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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Debunking Western propaganda against China - Concentration camps for Uighurs [VIDEO 3 - 2nd part]



VIDEO 3 - China's secret internment camps | Vox USA



"Part of why the Xinjiang region is so important to China is that it's rich with energy resources" 

Yes, Xinjiang is important to China. For a country like China, it is important to have a region rich in resources. Please tell us something we don't know!

Yes, Xinjiang is indeed very important. Very important in US's strategy to stop the unstoppable rise of China, the reason why the US and its Western vassal states spend millions interfering in China, trying to brainwash Chinese citizens with Western separatist propaganda and even sponsoring separatist terrorist organizations like TIP:

  • World Uyghur Congress, headquarters located in Munich, Germany
  • East Turkistan National Awakening Movement, located in Washington DC, United States
  • East Turkistan Education and Solidarity Association, linked to the Turkestan Islamic Party located in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • East Turkestan Independence Movement, linked to the Turkestan Islamic Party
  • East Turkestan Government-in-exile, located in Virginia, United States (Just imagine how much would US rednecks cry like spoiled brats if they were to find out about a Hawaii Government-in-exile located in Beijing!) 
  • Turkestan Islamic Party, a terrorist organization with 3500+ members (plus relatives) in the Syrian province of Idlib closely linked to the Turkish Army, fighting alongside other NATO-backed terrorist organizations such as HTS (former al-Nusra, forme al-Qaeda in Syria). 


Listen to what a Free Syrian Army commander named Ahmad Chehabi said about Chinese "Turkestan" live on a Turkish TV channel:


I remind you that the Free Syrian Army is not free nor Syrian nor even an army, but a conglomerate of terrorist organizations originally created by the US, the UK, France, and their vassals states in the region:


I remind you that this conglomerate of terrorist organizations has close ties with the Turkish Army (a NATO member). Don't believe? Read my article Let's mourn the Kurdish faith/fate!


So, who interferes with the internal affairs of other sovereign nations? Russia? China? Of course not. The US, Turkey and its European vassal states do interfere in China's internal affairs! 

Again, yes, Xinjiang is very important for US Terror State policies of undermining China's progress and of undermining the implementation of BRI throughout the Eurasian continent. But don't think US policies of terror and sabotage are focused only on the Chinese province of Xinjiang. We can find it in Myanmar, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine and in every other country daring to be geographically placed on the way of one of the new Silk Roads being built.


"And as China's economy grew, so did its need for energy."

Really? Were this sentence supposed to be some kind of breaking newsOr, does Vox have anything against Chinese economic growth or the growth of energy consumption in China?

Vox clearly is the opposite of what it claims to be:

Vox on VK


"Today Xinjiang accounts for nearly 40% of China's coal reserves and over 20% of the country's oil and gas. It also accounts for 20% of China's potential for wind energy."

So what? If China needs energy and has energy resources, consequently, China uses its energy resources? What's odd about it? What's wrong about it? Why does Vox waste time stating the obvious?


What is wrong with Xinjiang accounting for 40% of China's coal reserves and 20% of China's oil and gas? According to US neoliberal rhetoric, that's great! It brings jobs and economic progress, no? Well, at the least that is what the terrorists working for the US administration argued when they killed Chilean President Allende and installed there a genocidal dictatorship: exploitation of Chile's copper by American private companies would bring economic progress (for who, I dare to ask?). But, unlike the US Terror State, China did not bomb any independent nation to achieve that so-called economic progress!  


Actually, I know very well what shamelessly manipulative Vox was childishly trying to insinuate here. Vox was indirectly trying to say something like: "How dares China to wish to keep its territory and use its own natural resources? Oh, this devil Chinese regime!"

For dishonest propagandists like these ones working for VoxChina is guilty of extracting resources within its internationally recognized borders. But to have their own country, the US, stealing oil in Iraq and Libya is so normal and fair that they don't even bother to report such normalities...

The US rogue administration insists it will stay in Iraq, even after the Iraqi Parliament had passed a law demanding US Army to leave its soil. Trump dares to say that his mafia-like state will either military stay in Iraq or steal Iraqi oil revenues (anyway already controlled by another private mafia named Federal Reserve). Of course, Zionist-owned Vox doesn't bother to report any of this!

Oh, delusional beings from a dystopian West, of course China has the right to protect its territorial integrity, from Xinjiang to Hainan, and use all the resources available inside its territory! 

On the other hand:

1 - The French Army occupying and supporting a murderous regime in Mali to protect its Uranium assets in countries like Niger, in order to satisfy the French need for nuclear energy (nuclear power accounts for ±70% of total French electricity production,)  its fine, just fine, right?


