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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Chinese facts-based rationalism VS Australian arrogantly ignorant propaganda

by Luís Garcia




It is always amazing to watch utterly arrogant Western supremacists expose their ignorance and reuse it over and over to supposedly justify their very xenophobic stand on Chinese internal affairs and their deep hatred against the Chinese people and the Chinese civilization.




Despite how much people in Australia and other parts of the collective West hate the Chinese and their political system, facts are facts. The more petty propagandists like the host of ABC News Australia deny facts, the more they look petty and silly. 


For instance, he shamelessly dared to scold CGTN journalist Liu Xin for having accused Nancy Pelosi of "sneaking" into Chinese Taiwan, confusingly arguing that "it was hardly sneaking" what Pelosi did.


Well, how is it NOT sneaking when you depart from Malaysia with South Korea as the official destination, and then, instead of flying northwards, you fly southwards, travel over Indonesian islands, going around the east side of the Philippines?

How is it NOT sneaking when you are supposedly flying towards South Korea but suddenly change trajectory and fly towards Chinese Taiwan, to later change direction towards the north again and, eventually, turn against towards Chinese Taiwan?

How is it NOT sneaking when you land in Taipei, despite never officially declaring the flight had Chinese Taiwan as its final destination?


Nonetheless, this laughable sinophobic propagandist insisted, arguing "there was no hiding away, there was no hiding of her intentions"!


nanxi peiluoxi.jpg




In another demonstration of arrogant ignorance, he wonders if Pelosi has or not the right to enter the territory of sovereign China inside a US air force's plane without the authorization of the Chinese authorities.


After a simple straightforward refusal of such nonsense offered by Liu Xin, the Australian propagandist dared to lie grotesquely, positing there is "ambiguity" about the status of Chinese Taiwan.


Well, Liu Xin is absolutely right, there is no ambiguity. 180 nations out of 193 with a seat at the UN recognize Beijing as the sole legal government of the whole of China, Taiwan included. Those 180 nations, including his own Australia, do not recognize Taiwan's desire to be independent, a fact he should know about, or knows but prefers to ignore. In both cases, such behavior makes him an anti-journalist, not a journalist. 


The factual reality is pretty straightforward.  According to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

 "Australia’s Joint Communiqué with the PRC recognised the Government of the PRC as China’s sole legal government, and acknowledged the position of the PRC that Taiwan was a province of the PRC."


Where is the ambiguity?






Going deeper into blatant disrespect for the Chinese people, their history, their culture, their patriotism, their aspiration for total unity, and even their feelings, the Australian anti-journalist decided to ask the most offensive questions of the interview:

"Why does it matter to China so much [to reunify Taiwan with the mainland]?"

"Wouldn't it be possible for China to ignore this visit?"


What a blatant demonstration of Western supremacy. Why does it matter if the US Terror State violates others' borders? Why does it matter if such a rogue state offends other countries' people? Why can't the Chinese people simply be submissive and passive, accepting all sorts of provocations and illegal interferences on their anyways shitty retrograde inferior country? Does anyone believe these supremacist questions are even worthy of getting answered?




Liu Xin was wise and diplomat enough to answer to this vicious sinophobic with a parabola around a wounded person whose wound should be healed, not poked. 


Nonetheless, the deranged Australian propagandist dared to ask "is the wound healed by increasing military?" The answer is damn obvious, and Liu Xin provided it:

"Then don't poke it, don't put salt on it!"


Playing the dumb, utterly insane dumb, he insisted on asking how XiJinping's words about possible forceful reunifications would help to heal any wound. Again, the question is manipulative and dumb.


Firstly, it's not Xi Jinping, it's China and the Chinese people as a whole that are concerned about the issue. Secondly, it is in the interest of the Chinese people on both sides of the strait to reunify peacefully. No one wants war between Chinese brothers. No one in mainland China is pushing for violent reunification.


On the contrary, one of the very reasons why the Chinese are so offended by Pelosi's violation of Chinese sovereignty is the precise fact that the US provokes and tells its lackeys in Taipei to provoke Beijing, thus trying to force Beijing into the method Beijing dislikes the most, the violent one!




Finally, to illustrate the utter arrogance of Western propagandists of his kind,  and after having disrespected and ignored his Chinese invitee, as well as offending the Chinese people, the Australian propagandist, as usual, projects all his anti-journalistic conduct on the Chinese journalist he invited.


After behaving the way a real journalist should never behave, he decided to end his show by attacking Liu Xin, accusing her of being aggressive toward Nancy Pelosi and of being biased. Well, how ironic. Anti-China biased is all one can get in ABC News Australia and elsewhere in the media of the collective West.


Why can't Chinese state-owned media be "biased", thus showing a Chinese version of the issue?


Once again, pure projection, pure shameless projection offered by a citizen of the criminal state of Australia that committed all sorts of grotesque crimes he purposely ignores!




Instead of falsely accusing China of whatever he wishes, why doesn't he expose the systematized multi-genocides in Oceania committed by Australia and New Zealand, as André Vltchek extensively reported in his book Oceania?

Why doesn't he expose the still undergoing Australian genocide of aboriginals, the way the great journalist John Pilger did in his documentaries Pilger in Australia (1976), The Secret Country: The First Australians Fight Back (1983)Welcome to Australia (1999) or Utopia (2013)?


Why doesn't he criticize Australian imperialism? Why doesn't he call for the independence of faraway territories and nations occupied by criminal Australia, such as Norfolk IslandChristmas IslandCocos IslandsCoral Sea IslandsAshmore and Cartier Islands,  Heard Island, or McDonald Islands


He can't. He simply can't. His job is not journalism, it's propaganda.


His job is to support the disunion of the Chinese people, by supporting the US criminal interference in the internal affairs of China. 








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