfully dismantling social welfare systems, especially in Eastern Europe where flat tax policies (implemented during the years of shock therapy that killed millions) will eventually push some welfare systems into total collapse. 

Just think about, how can it be that most of the countries with the highest mortality rates in the world are located in Eastern Europe? And no, don't try to explain such surprising figures arguing that European median ages are higher. No, no correlation here. Just look at communist Cuba, which also has a very aged population, yet has half of the mortality rate found in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Or look at Japan, or at the Chinese city of Hong Kong.

It is amazing to acknowledge that even countries ravaged by Western terrorism, Western-imposed wars, Western-imposed starvation, and Western economic wars, manage to have far lower mortality rates than many European nations. In 2020, Somalia has a mortality rate of 12,40 per thousand; North Korea 9,4; Zimbabwe 9,3; Venezuela 7,5; Haiti 7,4; Yemen 5,6; Iran 5,3; Syria 4,5; Iraq 3,9; Libya 3,5; Gaza Strip 3,0.


I am sick and tired of listening to utterly zombified Western-sheep-like human fallaciously arguing that "it is proven that socialism doesn't work"!

No, you damn dumb zombies. Even under falling cluster-bombs, even under theft of billions of dollars saved to buy medicines, even under coups attempts, even under massacres of Bolivian social-activists, even under US terrorist attacks, and so on, socialism works far better than vile murderous imperialistic Western capitalism! 


Back to shock doctrine and European mortality rates, I think I made my point clear: neoliberalism kills, in Europe (and elsewhere), and real socialism is now dead in that continent in civilizational decline named Europe.


Mortality Rates


As for COVID-19 in Europe, I don't have to say much. The correlation between COVID-19 disasters and neoliberal attacks on welfare systems is pretty obvious. Anyways, the numbers talk for themselves, and everybody knows the whole of Europe is flooded with COVID-19, with unimaginable numbers of infections and deaths all over the continent. Select "Europe" and just confirm by yourself:

Surprised with all these figures? Don't be. The West produces propaganda meant for self-brainwashing, leading people and politicians in the West to believe their societies are the best prepared, perfected as role-models, thus supposedly better than those awkward commies, right? 

Well, the truth is still out there, and Western delusion is pretty easy to debunk and exposeOne only need to be curious and look at it:




Seriously, watch this Professor Richard Wolff's lesson, from minute 5.10 to minute 8.42, and listen to why neoliberalism and capitalism have no incentive to save lives under a world pandemic.

Only socialism does, as Cuba and China are showing to the world!



Luís Garcia, Thailand










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