2 - The US openly stealing Syrian oil, and Trump openly admitting it, is fine, just fine, right?



3 - Bolton openly confirming the US administration tried a coup in Venezuela (April 2019) just to steal Venezuela resources is fine, just fine, right?


Finally, as Gerry Brown wrote:

No doubt, Xinjiang is an important region for energy and transit point for Belt and Road Initiative. Above all, Xinjiang has been part of China for centuries, dating as far back as the Han dynasty. So what's wrong for China to ensure sovereignty, territorial integrity and control of Xinjiang? The fact is that Xinjiang has been in the crosshairs of major powers because of its rich energy reserves and strategic location. Any independent sovereign country would make sure no foreign powers destabilize the region. Of the 6 economic corridors in BRI, 3 go through Xinjiang. The Maritime Silk Route doesn't go through Xinjiang.

See screenshot:




"China needs resources, it needs energy."

China needs resources and energy! Oh really? And who doesn't? China needs but China doesn't steal resources like the US, UK, Canada, France, and many other Western nations do all over the planet. China extracts its own resources and buys from other nations what it does not have. China doesn't steal like the West does! 


"It needs the geographical location, the area on which Xinjiang sits".

Wow, this is the ultimate example of postmodern speech! Nonsensical, absurd, pathetic...  Come on, what a hell is a "need of a geographical location"? 

China does not need Xinjiang; China owns it! What China objectively needs are resources that happen to be present in Xinjiang. Naturally, China explores the resources present inside its borders. So what? 

On the other hand, there's a rogue criminal regime this journalist seems to love. That rogue regime is known as Israel and, because it doesn't have the resources it needs, Israel steals it from its neighbors. Israel steals freshwater from 2 millions of Palestinians in Gaza to fill the swimming pools of Zionist invaders. Yet, Vox offers us zero reports about this horrendous crime.

Israel steals Palestinian natural gas under the Mediterranean Sea. Yet, Vox offers us zero reports about this obvious crime.

The difference between "have" and "need" is the difference between China abiding by International Law and Israel raping all international laws. Period. 


"That's where Uighurs are. That's where they are living."

Yes, that's the area where they live, but their houses are not precisely over the oil fields or coal deposits. There's room for housing, for the extraction of resources, for wildlife and much more. 

If by "live" she meant the region as a whole, well, ok. You are right, Chinese citizens who identify themselves as Uighur do live there. Yes, they do. So what?

Native Americans, members of Standing Rock Sioux tribe, still live in their own lands, despite the massive genocide and occupation imposed by barbarian European settlers and their descendants. In those same lands, the Western invaders that now rule from Washington are destroying their homeland and their lives. Even worse, those Western invaders don't even allow Native Americans to protest in that wrongly labeled "land of the free". No way! In so-called US "democracy", Native Americans peacefully protesting against the grotesque violation of their rights are violently repressed.

For what reason has Vox never report anything about this clear example of state oppression against a defenseless minority?


"And so China really wants to have a solid sense of control over that area."

Oh, damn meaningless postmodern speeches! That's what you call "explanatory journalism"?

Really, "solid sense of control over that area"? Why "solid"? Why "sense"? The Chinese government simply acknowledges its sovereignty over that area, as officially recognized by the UN. That's all! 


For instance, what about France really willing to have a solid sense of control over 83,534 km(roughly the size of Portugal) of the South American continent, in order to keep the Kourou Space Centre for them? They conveniently call it French Guyana, sure, but France is located in Europe and Guyana is located in South America, thus it is not "French"!

Where are Vox's reports on this?

Or, what part of South America does China occupy? None, right?

"French" Guiana



"As far back as the 1950s, China saw an opportunity to dilute the influence of the potentially rebellious Uighurs."

First of all, and although many submissive sheep-like humans think otherwise, historically, Chinese are very rebellious and easily revolt against a given dynasty not abiding by the principles of the Mandate fo Heaven

"Mencius considered it legitimate for the people, if not actually to overthrow their ruler and find a new one, then at least to show their disapproval through rebellion and protest."

--- Mark Cartwright

Secondly, there are absolutely no hard facts to back claims of "China seeing an opportunity to dilute" anything related to "potentially rebellious Uighurs". It doesn't even make sense. If a rebellious movement rises, China will surely react to contain it (not "see opportunities" you damn newspeak experts)! But of course, the game still goes the other way around. No country will ever find the opportunity to dilute rebellious movements not yet in motion. First, they have to exist!

