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nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

nomadic thoughts

ความคิดพเนจร - Кочевые Мысли - Pensées Nomades - الأفكار البدوية - Pensamentos Nómadas - 游牧理念

André Vltchek's essays on China, Western Sinophobia and arrogantly ignorant Western plunderers


china and vltchek


Russia and China are again blocking the West from fully controlling the world. ‘How dare they?’

The most frightening thing is the state of the self-righteousness and self-deception of the Western public. One wants to scream: Don’t they see? Do they refuse to see? Is it more comfortable not to see? How long are they going to pretend that they are blind? Or maybe they are blind…"

André Vltchek ~ Exposing Lies Of The Empire

Having in mind Western sinophobia and anti-China propaganda, please read this excerpt of a C. Jung's book:

A feeling of inferiority does not in the least mean that it is unjustified. Only, the inferiority does not refer to that side of the personality, or to the function, in which it visibly appears, but to an inferiority which none the less really exists even though only dimly suspected. This condition can easily lead to an hysterical dissociation of the personality, which consists essentially in one hand not knowing what the other is doing, in wanting to jump over one's own shadow, and in looking for everything dark, inferior, and culpable in others. Hence the hysteric always complains of being surrounded by people who are incapable of appreciating him and who are activated only by bad motives; by inferior mischief-makers, a crowd of submen who should be exterminated neck and crop so that the Superman can live on his high level of perfection. The very fact that his thinking and feeling proceed along these lines is clear proof of inferiority in action. Therefore all hysterical people are compelled to torment others, because they are unwilling to hurt themselves by admitting their own inferiority. But since nobody can jump out of his skin and be rid of himself, they stand in their own way everywhere as their own evil spirit—and that is what we call an hysterical neurosis.
All these pathological features—complete lack of insight into one's own character, auto-erotic self-admiration and self-extenuation, denigration and terrorization of one's fellow men (how contemptuously Hitler spoke of his own people!), projection of the shadow, lying, falsification of reality, determination to impress by fair means or foul, bluffing and double-crossing — all these were united in the man who was diagnosed clinically as an hysteric, and whom a strange fate chose to be the political, moral, and religious spokesman of Germany for twelve years. Is this pure chance?

A more accurate diagnosis of Hitler's condition would be pseudologia phantastica, that form of hysteria which is characterized by a peculiar talent for believing one's own lies. For a short spell, such people usually meet with astounding success, and for that reason are socially dangerous. Nothing has such a convincing effect as a lie one invents and believes oneself, or an evil deed or intention whose righteousness one regards as self-evident. At any rate they carry far more conviction than the good man and the good deed, or even than the wicked man and his purely wicked deed.

Carl Gustav Jung ~ Essays on Contemporary Events


Having read a big part of André Vltchek's essays and translated his book Por Lula: O Brasil de Bolsonaro - O Novo Tubarão Num Mar Infestado de Tubarões, I have no doubts he was among the most spirited supporters of real China and probably the most outspoken journalist denouncing Western barbarism. 

In memory of Vltchek, I invite everyone to read some great examples of his scathing criticism of the deranged genocidal Western world.



The West really hates China!

A very interesting introduction to this subject.


The Irrational, Racist Fear of China

A superb essay about sinophobia and, at the same time,  his ultimate article on Western double standards, a subject I often mention in my articles (read: Western Territorial Double-Standards Against China).


Western Public “Does Not Know”, or “Does Not Want to Know”?

This essay gives a logical and neat explanation to that disturbing phenomenon of Western whished, self-inflicted and arrogant ignorance. To be oblivious about all the horrors committed and/or sponsored by the Western world throughout the whole planet is a fundamental feature of Western Sinophobes and Western Russophobes. 


The Indoctrinated West - Brainwashed

Focused on the consequences of the Western public's unwillingness to know, this essay offers fundamental examples of why, in the perspective of fully brainwashed Westerners, hard evidence and logic are now utterly meaningless and even laughable past concepts. 


Christianity, Imperialism, and Capitalism

This essay is essential to learn more about the origins, the crimes, and the connections between these three Western social diseases that, actually, are just three different faces of the same Western monstrosity. 


Down With Western ‘Democracy’!

An essay exposing the lies and contradictions around the "democratic" Western world, always ready to wipe out real democracies and massacre real democrats throughout the world, always insisting democracy (power of people) means to fill in a ballot with 2 perpendicular strokes every 4 years in order to keep reelecting its economic aristocracy.  


Imperialism Is Now Murdering Stories

An essay on how people in the Western world (and vassal states) were brainwashed by US and European fecal fiction to the point they are no longer capable to differentiate fictional from real, let alone to be able to learn about the real reality.

People were utterly brainwashed by Hollyhood, advertisement, and propagandistic news to the point they seem to no longer be able to differentiate the three concepts and, worse, to discern the fundamental difference between those three and reality. In such Orwellian condition, Westerners not only do not perceive themselves as targets of the most refined propaganda but, worse, they ask for more and more, ad nauseam...


Deep in the Rectum: Western Art is Barking at China


Shameful, Cowardly European Art

Happily fed with blackmirrorian entertainment of all sorts, the only reaction to nihilist art bashing China or pop art bashing Russia is obviously positive in a Western world proud of its anti-humanistic postmodern creations.

As long as it is apolitical when concerning terrorist West, it's fine. As long as it is childishly anti-China, it can be political. CIA-implanted postmodernism reigns in Europe, as cultural illiteracy reigns in the insipid US.  

Outside Western parallel reality real humanistic art is produced and widely shared (often for free) in countries like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, or China, but their art is ignored or even rejected by the same arrogantly arrogant West that embargoes and vilified those brave nations daring to face Western imperialism.  Western cognitive dissonance and complex of superiority are truly excruciating!


Are Europe's Horrid Crimes Forgiven?

An outstanding attack against the Western left and its complex of superiority. In this essay, Vltchek exposes the many dark aspects of supposedly superior Europe, namely the fact that all the splendid palaces and great welfare systems were and are still paid by slavery, misery, plunder, and death everywhere else in the planet, and also the fact that all this is possible thanks to the European interferences and interventions that shape and protect the local elites necessary to perpetuate the Western colonial rule over the whole world.


Then, if you are really interested, there are plenty of other essays written by Vltchek on Western propaganda and Western attacks against China, Russia, and other non-submissive nations. 

The essays A desperate move to save Western Empire - US trade war with China, Can China and Russia Survive in this Unharmonious World? and Beware of Kicking the Dragon and Bear! are three great examples, but there are many more. You can find them all here:


If interested in the real arrogant imperialist Western world, on the same website, you can find great articles such as Send Me Back to Cuba or Do Western Leftists Hate Socialist Countries?.


For those who refuse to be arrogant ignorants and sickening supporters of Western supremacy focused on bashing positivist nations like China,  it is also essential to read Vltchek's book  Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism

Carpe diem!

Luis Garcia 






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