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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

For Facebook the truth is partly false..., By Luís Garcia

Here we go again, a new chapter on Orwellian Western censorship.  Facebook considers this post to be a “partly false information” and, as so, decided to partially cover it in order to protect us (sheep-like Facebook users): 



Always very innovative in the areas of manipulation and recreation or historical/factual truth, Facebook now dares to consider “partly” false what is entirely true. Moreover, the common ground here is in what really matters: the US did shoot down Air Flight 655.

The difference resides in the definition of “apology”, with one side accusing the US of not having made an apology (the post), while the other side is saying the opposite (Facebook censor machine). Well, actually, the US never made an official apology using diplomatic channels. Correct me with hard evidence if I am wrong.

Anyway, the only intention of the proposed falsehood and consequent made-up drama against this post is to divert the debate about the act of state terrorism the US committed on July 3rd, 1988. The US committed a terrorist attack killing hundreds of civilians, but who cares, right? Let’s instead waste time and energy debating the definition of apology, right? Wrong.

In truth, George H. W. Bush didn't offer an apology and, actually, mocked Iranians:


If I were to say “baa” and follow Facebook advice, I should click on the “see why” button and then accept to be enlightened by the Portuguese crappy news outlet Facebook selected for my case (Facebook knows I am Portuguese).

But you know what? No, I can’t possibly be enlightened by the words of people whose brains stopped functioning a long time ago. Facebook proposed me to read an article from Observador, and I read it, just for the fun of it. As expected, Joana Capucho, the Portuguese pseudo-journalist who wrote this piece of Orwellian propaganda shows symptoms of retardedness (I might be wrong, right?). Yes, retardedness, as she doesn't understand that George Bush (not president when the terrorist attack took place) could have apologized when he was president. Him or any other after him. We are still waiting for an official apology from government to government; until then, Joan Capucho LIES!

Furthermore, I know very well this shitty subservient Orwellian piece of rubbish named Observador, and I even wrote articles in the past exposing their simplistic and primitive lies. So, thank you but no. Thank you, Facebook, but I don’t need to read postmodern rubbish in Portuguese! I will definitely not learn anything from this anti-jornalistic herald of Yankee propaganda. 

By the way, I already explained to Observador why I don't give a damn about their postmodern piece of crap and I invited them to read the article (in Portuguese) which I wrote 3 years ago about the same subject, in which, obviously, I dared to say the opposite of what these US-enslaved journalists are now saying.

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2020-01-11 13-51-42 Fact Check. EUA não pediram d

(according to Observador, the post in question is "deceitful")

2020-01-11 13-07-10 Fact Check. EUA não pediram d

(my reaction)


Finally, let me remind you about what really matters. The US (and not Iran) is truly a terrorist nation. No, it is not my opinion, it is the logical conclusion any rational being will come to when faced with all the very well-documented US terror acts.

Look at the moment Iran Air Flight 655 was shot down by a US Navy guided-missile:


On July 3rd, 1988, Iran Air's 655 commercial flight traveling between Tehran and Dubai was premeditatedly shot down by the US Terrorist Armed Forces, which they did so by firing an anti-aircraft missile from the warship USS Vincennes. The outcome: 290 dead civilians, 274 passengers (of whom 66 were children) and 16 crew members.

According to the US version, its armed forces allegedly mistook Iran Air 655 with an F-14A Tomcat fighter from the Iranian Air Force! Sure! How sophisticated North Americans are (not)! 

And then what? Even if it was an F-14A Tomcat of the Iranian Air Force? What right did the US have to shoot it down? What were US warships doing there, thousands of miles away from their country? Seriously, what were they doing there?

I will explain. They were part of an illegal naval blockade on Iranian oil tankers! Moreover, they were supporting the illegal Iraqi aggression against Iran that devastated this country and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries!


And who was the President of Iraq back then? Uncle Sam's favorite bad boy at that time, Mr. Saddam Hussein, put into power precisely by the US! A puppet of US imperialism who accepted to directly destroy Iran through a full-scale war at the request of the US!

And what was the purpose of this US terrorist attack on an Iranian plane carrying civilian passengers? Very simple, to make Iranians understand that the US was willing to do anything necessary to bend this rebellious state where, in 1979, a revolution took place against the US-sponsored dictatorship established in 1953. To push Iranians towards capitulation and make them accept a rotten peace with Iraq (the aggressor), in disadvantageous and unfair circumstances for Iran (the aggressed one).


In the aftermath of this US terrorist attack that killed 290 Iranians in a commercial plane, what conclusions were made? Well, the US, despite acknowledging they committed the attack, never officially admitted any responsibility for the attack, only expressed some kind of empathy towards the victims and argued it was an accident! Does it even make sense? No, it doesn't! Consequently, the US never truly apologized for the terrorist attack they carried out, even though the US administration ended up compensating the victims' relatives with $ 61.8 million. Does it even make sense? No, it doesn't! Forget about reasonable conclusions!


Facebook and its puppets like the Portuguese Observador are now claiming all this to be partly false, and argue that the very awkward words used at that time by the US must be interpreted as evidence of an apology. Well, keep deceiving yourselves in that parallel reality called the Western World.


In a reasoning world, official admission of a crime is the first requirement. Then, you also have to admit it was a crime and not an accident. Then you have to officially ask the government of the country you attacked to forgive you, in order to prevent a possible military reaction from them.

But, back then, what happened was the US was too powerful and Iran too weak; the arrogant US was able to commit the crime without having Iran reacting. The US could afford to skip apologies without fearing any reaction. Iran was ruined after the long war the US, Europe, and Iraq imposed on them.

Now things changed, and the US terrorist attack that killed General Soleimani resulted in the US being humiliated with the recognition that it can’t intercept a single Iranian missile and, therefore, the US has to leave occupied Syria and occupied Iraq or else suffer further humiliation.


On this issue, please watch:


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