Thirdly, what in truth can be said is that, back then, the US saw the opportunity to interfere in Chinese internal affairs and incentivize the balkanization of China, just like the US did in post-Soviet Russia (in the 1990s), by creating and sponsoring separatist movements in Tibet and Xinjiang. Once again, Vox prefers to ignore dark facts about its own US Terror State. 



"And started encouraging the migration of Han Chinese into Xinjiang."

What is wrong about encouraging the migration of Chinese citizens (independently of their ethnicity you racist Westerners) from densely populated areas to sparsely populated areas?

China - Population Density


Look at the geographic distribution of China's population and then please tell us what's wrong with relocating non-Uighurs to Western china?

Vox is ruled by brain-dead sinophobic morons! :p



What's the problem with having ethnic Han in the Xinjiang province when there are hundreds of thousands of Uighurs living in so-called Han areas?


A serious problem was to have the entire population of the Chagos Island illegally removed from their own land so the US could build military bases over their houses and farmlands, reducing the number of locals to 0% and the number of US invaders to 100% in a British colony! 

A horrific tragedy was what happened to the many millions of Africans we Europeans brought to the American continent as our slaves! A horrific tragedy is what you North Americans did to Native Americans, reducing their population to nearly 0%.

In China, even with the reasonable migration of Chinese of other ethnicities to Xinjiang province, the total amount of ethnic Uighurs rose from 3.65 million in 1953 to 11.3 million in 2015. Any indication of persecution or genocide? I don't think so!


"An it worked. In 1945, Uighurs made up over 80% of the population, compared to just 6% Han Chinese. By 2008, Xinjiang was 46% Uighur compared to 39% Han Chinese."

First of all, the sick passion for monoethnic states is a European perversion. Chinese have nothing to do with it! The nation-state concept is also European and a dangerous idea that incentivizes the rise of other Western perversion named fascism. Eventually, it leads to the rise of monstrous personalities like Adolf Hitler and Nazi-like regimes. Thankfully, Chinese are not Westerners and their refined culture his much older than ours. Unsurprisingly - although most paternalistic Westerners have no damn idea about it -, China does have its own concepts, like the one of civilization-state. To understand how fallacious and paternalistic is their approach to this subject of migrations inside China, Vox's kind of journalists should learn more about the mentioned Chinese concept!  Now let's check the figures. 


According to all data available, the percentage of Uighurs actually rose from 60% in the early 1800s to Vox's  "82,7% in 1945", while the Han decreased in the equal period from 30% to "your 6,2%". Anything against Han people being wiped out in China? No? I know why. Because Vox is biased, Vox has a sinophobic agenda and Vox cherry-picks numbers to fit in their dishonest script! What a shame! What an unprofessional and unscientific work! 

Really, if these people are OK with the wipeout of the Han people, then they are racists. If they are racists, for a matter of coherence, they shouldn't come up with allegations of racist policies in China against Uighurs!


Then, Uighur numbers further decrease to 54% in 1964 (but the absolute number of Uighurs doubled, implying absolute no sign of genocide).

Then, the recent numbers:

  • In 2000, according to the North American East-West Center, Uighurs represented 45.21% (while absolute number tripled since 1945) against 40,57% Han
  • In 2008, according to Vox's data, Uighurs were 46.21% and the Han were 39.2%
  • In 2015, 46.42% Uighurs, 38.99% Han

The percent of Uighurs decreased until the 2000s, but recently it has been rising, both in percentage and absolute values! Amazing. Where is the genocide of Uighurs?

But really, even if the percentage were still decreasing (due to hypothetical extra relocation of Han Chinese), that would never mean the extermination of Uighurs, as the absolute number of Uighurs in Xinjiang went from 3.65 million in 1953 to 11.3 million in 2015.

Another very important aspect is that the one-child policy didn't apply to ethnic minorities. So, actually, the evil genocidal Han government made the overall percentage of Han people in China decrease in an artificial manner. We the West always did the very opposite: to bring white European settlers and wipe out local populations. But of course, no matter how much hard facts tell us the opposite, we love to believe that we Westerners are the exporters of human rights and democracy, while the Chinese are damn evil monsters eating Uighurs for breakfast


Back to the numbers, what do these demographics changes and Chinese policies objectively tell us? They tell us Chinese citizens inside China were relocated to other regions, independently of the "original area" of their ethnic group, without carrying, as a consequence, the wipeout of Uighurs (what Westerners would surely have done or at the least tried). So why all the drama about migrations dear not dear Vox


And why did Vox also manipulate the figures? Why did Vox in 2019 only use data until the year 2008 when there's more recent data (2015, 2017)? To hide the fact that the percentage of Uighur in Xinjiang has been growing until today? What a lack of professionalism! What a shame for a media that claims to be "a pioneer in explanatory journalism"!


