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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Debunking Western propaganda against China - Concentration camps for Uighurs [VIDEO 2 - 2nd part]

VIDEO 2 - China's hidden camps | BBC | UK


Note: Concentration camps for Uighurs [VIDEO 2] reached the limit of characters for a post in this blogging platform, so I had to split it into 2 parts. Here is a link for the 1st part. Let's move on to 2nd part. 


Screenshot 16

03:43-03:50 "China denies it is detaining Muslims in Xinjiang."

Yes, exactly. China denies it, and your own footage proves that China is right. Your own footage clearly shows a classroom!

China denies it is "detaining Muslims" for 2 damn obvious reasons.

Firstly, the target of this de-radicalization program is extremism/terrorism. If the target were Islam, China would have to "detain" more than 24,7 million Muslims belonging to many different ethnic groups (Hui, Uyghur, Kazakh, Dongxiang, Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, Salar, Tajik, Bonan, and Tatar). The Uighurs are not even the biggest Muslim minority in China! 

Secondly, China denies it because those "Muslims" are not detained. Real detainees in a real prison can't go home very often; regular detainees in a regular prison can't receive visits the way they do in vocational centers; detainees do not have access to training courses and respective diplomas (at least not in the barbaric USA); etc.


Please turn off the sound and focus on the footage the BBC collected ( yes, the BBC) inside a Chinese vocational center for another piece of sinophobic propaganda: 

What does it look like? A school? A prison? Or rather a vocational center resembling a school/college, with features like watchtowers and gates usually found in prisons (for the security reasons already aborded here)?


Do you want to see how life really is in US prisons?

So, where is the footage proving the horrible treatment of Uighurs in Chinese vocational centers? Please show me footage like these captured in US prisons!

If Uighurs are horribly treated by Chinese authorities, and if China really is that almighty high-tech dystopian surveillance nightmare Western media is always tellings us China ishow come there's no footage leaked to prove it?

Can't BBC do better than shamelessly deny its own damn footage of superbly well-treated trainees?


Sure, BBC liars, please tell us more stories about how horribly treated are Uighurs in Chinese vocational centers. Once again, we will gladly compare it with Western humanitarianism in places like Abu Ghraib or Bagram:

"bagram abu ghraib torture"


Screenshot 17

03:43-04:01 "In response to the allegations, state TV has been showing classrooms of supposedly grateful adults willingly undergoing re-education."

Yes, Chinese TVs have been showing footage.

Yes, in response to your baseless allegations, Chinese authorities show footage exposing Western distorted false allegations.

Yes, allegations. Allegations proved to be false by the Chinese TV's footage and also by your own footage!  Objectively, both clearly show us a school-like environment.

"Supposedly grateful adults"?

BBC supposed so. I don't. Among them, if really seeking the truth, the BBC could probably find people truly grateful to their parents, friends, or the Chinese state for having helped them to get rid of terrorist ideology by joining this program. And, probably, the opposite too. The human psyche is too complex. So, dear not dear BBC journalist, keep your silly manipulative hyperboles for you. 

"Willingly undergoing re-education"?

Some yes, some don't no. Does BBC have hard evidence that all of them, or a large majority of them, were forced to join the program? And if forced, what's the problem of forcing people to pass through a program of de-radicalization, after the country have had experienced a wave of deadly terror attacks? Really, what's the problem? What's the crime here?

When the US, the UK, and the Saudi terrorist states impose an illegal full-blockade on the impoverished and military aggressed Yemen, aren't 14 million-plus Yemenis forced to starve to death? Here we have a serious problem, a serious crime, a slow-motion genocide on the making that BBC dishonestly opts to ignore or downgrade!


Back to China, of course some were forced by their relatives and some  others forced by somebody else with the equally good intention of taking those persons away from something like this:

So what? Is BBC pro-terrorist? Does the BBC support terrorism? Does the BBC support the presence of thousands of Uighur (TIP) terrorists in Syria? Does the BBC support the return of Uighurs terrorists trained by the al-Qaeda in Idlib to perform terrorist attacks in China? Knowing TIP is an ally of al-Qaeda/HTS in Syria, can I conclude the BBC supports al-Qaeda?

Well, the British Army occupying Syria surely did. The British government financing al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in Syria also did it for sure.

The BBC, as the propaganda state channel of a genocidal state that sponsors terrorism overseas, should feel infinitely ashamed of the British past and stop accusing other nations of crimes they did not commit! Enough is enough from the arrogant no-longer-imperial UK!


"Undergoing re-education"?

Yes, exactly. Although during the whole report BBC shows skepticism about the existence of a true re-education program taking place there, that's what we objectively see:

"concentration camp"?

But if in BBC newspeak, a classroom (picture above) of a vocational center in Xinjiang is rather a camp, or a concentration camp,  or a prison... then, following the same Orwellian deconstruction of reality, these orange-dressed students are having a good time in a university campus located in Guantanamo, right?


