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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

Anti-thesis queries on the anti-lock-down, by Klaas Sijtsma







1. How many children should lose their parents or grandparents to COVID-19 for you to be satisfied with your freedom and economy?

Not being able to eat out, or go to the pub or, go swimming or, have a picnic in the park.

These freedoms justify spreading sickness and death? Is it so unbearable to temporarily give up some freedoms for the greater good?

Children starving in the West? Really? You’re telling me your complex welfare systems, and the massive amount of tax you pay causes ordinary people in the west to starve? Do you even know the definition of starving? It doesn’t mean being unable to buy your French wine or Dutch cheese. It doesn’t mean your favorite Mac n Cheese isn’t available at the supermarket.


No one is starving in the west, you drama queen.

And even if they were, who would be to blame for that?
The lockdown? The virus? No! Your Government!

 That “democracy” spouting politically correct BS about being humanitarian.


Where is the humanity? Where is your government handing out food packages to all the starving kids? Where is your government aiding people financially?

Are you admitting that all your taxpayer money and advanced welfare systems are useless?

Are they starving or not? If so then who is responsible for that?

All socialist and communist countries are taking care of their citizens aiding them with food, finances, transport, housing, etc.


2. How much money do you need to make to justify the sickness and deaths in your family due to COVID-19?

And bankruptcy? Are people going bankrupt because of lockdowns?
Does the average working-class citizen in the west not save any money?
Does your great democratic welfare system not provide compensation?
Two months of no income and they have to sell their house? 0 euro’s left on the bank account? Really?
Maybe you need to look up the definition of bankruptcy.

Show me statistics of how many families are going bankrupt right now? How many have 0 euro’s in their bank account and get no support from the government at all?
You are pretending everyone in the West is close to homelessness? Or are you desperately trying to use emotional blackmail in your wording to convince others that lockdowns are bad?


3. Wives and children stuck in abusive relationships will be in that position regardless of lockdown or not.

They should seek help regardless of COVID-19. Maybe their dire circumstances during lockdown will motivate them to not tolerate it any longer and seek help. So, in a way this lockdown could be the thing that pushes them to talk, seek help get the authorities involved. This is a sensitive issue regardless of whether we have a lockdown or not.


4. If your businesses can't survive even with government help perhaps there is a liquidity problem even before COVID-19.

Also, governments help businesses financially in this time and if your government doesn't that says more about your flawed democracy and capitalistic systems. Caring more about money than people.

Are businesses losing everything? Surely a good business will not have to file bankruptcy after 2 months of decreased demand. Let’s not forget in the digital economy of 2020 a lot of sales are done online.
Retail might suffer but most retailers also have online sales. There is a way to handle situations like this, and many governments in the west understand this too and offer ways to soften the blow by tax cuts, or lower interest rates on loans etc.

Your doomsday apocalyptic view of them losing everything they have worked for and all going bankrupt just isn’t true.

Does it have an effect? Of course.

Is that effect unrecoverable? Certainly not!

And even for those select few that do have to file bankruptcy they can reap the benefits of increased demand after the pandemic is over and recover their business.
Businesses can recover, economies can recover, human life when it’s gone it’s gone it cannot recover.


5. People commit suicide for many reasons, most have to do with depressions, relationships and behavioral patterns.
If more people commit suicide during COVID-19 it says something about the state of the population’s mental health.

A weakness of the mental capacity of humans in this day and age.

Having to live without consumerism, constant social interactions and the dependence on capitalism to make us feel happy or fulfilled.

These are the root causes for suicide not a lockdown.
These root causes come apparent during lockdown. It doesn’t make the lockdown the cause it makes it the trigger.


What does it say about a society if they don’t have the mental perseverance to stay home with family?
Even with all the modern tools to stay in touch without physical contact we still cannot manage to stay sane? Why?

Do we have to go out all the time?
Do we have to shop and buy to fill our souls?
Having to make your own coffee not being able to go to Starbucks is unbearable?
Having to eat a homecooked meal with your family instead of ordering McDonalds on your way home from work is unbearable?
Having to Facetime your school friends and have loads of free and extra time is unbearable?
Living without the constant rushes and deadlines of work and colleagues and emails is unbearable?
Having to be actual parents to your children being with them the whole day spend time with them is unbearable?


Do we need constant appreciation, confirmation and validation from others?
What happened to being satisfied healthy and mentally stable on our own?
Is this not the core of what makes us human? To think, decide, be rational and logical and happy by ourselves?

For decades we are complaining about how our children are too addicted to social media and that real-life social interactions are becoming less and less. So how come now when kids can spend the whole day on social media and not in real life, they have mental issues and commit suicide?

Could the problem be the society that you have created yourself through consumerism and social media addiction? And that during the lockdown consumerism isn’t possible as much and social media consumption goes in overdrive? Or do you ignore these problems in society?

Do you perceive them as normal? Do you take time to talk with your children? Really talk to them, spend quality time with them during these times? Or do you let them play with their phone the whole day? And then act surprised when your child commits suicide.

Such mindsets are prevalent in the west, show some hubris, show some backbone for Christ sake. This planet and its people have lived for thousands of years being able to survive many catastrophes ranging from environmental to financial, nuclear, world wars etc. And now we are ready to kill ourselves because staying at home and restricting some of your movements is unbearable?

If this is the state of mind our children have then COVID-19 and lockdowns are the least of our worries.


6. Most people are not losing their jobs; many people work from home or are on temporary leave.

How long they have to be on leave depends on how effective your lockdown is (by ignoring and fighting lockdown you're prolonging your own bad situation).

Furthermore, if your life savings is gone after 2 months without income you haven't been saving your money very well. (It’s called life “savings” for a reason: to “save”).

Maybe you’re broke due to consumerism and always wanting to buy buy buy and loan loan loan.

A responsible human being saves money and can withstand a few months without income.


As for precious time with their family, they're home a lot more now.

They have loads of time to spend with them.

And even if physically apart you have plenty of time to Skype them so your point is completely invalid and contradictory.

There are a lot of productive things you could do while at home, take time to find out what your kids are interested in, be invested in them and find out what their passions are.
Share time, hobbies and interests with your significant other or children.

Learn something new, pick up a book, read something.
Learn a new language, handle those chores around the house you have been putting off.


Guest Author:

Klaas Sijtsma | Netherlands| VK








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