Even worse. As Gerry Brown explains, cherry-picking and using data from different territories is cheating and leads to invalid conclusions:

The video compares demographics in Xinjiang between 1945 and 2008, representing that the central government has settled many Han Chinese in Xinjiang to reduce the percentage of the Uighur population.

The facts debunk the false narrative. Historically, Xinjiang comprised two distinct regions, the North called Dzungaria inhabited by nomadic Tibetan Buddhists, and the South called Tarim basin dominated by Uighurs. Only since the Qing dynasty has the two regions been treated as one single region i.e. Xinjiang."


One last point about migration in  China. Some might argue that high figures of ±50% non-Uighurs in "Uighur areas" might put Uighur culture in danger. Well, historically,  that's what really happened in North and South America and even Europe, thanks to European barbarism. That is what is happening right now with the barbaric Indonesian policy of "transmigrasi", an official policy of cultural genocide whose consequences I witnessed with my own eyes in places like Lombok Island ( one day I will write about this subject, backed with hard evidence, I promise). But the point is, nobody in the West - including this infantile pamphlet of propaganda namedVox - is talking about the cultural genocide imposed by Jakarta's government upon hundreds of different ethnic groups about to disappear. So why to lie about the non-existent cultural genocide of Uighurs, right?


Historically it has not been happening in Xinjiang. Ever! I will not even argue about it, facts are facts! Uighurs and their culture are very well alive! To prove so, we only need to visit Xinjiang or, if not possible, to watch some recent footage and analyze data from there: 







"But over the years, as Xinjiang developed economically, Uighurs were left behind, working mostly low-wage jobs in agriculture while the Han held higher-paying jobs"

Nonsense after nonsense. First, there are Uighur millionaires and many middle or low-class Uighurs, just like all over China.  Second, you don't hire uneducated people to work in a bank or to manage an electrical powerplant. Third, free access to education at all levels is there to fix the problem.
Fourth, the whole western part of China and not just Xinjiang was "left behind" in the progressive and well-designed development from the urban coastal areas to the remote areas in inner China. Just like everywhere else on the planet, from Russia to the US, from France to South Africa. And nothing to do with ethnicity, only about geography.
Fifth, give me a break! If Chinese leave Tibet or Xinjiang behind, you complain. Then, when Chinese modernization finally reaches Tibet or Xinjiang, you complain again of Han modernity destroying the local culture, thus destroying your faked-progressive fake-humanitarian hipster-like desires for selfies among poor-yet-zen-and-lovely cute locals ready to be patronizing and hugged in voluntourism-exclusive petshop-like destinations for Western superior self-indulging beings, right?  So, what do you want?
Sixth, vocational centers offer certified training programs for Uighurs to access better-paid jobs, but you are against it and you call it concentration camps!  So, what do you want?
Seventh, Uighurs are relocated to places where they get new homes next to new better-paid jobs, but you call it genocide of vanishing Uighurs!? So, what do you want?

Villagers embrace new life after relocation in Xinjiang

Really? Uighurs left behind? Only low-wage jobs for Uighurs? In what parallel reality do Vox's journalists live to dare to lie that much? By lying so much, Vox is denying all these proven facts:





"Finally, in 2009 a Uighur protest against discrimination at the hands of the Han and the Chinese government erupted in violence."

Bullshit! Pure lies! To argue in such a pro-terrorist manner is like to argue that, in 2015, an Arab protest against discrimination at the hands of the white French and the French government erupted in violence, culminating in a terrorist attack at Bataclan:


A terrorist attack is a terrorist attack. You can't call it a "terrorist attack" when it happens in France, and then call it a "protest" when it happens in China. Unless Vox's journalists admit they support terrorism committed by US-backed al-Qaeda-linked groups in China!


"Bloody rioters broke out, pitting ethnic Uighur Muslims against dominant Han Chinese."

Every time crimes or even terrorist attacks are committed by Uighurs or Hong Kongers in China, Orwellian Western media always call it "riots". When the US Terror Army invades, bomb, rapes, torture, kill people in some defenseless nation like Iraq, the same media argue "the US is exporting democracy". Ah, hopeless atrocious West!


US barbarism in Abu Graib and other locations, Iraq:






















Back to Vox's apology of terrorism: 

"One of the worst riots took place in the provincial capital of Urumqi."