(Cuban territory illegally occupied by US rogue state)


Screenshot 17a

04:01-04:09 "Without this, I might have followed religious extremists."

Thank you the BBC for sharing the opinion of one of the trainees about the Chinese de-radicalization program. She surely knows better about her own life and her own socio-cultural background than you do. In a few words, she denied several of BBC's dishonest allegations! 

And don't tell me she was forced to say it, because if you make such accusation, then you have to prove it! Because no, the Chinese are not a crowd of 1,4 billion indoctrinated zombies thinking all exactly the same due to CCP brainwash. Probably, that's what most Westerners believe Chinese are after having passed through a long massive almighty process of Western zombification.


Screenshot 18

04:09-04:21 "From a vegetable field to another one of China's new schools in less than six months, complete with watchtowers."

Why the reference to "a vegetable field"? Does BBC also have something against the Chinese turning a vegetable field into a vocational center? Oh BBC and your ludicrous details, give me a break!


No, it is not a "school". It is not a "concentration camp". It is a vocational center. V+O+C+A+T+I+O+N+A+L C+E+N+T+E+R! Is this guy retarded or what? 

"Less than six months."

Amazing, I know. But guess what? The Chinese are incredibly industrious, organized, and efficient! Anything against industriousness, organization, and efficiency dear not dear BBC? Please, look at your own UK and, once again, feel ashamed!

"With watchtowers."

Watchtowers? Oh really, guess why? because it is not a school! It is a VOCATIONAL CENTER! No, the BBC will never get it right! 


Screenshot 19

04:21-04:32 (end) "We try to film one of them, but once again, while trying to get to the truth, we're asked to leave."

You "try to film one of them?"

No, you don't. You have already been INSIDE ON OF THEM, you don't have to try, you just have to get permission (as you previously got). Now you are just being silly and behaving like a spoiled little brat. 

"While trying to get to the truth, we're asked to leave"?

Why didn't you try to get the truth when you were inside one of those places? I know why. You were too busy ridiculing the Chinese people and mistreating the Chinese authorities with your deplorable (wrong) sense of moral superiority! Now ask permission for another visit, be gentle while waiting for it, and stop pretending you are being prevented from "getting the truth". 


And by the way. The Truth? Since when BBC cares about the truth? Are you insane? Faked news about baby incubators destroyed in Kuwait? Faked evidence of WMD in Iraq? Staged evidence of chemical attacks in Syria? The BBC never cared about the truth. The BBC consistently cares about hiding the truth and broadcast lies to promote as many crimes against humanity as possible!

No, no, BBC has absolutely nothing to do with truth or reporting the truth:

(One of John Pilger's best documentaries. Try to watch it all, but watching at the least from moment 32:19 until moment 37:25 and witness John Pilger exposing the hypocrisy of Fran Unsworth, then BBC Head of Newsgathering).


As for the Chinese policemen working there, he was just doing his job. He wouldn't risk losing his job for letting an unknown bad-tempered arrogant British person with complexes of superiority enter such kind of facilities without confirmed authorization.

This BBC's journalist probably thinks he is still living in the Century of Humiliation, the dark era for China's history during which the barbarian armies of France and the UK plundered and destroyed the Summer Palace, a great example of the refined Chinese civilization. Or during which supremacist Europeans could treat Chinese in China as subhumans, while imposing racist laws granting impunity to European missionaries and other Europeans committing crimes against the Chinese people in China? Or during which the UK imposed the collapse of the biggest economy in the world by forcing the Chinese to get addicted to British opium?

No man, thankfully, that period is gone! What you experienced there is absolutely reasonable and only has to do with your arrogant person being oblivious about the most important geopolitical changes of your lifetime! It has nothing to do with silencing journalists trying to seek any kind of truth!


Silencing journalist for real is what happened in France when Macron banned RT and Sputnik  (2 Russian media outlets) from following his campaign. 

Silencing journalism for real happens when RT and Sputnik are banned from a UK media freedom conference.

Silencing journalism happened some weeks ago in Bolivia when the non-elected fascist regime ordered teleSur and RT Spanish to be shut down.

There are numerous recent examples of censorship in the West, in Western vassal states or in countries victims of western coups (like Bolivia right now). On top of that, there's systematic censorship on Western social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

And now, guess what? Now we have a UE-funded pro-NATO kind of think tank named European Values, ruled by Russophobic fundamentalist fascists, openly demanding a TOTAL BAN on Russian media and Russian journalists in Europe! I actually agree with these fascists on one point: the name of their organization. Censorship, Orwellian propaganda, and dystopian manipulation of truth are indeed core "European values"!


To conclude, and as Zhang Yi wrote for Global Times:

The China-through-a-Western-lens is an incomplete, one-sided and defective approach. Western media see a quite different China from the real China. Such an image of China may exist in the Western media sphere for a long time, as the West needs it to cling to its sense of superiority. Sadly, such unwarranted pride will prevent the West from understanding the real China."

Luís Garcia, Thailand







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