Oh, the Orwellian reconstruction of reality! One of the "worst"? Definitely yes! "Riots"? Definitely not! A group of (Uighur) extremists coming to the streets of Urumqi to harm and even kill random civilians passing by is definitely not an example of a riot! It is the most damn obvious example of a terrorist attack!  Come on! Are Vox's journalists on hard drugs or can't they simply do journalism? 

One thing is sure, Vox's journalists can't even lie properly, let alone do journalism. Look at the footage they provided! Their own footage shows the (Uighur) so-called "rioters" attacking and injuring Han people? So unprofessional!


"About 200 people were killed and hundreds injured during the unrest".

Members of an ethnic group (Uighur) attacking members of another ethnic group (Han) with clear intention to kill is, in Vox's Orwellian newspeak, an example of "unrest"! You are definitely from another dimension called USA, in which "white is black and "war is peace", right?

As for the 197 people killed, even according to Western sinophobic media, most of them were Han. The incoherent tool of Western propaganda named Wikipedia called this terrorist attack "riots" in its article July 2009 Ürümqi riots. Yet, if Uighur terrorists "rioted" and, as a result, mostly Han people died, in that case, how can Wikipedia, Vox or any other Western propaganda tool talk about "crackdown on Uighurs"? They can because they are professionals liars and absolutely sinophobic zombies! 

On Wikipedia:

In the following days the death toll reported by various government sources (including Xinhua and party officials) gradually grew, with the last official update on 18 July placing the tally at 197 dead,[8][9] 1,721 injured.[6][7] The World Uyghur Congress has claimed that the death toll was around 600.[13]

Xinhua did not immediately disclose the ethnic breakdown of the dead,[76] but journalists from The Times and The Daily Telegraph reported that most of the victims appeared to have been Han." .[40][81] For instance, on 10 July Xinhua stated that 137 of the dead (out of the total of 184 that was being reported at that time) were Han, 46 Uyghur, and 1 Hui.[82] There were casualties among the rioters as well;[62] for example, according to official accounts, a group of 12 rioters attacking civilians were shot by police.[83][84]


Most of the people who died were Han civilians victims of Uighur terrorism. Dozens of others were Uighur civilians also victims of Uighur terrorism. The remaining deaths are from the Uighur terrorists themselves. So I dare to ask: what "crackdown on Uighurs" was deranged Vox's journalists talking about?



"That was a sort of an inflection point. After that, the Chinese really started to crack down harder on the Uighurs".

No, you pro-terrorist liar, no, no, no! The inflection point marked the beginning of Chinese policies to crackdown terrorism in the wisest manner (vocational centers being the best example)!

Terrorist North America created terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda and ISIS, to them invade the countries victims of those US-created terrorist organizations and actually commit more terror with your US Terror Army than with your US-created ISIS/a-Qaeda.

So you, at Vox, if you in so-called free America shut your mouths about your US terrorism, you probably support terrorism! If you support terrorism, you have no right to give any opinion about Chinese civilized way to crack down on Uighur terrorism created by your own secret services and your own terrorist administration to try to stop the unstoppable rise of China!


Crackdown on the Uighurs? Really? Again, how dare you at Vox?

Look at this footage. Look as the Uighur peaceful civilians running away from US-Sponsored Uighur terrorists inside a mosque in Xinjiang! The Uighurs civilians themselves denounced the Uighur terrorists to the Chinese authorities and helped the Chinese authorities. Normal human beings (Uighur, Han, Angolan, Belarussian or Mexican) do not support violence nor terrorism! Only you North American zombie-propagandists atVox and other media are barbarian enough to be supportive of terrorism against the Chinese people! 


The footage shows the crackdown on terrorists. Vox mentioned Chinese crackdown on (all) the Uighurs because Vox decided to deny the reality and recreate its own.

All evidence available shows there's no crackdown on that particular Chinese minority! Yet you insist there is!


As for this footage, it clearly shows the crackdown on terrorists. But if, at Vox, you believe there are no terrorists among Uighurs, how do you explain the fact that your own barbaric US administration decided to detain Uighurs in your illegal chamber of torture named Guantanamo?

And why did the US Terror Army drone-bomb and kill Uighurs in Pakistan? 

And if there were Uighurs detained in Guantanamo and drone-bombed by the US, can I also use hyperboles like you did and affirm that the US cracked down on Uighurs


No, really, crackdown? Knowing the Chinese are efficient enough to build a hospital in 1 week, how comes years of alleged harsh oppression and persecution of Uighurs didn't result in the wipe out the entire Uighur population and their rich culture? 

Logic definitely does not apply to Western imbecile and pro-terrorist Western propaganda!


Luís Garcia, Thailand







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